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Best Blackout Blinds in Glasgow

This article will explain all you must learn about blackout blinds which includes how they function and the various types and the best manufacturers of blackout blinds, their prices, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using blackout blinds.


The Best Blackout Blinds

If you’re renovating your home you’ll need to think about the kind of blinds that you’d like to add to the appearance of your space provide privacy, and block sunlight. If you would like your room to be totally dark while you sleep You may choose to go with blinds with blackouts.

This article will explain all you should learn about blackout blinds which includes how they function as well as the various kinds and the top brand for blinds with blackout, their prices, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of using blinds with blackouts.

What is a Blackout Blind?

A blind that is blackout is a window feature that includes opaque fabric specifically designed to block light to ensure a better night’s sleeping or to reduce the glare from television screens.

They also provide a high level of privacy which is the reason they are well-liked in bathrooms and bedrooms.

They also cut down on noise pollution as the hefty fabric blocks out external noises while also shielding against sun-induced damage.

What is the Best way to use blackout blinds?

Blinds made of blackout are constructed from opaque fabric that is enclosed in a cassette window.

When the blind is released from the cassette it runs vertically along side channels which help to block out the light across the entire window or door.

Blinds made of blackout are usually mounted using a bracket, which is normally located on the uppermost point of the door or window. After this is installed then the blinds are hung from the brackets and are then hung in a vertical direction through the doorway.

The different types of blinds for blackout:

Before buying blackout blinds you must consider the type of blind you would like. To assist you in making your decision the best one, here’s a rundown of the various types of blackout blinds. Also, we’ll discuss the prices and advantages and disadvantages of each.


Roman blackout blinds are constructed by using a flat piece fabric, inserted with metal dowels made of plastic or wood and a blackout lining that creates an envelope-like look.

When not in use, the material is laid out in horizontal layers on near the upper part of your window. Then you can lower them, which will smooth the material out on the windowsill.

They also have pull cords that allow the user to lower or raise the blinds that are enveloped.

For roman blackout blinds, you should expect to pay around £20 to £90 , although this will depend on the fabric and design you choose.

The primary benefit that roman blackout blinds have is that they makes use of a single fabric which helps to block out sunlight more effectively than other blinds.

The product was chosen as the top blackout blinds for bedroom decor. They are optimal, since they block light and provide a great privacy to the other rooms because it blocks any intrusions into your home.

The disadvantage for roman blinds lies in the fact that the traditional designs only provide a limited amount of sunlight, and may not be a good choice for rooms with poor lighting in the daylight hours. They also limit your view because even if you tilt them horizontally,, you will need to adjust the blinds so that you can see out the window.


The most well-known blinds that are blackout is a roll-up blind. It is comprised of an individual piece of fabric, along with blackout lining that is affixed to the casing on highest point on the window frame.

This is typically operated by an extension cord to move the blind vertically.

The cost for blackout blinds ranges about the £4 or £50 and the cost dependent on the design and the material you choose to use.

One of the primary advantages of blackout roller blinds is that they give huge flexibility due to the wide variety of styles available, meaning you can choose to match your blinds with your decor.

They are also very easy to install and operate so you can save on labour by fitting them yourself.

The issue with blinds made of rollers is that they are very difficult to clean, but this is contingent on the type of material.

You must also be cautious when selecting blackout blinds made of electric rollers since they’re susceptible to breakage, which means you could be required to make repairs or purchase replacements.


If you have skylight windows within your home it is possible to consider a skylight blackout blind that can block out light to ensure an improved night’s rest. They are similar as roller blinds, but they are specifically designed to be a perfect fit on windows that have skylights.

It is recommended to budget approximately the range of £30 or 120 dollars for blackout skylight blinds, but the final price will be contingent on the design and the brand you select.

The advantage of using the skylight blinds that are blackout is they allow you limit how much light entering the space.

For instance, you can adjust how far down you want your blinds, as during the day you want to lower them halfway down or cover the entire window at night for complete darkness.

Skylight blinds that are blackout is that a manual style is much more difficult to reach than standard window blinds which is why you may have to pay an extra fee for skylight blinds that are operated by electricity.

Best Blinds with Blackout

Before you head out to purchase blackout blinds to decorate your house, examine some of the top brands of blackout blinds to choose from.

The following products are listed on best blackout blinds UK reviews which are ranked on their functionality, aesthetic and value.

Original Blackout Blinds

A very sought-after blackout blinds available includes The Original Blackout blind which comes in a six-pack. It comes in two sizes, 36 x 72 inches and 42 72 inches. The price for this blind is between 20 £ to £100..

The reason why these blinds are so popular is because they are so simple to put up, since all you have to do is attach the blinds to your window, without brackets, screws, or drills. Also, they don’t come with cords, which can provide a cleaner appearance.

The problem of these blinds lies in the glue used to attach them isn’t strong enough for to re-apply if you are planning to replace them and you might have to use your Original Blackout blinds for a lengthy period of duration.

Window Blinds for Passenger Pigeons

The blinds are blackout and come in a variety of colours, and sizes that range between 20 inches up to 96 inches of length. The blackout blinds has an aluminium-weighted track that supports the fabric.

