Discover Wallpapering Costs: Installation, Materials, and Labor

How much does it cost to wallpaper the walls of a room?

Do you want to make a change? Do you want a feature wall? Our guide provides all the answers, including how much it costs to hang wallpaper within an area as well as the fees for wallpaper decorators along with the costs of material and installation…

Cost of Wallpapering

How much does it cost to wallpaper the walls of a room?

Do you want to make a change? Do you want a feature wall? Our guide provides all the answers, including how much it costs to hang wallpaper within an area as well as the fees for wallpaper decorators along with the costs of material and installation…

How Much to Wallpaper a Room?

Are you thinking of having a fresh wallpaper put up to your home?

It doesn’t matter if you want wallpaper applied to painted walls or have your existing wallpaper removed and new wallpaper installed Our cost guide can provide you with an idea of the amount you’ll need to shell out for this popular project of redecoration.

This guide said to you?

The article will also examine relevant issues such as any additional charges that might be applicable, how long you need to wait before hanging wallpapers, advantages of wallpapering and how the cost of removing wallpaper.

Wallpapering Prices

10 m2£170-£200
20 m2£250-£280
30 m2£355-£405
50 m2£450-£500

What are the Supply Costs of Wallpapering a Room?

The cost of wallpaper materials does not include the cost of labour:

We’ll look at how much supplies will cost you for this job. This is especially relevant when you’re going through the task on your own. If you decide to tackle the task as a DIY task It is recommended to hire an assistant to make the process simpler.

The cost of wallpaper, regardless of whether it is first the removal of wallpaper, or otherwise. The cost will range from £70-£80 for a 10-m2 space, £80-£120 for a 20m2 space and £110-£150 for a 30m2 space and £140 to £180 for a room of 50m2.

Of course, these prices are based on the purchase of the wallpaper and adhesive needed. But, if you do not have the tools needed, there’ll be other costs associated with the supply to take into consideration.

The price of wallpaper paste is usually between £5 or £15. It can cost between £5 to £25 to purchase an abrasive brush or, if you prefer to spend £8 to £15 on a paint roller.

A snap-off blade like a Stanley blade is priced between the £2-£10 mark. A cleaner brush is typically priced somewhere between £3 or £10.

It’s likely that you’ll need to shell out between £3 and £20 for a measuring tape. £10 and £20 to purchase an edge straight or £10 to £20 to make an edging stool as well as £8 to £15 to get an incline or £8 and £22 as a drop-cloth. If you’re using pre-pasted wallpaper, you’ll have to shell out £15 to £25 for a water tray, in case you don’t own one.

Other tools include a bucket, sponge and pencil that are probably already in your. If you want to peel and stick wallpaper you’ll need a price of between £5 to £13 to buy an abrasive and a utility knife kit.

Wallpapering Supply Costs

Wallpaper Paste£5 to £15
Paste Brush£5 to £25
Paste Roller£8 to £15
Snap-off Blade£2 to £10
Smoother Brush£3 to £10
Measuring Tape£3 to £20
Straight Edge£10 to £20
Stepping Stool£10 to £20
Level£8 to £15
Drop Cloth£8 to £22
Water Tray£15 to £25
Smoother and Knife Utility Kit£5 to £13

What are the Additional Costs of Wallpapering?

There are additional expenses that you could incur when wallpapering your room. Let’s look at some of the most common wallpapers:

Minimum Fee

Decorators can charge a minimal cost regardless of the amount of work is required for any given project. This is to ensure that any job done quickly is worthwhile for their time or as an additional cost.

With any additional cost you can speak to an interior designer before work begins if you have any concerns.

Type and Cost of Wallpapering

There are a variety of wallpapers to pick from, each with a cost that is unique to them:

For instance, lining paper typically costs £2 or £4 per roll. However, the cost is around £5 or £10 per sheet for sheets of polystyrene.

Size of Wallpaper

If you are looking for wallpaper for a 10 square meter area It will surely require much less cost of supply than the case if you wanted to paint a 30-square-metre room. In actual fact, the dimension of the wallpaper can be a significant cost determinant.

Room Type

The kind of room you have will affect the wallpaper installation costs since some are more suited to decorating than others.

It’s also possible to clean an area in your living room prior to wallpapering more than what you can do by wallpapering kitchens.

Number of Tradespeople

When you want to decorate your home most likely it’s a one-person task. In some instances there are two or more decorators who could wallpaper a space or house.

This scenario could be the case in the event that the area which is being decorated is especially large or if a number of rooms have fresh wallpaper installed. The presence of two or three workers in the process will shorten the amount of work but will also increase the hourly/daily rates.

The extent to which this could make your bill more expensive is difficult to determine since it will depend on the way that workers collaborate.


Naturally the longer the project is completed, the more expensive the labor cost for installing wallpaper is. The majority of decorators charge by the hour, but the possibility of a daily fee could be present in certain circumstances, especially if the work is spread over a number of days.

Tradesmen Costs for Hanging Wallpaper

Let’s take a close review of the labor costs specifically. This does not include supply costs and any waste disposal costs which may be incurred. Decorators are charged approximately £23 up to £26 per hour across the country.

Prices can differ dramatically based on the location you reside in. For instance in Birmingham or Belfast Decorators could be charged between £18 or £21 per hour, whereas in London it is approximately £28 to £32 an hour.

