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Cooker Hood Installation Costs: From Appliances to Electrics


An oven hood or cooker is an electrical fan that is positioned on top of your stovetop, and helps remove the stale cooking smells as well as moisture, grease and odours and makes kitchens more comfortable to work in.

Cooker hoods are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit an array of cookers, from concealed fitted hoods, to hoods with designer designs.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Cooker Hood?

The majority of cooker hoods are designed to draw air from the exterior of the building or to circulate the air inside the building. the method chosen depends on the proximity to the exterior of the building as well as the individual preference.

Cooker hoods are designed to keep your kitchen spotless by eliminating smoke, oil, and odours from your air while you cook. They can be used to extract or recirculate air, each having its own benefits.

When you are buying a cooker hood, be sure that it’s the perfect size to fit in your kitchen. Before you purchase an appliance for cooking we can assist in determining what size of cooker hood you need.

The cost for the installation of a cook hood differs depending on the model and the issues that an electrician might encounter during installation.

So, how much would an appliance for cooking cost?

However it is typical that a cooker hood costs between £75 to £200 to set up. It is also possible to depend on the location you reside within the UK and obviously the hourly rate paid by the electrician you choose. Also, try to find reasonably priced, top-quality electricians in your area.


There are a variety of control options to pick from. Touch controls have an elegant look, while being easy to maintain. There is nothing like the ease and simplicity of using push-button controls. You can choose between selecting sliders, LED displays or both.

Energy Saving

Every cooker hood comes with an energy efficiency score ranging between G up to A+. Energy efficiency ratings are available at the bottom of every product’s page of each cooker hood. The typical cooker hood comes with the D score for energy efficacy.


The majority of hoods come with at least two lights. The lights light up your stove as well as the area around it, making it easier to observe clearly while cooking and providing a fashionable look to your kitchen. LED lights, halogen and incandescent lights are readily available. LED lights are more bright and consume less energy than incandescent bulbs.


Although no cooker hood can be completely silent, certain cooker hoods are more noisy than others. Be on the lookout for the decibel level, which is the level of loudness an item has. The majority of hoods have a sound that is around 60dB, which is equivalent to a conversation.


Once you’ve settled on the style of cooker hood that you’d like to have it’s time to consider the style. There are a variety of options readily available, whether you want an elegant and timeless stainless steel look or a modern design that has touch controls.


The amount you spend will be dependent on the kind of cooker hood you are using in your home. There are cheap ones which are average, however, you can also invest more money and purchase a hood for your cooker that you can’t see.

Cooker Hood Prices

Below is a table that will highlight the price of installing a cooker hood:

Cooker Hood Installation Service£75 – £200

What are the Supply Costs for a Cooker Hood Installation?

Your kitchen is a unique area in your home. In addition to the bathroom, no other space can experience such broad variations in temperatures and moisture.

The kitchen’s moisture may appear normal however it’s not however it is important to keep it managed. If there’s no way to let moisture out of the kitchen, it could cause mold and other issues.

Therefore the cooker hood is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to let fresh air into their home and also eliminate bad smells.

We’ll review the various expenses for the supply of an installation of a cooker’s hood in this article, and if you are looking to install yourself, you’ll find everything you require here.

The cost of cooker hoods is usually about £60 to £200 depending on the kind of cooker hood that you are looking for.

You’ll require a tape measure to be sure that you have placed your cooker hood in the right location. It costs £1.50 to £8. A spirit level to make sure it’s straight costs £7 to £30.

Based on the kind of cooker hood you’ve got the price will range from £3 or £10 for an appliance hood bracket/clip.

Also, you will require the drill, which is priced between £10 to £60 and you could hire a top-quality drill to make the task simpler. Wall plugs are required in accordance with the type of material you’re drilling into. The cost will be £3 or £7.

You’ll need a hood cooker vent. This is the place where air is pushed and it will cost £13 to £60. A vent is priced between £2 and £80. Sometimes, ducting and vents may come with a cooker hood kit. Be aware of this prior to purchasing.

The final step of installing the cooker hood is connecting it to the electrics to prepare for the initial journey. This must be completed before it is connected to the wall. There are two choices for powering your cooker hood:

An fused spur one which is connected to an adjacent light circuit or socket and is powered by the junction box. It should have a fused 3 amp device, which is priced somewhere between £3 or £10.

Plug and socket Plug and Socket: You can hide an additional socket inside the chimney area in the cooker’s grill. This socket is linked to the existing circuit by using the junction box.

It is then possible to utilize a plug equipped with an amp fuse of 3 amps and plug it into your cooker’s hood just like any other appliance. It can cost approximately £5 or £10.