Expect to pay between around £40 to £50.

The major benefit of selecting this passenger Pigeon thermal blinds is that they’re constructed of water-proof material and are thermally-insulated, helping to shield your windows from extreme cold or hot weather.

They also have UV protection and protect your home from damage caused by sun.

The installation of these thermal blinds may be more difficult than other products due to the fabric being 1.2 inches less than the shade width.

This means that you need double-check you have the proper measurements for your windows prior to fitting them.

Rutland Blinds Blackout Thermal Roller Blinds

They are among the most highly-rated items in the market today priced in price from to £25 and £45. They Rutland blinds are available in a wide range of colors and sizes that range between 60cm and 240cm.

The blinds that block out light and heat have a variety of advantages. One of them is they are constructed from 100% thermal blackout fabric which blocks warmth, light and moisture. Additionally, it comes with the child safety feature that attaches the chain on the wall to stop injuries.

While the blinds are durable however, some customers complain that blinds are somewhat brittle, and thus susceptible to breaking.

This could lead to you being required to pay for a new one and the cost of additional labor in the event that you hire an expert to put them in place.

Velux Original Blackout Blinds

This skylight blackout blind is available in a variety of shades, including black, grey, beige white, blue, and many more. It also works with a range of Velux window types, including GGL and GGU. GPL as well as GPU.

The average cost for blinds of this kind is the range of £50 to £80..

According to a top blinds for blackout review, these Velux blinds are described as top-quality blackout blinds that have an aluminum frame that is durable. It’s also material that is resistant to dirt, so you’ll need to clean it every so often like other blinds.

While the fittings are easy to install, the downside of choosing this blind is that it can be quite hard to access if your skylights are high up on the roof. The spring mechanism has also been criticised for not being durable enough to support the fabric which causes the blind to crumple up.

John Lewis Shawford Blackout Roman Blind

This roman blind with blackout is among the most well-known window dressing options that cost approximately 35-35 £ to £75..

The price will vary based on the style you select because there is many colors available, like steel marl, grey marl, white Loch blue, and many more. Blind sizes vary in size from 60cm (width) 140cm (length) to 180cm (width) 140cm (length).

The blind is blackout and has three layers of blackout that assists in blocking out the most light possible and also provides high-end insulation. This can help control the light coming in and also reduce heat loss and help in damp prevention.

The drawback of this roman blind is the fact that it comes with an electric cord that can be extremely hazardous if you have children. To avoid accidents it is possible hire an installer to put in an safety device to prevent strangulation or entanglement.

Cost to install blackout blinds

If you are purchasing blinds that are hard to put up, you might think about hiring an expert installer to install the blinds for you.

The average cost to install blackout blinds is around £60 to £115 , although this will depend on the size of the window and the blind itself, as some are more complicated to install than others.

Benefits of blinds with blackouts

Blinds that block out light at home can provide many benefits, including:

Noise Reduction

One of the greatest advantages of opting for blinds with blackout is that they assist in helping to keep out outside noises from noisy traffic or neighbors.

Sleeping Aid

The primary reason people choose blinds that are blackout is because they can keep out light for better sleep.

The blackout fabric works to filter out as much light as possible, including street lamps, car lights and more.


Most blackout blinds are UV-protected, which block out sunlight and protects against the sun’s harmful effects on windows and interiors of homes.

Quality Insulation of the highest quality

In addition to UV protection Blinds with blackouts also have properties for insulation that help keep heat from escaping, as well as preventing the entry of too much heat into your home.

More Privacy

Blinds with blackouts also provide better privacy compared to regular blinds because they block any person from looking into your home. This could hinder burglars from entering your home.


Q. Where can I purchase blinds that block out light?

A The blinds you can buy are Ikea blinds that block out light, Dunelm blackout blinds, Argos blackout blinds, and many more. You can also purchase shades for blackout online through websites such as Amazon which has some of the top-rated blinds.

Q: How do you clean blinds that are blackout?

A: Some blinds that are blackout are cleaner than others. However, some blinds might need to be taken off to allow for a thorough clean.

But, the majority of blackout blinds are cleaned simply by sliding the blind until it reaches the window sill, and then using the vacuum upholstery tool to get rid of debris or dust that may have accumulated on the blinds.

It is then possible to make use of a damp towel to clean any extra dirt. Wait for the cloth to air dry prior to folding up.

Q: Are blinds made of blackout waterproof?

A: Some blinds can be waterproofed, making them simpler to clean, and also prevents the build-up of damp, which could be triggered by rain or frigid weather.

Q: Will blinds that are blackout help keep heat out?

A: Blackout blinds are able to block heat gain because of the blackout layer added to the blinds.

It works by blocking the sunlight that comes in from the outside while providing UV protection, which prevents sun damage and stops your home from becoming too hot during summer.

Q: What is thermal blinds with blackout?

A thermal blackout blind or insulated blinds can help reflect heat and light off your windows. It also provides an insulation layer that shields your home from the colder months, and also prevents the home’s interior from losing the heat.


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