Discover the Best Range Cookers in the Uk: Reviews & Prices

Are you looking for the most efficient range cookers? Our guide reviews the top range cookers that are available from the UK.

Best Range Cookers

Are you looking for the most efficient range cookers? Our guide reviews the top range cookers that are available from the UK.

Introduction to the Best Range Cookers

If you’re looking for the top range cookers UK this guide will help to narrow your search. The article below will take a look at the top range cookers in the market along with other pertinent topics like the price of having a brand modern range cooker.

This guide can be useful when you plan to buy a new cooker or are considering buying one in the near future.

What is a Range Cooker?

In the beginning, it’s essential to know the definition of a range cooker. It’s an oven as well as a hob unit that is one freestanding cooking appliance.

In a range cooktop, the oven will usually be bigger than in a standalone integrated oven. There are also two ovens. Other options you could see in a range cooktop include warming drawers as well as an additional grill.

They’ve been gaining popularity because of their numerous benefits, such as size, and being able to incorporate an oven and hob and often come with stunning styles.

Range cookers can be used for a range of cooking tasks. They provide a practical, multi-purpose and integrated storage solution to cooking. The main difference between a range and a standard cooker, or built-in oven, which we previously mentioned is the fact that they are equipped with about 20-30 percent larger ovens.

How Does a Range Cooker Work?

Let’s look at the inner workings of the range cooker:

Cookers in ranges are heated through an electrical flow or inflaming gas. This happens within the range cooker to warm the oven. The heating element is located just below the hob. The heating source in question will start to turn on once it is turned on.

This is a brief explanation of how ranger cookers work. what they do and how the exact functions of a range cooker depend on the model that we’ll examine in greater depth in the following section.

Types of Range Cooker

Range cookers are available in different sizes and shapes and are powered by different sources of energy. them. To assist you in choosing the best range cooker for you to suit your needs, look over the following models:

Electric Range Cooker

In the case of the electric cooker the coils are situated below the surface that cooks on the stove. The wire is energized within these coils to create heat when the power is turned on. The oven part in this type of cooker, the wiring is protected by a metal sheath within the oven.

When electricity is flowing through these wires they create heat for the metal as well as the oven. In certain instances the electric range cooker may come with a convection fan in order to aid in the distribution of air across the oven.


  • Oven heating is distributed more evenly than similar ovens.
  • It is possible to clean it easily.
  • The oven is multifunctional.


  • The higher cost of running.
  • The stove will remain warm, even if it is shut off.

Electric Range Cookers will typically cost about £400-£800.

Gas Range Cooker

Like the name implies, this kind of cooker for the range comes with gas hobs and gas ovens. Gas-powered flames provide immediate heat which allows you to immediately utilize the hob.

For the oven, gas is supplied from the mains into the range cooktop to ignite the gas-powered burner. The thermostat in the interior helps monitor and regulate the levels of heat in the oven.

The thermostat triggers the burner to stop and the supply of gas to stop once the temperature is at the appropriate threshold. Gas range cooker ovens generate more water than the electric range cookers while cooking, which makes them ideal for roasting food.

So your food won’t dry out as quickly. Also, they tend to be more energy efficient as compared to electric cookers.


  • Very low operating costs.
  • Gas hobs are typically ideal to simmer.


  • This can make it more difficult to keep clean.
  • The distribution of heat in a gas oven is less uniform than the electric cooker.

Gas Range Cookers will generally cost you about £700-£1000.

Dual-fuel Range Cooker

The dual fuel range cooktop blends an electric oven and a gas hob. With the advantages of a flexible and adjustable gas cooktop and an easy-to-clean electrical oven, this style of cooker for range is becoming more popular.

Dual-fuel range cookers can provide stunning design. On the other hand, dual-fuel range cookers are dependent on numerous power sources.

If this is going to be a good fit for you depends what layout you choose and the style that you have in your kitchen. Another disadvantage is that they can be rather expensive.


  • The advantages of electric ovens as well as a gas hob.
  • In general, very elegant.


  • Reliant on a variety of power sources.
  • They can be very expensive.

Dual-fuel range cookers will usually cost you between £1400-£3000.

Best Range Cooker

On an average, you can count on that a range cooker will last between 13 and 15 years. The time span of their use will depend on the way they are kept.

Smeg TR103 Victoria Dual Fuel

It is a freestanding 90cm dual fuel cooker. The Smeg range cooker offers modernity with traditionality while offering the benefits of electric hobs and gas ovens.

It is equipped with a flame fail safety feature, a circular fan and air cooling system. triple-glazed oven door, and heavy-duty casting iron support for the pan.

It also comes with an automatic vapor cleaner system to help maintain the hygiene in the oven. It is a class AB energy rating. The oven is fairly easy to clean however the gas hob may take some time to create new. It is the most efficient dual fuel range cooker available.

For the TR103 to be fitted it is possible to mount it on a wall at the very least one is higher than that of the countertop. Follow Smeg’s instructions for complete information. You can buy this Victoria Duel Fuel in black gloss or cream.

It’s about £2200 up to £2300.


  • Smeg is a world-renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer.
  • It has the AB energy score.
  • Features a vapor cleaning system.
  • The unit comes with triple-glazed doors and cooling system.


  • It’s not the most thrilling design.
  • Gas hobs can be a challenge to keep clean.

