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Air Source Heat Pump Cost

Are you interested in finding out the price of an air heat source?

In this article we’ll examine the costs of an air source heat pump as well as the length of time it takes to set up and supply and labour costs in separate installments.


How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost?

In the beginning, what is a heat-pump system?

This kind of device for heat exchange transfers heat into the building or vice versa to provide an eco-friendly and flexible approach to cut down on costs for energy.

Why do we need the air-source heat pumps? Because they are an extremely efficient and sustainable energy source.

How much money can you reduce your heating costs? What exactly can you save on your heating bills?

You could save 20 to 55 percent on your heating bill when you install an air source heating system.

So, what does the overall price of heat pumps rely on?

The cost for installing an air source heating system will be contingent on whether you opt for an program of the RHI and not. Domestic renewable heating incentive (RHI) is a federal incentive to have green energy systems installed to your home.

How can you tell whether you’re eligible for this scheme?

To find out if you’re qualified for this scheme You can determine eligibility by contacting your local council since certain requirements have to be fulfilled.

What would be without this scheme?

In the event that you choose to go with an air-source heat pump, and are not able to avail or take advantage of this RHI plan, you could spend anywhere from £7000 up to £10000 in order for a budget-friendly to mid-priced option.

A better-quality model could cost between £10,000 and £14,000 with the top temperature air-source heat pump costs will likely cost around £14,000-£18,000 for installation.

If you opt to use RHI for domestic use, you will have to pay local taxes. RHI scheme, the cost over seven years could be around £5500 up to £6500 for a single-bedroom home,£8500 to £9500 for the two- to three-bedroom home and £12,000 to £14,000 for a home with more than four bedrooms.

The scheme is payable every quarter for a period of seven years. There is an additional RHI program for commercial structures.

Some of the costs involved when installing the air-source heat pump is the dimensions and types of property, pump’s size and type, the quantity of tradespeople employed as well as the ease of access as well as the place of your home.

What is the cost of air source heat pumps?

Workers have different rates across the country, which is the reason the location you reside in is a significant cost determinant. Rates for labor tend to be higher than the rest of the nation in the southeast region and London particularly, but are lower than the national average for regions like Northern England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Heat Pump System Prices

Type of Air Source Heat PumpTotal Cost
Budget to Mid-Quality£7000 to £10,000
Mid-Quality to Higher Quality£10,000 to £14,000
Premium Quality£14,000 to £18,000

Cost of an Air Source Heat Pumps with the RHI Scheme

Type of Air Source Heat PumpTotal Cost
Budget to Mid-Quality£5500 to £6500
Mid-Quality to Higher Quality£8500 to £9500
Premium Quality£12,000 to £14,000

What are the Supply Costs of Air Source Heat Pump Installation?

The price of the materials needed to construct the air-source heat pump is around 90-95 percent of the total cost, with labor costs accounting for 5-10 percent. In this article we’ll break down the costs of supply specifically.

If you’re not using the national RHI scheme and you are not using the RHI scheme, the costs for supply could be as high as £6250 £9250 for a budget-friendly to middle-quality choice,£9250 up to £13,250 when it comes to the case of a more expensive option, or £13250 to £17.250 for a high-end heating system that is air-source.

A large portion of the costs for supply together with labour costs will be covered in the RHI scheme, if you take advantage of the scheme.

The above expenses are particularly relevant if you decide to install the air source heater yourself. However, this is typically not considered to be a DIY project. It is only recommended to install one if you possess the appropriate equipment, skills and know-how.

Permission to plan along with construction regulations could apply with the information found on the Planning Portal. The guidelines listed here are applicable for England and Wales so the regulations that apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland may vary.

Supply Cost of Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Type of Air Source Heat PumpSupply Costs
Budget to Mid-Quality£6250 to £9250
Mid-Quality to Higher Quality£95250 to £13,250
Premium Quality£13,250 to £17,250

What are the Additional Costs of Installing an Air Source Heat Pump?

There are a variety of additional charges that you might be liable for when installing an air source heater. Let’s look at the additional costs that could be incurred.

Minimum Fee

In some instances contractors may require a minimum amount. It could be an added cost to the total cost, or it could be a way to increase the cost. For example, if you pay a per-day labour cost, but the task is only five hours long and you still have to pay for the entire day’s work.

Pump Size/Type

It is evident that the model and size of the pump are an important cost determinant. First of all, certain air source heat sources will be more expensive than other models. Certain manufacturers are known to sell their air source heat pumps for higher prices than others.

Property Size/Type

The installation for an air source heater can be more difficult when it has to be able to cater for a bigger property.

The type of house and size is crucial since the layout and dimensions of the structure will affect the type of pump required and also the length of time the process will actually take. The longer it takes for the fitting to be completed longer, the more expensive the labor cost and vice versa.

Number of Tradespeople

A single contractor is usually the one to do this work. But, if two workers were employed, the cost of labour per hour per day, or the whole job (whichever method is calculated) could double.

However, the greater number of people that are able to install an air source heating system the faster the process will be. Therefore, whether it is actually an additional cost in the end will be contingent on things like how two workers work together. Similar reasoning could be applied when three or more labourers were employed.