The table below breaks down the price of the cooker hood:

Cooker hood£60 – £200
Tape measure£1.50 – £8
Spirit level£7 – £30
Bracket£3 – £10
Cooker hood duct£13 – £60
Vent£2 – £80
Fused spur£3 – £10
Plug and socket£5 – £10

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Cooker Hood?

There are a variety of additional costs for installing the cooker hood. These include the following:

Installing Electrical Sockets

The property may require installing a brand new plug socket. A socket that is not switched costs between £31 to £90.

Plug sockets with switches, in contrast, are priced between £61 and up £200 and are not equipped with an on/off switch near the socket.

The smart socket that can be controlled by apps or by voice activation through a smart hub for home use is a far more advanced and eco-friendly alternative.

Smart plug sockets usually cost between £110 to £380, which could appear to be expensive, however the installation can save you costs on your energy bills.

One of the primary costs to be considered is the price of an electrician. This typically varies between £30 and £60 per hour for small tasks, and from £170 to £340 a day for more extensive electrical fittings.

Lighting fixtures are typically installed between £30 to £340 when plug sockets are installed in the range of £30 as well as £180.

CO2 detectors, smoke detectors, as well as natural gas detectors generally sold somewhere between £30 and £120 as burglar, fire or heat alarms are usually sold somewhere between £60 as well as £240.

Electricians usually charge higher rates for bigger jobs, such as CCTV or home security installations that typically cost between £120 to £680.

New Kitchen Cost

The cost of a brand new kitchen can vary depending on the type of kitchen you pick. A kitchen that is basic with just essential kitchen appliances will cost about £4000 and £10,000, whereas the typical kitchen cost is between £5000 to £12,000.

If you’re on a more substantial budget, think about investing in the most luxurious kitchen. This usually costs between £13,000 to £20,000. It includes top-quality kitchen cabinets as well as intelligent appliances.

The size of your kitchen can affect the price of smaller kitchens that have seven or less units priced in the range of £4000 and £15,000.

The average kitchen size is 10 units, which range from £6000 and £17,000, while big fitted kitchens that have at least 15 cabinets cost between £8000 and £20,000.

The place you purchase your kitchen will also influence the cost, regardless of whether it’s Howdens kitchens, or B&Q kitchens. When you’re looking at showrooms, be aware of your budget and make sure you know all expenses that are included.

If you’re struggling to come up with designs for your brand new kitchen, you might think about hiring a kitchen interior designer. They usually cost between £30 to £60 for an hour but this can vary based upon the project.

A kitchen designer can assist you in preparing and designing every aspect of your kitchen, from cabinets, worktops and countertops to flooring and ceiling lights. For a complete kitchen, you can hire an expert painter and decorator to make your walls look better.

This may include painting your walls, which usually cost between £300 to £500 for painting an entire space, but the cost of painting will vary on the dimensions of the kitchen.

It is also possible to wallpaper your kitchen for unique style. It should cost between £200 or £600 based on the kind of wallpaper you choose to use and the size of the space.

Electrical Safety Certificate

If you decide to install a hood for your cooker, you are required to get an electrical safety certification to prove how the appliance is reliable, safe, and compliant.

A safety certificate for electrical appliances usually costs between £100 and £350. This cost may be slightly higher for residents of the London region.

Cooker Hood Type

The style of cooker hood you choose will have a significant impact on the total price.

Cooker Hood Dimensions

The cost of your purchase will be affected by the dimensions of the cooker hood since the majority of professionals cost per meter for fitting the hood of a larger cooker in. A bigger cooker hood will take a lot longer to put in, which will increase costs for labor.

Situation of the Walls

Condition of the wall or location in which your cooker will be placed will also affect the price.

Materials Needed

The installation you are planning will most likely require the use of tools and the electrician may start charging you unless they’re inexpensive and readily available.

Even though you could have control over the materials used however, electricians are able to pick the most appropriate materials for the job.

The Size of the Job

A big installation project could seem simple at first however, it may be the sign of a bigger problem if there are any issues. Equally, estimating the complexity of a job will be difficult if you don’t have prior experience with working with cooker hoods.

If, however, a more skilled tradesperson is hired or the project requires more time to finish, the total cost will be greater.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing a Cooker Hood

The majority of the time we’re worried about the installation of something at our home, and tradespeople’s expenses can be a huge increase in the price. In this article, we will go through the labor costs for installing the cooker hood.

The majority of the larger stores like Curry’s do not provide installations for cookers hoods. This is likely because the process of installing a cooker hood will take a lot longer than the process of installing an oven.

