Explore Top Garage Floor Paints: Durable Options for a Stylish Finish

If you’re planning to paint the garage flooring, this article will outline the different options to paint your garage floor as well as the advantages as well as the drawbacks of each option as well as the cost.

Best Paint for Garage Floor

If you’re planning to paint the garage flooring, this article will outline the different options to paint your garage floor as well as the advantages as well as the drawbacks of each option as well as the cost.

Introduction to the Best Paint for Garage Floor

The garage floor is subject to many wear and tear among the automobiles as well as tools and bicycles stored in the garage.

Although durable and tough it will show the wear and tear it experiences over time. Extreme temperatures or water could cause cracks along with vehicle fluids, and a host of other chemicals can cause various staining.

In time, these issues can ruin the look of the garage floor, putting it at risk for more serious damage, like cracks or fires.

Types of Paint

There are a variety of paints. Each kind has their own distinct features that are more appropriate to you than the other. In this article, we’ll go through the major kinds of paints, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Alkyd is an oil-based paint, which has alkyd – a modified polymer material that serves as the primary resin in high-gloss coatings made of oil. Alkyd paint is typically priced between £8 or £10 per Liter.

The most significant benefit of alkyd paints is that they are extremely resilient as well as resistant to wear and tear, staining and moisture damage. This makes it ideal for garage floors.

It’s also great for areas with high traffic, since staining is not absorbed easily which makes this type of paint extremely easy to wash.

One of the major drawbacks for alkyd paints is the fact that it has high levels in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are poisonous chemicals that are detrimental for the natural environment.

If you are using alkyd paint you must ensure your garage has been adequately ventilated to avoid any problems particularly if you have children, are expecting or suffer from breathing problems.


  • Extremely durable against damage and wear.
  • Very resistant to staining.


  • It contains toxic chemicals that could cause harm to the environment.

Single pack epoxies

The single pack paint is made of epoxy resin, which lets the paint adhere to the surface with greater ease. Single pack epoxy is likely to be priced between £30 to £45 per liter.

The primary advantage of single pack epoxies is the fact that they do not contain a hardener, and are thus more sustainable than double pack Epoxies.

Although it’s not as robust as double pack epoxy it’s still very resistant to petrol and oil staining, and peeling and lifting of tyres.

Comparatively with two-pack epoxy paint, it is not as robust and could require several layers to ensure that it is durable. This means that it is susceptible to scratches and damages, which is why it could be better suited to garages that have less foot circulation.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Wear and tear resistant.


  • Not as durable as double pack epoxies.
  • It is possible to paint several layers in order to achieve a desired appearance.

Double pack epoxies

Two-pack epoxy paint is composed of two components, namely the base and the hardener that is employed by decorators who are professionals to paint areas with high traffic. This kind of paint usually costs between £12 up to £90 per Liter.

One of the major benefits in two-pack epoxy paints is that it’s one of the most long-lasting paint choices, particularly for steel flooring and concrete.

This kind of paint is typically self-priming. There is no requirement to apply an undercoat. The issue with double-pack epoxy paints is that they create the highest amount of VOCs as well as an overwhelming smell that can make the process of applying it difficult, which is why it is best to employ a professional to apply this kind of paint.


  • One of the most long-lasting paints.
  • Self-priming.
  • Excellent for foot traffic with a lot of.


  • Expensive.
  • Strong odor, not for Squeezing.


The polyurethane paint is composed of a liquid plastic that dries to form a tough coating. It is possible to pay between £8 and £15 per liter of polyurethane paint.

Polyurethane cures to form a hard and long-lasting surface, which is why it is ideal for garage flooring. It also resists chemicals and water as well as harsh temperatures and UV radiation making it more environmentally friendly.

The issue in using polyurethane paint is the fact that it can require a lengthy time to dry between coats. You have to make sure that the polyurethane has fully cured before you apply another layer.

Polyurethane polymers that are liquid are extremely flammable and toxic and therefore it is essential to apply them in a ventilated garage.


  • Great for garage floors.
  • Resistant to chemical and water damage.


  • It takes quite a long time to dry.
  • Highly flammable and poisonous.

Polyaspartic coatings

One of the more expensive garage flooring choices is polyaspartic paint, which typically costs between £30 or £40 per liter.

This kind of painting is called a hybrid that is akin to polyurethane, but it is more flexible and does not need a primer.

The primary benefit for polyaspartic paint lies in the fact that it gives the most robust level of protection against chemical spills in garages that are heavily trafficked.

It is also able to be used at temperatures that are lower than -10degC. This is in contrast to other paints for garage floors.

The disadvantage of using polyaspartic coatings is that the price of the paint and other preparation costs are quite costly.

There are a few colors available, which means the colors you choose for your garage could be limited:


  • Strongest level protection.
  • Apply it even in frigid temperatures.


  • Expensive.
  • A limited colour selection.

Best Paint for Garage Floors

If you’ve never had the chance to paint the garage floor, you may not know what brands and paints are the most effective. The best paints for garage floors comprises:

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

One of the most effective floor paints are Ronseal’s Diamond-Hard Garage Formula which is an acrylic paint based on water which acts as a barrier against dust accumulation and is perfect for garages that have a moderate amount of traffic.

Expect to pay about £8 per milliliter for slate or white paint. The advantages of this paint is that it gives a substantial amount of protection against oil spills, dirt grease and dust in addition to being very simple to remove.

