Upgrade Your Kitchen: Best Hobs Guide 2023

If you’ve got an outdated or damaged kitchen hob that requires replacement This guide will assist you in understanding the various types of hobs and the most effective brands, and the cost of installation.

Best Hobs

If you’ve got an outdated or damaged kitchen hob that requires replacement This guide will assist you in understanding the various types of hobs, the most effective brands, and the cost of installation.

Introduction to the Best Hobs

Kitchen hobs are an essential item in any kitchen should be without. With the many different types of hobs available, there is some confusion as to which one is best for your kitchen. The good thing with so many options is that there’s bound to be one that is suitable for your requirements.

This guide is designed to assist you in understanding the various kinds of hobs and the features each one is the best for and we’ll also look at some of the modern features on hobs.

Types of Hob

There are several kinds of hobs which all meet the various needs homeowners have for their kitchens. To make things easier to you, we’ve walked through every hob model to clarify the distinctions between them.

Electric Hob

Electric hobs make use of plates that are electric as the primary source of heat for pans and pots during cooking.

Electric plate hobs come with either six or four cooking zones or rings that make it more suitable than gas hobs. They’re also a popular option for those who aren’t connected to the gas supply of the mains.

There are two types of electric hobs – ceramic and induction. Both provide different cooking capabilities.

They’re both well-known because they provide a minimalistic design with glass surfaces that are easy to maintain and are sturdy.

They’re also a safer option for children as modern stoves typically have safety features which prevent them from touching hot spots and avoiding burns.

If you opt for ceramic models like a halogen hob, you can cook with any pots or pans placed on the top, however they require more time to heat up.

It could also be prone to burn marks that could be difficult to get rid of as unlike an induction hob the entire ceramic surface gets heated up – making it more difficult to manage.

Induction Hob

Induction hobs are type of electric hob but unlike electric ceramic hobs they make use of magnetism to heat pans and pots, rather than their actual surfaces.

Many prefer induction hobs because they make cooking faster and easier since the heat is absorbed by the food quicker than ceramic hobs.

Induction hobs are also efficient in energy consumption since they only get hot when a pot or pan is placed on the surface.

The type of hob also comes with simple controls that lets the user alter the temperature by a small amount should they need to. It also allows it to be a safer choice for children, as it reduces the chance to touch hot objects.

If you have an induction cooker installed, you must be aware when cooking with the appliances you choose to use, because induction hobs only work using pots or pans made from ferrous metal.

Gas Hob

The gas hob is fueled by gas supplied from the mains supply and usually has five or four burners, along with an ignition switch, which controls the burners’ temperature manually. There are also knobs that are linked to the burners to regulate the temperature.

Gas hobs are among the most sought-after choices for homeowners as well as companies that have access to the gas supply to the mains, however they are also able to be modified to make use of the liquefied petroleum gas.

They are also favored due to their easy installation though the fitting may require an experienced gas engineer. Gas hobs are generally constructed of steel or glass which can hold any type of pans or pots.

As compared to electric hobs, gas hobs historically haven’t been energy efficient, but many modern gas hobs come with optimal burners that permit the flame to move horizontally, and only heats the edges of the pot.

Best Electric Hobs

Before you purchase the first electric cooker you are looking at, take a note of the guide below that lays out the top electric hobs available, their prices as well as the benefits and disadvantages.

Zanussi ZEV6240FBA

This electric ceramic hob has four burner zones. There are two of them: 1.2kW two, one 1.8kW and a stunning 2.3kW plate. The cost for this hob ranges from £200 up to £300.

One of the major advantages for the Zanussi hob is the fact that it comes with residual heat indicators which help to prevent accidental burns. The hob also heats quickly and features an LCD display that allows temperature control to be much more simple.

The drawback to this electrical hob is that it doesn’t include any safety features for children to stop children from touching hot surfaces.


  • Safety measures protect users from burns that could happen accidentally.
  • Quickly heating up.
  • Digital display.


  • There is no child safety.

Logik LCHOBTC16 Electric Ceramic Hob

Another very popular electric ceramic cooker includes the Logik model, which comes with nine heat settings so you can cook your food faster and with more precision. It is recommended to spend approximately £100 up to £200 to purchase the Logik LCHOBTC16 ceramic electric hob.

One of the main advantages of this electric cooker is that it features an LCD display that is touch-sensitive and is easy to operate. It also requires little maintenance and is easy to clean thanks to the seamless glass design.

Another drawback of this hob made of ceramic is it is simple to activate and can be dangerous for children.


  • Hobs are expensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Clean and easy to maintain.


  • It is easily switched off by children.

Indesit RI 161 C Electric Ceramic Hob

This is among the most popular ceramic hobs that comes with four hobs of different sizes and the hob’s power output is between 1.2kW up to 1.7kW. The prices for this model can range from £160 up to £180.

One of the main reasons this stove is so well-known is because it provides precise control with simple touch controls that make the cooking process much more simple.

Additionally, you can benefit from its 10-year warranty, should something go wrong with the hob, you will receive an alternative.

