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With this article, we’ll help anyone looking to put up shelves one of the most effective ideas there!


Introduction to Shelving Ideas

General DIY is an excellent way to learn new methods and improve the appearance of your home, while also allowing you to make some money while you’re at it. Shelves are able to make an impact on any space, regardless of whether you’re looking for extra storage space, an area to display your most treasured items or bring some style to your living space.

Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Kitchen shelving is perhaps the most important part that we’ll cover in the guide. If you’re trying to make more space in your kitchen, shelves are a true lifesaver. They help keep your kitchen neat and tidy without the need to put everything away, or limit the quantity of equipment or tools.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a huge kitchen, you don’t want your kitchen’s surfaces overflowing with all the kitchen gadgets that you use which leaves little space to cook! The proper shelving solutions can solve these problems while enhancing the look and feel of the process. Here are some of the most efficient shelving options for kitchens:

Open Shelving

Open shelving is exactly what it is. Simple shelves which can be as high or narrow as you’d like. They can be placed in wall surfaces in your kitchen. These shelves can be useful when placed in rows to expand or double the amount of space you have available. They are perfect for storage of jams, spices, baking and baking tools and beautiful plates. They are easy to access and safe from little hands and make spaces on walls that are often empty. They come in a variety of styles and at a low cost or as numerous as you like!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves, if properly placed they can look attractive and useful. The picture above shows what is a floating shelf, but they’re fixed to the exact location of the wall and seem to appear floating. They’re great as shelves that could be used to house a specific thing, such as candles or projectors and also to create a visual contrast to the blank wall.

They are also frequently used as tiny sets of two or three pieces to make an impact on the wall, perhaps in a style reminiscent of stairs.

Wine Shelf

A favorite choice for a lot of them The wine shelf is as fun and practical. They can be standing on their own on the floor or placed on a wall. They are available in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes.

A wine shelf is beneficial for much more than simply storing your favourite wines. Some models that are floor-standing include additional sections, such as book shelves or cabinets. Wine shelves add a touch of class and sophistication to kitchens, and are an excellent and cost-effective accessory.

Freestanding Shelving Unit

Similar to the floor wine rack it is possible to purchase more spacious freestanding shelving units to provide solutions to a variety of issues at the table. They come in a range of styles, dimensions, sizes and shapes and are able to keep everything from dishes and cutlery, to wine, and even other food items from the cupboard.

They can be placed in kitchens and are generally affordable. They can be a great way to keep the clutter out of your kitchen, without having to think about whether you’d like to get rid of it all.

Shelving Racks

Shelving racks can be extremely flexible as you can get tall shelves that can be installed in the ground or smaller ones that can be placed over the counter. They’re sleek and ideal for kitchens that have rustic design. But shorter shelving racks for shelves are readily available that are modern in design. 

Smaller racks are perfect for cutlery, spices, and other small items. Large racks can be used to store everything, and you want to store. You can put items such as microwaves, toasters, and other appliances on the racks to keep them from getting in touch with your surfaces.

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

A lot more frequently than bathrooms bathrooms, bathrooms are often somewhat small and this could be a problem with all the things carried out and stored inside the bathroom.

With these shelving ideas you can put an end to the endless plethora of bathroom sinks and windowsills and countertops.

Above the Door Rack

The rack is basic, affordable and effective, and is a step above the door rack, which connects on to your door, without worrying about shutting it. There are small cages that can be opened to store small objects that are kept from the bathroom’s surface or hooks for hanging towels, coats or other household things. They are typically made of steel and are a great way to keep your bathroom tidy and clean.

Under the Sink Storage

There’s a sink in every bathroom. However, very few utilise the space below it, and often write it off as waste space, or maybe planning to put a container under it. However, there’s a different storage solution that will make the most of that space. You can buy small cabinet-like fixings set in the vicinity of the sink. 

They also offer a place to keep anything you want to keep. This is an excellent way to make the best use of the space inside your bathroom.

Clear Floating Shelves

They can be found in clear glass or plastic and are ideal to place in the bathroom. They function in the same way as the floating shelves; however, they could require a sealing agent to ensure that they remain solid, even in the humid conditions in the bathrooms. They’re usually placed in your shower for storage of shampoo and soap or on top of the sink to store items such as toothbrushes and shampoo and other bathroom items. They’re cheap, easy to install and useful.

