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Estimated Air Conditioning Cost

Are you thinking about installing air conditioning?

This article will examine the cost of cooling your home for different spaces, as well as the installation time of AC.


How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

What are the typical costs of an air conditioner?

The typical cost of installing a split AC system in a single room is between £480 and £2080. The typical price is £495 to £2200 for a split air conditioner in a double-room and £5100-£8650 for the whole property.

What about a stand-alone air conditioner?

For a stand-alone (or portable) air conditioner without installation costs (as it is a straightforward, straight from the box DIY setup) It should cost between £150 or £350.

If you’re planning to have an air conditioning system ducted installation, you’ll need to spend approximately £1030-£1380 for a single bedroom, £1045 to £1400 for a double bedroom as well as plan for between £10,100 and £14,160 for the entire house.

Finally, if you choose to install an air conditioner in your windows then expect the price of cooling between £545 and £1160 for a single bedroom or £575 to £1200 in two rooms.

What determines the total cost?

One of the most important factors that determine the price for an air conditioner unit is the kind of property as well as the type and size of the air conditioner, particular type of air conditioner, the number of tradespeople employed as well as the ease of access and the area of your home.

For the last part this is pertinent because laborers charge different prices across the nation.

What do the different rates mean?

If you are within the south of England (London specifically) you are likely to have higher labor costs than other regions of the country, and vice versa in the case of living, for instance in Scotland or in the north of England.

Air Conditioning Prices

Take a look at this table to learn the price of air conditioning installed.

Type of SystemAreaTotal Cost
SplitSingle Room£480 to £2080
Double Room£495 to £2200
Entire Property£5100 to £8650
Freestanding/PortableAny-sized room£150 to £350
DuctedSingle Room£1030 to £1380
Double Room£1045 to £1400
Entire Property£10,100 to £14,160
WindowSingle Room£545 to £1160
Double Room£575 to £1200

What are the Supply Costs of an Air Conditioning Installation?

The cost of installing air conditioning will comprise the majority of your final cost and the remainder will be related to the labour cost. In this article we’ll take a look at the cost of supplying air conditioning based on the kind of unit.

These costs are especially important in the event that you decide to build an air conditioner DIY.

The cost of purchasing an air conditioner split (floor and wall-mounted air conditioning units) can vary from £450 or £2000. If you want a portable or freestanding air conditioner, anticipate spending £150 or £350.

For an air conditioner ducted, it’ll cost around £1000 to £1300 and an air conditioner for windows is likely to cost between £500 or £1000.

For instance, having a split or ducted system installed across the entire house is more expensive, but it is less expensive than the rates provided here.

Air Conditioning Prices for Supplies

Type of SystemSupply Cost
Split£450 to £2000
Freestanding/Portable£150 to £350
Ducted£1000 to £1300
Window£500 to £1000

What are the Additional Costs of Installing Air Conditioning?

Like any new installation There are a number of additional costs that could or might not have to be borne. Let’s look at some typical examples.

Minimum Fee

In the first place, you could be subject to a minimum cost when installing new air conditioning. It could be a tiny addition to your bill, or could be in the form of a different cost that is able to be extended.

For instance in the event that you’re given the cost of daily labour to install an air conditioning unit, in this instance, you’d be charged the same amount for the same installation time the way you would pay for a job which requires seven hours.

Size/Type of Air Conditioning System

The bigger systems, the more expensive the costs for supply will usually be. Furthermore, the kind of system is crucial, for example, a standalone air conditioner is priced at £150 to £350 while a ducted conditioner is priced at £1000 or £1300.

Property Type/Size

The bigger your home, the larger the air conditioning system has to be. However, it will be contingent on the number of rooms or areas in your house you’d like to be air-conditioned.

Number of Tradespeople

In the majority of cases one contractor can install an air conditioner. However, should, for some reason, more than two tradespeople are employed, it is a sure sign that the total cost for labour will be higher.

However the greater number of labourers employed the faster the task will be completed. Therefore, determining whether the more workers would result in an increase in the overall cost will depend on the way they collaborate as a team.


The longer the A/C installation will take longer, the more it’ll usually cost, because it will likely lead to greater labour costs. But, this is going to depend on how labor costs are determined. If you’re charged for an hourly rate, the duration is a significant factor in the price.

If, on the other hand, you receive a predetermined price for the work for the whole, then the time will be a factor. The third possibility is that you could be charged the cost of a daily labor fee. If that is the case the duration may or may not be relevant.

It’s all dependent on if the job goes into the next day. In other words, a six-hour job would have the same labor cost that an eight-hour work.

A/C Repairs

If, in the future, you require your AC system repaired it could cost not more than £100 or a few hundreds of pounds, based on the severity of the problem and the size of the unit. In some instances it is more cost-effective to have the AC system repaired.

Tradesmen Costs for an Air Conditioning Installation

The next section will discuss the labor cost of installing air conditioning. This section will provide the labor costs to install various types of A/Cs and various sizes of areas.

A gas-certified tradesperson is charged around £15 or £20 per hour, or £150 or £200 daily. For a split system to be installed, you will pay the cost of labor, which is around £30-£80 for a single space, £45-£100 for a double space and £90 to £160 for the entire home.