One of the issues with this stove is that it could be very temperamental, so you might have to check the hobs are turned on during cooking.

There could be issues with the size of your stove when you only have big pans and pots because they might not fit, therefore you will need to buy new cooking appliances.


  • Inexpensive
  • 10 year warranty with guarantee.


  • Temperamental.
  • Hob sizes may be too small.

Bosch PKE611CA1E

This ceramic and frameless hob design has nine heat settings, which allows for an efficient and quick cooking process. The price for this appliance is £200 and up £230.

The most significant benefit of this model is the fact that it comes with  QuickTherm technology, which allows the hob to heat faster than other hobs.

It’s also among the hobs with the highest hygiene because of its seamless design, which makes it easier to clean thanks to the absence of edges and sealing.

The Bosch model has knobs that can become difficult to wash and may cause a build-up of dirt. It also is vulnerable to scratches, so you must be cautious when placing any object on the floor.


  • Less expensive.
  • Hob gets hot very quickly.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic.


  • Knobs can be cleaned with a lot of effort.
  • It is prone to sustaining damage easily.

Samsung 58cm Ceramic

Another well-known electric hob is the Samsung model that has four ceramic hobs in various sizes. This is a middle-priced ceramic hob that costs between £200 up to £300.

Due to its flat shape This Samsung C61R1AAMST cooktop is incredibly easy to clean, particularly if you spill something. This will ensure that your kitchen is practically germ-free when cooking.

It’s also safe and is likely to be one of the most secure options for parents with children since it has child safety locks as well as touchscreen controls that are simple to use.

The disadvantage of the electric model is it doesn’t include pan detection, like the other models, meaning it might not be as user-friendly. The sizes of the zones are smaller, meaning you may not be able to make use of some of the larger pans.


  • Inexpensive
  • 10 year guarantee.


  • Temperamental.
  • Hob sizes could be too small.

Best Gas Hobs

If you’d like for a gas stove fitted in the kitchen area, check out the following top gas hob reviews that will assist you in deciding which one is the best choice for your needs.

Neff T26CA42S0

The gas hob is named the top hob, pound-for-pound, because of its top-quality features, including the highest performance of three kW, four burners and simple to operate knobs. It is recommended to spend about £400 or £430 on the Ness gas stove.

The major benefit of this particular gab hob is its design with its shiny and sleek black tempered glass and the knobs that match. It also provides efficient controls that is easy to use and provides a high degree of precision while cooking.

One of the primary reasons to stay clear of this gas cooker is that it’s very difficult to clean large spills because it has a flat surface, which could cause spills to splash onto the floor or doors of cupboards and create a difficult job of cleaning.


  • Massive power.
  • Amazingly aesthetic.


  • Because of design, spills could be a problem.
  • Expensive.

Bosch Serie 6 PPS9A6B90

The Bosch gas hob has an industrial black look and is classified as the top five burner hob that has a 4kW heating capacity. The cost of this gas stove can be found between £620 and £640. The major benefit of this gas stove is the fact that it has a wok burner with a high rating that allows food to cook faster.

This Bosch product comes with the nine-position flame select knobs that aid to increase the cooking efficiency.

If you’re only blessed with a limited kitchen space, this might not be the best choice since it would require a worktop with a minimum of 90cm for the cooker to be able to fit. It’s also very expensive If you’re searching for a cheap gas cooker, this is not the ideal option.


  • Improvement in cooking efficiency.
  • Innovative technology that cooks food quicker.


  • Expensive.
  • On the bigger side.

Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic PV675CNX

The gas hob is called the most stylish hob that is available. It is a five burner gas hob that has an output of heat of between 1.10kW up to 4.20kW. The price for the gas hob Smeg is about £1000 up to £1100.

The primary advantage for this Smeg Dolce Stilnovo Aesthetic gas cooker is the fact that it has one of the strongest burners that makes cooking fast and simple. It is also renowned for its elegant and stylish stainless steel trim that gives a sophisticated look.

One of the main drawbacks is the fact that the surface is only 75mm so that there is a limited amount of space to place pans and pots.

The knobs are quite close to the burners. Therefore, you might not be able to cook with large pans of frying at the front since it can cause extreme heat.


  • One of the most powerful burning devices.
  • Absolutely elegant.


  • Knobs may be a bit closer towards the stoves.
  • Very expensive.

John Lewis JLBIGH603

John Lewis’ own hob brand is a great budget-friendly option that costs between £170 up to £200. It is equipped with four burners, which offer outputs that range between 1.65kW up to 2.2kW.

This model of hob is perfect for those who have lots of large pans and pots since it comes with an off-set wok cooker, which can be utilized in conjunction with others to aid in making cooking more efficient.

In contrast to other models, this one has no gaps between the burners, which lets your pots be placed on the burners and not wobble.

The issue of the John Lewis hob is that when compared to the other models of gas stoves, it doesn’t have the highest output. This means that you may have to wait a while to eat your meal.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Large-sized flames.


  • A low output.

Beko HIZG64120

One of the most affordable gas hobs is the Beko HIZG64120 that typically costs between £100 up to £190.