Over the Toilet Shelving

Much like the space under the sink, the space above the toilet is a seldom utilised space in the bathroom. There are a few options to purchase structures that sit on the ground and make shelves above the toilet. They look great, but also provide the ideal place to store toothbrushes and toilet rolls and other things you want to put on the shelves.

You could also install floating shelves over the toilet, but it’s determined by your preference in style and the products that complement the style of your bathroom.

Bedroom Shelving Ideas

One of the most significant problems and worries with bedrooms concerns the amount of clutter that it is stuffed with especially in a teenage or a child’s bedroom. It is worth considering putting up some shelving and storage solutions in the room in order to reduce mess and improve the look of the room. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Wall Perimeter Shelves

Popular in rooms for children The wall shelves are beautiful. In the image above they are situated all over the room, giving every wall with a central point of interest and a vibrant colour splash. They are ideal to display books, toys or anything else you’d like to display.

They aren’t easy to construct due to the sheer number of them as well as the challenge to keep all of them to the same standard, however with a bit of effort and careful planning, they can transform the style of an area.

Radiator Shelving Units

The creation of structures around radiators can bring certain advantages for bedrooms. It assists in keeping clothing and towels from getting carried across the radiators. Additionally, it protects children and infants from burning and also shelves that are safe for. There are now huge cabinets with many shelves or one shelf that’s placed within an enclosure around the radiator. It’s possible to rely on the area you’re working within, yet in any scenario, you’ll benefit from the benefits.

Floating Box Shelves

The floating shelves were mentioned in previous sections, however, they are not floating shelves. The floating boxes can be set in a row or divided which will result in two shelves with an attractive style. They look fantastic when paired with plants, candles, photographs and even toys. They’re a unique accessory that’s ideal for modern, contemporary rooms and will only enhance the overall design.

Headboard Shelving Unit

In our previous posts, we’ve discussed the necessity to make efficient use of space you have in your bedroom. The shelving systems we have discussed are brackets that are set in the headboard area to provide shelves that can be placed in between and over it. They are usually in the ground and are then anchored to the wall to give security.

You can create a beautiful array of colours into your room to enhance the look of your bedroom. It is capable of changing colours at any moment. It is also possible to make use of it to create your personal library or a collection of films. There are numerous possibilities!

Living Room Shelving Ideas

Your living spaces are your private space that you can relax on a couch with a TV, as well as a collection of great music or books. It isn’t easy to fill your living area with decoration, especially since you do not want your space to appear cluttered or excessive. By following these tips, you can furnish your living area with whatever you desire without losing the overall atmosphere.

Mantelpiece Shelving

The style of shelving is akin to headboard shelving as well as radiator shelves. It’s basically an element that can be placed on top of or installed on your mantelpiece. It’s the perfect location to store your ornaments, books, games, books and anything else you want to place on it.

Mantelpieces typically have candles or maybe a photo frame, but aren’t utilised to the greatest extent. By using a mantelpiece shelving device it can improve the overall design and style of your living area significantly.

Wall Shelving Units

Wall shelving units are available in various sizes, shapes and styles. There are choices for modern or rustic designs and for small or large areas, however they are a great possibility to embellish your living space and keep the space free of unnecessary clutter and chaos.

They could be constructed around a wall-mounted television to store DVDs and can also be used to place sets-top boxes or radios. They’re incredibly flexible and a great option to brighten up the living space.

Bespoke Built Shelving

Although it isn’t one of the most affordable alternatives, a custom-built shelving system or unit could be the best option for you if you have a specific need or perhaps a distinctively shaped living room. Custom-built units can include more than one type of shelving, and then integrate it in the same structure.

Today, you can hire an expert joiner or carpenter to construct the units yourself, or take your DIY skills to the next level by building one by yourself. There are a lot of online sources to make use of if you believe you’d like to build your own. In any case, a bespoke product can be an efficient addition to your space.

Closed Storage Units

These models, as see from the above image, have doors or covers to the front and are perfect for those who prefer an elegant and minimalist design without compromising storage space.

These units can be used for putting TVs in for them to make use of any surface or put them in alcoves or any other rooms in your living room.

Bookcase Shelving

There’s nothing more elegant or as impressive as the shelves that are well-stocked. The shelves can appear as tall, small and narrow as you’d like to make them. They’re relatively simple to construct and can be used for much more than only books. 

They’re ideal for fireplaces that are in alcoves, or for decorating the walls. Many people remove the middle shelf to place their television on it. There are a lot of options to consider with your bookshelf and you’ll be able to be creative with your ideas.