Installing a cooker can be as easy as connecting two wires, provided you are aware of what you’re doing and possess the qualifications required. In contrast, installing a cooker is as simple as drilling a hole in the wall of your house and then running cables and ducting.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an expert to set up the cooker’s hood you’ll have to find an electrician local to you who can complete the task for you.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical cost of tradesmen to install the cooker hood, so that you are aware of the costs you can anticipate when hiring a contractor to put in your cooker hood.

A labourer can bring in and put up the standard hood between two cabinets that doesn’t extract, however, it circulates. In the wall above a cabinet is a convenient power source. Sparks for a half day are between £120 or £150.

If there isn’t an electrical source, they’ll need to locate the cables within the room and below, which requires removing the boards and carpet by chasing the cable into the room, connecting it to a socket and then putting it in plaster. This task will require two workers and costs approximately £300 to £350.

If the hood’s function is intended to draw out fumes through the wall it’s installed on, the price will be between £120 or £150 It is also possible to put a box within the duct at the ceiling’s level.

A laborer will be needed and cost somewhere between £225 and £250 to construct a massive “island fan hood” with pipes running throughout the bedroom floor. It will take two people and costs approximately £425 as well as £500.

Tradespeople generally cost between £100 to £175 for a day’s work, which includes the cost of fixings for incidental repairs and tips.

The table below breaks the prices of tradespeople to put in an oven hood:

 that your home’s air is as clean and fresh as you can and the time it’ll take to set up. In terms of complexity, if you’ve got a knowledge of DIY and the basics of electrical systems, you’ll have no problem.

The kind of cooker hood you own will determine how it’s connected to the wall, as well as the location where conduits must be run to connect to an exterior wall for venting outside.

Install a standard hood between two cabinets, which does not extract but only circulates.£120 – £150
Require disturbing the carpet and boards, chasing the cable in, installing a socket, and plastering it up£300 – £350
Extract fumes through the wall it is installed on£120 – £150
Install a boxed in the duct at ceiling height£225 – £250
Install a large “island fan hood” with ducting£425 – £500
Per day£100 – £175

How Long Does It Take to Install a Cooker Hood?

Installing a cooker hood may be as easy as opening a window however, it typically requires setting up an extractor or cooker hood and extractor and any conduit. To accomplish this we’ll discuss the essentials of making sure

When it comes time to install the hood, every manufacturer will have their own procedure or specially-designed brackets or fixings, so be sure to consult the user’s manual for more details regarding what fixings are utilized, but the fundamentals of installing them will be identical.

An experienced Engineer can set up a cooker hood as fast as 2.5 to 3 hours. A qualified engineer will be needed for an fitted cooker hood that typically takes 5 to 6 hours.

A professional tradesman will require 6 to 8 hours to take off and replace the cooker’s hood to your satisfaction.

A cooker hood with a built-in cooktop is normally a two-person task which can take between 3 and five hours to complete. It’s a difficult job, and that’s why it’s more expensive. Installing a cooker hood for an island will take two people between 5 and 7 hours to finish with the complete satisfaction of the consumer.

It is simpler for you to control this “work triangle” with an Island cooker hood (refrigerator sink, refrigerator and worktop) However, due to its central position it takes more effort for engineers to change the cooker hood, which is the reason it’s more expensive.

The table below breaks down the length of time needed to set up the cooker hood:

Integrated cooker hood5 – 6 hours
Remove and replace6 – 8 hours
Built-in cooker hood3 – 5 hours
Installing an island cooker hood5 – 7 hours

Types of Cooker Hoods

When you design your kitchen, you need to think about the way in which hot air and odours emanating from the stove can be ejected.

There are many options for cooking hoods according to your preferences, for instance, where you’d like the hob to be. So, continue studying to find out more about the various kinds of cook hoods and the best way to pick the most suitable option for the kitchen of your choice!

Extraction Cooker Hood

Extraction cooker hoods utilize the power of a fan to draw vapors into the hood, that are then put through a filter made of steel to get rid of grease for hygiene reasons prior to being blown out.

By removing the vapors created by the device, it directs excessive heat, moisture, and odours to the outside. The fan is integrated into the cooker’s hood. There are a variety of models with an external fan mounted on the wall outside.

The air filtered is blown through the area by the ducting system and a wall vent or the roof vent. Fresh air is required simultaneously in order to avoid the production of negative pressure.

In this way exhaust air requires intake air. However, structural limitations could restrict the use of exhaust air in other situations, requiring it to penetrate the wall and installing air conduit. The loss of energy comes from heat extraction.