It’s also a quick-drying garage floor paint as it takes just two hours for it to dry, and you can paint another coat in only six hours.

When compared with solvent-based paints, this paint isn’t as durable to floor wear, particularly when floors are in contact with hot tires because Ronseal’s paint is vulnerable to being lifted.


  • Protection from dust build-up.
  • A great protection against a myriad of mess.
  • Rapid dry time.


  • Not as resistant as other species.

Rust-oleum 9700 Coldmax Rapid

This is a polyaspartic coating that is a high-quality kind for garage floor coatings:

The price of Rust-oleum 9700 Coldmax Rapid is approximately £30 per liter. It comes in color options that include silver gray white, light gray and dark gray.

Based on reviews of garage flooring paint UK reviews the paint is heavy-duty paint that provides the highest degree of protection against damage from traffic and chemicals. It is also able to be used at temperatures of -10degC or higher.

The major drawback to it is the fact that it’s much more costly in comparison to other paints used for flooring garages that includes the cost of the paint and the lengthy preparation.

There are also a few color choices, meaning you might need to choose quality over appearance.


  • Fantastic protection.
  • It is possible to apply the treatment at lower than freezing temperatures.


  • Expensive.
  • There are only a few color options.

Everbuild Concrete Hardener and Dust-Proofer

One of the cheapest flooring paints for garages is the formula of Everbuild that is priced at around five liters of £7.

It has a smooth surface that is composed of silicate resins, which can work in conjunction with lime that is present in concrete floors to make an extremely durable surface.

This is among the most reliable garage floor paints that provides a dust-proof surface that will prevent further damage. The clear sheen offers long-lasting durability, without altering the color of the garage flooring.

The Everbuild Concrete Hardener as well as Dust-Proofer requires a minimum of 24-hours to fully dry. However it is more likely to dry if your garage is not well ventilated, you may have to stay longer.

It’s also very difficult to remove, which is why you need to think about the option you make when you decide to make it permanent.


  • Very reasonable.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Rapidly responding.


  • It could be indefinite.

Jotun Jotafloor Rapid Dry

Jotun’s garage floor coating is an alkyd-based paint that comes in a variety of colours including cream, grey white, red, and black. The price is approximately £8 per liter based on the colour you pick.

The major benefit for this type of paint is it’s extremely easy to apply and is quick to dry. It is also possible to include aggregate in the paint to improve the visual appeal and the grip, which can make the garage flooring more sturdy.

If you own a garage floor that’s been in place for less than two years, the floor should be careful not to apply Jotun Jotafloor Rapid Dry as it could cause damage to concrete floors that are not properly set.


  • Very reasonable.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It could cause damage to the new flooring.

Leyland Trade Floor Paint

Based on reviews of garage floor paint, Leyland Trade is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the UK and their floor paint is among their most sought-after products due to its high endurance.

The floor paint is satin-sheen finish, and the formula is composed of polyurethane-alkyd resins. It is perfect for garages that have moderate to light foot traffic. It’s also available in red, slate and gray. The paint is available at around £50 for 5 liters which is perfect for garages with medium or large sizes.

Leyland Trade Floor Paint also has a great coverage, so 2 coats is generally enough to cover the most common garage floor.

The problem of this particular paint lies in the fact that it’s considered an alkyd paint that contains a significant amount of organic volatile compounds, which could cause harm to pregnant women, children and people with breathing problems and also harmful to the environment.

Because of the toxic nature due to the toxicity, you must ensure the garage you are using is ventilated prior to painting in order to minimize the chance of injury.


  • The most well-known brand.
  • Exceptionally tough and durable.


  • It can be harmful.
  • Ventilation is required when applying or applying.

Benefits of Painting Your Garage Floor

Before you paint your garage’s flooring, you might think about these benefits:


Garages can look dull and are often used as an area to park your car, or an area to store your junk but should you wish to change the appearance in your garage painting the floor is the ideal option.

It is possible to paint your floors in case you intend to make your garage an exercise room or just want to make your garage more attractive to be viewed. It can also improve the lighting of your garage, particularly when you select the bright or light color.


You might be shocked to learn that the paint you use on your garage floor can create a more durable floor to dust.

This is particularly important when you have an area of concrete flooring, since concrete is known to collect an enormous amount of dust that is an issue to get rid of.

If you paint your garage floor, you will avoid a build-up, which can not only look nicer but also cut down on your time in sweeping flooring in your garage.

Reduced Maintenance 

Garage floors made of concrete are vulnerable to cracks in temperatures that are cold and hot. However, if you apply an even layer of paint, this will stop cracks from occurring and reduce the need for maintenance of garage floors.

The lessening of cracks will also help less time cleaning, since you won’t have to remove the cracks in the garage flooring.


One of the major advantages that you can reap from painting your garage floor is that it will actually add ten years to the life of your flooring.

It is because of the extra security it provides, because the majority of the garage floor paint is resistant to mildew, dust as well as moisture.

Paint for floors in garages is very resistant to peeling tyres and other chemicals like oil spills, gasoline and more due to its long-lasting endurance.

How Much Garage Floor Paint Will I Need?

Before you purchase paint, determine the width and high of the garage floor. On average, you will need about 1 liter of paint for 8-10 square meters.

The final number by two since an average application will require the application of two coats to make sure that your garage floor will be durable and long-lasting.


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