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Average Cost of a Blown Window

Are you interested in knowing the cost of fixing an unblown window?

We’ll talk about the cost of windows replacement costs based on size, and how many broken windows must be replaced. We breakdown the costs of materials, labor and timeframes.


How Much Will it Cost to replace Blown Windows?

What does it cost to replace the glass in windows?

Costs for window repairs depend upon the dimensions and quantity of windows.

For a 200mm x 400mm blown window, the typical cost for repair is PS30 up to PS60 for a single unit. PS60 between PS110 and PS110 in the case of two windows. PS95 up to PS155 in the case of three windows and PS135 from PS135 to PS195 to cover four windows.

If you have an 800mm x 700mm windows replacement cost for blow-up windows is around PS45-PS80 for one window. PS90-PS145 to replace two windows. PS145-PS200 when replacing three windows and PS215-PS275 for replacing four windows.

For the 800mm x 1,000mm window in the event that it’s blown then the replacement window cost will be around PS85-PS125 to replace one piece. PS180-PS240 to replace two units. PS280-PS350 in order to repair three units, or PS380-PS460 in the case of four substitutes.

Lastly, if a large 900mm x 1200mm window has misted up, you’ll need to budget for about £120 to £150 to replace one unit, £250 to £300 for two windows, £385 to £425 for three windows, or £505 to £565 to have four windows replaced.

What are the other costs associated with replacing damaged windows?

Other factors that affect costs include the kind of windows to be replaced as well as windows fitted by installers employed, the ease of access as well as the location of your property.

The cost of labour is generally greater in and in the London region.

Window fitters usually charge more across the Southeast and London particularly however, rates are usually lower than that of the typical national rate in areas like the northern part of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Blown Window Repair Costs

Type of blind
Cost of blinds(Average size: 61cmx162cm)

Labour costs per hour
Hardwood blinds installation£40-£120£20-£30
Faux wood blinds installation£25-£50£20-£30
Bamboo blinds installation£5-£40£20-£30
Fabric blinds installation£10-£40£20-£30
PVC Venetian blinds installation£30-£80£20-£30
Aluminium Venetian blinds installation£30-£80£20-£30
Pleated blinds installation£10-£50£20-£30
Blackout blinds installation£15-£65£20-£30
Skylight blinds installation£30-£100£20-£30
Electric blinds installation£50-£150£20-£30
Roller blinds installation£5-£15£20-£30

What are the force Costs for Hangouts Installation?

Still, you may only be interested in the cost of the hangouts themselves, If you plan on installing the hangouts yourself. In this section, we will look at colorful types of hangouts and the costs you can anticipate to pay for these types of hangouts. 

Roller blinds£4-£10 £15-£35 £40-£80
Rustic hangouts£5-£12 £40-£70 £100-£200
Venetian hangouts£5-£12 £15-£40 £50-£120
knockout blinds£5-£12 £18-£45£80-£130
dummy wood blinds£7-£15 £30-£60 £100-£175
Day and night blinds£12-£25£20-£40 £90-£150
Roman hangouts£14-£28£40-£70 £85-£120 
Vertical blinds £18-£35 £25-£40 £66-£100

What are the costs for supply of a Window Replacement Blown?

The cost of replacement for windows that have been damaged are not inclusive of the labor cost and costs for removal of waste.

In the average, costs of supply will make up around half of total cost, with about 30 to 50% of the cost attributed to labor expenses, and about 10% going to waste disposal. Let’s examine the costs of supply for the tasks that we have discussed in the previous section.

The cost of replacement for the 200mm x 400mm window is PS20-PS30. In the case of two such units, anticipate to be paying between PS40 and PS60 and for three, around PS65-PS85 and for four replacement 200mm x 400mm window, between PS90 and PS110..

The supply costs will be approximately £30 to £40 to have a single 500mm x 700mm window replaced, £60 to £75 to replace two units, £95 to £110 for three replacements, or £125 to £145 to replace four of these medium windows.

For an 800mm x 1000mm window blown replaced, it would require an estimated cost of PS65-PS80 for one window, PS130-PS160 to replace two windows, PS200 to PS235 for three units or PS270-PS310 to get four windows that are this large replaced.

It will cost you between PS90-PS100 in costs for supply to replace the 900mm by 1200mm window. If you want two units to be replaced you should expect to pay between PS180 and PS200 in the case of 3 units. the cost is between PS275-PS295 or for four units, PS365-PS385.

200mm x 400mm1£20 to £30
2£40 to £60
3£65 to £85
4£90 to £110
500mm x 700mm1£30 to £40
2£60 to £75
3£95 to £110
4£125 to £145
800mm x 1000mm1£65 to £80
2£130 to £160
3£200 to £235
4£270 to £310
900mm x 1200mm1£90 to £100
2£180 to £200
3£275 to £295
4£365 to £385

What are the additional costs of Window Repairs that are Blown?

There are a variety of additional costs that you might be liable for as a result of this job. In this article we’ll look at the most frequent instances.

Minimum Fee

Some window fitters require a minimum charge regardless of the amount of work is needed. This could be a charge which is a part of all other costs, or as an all-inclusive cost, such as the cost of daily labour.