  • Ideal for eliminating the smells of cooking
  • Not too loud


  • Limits on how long the ducting is

Recirculation Cooker Hood

The fan draws vapors into the recirculation phase, which are traversed through a grease filter which eliminates grease for hygiene reasons as well as an integrated active carbon filter filters out smells. After that, the cleaned air is then returned into space.

It is considered a sealed device because there isn’t any exchange of air with the outside. This means that it is not possible to lose heat. Since excess moisture can’t be eliminated, it is vital to let the cooking space air out following cooking.

After cooking, open the cooker’s hood for around 20 minutes to eliminate any remaining odours, and then remove your smell filters. Recirculating hoods are commonly used in kitchens, as well as houses where it’s not feasible to let air out because of structural limitations.

Moisture however is removed by an airing process that is more thorough and could cause loss of heat. The carbon filter that is active must be maintained and cleaned every few months and this increases the cost of replacement filters.

It is also typically more acoustic than an extraction Hood (depending on the route of the air).


  • Easy to put on than extraction hoods.
  • Affordable


  • Needs to be maintained more frequently
  • Louder
  • Not as efficient

Built-In Cooker Hood

Cooker hoods integrated as canopy hoods integrate into the kitchen’s other appliances. But, these kinds of cooker hoods need the space between two cabinets in your kitchen.

To blend with the kitchen’s other elements The front of the hood has doors. The door allows you to open the device which allows you to take in the air that escapes and then treat it for smells.

The cooker hoods could have an extraction system or one with a recirculation mechanism, depending on your preference. A built-in range hood is likely to cost between £80 to £800.


  • Not in the way
  • Choose the kind of cooker you prefer.
  • It will blend in perfectly with the other kitchen appliances.


  • More difficult to install
  • More expensive

Cooker Hood with Canopy

A hood for the cooker is an easy and efficient way to get rid of the smells and odours that can be found in your kitchen. In addition to the controls in the bottom of the hood the cover is fitted well and is almost invisible from underneath the kitchen unit.

To combat odours as well as smells they are cooker hoods may use extraction and recirculation dependent on the type of cooker. A canopy hood can range somewhere between £70 to £170.


  • Simple cooker Hood
  • Effective
  • The kitchen is well-equipped.


  • It is a challenge to install

Island Cooker Hood

Hoods for islands are huge and expensive, however when you have room to install a kitchen island and plan to cook all of your meals there, you’ll need a.

Even though these units are large they can also be attractive, with some of them having integrated lighting that can provide an entirely new look to your kitchen once you’ve finished cooking.

A number of these island hob extractors come with external ventilation as well as air recirculation capabilities. If it’s not feasible to vent the air from the cooker hood externally via a chimney system, then air recirculation is employed.

A charcoal filter cleanses the air and makes it fresher and cleaner air is then returned in the kitchen. It is recommended to set aside the amount between £360 and £1,000 for this reason.


  • Suitable for big kitchens
  • Fresh air is infused into the kitchen.


  • Expensive

Chimney Cooker Hood

Chimney hoods are extremely popular in kitchens of all kinds. The hood is positioned over the stovetop, and has a long chimney that typically reaches the ceiling, which allows for the extraction of the cooking smells as well as warm air.

There are recirculation versions for these units. However, should you own the chimney model you should use it to fulfill its intended use. The cost of a chimney cover should be in the range of £65 to £700.


  • A popular option
  • The ceiling is reached


  • Not suitable for smaller ceilings

Hood that has Downdraft Extractor

Downdrafts help keep cooking fumes and smells out of the home and kitchen. Even though all hobs produce exhaust, not every kitchen has enough space for an exhaust hood that is specifically designed for that cooking work surface.

Instead of bringing air into the hood, it releases steam and odours through a hole in the middle of the hob. It can then be flushed out or recycled.


  • Ideal for removing smells


  • It is difficult to install

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Cooker Hood?

If the wiring has been disconnected the only thing needed to repair your cooker’s hood will be a knowledgeable person. If you require power points relocated and/or added onto the cooker’s hood then you’ll require a Part P Electrician. This means that they can finish the task and later verify the Electrics.

Cost of the related items and equipment required for removing the vent hood, like fittings, connectors and screws, and mounting hardware. The expense of taking off vent hoods ranges from £393 to £855 per vent hood.

The cost to remove the ducted range hood can vary significantly based on the size and the size of the hood. It can range between £100 up to £1000. The installation of the ducted hood can take anywhere from four to six hours. The cost of this job will likely increase proportional to the scope of the project.

But, an extractor hood is a must. From April of 2006 onwards, the building codes have stipulated that exact ventilation be fitted in all kitchens built following that date. If the stale air is removed outside the kitchen will be able to satisfy these requirements.



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