Shed Shelving Ideas

Sheds are specifically designed to offer storage for gardening items as well as outdoor and DIY toys.

However, they could quickly transform into an unorganised mess and are often difficult to find items inside. But, your shed does not need to turn into an unorganised mess, and by using these storage and shelving ideas, you can make a difference to the area quickly:

Wall Mount Shelving

Certain things can be easily stored in sheds instead of indoors, such as paint containers, tools, or outdoor playthings, which is why it is essential to ensure they are organised and not scattered on the floor of the shed. Installing a few simple wall-mounted shelves, you’ll have plenty of space to store smaller objects that are easy to find whenever you need these items.

Tall Freestanding Shelving

If you have a shed with more space, why don’t you consider installing the possibility of taller shelving. Higher shelves will give you greater space and, if you take out certain shelves in the shed, it will permit you to store larger objects within the.

Metal Closed Shelving

This kind of storage is a perfect match for the industrial look of a shed. It also gives you a solid and durable shelving with added protection to ensure that tools or potentially hazardous solvents from any pets or children that might use the shed to play with bicycles and toys.

Work Surface Shelving

Worksurface shelving, which you see in the above image can be a wonderful storage space for the tools, equipment and other things, while creating a great workspace for you.

These shelves are independent from the floor and contain large items underneath for additional storage options.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy-duty shelving offers the same features as other shelving solutions, but it’s built to be stronger and allow heavy weights to be securely placed on the shelves. If you’re dealing with large quantities of gym equipment, liquids or any other heavy items it is advisable to look into high-quality shelving as a secure alternative.

Garage Shelving Ideas

Garages, just as sheds, tend to be messy and unorganised; they are often a hot spot for hiding things away to keep the home tidy. But incorporating shelving systems for your garage will offer the most efficient of both.

Rolling Shelving Units

You can tell in the image above The shelves are on wheels that are able to be moved around your garage however you want. If you have things that require storage for a short period of time before moving them to a different location they could be the perfect solution for you.

This also lets you try different versions of garage layouts and determine which one works best.

Tool Closed Shelving Unit

If you’re a crafter or a tradesman working at home This is an essential item to have in your garage. The unit can be affixed to a wall, or put over an existing one (provided it is able to support it’s weight) and serves as an organiser and shelf to store all your tools as well as screws, nails and other small fixings. 

They are covered with a secure cover to stop children from playing on them. They can be a fantastic way to maintain organisation and order within your garage.

Roof Storage Shelving

A garage-specific option are the rooftop storage systems. This is a great option for boxes, sports equipment as well as long items, or any other items you wish to be able to store away from your floor. They can be found in the form of shelves with cages which are securely suspended from the ceiling in order to organise your garage.

Unusual Shelving Ideas

The sections before cover every type of shelving and solutions for every room. There are different shelving concepts that are worth considering if you think they might suit you better. Here’s the top of the group:

Invisible Bookshelf

A hidden bookshelf is a unique method to showcase books in any space and is actually quite effective. In a similar way as a floating shelf floating bookshelf is a way to use smaller plates that can be used to set your books on.

Bar Cart Shelving

This shelving option is certainly an innovative storage solution for contemporary times, but back in the day, it could be quite well-loved. It is best to look at the image above to get the complete idea of it. It’s basically a wheeled shelf to keep a bar in a mobile location however, you can also utilise it to play puzzles or playing cards. Actually, you can make it whatever you want since some were known to put ornaments or books on it.

Pegboard Shelving

This is an amazing idea for bedrooms or kitchens Pegboard shelves are gaining in popularity. The best part about this system is that it allows you to change the appearance of it swiftly and anytime you like. Different pegs are inserted into the holes, based on what you’d like to hang or place on it.

A-frame Shelving

A-frame shelving is a beautiful piece of furniture when it is paired with lighting behind it and helps to break up a dull wall in a perfect way. They’re freestanding, which means they can be moved to the best place for them and often decorated with books, plants as well as candles and lighting. This type of shelving will give a classy look to any space.

Rope Shelving

Rope shelving isn’t likely to offer much practical value due to the small dimensions of the shelves, but they’ll enhance your decor beautifully. The rustic ropes can be hung either from the ceiling or on the wall. They are hung with the swing as platforms that are placed on the ends of the ropes for placing an ornament on.



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