The stove has four burners. There is a small 1kW plate with two heating zones of 2kW and a 2.9kW burner that has the highest power one of all. It’s also available in black or white so will be a good choice for kitchens with more space.

The major benefit of this stove is that it’s inexpensive, so if you are on a budget, then you need to look into this model. It is also equipped with a device to stop flames that stops dangerous levels of gas from entering your home.

One of the biggest flaws of this gas cooker is that its design is rather bland and may not appeal to those who are searching for a stylish style hob.

Another problem is that the knobs for control are located on the right side of the cooker, which could increase the chance of burns that are accidental as the user has to reach across to warm the plates.


  • The cheapest gas hobs on the market.
  • A device to stop flames can be the difference between life and death.


  • It’s easy to burn yourself.

Best Induction Hobs

If you’re thinking of installing an electric induction stove check out the guide below that lays out the top induction cooker models, as well as the cost of each and the advantages and disadvantages.

Bosch PUE611BF1B induction hob

One of the cost-effective models of induction stoves is this Bosch model, which comes with four zones that can reach an output of 3 kW.

It also comes with 17 options for heating, as well as the child safety lock. Expect to pay approximately £300 up to £330 to purchase this particular model.

This Bosch induction hob comes with an PowerBoost function, which is among its most sought-after features since it enables users to bring their food to a boil in a short time that is ideal for meals. It also features TouchSelect controls that are user-friendly without the hassle other hobs with touch screens have.

The major issue with this particular induction cook is that it will not properly cook food, therefore it is essential to check it out prior to eating, just as you do with the majority of induction cookers.


  • Cost-efficient.
  • Seventeen heating options.
  • Child security.
  • Powerboost function.
  • It is easy to manage.


  • Sometimes, cooking can be temperamental.

Ikea Bejublad

This off-white Ikea induction hob is an affordable and aesthetically-pleasing appliance which has four zones and an electricity loading rate of up to 7.4kW. You can buy this Ikea Bejublad induction hob for about £350 up to £400.

One of the most significant advantages of this particular hob is the ability to transform two areas of heating into one for larger pots and pans.

It also features easy-to-use touchscreen and slide controls that when combined with the power boost features allow the food to be prepared in a short time.

One thing to watch for with this hob is that it’s much less clean than a traditional black hob and white might not be the most suitable choice when you have kids, since this could result in many smudges, and messes.


  • Less expensive.
  • It can be used to cook both small and large pans and pots.
  • Powerboost function.


  • It can be difficult to wash.
  • Do not include security locks for kids.

Neff N 50 T36FB41X0G

Another well-known induction cooker can be found in the Neff N 50 model which has four cooking zones, a 13amp plug, and an output of up to 3kW. This Neff model is available for purchase at about £300 up to £350.

If you decide to purchase this induction cooktop you will take advantage of its TouchControl interface that is user-friendly and has a boost setting that can cook your food faster than most induction hobs. It is also simple to maintain since the surface is made from ceramic, one of the most simple materials to wash.

The major drawback to choosing this particular induction hob is the fact that it lacks a bridge function, which means that it is not able to link zones.

Also, you should stay away from using more than one hob plate simultaneously as they do not evenly distribute heat.


  • Simple to use.
  • Clean and easy to maintain.
  • Powerboost function.


  • Not the most effective at dispersing heat when many hob plates are used.

Samsung Chef Collection NZ64N9777BK

This is among the top induction hobs that cost approximately £700 up to £800. It is equipped with four zones that span from 1kW up to 3kW. It also comes with numerous functions, making it one of the most secure jobs in the market.

There are many benefits to selecting Samsung’s Chef Collection hob including the Keep Warm function, which aids in keeping the temperature when cooking.

It also comes with a FlexZone+ area that can be used to fit small pots as larger pans on various heat plates.

According to induction hob review reviews this model comes with touchscreen controls that could be difficult to read and navigate, which can result in setting the incorrect temperature.


  • The Keep Warm function.
  • Flexzone can be used with large and small pans.


  • It can be difficult to learn initially.

Hisense 60cm Induction Hob

A different recommended induction hob is Hisense’s I6433C, that offers a power output ranging between 1.4kW up to 3kW, and has 4 cooking zones. It is recommended to budget between £150 to £200 for this item.

This is among Hobs that are the most adaptable on the market since it comes with adjustable bridge zones that enable the user to move their pans over various heating plates, especially when you are using big pans. The cooking areas are touch-sensitive, which gives you extra accuracy when cooking dinner.

Although the flexibility of zones is great, there are some limitations that must be followed, so you can’t just put your pan on the ground and expect it to work.

This could result in the cooking time getting longer in the event that you did not put your cooking pots in the correct place.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Flexible bridge zones.
  • Touchscreen control is simple to make use of.


  • It is possible for heat distribution to be inconsistent.

Cost of Installing a Hob

Another factor to be aware of is the labour and installation charges for fitting hobs:

Costs can differ based on the kind of hob you select such as hiring gas engineers to install gas hobs costs around £50-£120 to install and employing an electrician to set up an induction or electric hob will typically cost between the range of £70 to £100.


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