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Estimated Cost For Garage Conversion

Are you wondering what an average garage conversion is?

This article provides the complete information on garage conversion. It also includes the cost of double and single garage conversions that convert them into living spaces. To cover all of your garage renovation costs, don’t look any further!


How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

What exactly does an actual garage conversion entail?

So, what should you anticipate paying for the conversion of your garage?

The typical garage conversion cost is between  £13,000 and £18,000 for an 18m2 garage for a double garage of 36m2, the price is priced between  £27,000 to £36,000.

If you have a big garage measuring around 52 square meters, then you’ll need to spend between £39,000 and £54,000 for converting your garage.

Garage Conversion Prices

Type of garage ConversionAverage Cost
Kitchen garage conversion£10,000-£20,000
Bathroom garage conversion£2,700-£7,000
Living room garage conversion£6,000-£7,000
Double garage conversion£27,000-£36,000

What are the Supply Costs of a Garage Conversion?

If you are planning to transform your garage on your own or to purchase your own construction materials then you’ll have to think about the average price of garage conversion supplies which include:

Garage Conversion Flooring Cost

If you’re planning to remodel your garage you may require the floor laid. This could involve the laying of concrete slabs which cost between £800 up to   £1000.

The price for garage conversion flooring can vary depending on the kind of flooring you’re looking for.

For instance, if you intend to convert the garage to a kitchen room or living space, you could consider laminate flooring, which ranges from £7- £30 per square meters. It is also possible to consider carpet that typically ranges from around £6 and £60 for a square metres.

If you’re considering converting your garage into a kitchen or bathroom or kitchen, you’ll have to think about the expense of tiling. It is typically priced between  £20 or £100 per square meters.

Garage Conversion Heating Cost Another major expense to think about is heating, because more than likely, the garage you are in will not be equipped with radiators or any heating system.

The price of heating is contingent upon the type of heating you’d like for your garage, and the extent to which the room you’re planning to convert into is connected to the existing heating system in the house.

If your room is connected to the main power supply If not, then you’ll have to buy new radiators that cost between  £13 up to £300.

If the garage conversion you are considering cannot connect to the mains supply then you may have to install a new central heating unit.

If you want a combi boiler you’ll need to budget about £500 to £2800 and an individual boiler will cost you approximately £600 or £1400.

You could also think about purchasing an one that is electric, and typically can be found from £500 to £1,200.

Garage Conversion Lighting Cost

Lighting is another vital supply expense to be considered in the process of converting your garage.

The cost of lighting can depend on the style you select, for instance downlights are priced between  £1 up to £80 for each light whereas ceiling lights cost between £2 up to £60.

What are the Additional Costs of a Garage Conversion?

There are other expenses to take into consideration when determining the price of a garage conversion such as:

New Boiler Cost

If the garage conversion you are considering doesn’t have access to hot water, or to the central heating system it is possible that you will need to install a new boiler setup.

The price of installing the new boiler is contingent on the kind of boiler you pick. For instance, a combi boiler will cost you around  £1500 to £3500 and the cost of a heat-only boiler is £1500 up to £2500.

Other alternatives include the system boiler, which typically ranges from  £1500 or £2800 for installation by a professional.

Underfloor Heating Costs

Another option for heating is underfloor heating that can be set up under flooring like tiles, carpet and laminate flooring.

There are two kinds of underfloor heating: dry and wet – the one uses heat pipes that circulate hot water over the floor, whereas a dry system is powered by mats or electric wires that can be connected to the primary electrical source to warm the floor.

The cost of wet underfloor heating is £90£190 per square meter, which includes both labour and supply.

Heating systems for dry underfloors are likely to cost £40 up to £80 per square meter when installed by a qualified person.

New Kitchen Garage Conversion Cost

If you’re planning to convert the garage to a kitchen then you’ll have to shell out about £10,000 for a tiny kitchen. You can also expect to pay up to  £20,000 or more.

This is usually the cost of kitchen worktops, which can be priced between £18 up to £40 for a square meter for worktops that are budget-friendly.

Granite worktops of high-end quality cost about £150 for a square meter. Corian can cost up to £500 for a square metre.

Also, you should consider appliance prices, for example refrigerators and freezers range between £160 for an entry-level model, while an advanced fridge-freezer could cost as high as £7000. If you are looking for a new gas stove, expect to spend between £350 to £1000 for electric cookware costs ranging between £150 and up £2000.

New Bathroom Garage Conversion Cost

If you are considering converting your bathroom into a garage it is possible to get an estimate of £2700 for a modest bathroom that isn’t as expensive, whereas an extravagant bathroom could be priced upwards of £7000.

It will also affect the cost of tiling. It typically is priced between £800 up to  £1000 for wall tile.

