Top Wallpaper Removers: Steamers, Scrapers & Solvents for Easy Removal

We are familiar with the monotonous and tedious job of stripping wallpaper. In this regard we’ve compiled an article on the most effective wallpaper removal methods, the most effective techniques and the various options accessible to the novice and uneasy decorator.

Best Wallpaper Removers

We are familiar with the monotonous and tedious job of stripping wallpaper. In this regard we’ve compiled an article on the most effective wallpaper removal methods, the most effective techniques and the various options accessible to the novice and uneasy decorator.

Types of Wallpaper Removers

Let’s go back to the beginning: what kinds of wallpaper removers do you have? It is possible to adopt the old-fashioned method of rolling out your sleeves and scrubbing from dusk until dawn. you can heat the paper to a pulp or apply the power of a solvent to make the wallpaper to old news. Which is the better option? Let’s see.

Steam Wallpaper Remover

Steam wallpaper removers are the device that produces hot steam from a plate which is then pressed against a wall covered with wallpaper. This softens the paper, melting the glue and making it simpler to remove with scrapers. However, typically it will just disappear from the walls.

When the surface you’re dealing with comprises several layers of wallpaper that have been added over time or wallpaper that has been coated with paint or wallpaper that was put on an unsuitably sealed surface, then a steam cleaner is the best option.

It’s also a way to get rid of wallpaper after you’ve got into the habit of steaming a patch while you scrub the patch that was previously softened.

Scraping Tools

This tool doesn’t require a lot of an introduction or explanation. It’s just an extremely sharp piece of metal which scrapes wallpaper off walls effortlessly.

However, it’s not an easy task, however it’s not as easy, since scrapers typically strip wallpaper in small quantities at a time and you’ll be scratching like a madman with painful arms to remove a space of wallpaper.

Handheld scrapers have their own advantages. One of them is that you can be more precise, and you can do scraping even if you have to get to any difficult to reach places.

They’re also a cost-effective and easy method of scraping wallpaper. If you have time as well as elbow grease they’ll certainly be effective for the majority of jobs.

Wallpaper Stripper (Solvent)

A solvent used to strip wallpaper is essentially a liquid made of chemicals that can be applied to wallpapered walls to dissolve them, and be ready to be scraped away.

They usually come with ready-to-use spray bottles to ensure they can be used quickly, precisely and easily.

The solution is designed to break down and dissolve the glue or paste that is used for hanging the wallpaper and thus remove it off the walls.

Chemical solutions designed specifically to strip wallpaper are great for the use of layers of just one or two sheets or when you’re planning to strip a smaller portion of wallpaper, for example on an older feature wall.

Some wallpapers that are heavier or have been hanging for long periods of time, or are attached to the wall using a super-strong adhesive may be difficult chemicals to penetrate through. In this instance you’d better use an instrument for scoring that will lead us to the next section.

Scoring Tools

Scoring tools are handheld devices with small, protruding razors that are located on the bottom. The tool can be used for scoring or marking the hard in order to remove wallpaper by making tiny cuts in the wallpaper, and providing a chemical solution route through into the adhesive.

They are extremely effective when combined using the solvent for stripping but you must be cautious that you don’t set the thickness of the razors too far or you risk damaging the wall beneath the paper.

The trick to scoring tools is to start with small then gradually raise the level until you have reached the length that is optimal.

Best Wallpaper Removers

There are a variety of options available to you to remove wallpaper, dependent on the situation:

The question is: what are the most effective? Luckily for you we’ve listed the products we believe are the top tools for removing wallpaper, such as strippers, steamers, scorers and scrapers!

Zinesser DIF Wallpaper Stripper

The solution for stripping is designed to cut through and break the adhesive beneath wallpaper which makes the scraping phase like a stroll in the park.

DIF’s enzyme-based formula has proved to be very popular in the market. The results speak for themselves.

It’s also extremely cost-effective, so you will get more liters for your budget. It’s great for walls that have only a few layers. There’s no need to cut the paper before applying it.


  • Formula that is fast acting
  • Strong enough to support Woodchip or Wallpaper
  • Mess-free
  • Many options for your money
  • Non-toxic once diluted


  • Not recommended for more that three layers of wallpaper
  • First, it must be dilute
  • To be applied, use the help of a sprayer or roller

Earlex Wallpaper Steamer

With sales of more than 8 million globally It is no wonder that the Earlex wallpaper steamer has become among of the most sought-after tools for removing wallpaper of all time and is an indication of their durability and high-quality.

The machine is light and compact, able to hold up to 4 liters of water, which is transformed into steam using a 2kw heating unit. This gives 70 minutes of steaming to get rid of all paper. The machine also comes with the 3.7m length of hose, allowing you to get into all areas both high and low.

The steamer only takes 12 minutes to get steaming and it’s then ready for action.


  • Long steam time
  • Long hose
  • Uses little electricity
  • Lightweight
  • Large steaming plate for steaming
  • The most popular product


  • There is a 12-minute wait time before you can utilize the machine.
  • The hose and cables can block the way

Black and Decker Wallpaper Steamer

It is a direct competitor in the direction of Earlex steamer black and Decker steamer is a match in all respects.