In general the longer a trades-related task takes, the greater the cost of labor will be. However, there are some instances where this is not the case however.

For example, if you’re paid an hourly wage and the job takes 4 hours and a day that would cost you the same amount as if the job took six hours, since you will be charged for two working days regardless of the scenario.

Tradesmen Costs for Air Source Heat Pump Installation£

It is possible to pay the cost of labor at £350 or £400 per day for having the air-source heat pump put in place. However, exact prices for tradesmen can vary based on a variety of variables. Let’s look closer at the labor costs.

If you want a simple to install product, labor costs could be between £350 and £800. For a quality product that is mid-priced be prepared for the price to be between £700 up to £1200.

A high-end product can be priced anywhere between £1050 or £1200 in terms of total labour costs. The cost of labour will differ in accordance with the model and size of the air source heat pumps and the condition of the installation site accessibility, and the location you are located in the UK where you live.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Air Source Heat Pump?

The length of time required for the installation of the air source heating system is likely to differ based on a variety of elements. In this article we’ll take a look at the time frames involved with respect to different sizes of properties.

It could take anywhere from one to two days to get a mid-priced to budget heating system using air. It can take between two and three days for an expensive product and three or more days for an expensive quality product.

The time needed to install the air-source heat source will differ according to the size and type of the unit, the type and size of the home and the amount of tradespeople employed, as well as the access to the property.

Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

As we’ve discussed above, there are two major

: air to air and air to water. Let’s look at these two options and examine their pros and cons as well as their average costs.

Air-to-Air Air Source Heat Pump Cost

A heat pump that is air-to-air pump is considerably less expensive than a water-to-air heat pump. You could be able to have an air-to heat pump installed in your small home for only £1000 up to £2000.

In general, putting in an air-to–air heat pump will not require significant modifications to the property as the installation process is simple and quick.

Air conditioning units have a greater efficiency in terms of Coefficient of Performance (CoP) over water-to-air pumps. Furthermore, generally speaking, there are more air-to air heat pumps to choose from with a greater variety of styles and choices.

One of the downsides associated with air conditioners is the fact that it will need a separate hot water system as they don’t supply hot water. Additionally, these heat pumps also generate some sound and movement of air.


  • Cheaper
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to fit
  • High CoP


  • Don’t provide hot water.
  • The result is some sound and air movement

Air-to-Water Air Source Heat Pump Cost

Another option is an air-to-water heat pump. These systems can be used to replace the entire central heating system, unless you have a hybrid heating system that works with an already existing boiler.

In the majority of cases the radiators you have currently have to be replaced by more powerful radiators or even underfloor heating.

This is because heat pumps can only be used in heating systems with low temperatures that require a bigger surface to provide sufficient warmth. In contrast to conventional radiators, traditional radiators are tiny and operate at higher temperatures.

The need for significant reconfiguration as well as the cost of the equipment, air-to water heat pumps typically cost between £7000 to £18,000 for installation.

If major work on renovations is going on in any way, or if you’re dealing with an entirely new construction project it is possible that the installation cost will be much less than what it could otherwise be. One of the major drawbacks for these systems is their price.


  • Low-maintenance
  • Significant energy savings
  • Ideal for large radiators and underfloor heating
  • Eligible to receive Renewable Heat Incentive Payments


  • It will take longer to warm up
  • Installation costs are high.

Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

There are many benefits of installing the air-source heat pump regardless of the model. Let’s take a look at the advantages.

Reduced Running Costs

The most obvious benefit of installing the air-source heat pump is the fact that it will reduce your energy-related expenses due to its improved efficiency.

You could get as much as £1400 annually on your heating bill by introducing the air-source heat pump.


Another benefit for an air-source heat pump is that they are more secure than other systems that rely on combustion.

Less Maintenance

Heat pumps don’t require the same level of care like the combustion heaters. This saves you time and money.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Air Source Heat Pump?

It is possible to choose to remove the air source heat unit for instance, if you want to get a new pump installed (whether a type of air-source heat source or different kind of heat pump completely). It is possible to choose to remove it for other reasons.

On average, having a heat source air pump repaired could cost between £7000 to up to £18,000 in addition to waste cost for removal. Naturally, the cost of removal may vary depending on the reason for removal.


Q: How does an air source heat pump work?

A: These systems work by absorbing heat from the air at low temperature and moved into a fluid.

This fluid goes through a compressor causing the temperature to rise before transferring the heat to heating/hot water circuits within the property.

Q: What size air source heat pump do I need?

A: It will ultimately depend on the size of your home or how much of your home you’d like to be able to heat.

For a 100 square metre of house space, you’d need perhaps a 5kW air source heat pump to cover the entire property. Essentially this amounts to 1kW per 20 square metres, on average.

Q: How long does an air source heat pump last?

A: On average, about 20 years.

Q: Can I fit an air source heat pump DIY?

A: In general, this is not a DIY job, and you should hire a professional.

Q: What is the most affordable type of air source heat pump?

A: Air-to-air heat pumps tend to be cheaper than air-to-water heat pumps.



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