If you have a ducted air conditioner, anticipate the cost of installation to be between £45 and £100 for a single bedroom, £75 to £200 in the double room, and £150-£400 for a complete home.

For a window-mounted air conditioner, you’ll spend between £45 and £160 for labour expenses for a single space or roughly £75-£200 for a double-room. A freestanding air conditioner requires no installation.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Air Conditioning System?

In this article we’ll go over the timelines for installing an A/C system according to what type of conditioner and the size of the installation. We’ll also look at the most important elements that affect the timeframe.

There is no installation time required to set an independent system. It’s just a short, minutes of setup once you have taken it from the box.

A split system to be installed will take between 2 to 4 hours in an individual room, or three or five hours to install a double space as well as up to six hours to cover the whole home.

If you have a ducted system you can expect to spend between three and five hours to install one in a single space, five to ten hours in an entire room that is double, or up to two days for the entire home.

If you’re using window air conditioning, anticipate it to take about three to eight hours for one room, or five to ten hours in the event of a double-room.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

We’ve examined the cost of installing various kinds of A/C, but in this article we’ll take a more detailed examination of the characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages for each option.

Portable/Freestanding Air Conditioning Cost

The most popular and least costly type of AC is a freestanding or portable cooling unit. Also called spot coolers, small air conditioners can be affordable and are easy to set up as alternatives to a permanent air conditioning system.

If you are looking for something that is affordable to use for a few times, this could be the best choice for you. In some instances the freestanding A/C won’t be enough.

In the case of a conservatory, it heats up in the summer, it can be extremely hot. The average cost of buying a portable/freestanding A/C is £150 to £350.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for occasional use
  • It is possible to move around without difficulty
  • No installation


  • Not recommended if highly efficient A/C is required.
  • Not able to cool huge areas

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

The most discrete alternative is a duct system. It consists of a fan attached to the exterior of your home, and the outlet itself is connected to the ceiling, as opposed to wall mounted systems.

Ducted systems usually include a variety of options, including the ability to turn on the air conditioning for the entire room at any point.

They also are the quietest system. However, ducted ACs cost between £1000 or £1300 and often higher (depending on the type and the brand). Additionally there are homes that do not have enough area above their ceilings for ducting A/C.


  • Discreet
  • Great for large houses
  • Usually, they come with a variety of useful features


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for all types of properties

Split Air Conditioning

Following that is the wall and floor mounted air conditioning system sometimes referred to as a split AC system. Contrary to what is described they are installed on a wall however, they are usually at a lower level rather than on the floor.

Split air conditioners include an air outlet on the wall and a compressor installed on the outside of the house.

It’s fairly easy to expand a split air conditioner system to add more rooms with additional outlets installed in the near future. However, these units require maintenance at least every year. The price of a split air conditioner could be anywhere from £450 up to £2000.


  • Much more discreet than an A/C unit that is portable
  • Choose the most economical way to operate
  • Expanding an existing split A/C system is simple


  • Every year, maintenance is needed.
  • Costs can be extremely high.

Window Air Conditioning

In the final we can choose an air conditioner for windows. This is different from a split A/C by allowing the exchange of the warm inside air with cool air coming from the outside increasing airflow, all in one unit.

If there is a problem in planning permission that makes it difficult to install another kind of air conditioning for instance, the case of a listed structure and you want to have a window AC, then a window might be the right choice for you.

They’re fairly silent, and are able to be fixed in a wall or window opening. In certain cases, the window cooling systems can also be mobile.

In contrast, they can partially block windows, and they require an sash window and might need brackets or a strengthened framework or another type of structural support in order to stay in the position. The typical cost of windows is £500 or £1000.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Could be a suitable possibility to match a listed building
  • It is often a better choice for apartment buildings
  • Sometimes portable


  • It can be very expensive
  • In some instances, windows make a window block a part of the view
  • Might require support for structural structures of some sort

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Air Conditioning System?

You might choose to have your A/C system removed as you want to install the latest model of A/C put in.

However it is possible that it’s inefficient or unnecessary and you’d prefer to go without it. Air conditioners are only removed by an accredited F-gas engineer.

Based on the nature of the work It could cost £50 up to £100 plus to get an air conditioning unit taken away.


Q: How does air conditioning work?

A: Air conditioners make use of the refrigeration cycle. A/C systems change the state and pressure of the refrigerant in order to either release or absorb heat.

As a result, an effective aircon system can absorb heat inside your home before pumping it outdoors. Of course a portable air conditioner is not so complex.

Q: What is manual air conditioning?

A: Manual air conditioning remains on a cooling/blower setting of your choice and continues to supply cooler air into your home until you change the setting.

This would contrast a smart/automated system that would try to achieve an optimal temperature on its own accord.

Q: How long does a portable air conditioner last?

A: Any decent free standing A/C should continue to function for about 10-15 years, if not more.

Q: Should I fit A/C DIY?

A: In general, it is best and sometimes necessary to hire a professional.

Q: Will air conditioning add value to my property?

A: In general, it may add a small amount of value to your property.



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