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Effective Laminate Flooring

There are some things to take into consideration when purchasing laminate flooring. They range from the design you go for as well as what you choose to use it for, the AC which is the thickness or size of laminate and the various installation options for the flooring. This guide will explore the different features of the laminate by describing the advantages in greater depth and giving some tips on the best flooring options for various scenarios.


What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is made by fusing High-Density Fiberboard with decorative paper, as well as an extra layer for finishing. It is widely used as a substitute for wood as well as stone flooring.

There are numerous advantages for laminate flooring in place of stone or wood, including the cost-effectiveness when compared to other flooring options as well as its ease of installing, strength of laminate flooring, and the lack of regular maintenance.

Laminate flooring is also very sought-after because it offers many colours, patterns, patterns and shades which means you can achieve the look you want to your flooring while staying within your budget, no matter what it is.

For instance oak is an extremely expensive material to buy for flooring because of its rarity. In this regard, most people opt for an Oak style laminate. This means you receive the same dark shade and stunning grain, but at a fraction of the cost.

The first laminate was attached to floors, however as the technology that surrounds laminate flooring has evolved in the past, more options for installation have become accessible.

In reality, laminate flooring is so simple to install that many homeowners choose to install it by themselves instead of hiring a flooring contractor.

Types of Laminate Flooring

As we’ve discussed throughout the entire guide there are four primary types of laminates, and this is referring to the boards’ installation process. We’ll look at each of them here:

Glued Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring that is glued comes in boards that are bare and must be secured on the floor. They may still have padding and lining bonded to them. However certain models don’t. Make sure to check the version you are using.

To make this kind of flooring you can apply simple flooring adhesive that is available in a spray or tub version.

This is much less well-known than it was, considering the ease of installing glueless or pre-glued varieties of laminate, however it’s still available in the market.

Glue-less or Click Laminate Flooring

It is the most well-known type of flooring made from laminate. For installing this kind of flooring, you just attach the baseboards to the longest wall, and then attach the other boards to the baseboards by pressing them together.

These boards feature a unique ridge made into the sides that allow for female or male connections and allow them to be joined.

It’s the simplest to change, remove and install. It’s also the easiest to set up. These characteristics make it the most sought-after kind for laminate floors.

Pre-glued Laminate Flooring

Pre-glued laminate functions exactly the same way as glue-bonded laminate does, but instead of spreading the glue yourself using a spray or tool, you remove the sticker from the side of the panels and place them in the ground.

It’s an easy, straightforward and fast method for installing laminate floors and is the ideal solution for self-installation.

Be aware that there’s a requirement to cut some laminate planks, so make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to do the job.

Underlay Attached Laminate Flooring

We have mentioned that some laminate floorboards come with padding and lining or underlay, bonded to the floorboards already.

Should they not be, then you’ll have to do it yourself. However, in recent times the majority of boards come with an underlay.

They’re still set up exactly the same way. It’s just that you need to be aware that they are readily available and could help you save a lot of time by utilizing these boards.

Best Laminate Flooring Brands

Here’s a list of known brands of laminate flooring that provide high-quality laminate flooring:

Egger Laminate Flooring

Egger was started as a family enterprise in the 1960s and has a number of manufacturers across Europe. Egger are proud to use 80% of recycled lumber and PEFC approved wood for their laminate flooring and flooring.

Egger is renowned for their focus in their designs and patterns and their focus on offering good value for the cost.

Egger flooring is very well-known in the UK and the reviews from customers are mostly positive.

Egger offers high-end as well as budget-friendly flooring options which makes their flooring accessible to anyone. Egger offers a variety of choices that are AC-4 rated.

Faus Laminate Flooring

Faus began in a tiny building in Spain and was focused on creating an excellent product that could be released to the people.

Similar to Egger, Faus have a firm commitment to sustainability, making use of only the raw materials that have been approved through the FSC.

Faus has always been focused on the realistic design of their products, with the goal of getting as like the actual thing as is possible with their laminate flooring.

Faus is a premium alternative, however they are the only company with an AC-6-rated laminate flooring, which makes their flooring ideal for areas that see a lot of traffic around the home, without having to worry of wear and wear and.

Lamett Laminate Flooring

Lamett is the newest child in town, to speak, since it only began in 2005. Although it’s behind the curve, Lamett has garnered an excellent reputation for its premium laminate products.

Lamett’s laminates all measure 12-millimeters thick. That’s a great feature for the longevity of the laminate. This is something that is heavily weighted in determining the AC rating. Lamett has achieved AC-4.

Swiss Krono Laminate Flooring

Swiss Krono has been known by many monikers over the years ranging from Kronotex up to Kronoswiss. Their laminate flooring is awe-inspiring when you stay clear of the confusion.

Amid-priced brand They produce everything from entry-level laminates to high-end flooring, with low prices all over and a huge number of options.

They offer flooring that is at the AC-4 standard, comparable to the flooring from Lamett, Egger and Faus.

Balterio Laminate Flooring

Balterio is a staple in the flooring business, and its vast selection of flooring options grows each year with no indication of slowing down.

Balterio enjoys playing around with the newest laminate flooring technologies which allows them to make amazing textured and pattern options, and real-looking designs for their laminate.

Elka Laminate Flooring

Elka concentrates on cost-effective laminate flooring that is available in 12mm and 8mm boards. While they are expensive the laminate they use is the same as other flooring, with the natural appearance of walnut and oak influence the designs.