For wallpaper hanging only and not to install wallpaper, the cost of labour is around £80-£120 for a room of 10m2 £130 to £170 for a 20m2 space and £200 to £250 for a room of 30m2 or £270 to £330 for a 50m2 space.

For stripping and hanging wallpaper, anticipate the labor cost to be between £130-£170 for a room of 10m2 and £270 to £330 for a 20m2 area or £360-£440 for a room with 30m2 or £400-£500 for a room of 50m2.

How Long Does It Take to Hang Wallpaper?

The length of time wallpaper hangs depends on a variety of elements. In this article we’ll outline the timeline of various wallpapering tasks depending on the size of the room and if the task includes hanging wallpaper alone or if wallpaper that is old has to be removed before hanging.

We’ll also go over additional elements that determine the length of this work:

The typical time for you to install wallpaper is around 3-6 hours for a 10-square-meter room and 7-10 hours for 20m2 rooms or 1-2 days for 30m2 rooms or 2 days for a room of 50m2.

To remove and hang wallpaper, expect the timelines to be extended to about 7-10 hours for a 10-m2 room, or 2 days for a 20m2 space and 2-3 days for a room of 30m2 approximately three days in the case of a 50m2 space.

The length of time for hanging wallpaper, stripping or hanging wallpaper will depend on the accessibility of the area as well as the number of decorators on the project as well as the type of wallpaper used and if any additional work is needed (e.g. painting ceilings).

Duration of Wallpapering

Hang Wallpaper3 hours to 3 days
Strip and Hang Wallpaper7 hours – 3 days

Choosing Wallpaper

There are a variety of choices when it comes to wallpaper. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wallpapers:

Lining Paper Cost

Also referred to as liner paper It is fiberglass or paper. It’s an excellent choice when you’re trying to cover imperfections in your walls and also serve as a foundation for more delicate kinds of wallpaper.

In fact, lining papers are usually used prior to the wallpaper being applied. It is also able to paint over, and it is simple to remove and apply. The typical cost is £2 to £4 for the liner paper.


  • Smooth and easy option.
  • Covers up imperfections in walls.
  • It is ideal for adding delicate wallpapers as a second layer.
  • Paint or wallpaper can be applied once the wallpaper is put in place.


  • Not as decorative.
  • You’ll need to apply an additional coating of paper or.

Polystyrene Sheeting Cost

The wall lining, which is also known in the form of Styrofoam wallpapers, are very rigid and have enough dimension stability. Polystyrene sheets offer a superior insulation value, which helps retain heat and absorb the sound that can be transmitted between walls.

The type of wallpaper you choose can also be used to control and reduce echoing within the space that it is placed in. There are numerous Styrofoam wallpapers that are simple to put up.

But, the main drawback to this wallpaper is that, if you wish to soundproof your room you’ll require a variety of options for soundproofing. The sheeting of polystyrene isn’t particularly robust and is not appropriate for every room. It’s usually available for £5 up to £10 per roll. It is not as inexpensive as lining papers.


  • The insulation is high.
  • Rigid.
  • Minimizes echoing.


  • Not the most durable.
  • More expensive than the lining paper.
  • Not really soundproof.

Woodchip Wallpaper Cost

The wallpaper of this kind is reasonably priced and made of paper that has small wood chips. The reason behind including woodchips is that this wallpaper can provide an appearance of texture and also conceal cracks and flaws on the wall. Woodchip wallpaper is strong and is able to be painted over.

However, it’s quite outdated by people’s standards. In addition, if you eventually decide to get rid of wallpaper made of wood, it could be a bit difficult. Woodchip wallpaper can be purchased from £4 to £7 per roll.


  • Textured effect.
  • It hides cracks and imperfections.
  • Durable.
  • Paintable.


  • It is possible to see it as a little old-fashioned.
  • It’s a hassle to get it out.

Benefits of Wallpapering

There are many benefits when wallpapering a room. Let’s look at some of the advantages:

Decorative Qualities

The most significant benefit that wallpapering offers is the aesthetic appearance the wallpaper can provide to rooms. Wallpapers can create a distinctive and intricate design that can’t be accomplished similar to paint.

The beauty of wallpapering can be achieved for a reasonable cost regardless of whether you decide to install the wallpaper yourself or hire an expert decorator.


A high-quality wallpaper will last for a period of 15-20 decades or so, as long as it’s properly maintained. If you install wallpaper now and maintain it in a professional manner you can be sure that the colour and appearance will be as appealing as when it was brand new from today.

Easy to Maintain

Many wallpaper types are easily cleaned using the use of a soft brush or an unclean cloth. Although they can’t be cleaned with water, their maintenance is easy.

The washable wallpaper can be cleaned using detergents and water, however. Make sure you are aware of the exact method by which your wallpaper type should be cleaned. Since the price for hanging wallpaper is generally not a lot, these benefits are worth a serious evaluation.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wallpaper?

You might choose to eliminate wallpaper as it’s deteriorated and requires replacement or you’d like to install another type of wallpaper or perhaps you’d prefer painted walls. Be aware that certain wallpapers can be covered with paint.

The cost will vary based on the dimensions and the number of walls that are covered by wallpaper as well as the type of wallpaper. It is likely to cost between £150 to £540 If you decide to employ a professional to take away the wallpaper.

It is possible to remove it with less money as a DIY project, however, you shouldn’t do it only if you’re skilled enough and are familiar with the procedure. Some wallpapers can be more challenging to eliminate than others, for instance woodchip wallpaper.


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