In this instance the set cost for labour applies even if work isn’t expected to last for a whole day. For example, work that takes five hours could be billed as if it was the full day’s worth of work.

Type of Window

Another factor to take into consideration when designing the cost of blown window repairs is the kind of window you want to get installed to replace. Regarding style, flush and casement window frames are the most affordable options.

Sash and tilt & turn window styles have a lower to the average cost of windows as do bay and cottage windows are more costly.

Of course, when it comes to the number of glass panes, single-glazed windows are more affordable than double glazing, which in turn is cheaper than triple glazing.

In terms of the frame type, uPVC framed windows are generally the most affordable choice. Timber-framed windows are the middle of the range with regards to price and aluminium-framed windows typically priced higher than the majority of.

The size of the property

The size of the property is important as it has a direct impact on the amount of windows that will be required to be replaced, and the size of windows as well.

Amount of Window Fitters

Repairing windows that have been blown windows are usually thought of as a single-person job except for the case of a large window.

But, should at least two contractors are hired the hourly or daily labor cost will rise because of this.

Naturally, the greater number of employees on the job more efficient the job will go therefore whether the increased cost of daily or hourly labour will increase the price total is a bit difficult to judge.

It’s all dependent on how well a group of window installers work in concert.


The longer the duration of work for, the greater the labor cost will be. The only exception to this could be in which a daily cost for labour or fixed-job price is used when a four-hour work is transformed into a job lasting six hours.

In other cases, the duration of the project will be one of and, in some instances the most significant cost-related factors.

Costs of Tradesmen to Replacing Blown Windows

The labor cost is the what you are paying a professional group of tradespeople, per hour or on a daily basis for their services.

We’ll outline the labor costs associated with the different blown windows replacement projects that we discussed in the first section.

In the following cost estimates we assume that only one worker was employed to perform the jobs. If two workers are employed then the cost is doubled to get the approximate amount of a two-person labour cost.

There is the possibility of having two windows fitters employed to assist in installing a large window. It is important to note that the labor cost is usually dependent on the size and quantity of blown windows.

Some workers charge in the form of a whole or part of a unit, therefore the hourly wage rate time x duration won’t translate directly into the typical cost of labour.

The repair of blown windows costs of labour to have one 200mm x 400mm replacement for blown windows are around PS10-PS30, while the cost increases to approximately PS20-PS50 when you have two units. between PS30 and PS70 when you have three units in addition to PS45-PS85 to cover four units.

To have a 500mm x 700mm window replaced, one unit will cost around £15 to £40 , with the price being about £30 to £70 for two units, £50 to £90 for three units, or £90 to £130 for four units.

Moving to an 800mm x 1000mm area the cost of labour per unit ranges from PS20-PS45, and two units have a an estimated labour cost of PS50-PS80 while three units costing around PS80-PS115 while four units cost approximately PS110-PS150.

For replacement of blow-up windows measuring 900mm by 1200mm One unit will have the labour charge of PS30-PS50 and the cost of two windows being between PS70 and PS100 and three units with costs of PS110-PS130 with the cost of labour is approximately PS140-PS180 to four pieces.

A window fitter is charged around 10 dollars per minute as a minimum labor cost, however, as previously mentioned, the labour cost for these jobs is affected by the size and amount of windows.

The price of labour can be influenced by the quantity of tradespeople working employed, the access to the job, area of your property and of course, the length.

How long does it take to replace Blown Windows?

The duration of replacing damaged windows will depend on a myriad of variables. Let’s look at how long the tasks described in this article could take, along with the different time-related factors.

If a window fitter is a single person will take around one hour for replacement of an 200mm x400mm window, and an twenty-minute period of an hour to change an 800mm x 700mm window, 1.5 hours to replace an 800mm x 1,000mm unit or one hour and forty-five minutes to replace a huge 900mm x 1200mm unit.

However, large windows are often replaced by two window fitters, in which case the job should take a little under an hour.

The time required to replace damaged windows is contingent on the size, style and quantity of windows being replaced, as well as the quantity of window fitters that are employed and their accessibility, and whether or not further work is needed.


Q: What is the reason why my double glazed windows gone out?

Answer: There’s many common reasons that double pane windows may fog in time. In the first place, blown windows with double glazing might result from the wrong or improper installation.

However wear and tear or damaged or defective seals, may be the reason behind the problem, or at least could be one of the reasons.

The weather can alter windows, causing them to blur. It is possible to hire an expert to fix double-glazed blown windows for an affordable price.

Q What is the most important factor that causes a blown windows?

A: Typically blowing windows is caused by wear and tear. However, an improper fit is a possibility.

Q What are the top frame materials to replace windows that have been damaged?

A: The timber is considered to be the best choice by a lot of homeowners because of its aesthetic characteristics and capacity to hold heat in.

But, the three metals, aluminium and fibreglass have their own advantages The best choice for you will be determined by your personal preferences.

What is the time does it take before the window begins to fog up?

A: It’s around 15 or more years before windows begin to fog up, however it’s contingent on the condition of the window as well as the level of care it receives.

Q What are the problems that arise from windows that have been blown?

A: First of all they’re not as clear and they are not as attractive visually. In addition the sound and heat insulation are less effective.



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