Rangemaster Professional Deluxe PDL110EISL/C

This range cooker with an electric motor from Rangesmaster is perfect for families where several meals have to be prepared at the same time.

It has two oven compartments and five burners. It also has an oven for slow cooking and a grill.

It also has an automatic safety shut off. Its distinctive features and positive online reviews make it the most desirable range cooker available on the market.

The fan oven as well as the multi-functional ovens can accommodate 70 liters each, while it is the capacity of the slow oven that’s 35 liters. It is rated energy A/A. It’s relatively simple to clean since it is an electric cooker. It is possible to purchase the Rangemaster cooker for around £2600 to £2900.


  • Includes a slow cooker oven.
  • An additional grill.
  • Two ovens are included.
  • A high energy score.


  • Quite expensive.

Bertazzoni Professional Series 100cm Electric Induction

This electric range cooker of 100cm is made by Bertazzoni is a different well-loved quality product. With options like grilling and rotisserie, as well with 123 liters of cooking space this range cooker has plenty to provide. It also has triple-glazed doors with a child lock as well as an alarm clock. The cooker comes in seven colors, including bright yellow and cream.

It also is an energy rating of class A and is simple to wash. It is however very expensive. The range cooker will cost around £5000 up to £5100. It is necessary to follow a specific procedure to set up this machine. Follow the instructions of Bertazzoni for more details.


  • A high energy score.
  • Features triple glazed doors.
  • It has a lock for children.
  • A wide range of cooking techniques to pick from.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The finish is susceptible to scratches.

Belling Kensington 100G 100cm Gas

A Belling stove with gas is another excellent alternative for homes with lots of. Similar to the PDL110EISL/C model from Rangemaster It can be utilized to prepare multiple meals at a time. The product is offered in cream and chrome.

It has 2 gas ovens, a built-in gas grill, seven gas hobs, a 4 kilowatt wok and cast iron support. The easy-to-use rotation dials as well as the LED timers that are included in this item help cook a simple and manageable task even when cooking a number of meals at the same time.

The Kensington is yet another range cooker due to its energy. While gas range cookers can be generally challenging to keep clean, this task is made simpler thanks to an enamel-coated coating applied.

A small caveat with one of the advantages to Kensington light is the fact that they turn off in the two ovens, even when only one oven is operating.

It is possible to purchase this range cooker from £1000 up to £1200. Consult Belling’s user manual and installation manual to install to this cooker.


  • The range cooker is well-built and durable.
  • The dials are adjustable and easy.
  • It is not too difficult to clean, compared with the majority of gas range cookers.
  • Energy rating of high quality.


  • The lights will come to the oven with both on, even when only one oven is using.

Stoves Sterling S900Ei

The following product is an electric range cooker with an induction five-ring glass hob, as well as 3 ovens with a the capacity of 172 cubic liters. It is powered by around 230 volts. For additional features, it has boost and pizza functions, dough proving and shelves with easy glide. The item is offered in black. It also comes with an energy rating of class A.

It is a simple and clean range cooktop, however the mirror doors could show the accumulation of grease quickly. It is priced between £1900 and £2100 to buy this product. Stoves provide the complete installation manual for the installation of the S900Ei.


  • Effective and low-volume.
  • It has a five-ringed glass hob.
  • It comes with shelves that are easy to slide.


  • Mirror doors can collect grease quickly.

Rangemaster Classic 110cm Gas

It is among the most sought-after gas range cookers you can purchase. It’s well-designed, practical and has a programmable main oven. The capacity of this oven is 81 liters, as does the second one, making the total capacity of 162 liters.

It has a handy rack with a timer and countdown. Its porthole window makes it easy to keep an eye on the food being cooked. cooking. This range cooker has an energy rating of A but it’s quite challenging to keep clean.

This item will cost you approximately £1900 up to £2100. The Rangemaster’s instructions manual to install this cooker.


  • Up to 162 liters of oven capacity.
  • Top quality product.
  • Great design.
  • It comes with a handirack.


  • It can be difficult to locate.

Benefits of a Range Cooker

We have talked about the many advantages of various range cookers in this article. We will now look at the benefits of a range cooker over a built-in oven.

Choice of Colours and Designs:

  • When you have a cooker with a variety you’ll have more options of colors and styles.
  • The top cooker manufacturers provide their items in a broad range of colors.
  • With enough study, you’ll be spoiled with choices with regards to the many options for design.

Space for Cooking

The range cookers are 20-30% bigger than their built-in counterparts. This also results in a more uniform distribution of cooking heat, and it helps in retaining the moisture. This will greatly improve the quality of food that is being prepared.

Flexibility of Cooking

With multiple ovens and a variety of hobs, there’s plenty of flexibility regarding cooking. This is particularly relevant to the many features that are available on a range of cookers. A few range cookers, like the ones above, come with advanced controls, or an oven that can be programmed to meet your specific cooking needs.

Cost to Install a Range Cooker

Let’s talk about the costs of hiring a professional to set up the range cooker.

The total cost of labour will be based on a variety of variables, including the type of cooker that is being considered.

A gas freestanding cooker installed will cost you between £75 up to £100.It is possible for the price to be between £70 to £90 for an electric cooker. If you want a dual-cooker you can expect to spend anywhere between £100 and £150 for one to be fitted.


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