It also has 4 liters of water, has a 3.7m pipe and a huge steaming plate. It does however run for a shorter time then Earlex. Earlex is more expensive.

The B&D steamer comes with a number of fantastic safety features like an automatic shut-off if there is any risk of overheating along with a valve for safety that will make sure that hot water does not escape while using.


  • 4L tank capacity
  • Large steaming plate for steaming
  • Excellent security features


  • The stores are difficult to find
  • The price is lower than Earlex
  • It costs a bit more than Earlex

Wagner W16 Wallpaper Steamer

The final non-industrial steamer in our list of steamers is Wagner W16. It is one of the most basic steamers with the tank’s capacity of 3.5L however it has a massive time-to-run of around 80 minutes.

It also has the safety cut-offs found in the Earlex, Decker and Black models. Decker models, as well as the huge steaming plate. However this Wagner model is a little higher priced than other models.


  • Large steaming plate for steaming
  • Long runtime of up to 80 minutes
  • Lightweight and with a tank of 3.5L
  • Excellent safety cut-off feature for security.


  • A lot more expensive than the other models on the market
  • It takes an extended time to get warm to operational level

Harris Wallpaper Scraper Set

A steamer is useless without a reliable scraper, which can deliver the fatal punch to a sagging and dated wallpaper.

The set of scrapers comes with three scrapers of different widths offering a small scraper that can be placed behind radiators, and around skirting boards, all the way to a huge scraper to remove large pieces of wallpaper in a flash.

They are durable, robust, reliable and sharp, not to mention affordable. It can be a bit tiresome to work with these scrapers, it’s not without a solvent or steamer If any of them can suffice is that Harris set.


  • Reliable and strong
  • Variable sizes
  • Cheap


  • It can be a long and tiring process to strip wallpapers without a steamer or solvent

Long Handled Heavy-Duty Scrapers

The standard wallpaper scrapers are just one sheet of metal that is sharp. The scraper made for heavy duty has a sharp blade that is attached to the top of a lengthy piece of strong metal.

They are made to be used for wallpaper, wood chips and almost everything else that refuses to change.

The long handle adds strength and a greater reach for the areas that are difficult to reach. They’re a great tool for jobs that require a lot of strength.


  • The most powerful tool available to get rid of materials
  • Cheap
  • Blade can be removed to allow for a replacement if blunt.


  • It is time-consuming to remove entire walls of
  • It requires a lot of work

Zinsser Paper Tiger Scorer

If the solvent you’re using isn’t getting through enough to the paper it’s time to be able to mark the paper before. Zinsser scorer Zinsser scorer is simple to operate, safe against accidents, and is able to score lots of paper in a short time.

After scoring, the chosen solution will be absorbed right into the glue, which will loosen it extremely quickly. It’s also fairly inexpensive in comparison to the benefits it offers.


  • Simple, safe and quick to make use of
  • A large number of wallpaper in a short time


  • Sometimes it is difficult to reach difficult areas.

Wagner Steamforce Pro

If you’re on the verge of completing a large project, or are a decorator in your trade you might consider buying this Wagner Steamforce Pro. It’s an industrial-grade steamer with an extremely small footprint.

It is equipped with 5m of cord and the hose that comes with it, as well as an extra-large steaming tray and 7.5L tank that can last for up to 90 minutes steaming. Because of its higher power it can take longer to warm up after 18 minutes, and is also more costly.


  • Powerful steamer designed for big projects
  • It is enclosed in a cage suitable for industrial environments
  • A long cable, hose and plate
  • Long runtime


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy at 9.4kg

Wallpaper Steamer Hire

If you’re just intending to use steamers for wallpapers to do a small task or only needing it once, you’ll prefer renting steamers for the duration of the duration of your visit, rather than purchasing one on your own.

If you lease steamers, you are provided with an industrial model which means it performs superiorly than standard steamers used in homes.

On the average, it’ll cost you around £18 per day for renting the steamer, and there are numerous sites that provide the service on the internet. Many of the top DIY stores offer steamers for hire to wallpaper.

Of course, the cost could differ from company business based on the type of vehicle they lease, the speed at which you’ll need it and which dates. If you do some research and discover a model that meets your requirements and budget!

Cost to Remove Wallpaper

Another option to get wallpaper removed from any space you’d like to do it quickly and efficiently is to hire an expert instead!

Engaging a contractor to carry the preparation work prior to decorating, or even the entire redecoration is a wise choice.

The actual cost will depend on several aspects like the dimensions of the room, the kind of walls that you have, the position of your house and, of course, the materials you’d like to use in the newly-decorated room.

As a rough guideline to help you, the typical cost for the stripping and hanging of newspapers in a medium-sized space is about £350.

What is the Best Homemade Wallpaper Remover?

A few people, in an attempt for savings, decide to design their own wallpaper removal. Although this isn’t the best technique (it’s best to buy one that is designed to strip wallpaper) there are a few helpful guidelines for creating your own custom wallpaper stripper. Here’s the most effective one:A mixture of white vinegar with warm water. That’s it. Really.

Its warm, aqueous water can be dampened and begin to dissolve wallpaper. The acidic vinegar will break down the adhesive, resulting in the desired effect!

Like all other items mentioned in this article wallpapers and walls could take longer to be effective However, if you put in the effort it will eventually come out.


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