It is also possible to think about additional plumbing costs that can vary between  £700 and up £900.

This is a process that involves installing a toilet, taps and showers as well as pipework installation.

Tradesmen Costs for a Garage Conversion

One of the most crucial aspects to take into consideration is the tradesman and labour costs of converting a garage.

This job requires assistance from many tradespeople for example:


If you’re planning to remodel your garage you may require an expert joiner to build and put in new Windows and doors.

To convert your garage into a kitchen You may also have to hire a joiner to make kitchen cabinets.

The typical cost for joining is £160 to £240 for a day. Or, they may choose to provide quotes per hour, which typically costs between £20 or £40.

Painter & Decorator

If you’re looking to paint your walls or have them wallpapered by an expert, then you’ll have to find a painter or decorator.

They usually charge  £15 to £40 an hour. Alternatively, in the case of a large space they might provide a daily price between  £100 up to  £300.


For ensuring that your lighting fixtures and electrical appliances are installed correctly it is recommended to hire an electrician with experience.

Expect to pay between £30 or £60 per hour, or £170 to £340 in a day.


If you plan to transform your garage to a kitchen or bathroom is your goal, you’ll need the assistance of a certified plumber to put in the plumbing fixture.

Plumbers typically quote a per-day rate of £200 up to £400 or for jobs that are smaller, they might only offer an hourly price that ranges from £30 up to £60.

Kitchen Fitter

If you are planning to convert your garage into a kitchen, you might be interested in hiring a kitchen fitting professional to put in your worktops and cabinets.

They typically charge around  £120- £200 per day or around £10 to £20 for an hour.

Heating Engineer

The conversion of a garage could involve the installation of a new heating system, which could require the assistance of an engineer who is skilled in heating.

It is recommended to expect an approximate price that ranges from £150 to  £500 in a day, as well as £30 or £50 each hour.


To make sure your walls are ready and in good order it is recommended to hire an expert plasterer.

The most qualified plasterers charge between £150 up to £200 per day, or for a single wall. They may offer you an hourly rate that ranges between £10 up to £20.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Garage Conversion?

The amount of time needed to build garage conversions can vary according to a variety of aspects, such as size and the number of garages. A small garage conversion can take up to 1 week to complete.

A large double garage can take as long as one month to transform.

The kind of garage conversion could affect the duration of the project for the garage, since a bathroom conversion can add two weeks, whereas an entirely new kitchen might take five days or more.

Types of Garage Conversion

There are many garage conversion concepts to pick from, such as:

Kitchen Garage Conversion Cost

Many homeowners opt to transform their garages to make room for a larger kitchen. It could involve removing an existing wall to increase the size of the current kitchen, or making a completely new space.

The most significant benefit of turning your garage into a kitchen is that it offers an additional space for cooking and provides space for dining.

But, despite garage conversions being beneficial however, they can be costly, ranging from approximately  £10000- £2000 or more. However over the long term they could give you the best return on your investment.

Bathroom Garage Conversion Cost

If you have one small garage that’s not very useful, it is possible to transform it into a bathroom downstairs. This is more practical, particularly when you host guests. A basement bathroom will stop guests from going up the stairs and damaging your stair carpet.

Bathroom garage conversions usually add about £2700 to £7000 to a typical garage conversion that includes everything from lighting to plumbing and even tiling.

You may also be required to spend more money for the plumbing upgrades, since you might not be in a position to connect your new bath to your main heat source.

Living Room Garage Conversion Cost

A major selling point for any home is its living space. Therefore you could opt to increase the size of your living space by removing an exterior wall to increase the size of the space.

Prices for garage conversions in living rooms vary between £6000 to £7000 however this is contingent upon the dimensions of the room as well as the flooring and wall décor you pick, and also whether or not there is a need for new heating appliances.

Double Garage Conversion Cost

If you own an extra garage with two garages that you’d like to convert, it can be a huge and costly undertaking, which is priced between  £27,000 and  £36,000.

However, the cost is worth it if you are looking to increase the living space inside your house, since this will add value to your home.

It is also important to think about planning permission and building regulations, since you could be charged for having to seek authorisation.

A large-scale project like this could be disruptive to your family and impact your neighbours, so it is recommended to consult with them prior to beginning any project.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Garage Conversion?

If the garage conversion you are considering isn’t in line with building codes it may be necessary to get rid of it by enlisting the assistance of an expert.

The cost of removing garage conversions is about £500 or £2500. Additionally, you will need to pay about  £200 to take out kitchen cabinets as well as £12 to £20 to remove tiles.

To eliminate the bathroom garage conversion you’ll need to spend approximately £1000 or £1500.

To get rid of the demolished structure off your property, you’ll have to engage specialists in waste removal who are likely to charge between £70 to £180 for each removal.



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