Elka’s flooring has the click-in-installation style. They are constructed so that underfloor heating can be an option for the flooring.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Being one of the top laminate flooring experts in the world, Quick-Step has an astoundingly vast selection of options that will suit all budgets and needs.

They also work on constructing the most durable laminate that will last for a long time by exhibiting scratch, water, as well as wear resistance. The laminate of Quick-Step is backed by a 10-year warranty against water and scratch.

Woodpecker Laminate Flooring

Affordable Ness, coupled with elegance is the aim of Woodpecker as their authentic laminate demonstrates.

Although they aren’t as expensive on the cost scale, the quality isn’t affected anyhow as well as their laminate has a strong possibility to look the most similar to real wood.

The embossed surface of Woodpecker is incredibly comfortable underfoot and is a fantastic choice for bathrooms. Woodpecker is also backed by the 25-year warranty that is virtually not seen in the market.

AC Rating for Laminate Flooring

It is the AC grade for laminates granted to laminate boards on an individual basis and is based on various aspects.

The basic idea behind the purpose of AC rating is to figure out the amount of traffic a board is able to handle, and consequently, where it’s most efficient to use it.

This AC rating is really an endurance rating, therefore when you own a product that is rated AC-1, it won’t be a good choice for areas with high traffic like hallways. You’ll need something that’s AC-3, or even AC-4.

The flooring’s thickness has an impact on the AC rating. Typically, the thicker the flooring, the more favourable the AC rating, however it’s also graded based on other factors like scratch as well as water resistance. 

Below are the grades in an a simpler format:

  • AC-1/2 – Moderate to low areas such as bedrooms.
  • AC-3/4 – Moderate to high traffic areas such as halls or living spaces.
  • AC-5/6 Commercial ratings for workplaces and offices.

Best Laminate Flooring for Kitchens

Kitchens are a lot of traffic places, enduring a lot of foot traffic and their fair portion of spills.

It’s therefore important to put a bit more cash into laminate flooring for kitchens in order to make sure it’s AC rating or the durability is adequate for the location.

A good quality laminate may cost higher, but will also mean more realistic designs as well as more resistance to damage and scratch. surface to protect you from dropping the odd bottle of wine in the middle of work!

The more textured look of luxurious laminate flooring will look great in kitchens. If you’re planning to host gatherings or parties in the home of yours, these events generally focus on the kitchen. You’ll have flooring you can be proud of.

The brands we listed in our list of top brands will be a great fit to your home, therefore choose your selection!

Best Laminate Flooring for a Bathroom

Bathrooms are significantly less used by foot than kitchens, however of course, they’re in extremely humid and humid spaces.

In this regard it is essential that the laminate flooring you select is completely waterproofed to ensure that it won’t move and get warped with time due to the humid air in the bathroom.

Stones with lighter colours tend to appear the best in bathroom decors Take a look at some of these styles.

Quick-Step is probably the best option to begin with, as they offer a 10-year warranty on waterproofing and if that’s not confidence in the product, I don’t even know what is!

Bathrooms are a place of rest for a lot of us, so when you’re soaking in an inviting hot bath at the end of your day, it’s best to take a look at high-quality laminates when you go to.

You’ll need the AC rating of 3 for bathrooms however you must first check for waterproofing!

Best Laminate Flooring for a Living Room

The dark, intimate designs are perfect for living spaces. You’ll need one that’s extremely sturdy and durable, with a high AC rating to ensure that there’s no rapid degradation.

Of course, living spaces have TVs, couches, units, coffee tables, and more to decorate the space and you’ll need laminate flooring that’s highly resistant to scratches, particularly in the case of dark shades.

Living rooms can also be busy places, and if guests are invited this is usually where to host them.

Also, any of the brands we listed on our “best of’ selection will look perfect for your living room.

Yet, a special mention is due to Faus and Balterio since their high-end models look stunning in exquisitely decorated living spaces.

Woodpecker should also be looked at, as they come with an impressive 25-year warranty that can’t be overstated for an area like a living space, and that’s a lot of security to have confidence in buying a high-quality laminate flooring.

Best Underlay for Laminate Flooring

What is the most effective cover you can get for your money? This is a difficult one for a person to determine. The laminate you choose must be compatible with both the laminate you are planning to install as well as the subfloor’s material and state.

Consider, for instance, that the subfloor you have is bare concrete and you’re planning to install click-in laminate flooring in your bathroom.

If that’s the situation, you’ll require an underlay with significant moisture resistance properties to it. In contrast, if you’re installing laminate on a wood floor in your living space the moisture barrier doesn’t need to be present.

Although you could put an underlay design in concrete on a wood flooring, you cannot put an underlay specifically designed specifically for timber floors in a floor made of concrete due to the absence of a moisture barrier could cause harm to the laminate as well as the subfloor.

When you’re looking for an underlay these items and determine how important they are for you:

  • Sound Proofing
  • Floor Levelling
  • Insulation
  • Compatibility Underfloor Heating System
  • Moisture Barriers

Consider the importance each of these aspects are for you and your home, look for an underlay that is suitable for the needs of your home.

Here are a few of the most well-known brands to explore and then make a choice:

  • Vitrex Underlay
  • Acoustalay Underlay
  • Duralay Underlay
  • Klima Underlay



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