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Estimated Cost For Subsidence Repair

Problem with subsidence? Does your home subside?

If your home is showing signs of subsidence, Our guide will assist you in correcting your house’s subsidence. We’ll go over how to repair the problem and also the cost for subsidence repairs.


Problem with subsidence? Does your home subside?

If your home is showing signs of subsidence, Our guide will assist you in correcting your house’s subsidence. We’ll go over how to repair the problem and also the cost for subsidence repairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Subsidence?

The cost to fix subsidence will be determined by the type of repair performed and the amount of damage and the number of tradesmen needed for the task.

What is subordination?

Subsidence happens when there is significant movement as well as a decrease in the amount of water, which causes the foundations to swell and sink.

Other considerations to consider?

The location you reside in will affect the price, since the rates for tradesmen vary throughout the UK.

Before any repairs are made Professionals will recommend to conduct a thorough building inspection. A building survey typically costs between £300 to £2000 that will determine the condition of your entire home.

They can also examine the drainage of your property by performing an CCTV drain survey which is priced between £100 and up to £250. This is done by sending a camera along the drains to document the activity of drainage and reveal any problems.

After the reason is identified after which the repairman will determine the most appropriate method of repair.

Let’s examine some additional elements that can affect the cost…

There are a variety of underpinning that differ in price. The most affordable alternative can be found in the resin injection technique that is usually sold at £1200 each square metre and the more conventional mass concrete underpinning is priced at about £1500 each square metre.

The most expensive method of underpinning is mini-piling that costs as high as £2600 per square metres.

House Subsidence Repair Prices

To better comprehend the various costs associated with underpinning, glance at this table

Type of Underpinning2-bedroom terraced (1 single 4m wall)3-bedroom semi-detached (1 single 9m wall)4-bedroom detached (1 single 14m wall)
Mass concrete underpinning£6,000£13,500£21,000
Mini-piling underpinning£10,400£23,400£36,400
Resin injection underpinning£4,800£10,800£16,800

The underpinning method isn’t the only method to fix subsidence. Below is a table that outlines other costs associated with repairing subsidence:

Subsidence RepairsAverage Cost
Gutter repairs£18 – £30 per metre
Gutter replacement£40 – £50 per metre
Drain repairs£60 to £100 per metre
Drain replacement£120 to £600 per metre
Tree felling£70 – £2500

What are the Additional Costs of Subsidence Repairs?

In addition to repairs for subsidence foundations It is possible to think about other jobs that could be added to your budget and finished simultaneously like:

Brick Replacement

Subsidence can cause serious wall damage, which can result in bricks or cracks that might require replacement.

You can buy the bricks by yourself, which range from £10 up to £20 per brick, or around £120 per square meters.

If you are hiring a builder you can expect to pay between £150 and £400 dollars per hour. The cost of labour will be contingent on the number of bricks that require replacement or the dimensions of the wall.

Brickwork Repointing

Another expense you may be able to include in the total price is the cost of repointing your bricks. This will ensure your older and new bricks are held in place and also stop damp from getting into your home.

The price of repointing bricks varies between £20 and £50 per square meters. It is possible to depend on the type of bricks you’ve got, since the more massive ones are, the more costly the task will be.

Exterior Wall Rendering

To protect the walls of your home You could think about rendering or re-rendering your walls if your walls were rendered prior to when the onset of subsidence.

Professional rendering usually costs between £2500 up to £4500 to get a seamless rendering and up to £6500 to render using pebbles. Of course, it will depend on your residence and the area you need rendering.

The amount of the subsidence repair cost will be contingent on a variety of factors which include:

Extra Labour Fees

The tradespeople typically charge varying prices based on the location of your home. In particular, homeowners living in London will be charged more than those who live in the northern regions within the UK.

If you reside in an area that is remote and you live in a remote area, be prepared for higher labour costs for the worker who you employ may charge extra costs for mileage to the cost of your hire.

Size of Property/Wall

One of the most important elements will be the dimension of the building or wall being repaired.

If you only have just a tiny amount of subsidence on one wall it will cost less than repairing subsidence on all of your homes.

Extent of Damage

The amount of subsidence-related damage will also influence the cost since the more damage that is caused and the more costly the repair will be.

If, for instance, you spot subsidence early the cost will be significantly less than subsidence that was left to cause further harm.

Type of Repair Method

The kind of repair you choose to make will affect the cost of subsidence repair, since certain repairs are more costly than other repairs.

The cheapest method for underpinning option is the injector method and mini-piling is a more expensive alternative. Tree felling, however, is cheaper, the cost will be based on the size of the tree.

Replacement of drains and gutters or repairs can also be arranged with a lower cost because the cost will be determined by the dimension of the drainage and guttering.

Tradesmen Costs for Fixing Subsidence

The price of labour for repairs to subsidence will typically depend on the method used because some methods are more complex than others.

You might also require various types of tradesmen that have different prices.

The table below lists the cost of different kinds of tradespeople, as well as the fees they charge:

TradespersonHourly RateDaily Rate
Structural engineer£30 to £55£215 – £280
Tree surgeon£20 to £55£170 – ££260
Plumber£30 to £90£200 – £490
Builder£20 to £45£190 -£260
Specialists in drainage£35 to£55£220 – £280
Roofer£20 to £45£90 – £260

How Long Does It Take to Repair Subsidence?

The duration of repairs to subsidence will depend again on the nature of work and the severity of the damage done.

In the case of a house, for instance, the expense to repair subsidence by using underpinning strategies will be around three weeks, whereas the similar task on semi-detached properties could take anywhere from four to six weeks to finish.

A larger house that has four bedrooms, for example, a detached house, can require up to six weeks to correct subsidence.

The time taken to fell trees will differ based on the dimension of the tree for example, a smaller tree less than 25 ft can take approximately 3-4 hours to be cut down. However, a large tree that is over 75ft can require up to 5 days to take down.

In the case of gutter repair and replacement it is recommended that you anticipate the task to take anywhere between about two hours to four for a 2-bedroom terraced house or the length of six hours in a detached four-bedroom home.Repairs to drains typically take 1 to 3 hours to finish, whereas the replacement of a drain can last between one and three days.

Types of Subsidence Repairs

There are many methods to fix subsidence. To help you decide which one is best for you, look at this guide which outlines the various types of subsidence, together with the cost as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mass Concrete Underpinning Cost

The most common technique of underpinning involves the mass concrete process. It addresses issues with subsidence by expanding the foundation until it becomes solid.

The soil beneath the foundations that were previously in place will be sifted out in stages, and replaced by concrete, which will cure.

The cost of underpinning concrete mass is usually approximately £1500 per square Meter.


  • Ideal for foundations with a shallow base
  • The heavy machinery of the past isn’t necessary
  • The old foundations are still in place.


  • A lengthy process
  • The concrete must be dried prior to the new pin is drilled

Mini-piling Underpinning Cost

If foundations that are deep are required to support the structure, the best choice is mini-piling. This is also the ideal option when it comes to moving foundations into appropriate soil since it can be adapted to various soil conditions.

This requires the use of specialized piling equipment that can go deeper into the soil.

Mini piling is priced approximately £2600 per square metres.


  • It is ideal for foundations that are over 16 feet.
  • Ideal for ground conditions that can be unpredictable.
  • Not as disruptive as traditional methods


  • Most expensive option
  • Needs special equipment

Resin Injector Underpinning Cost

Another approach to underpinning is the injection of a resin which is essentially a form of glue that is mixed with a hardener which is injected into foundations beneath the existing ones.

The chemical reaction will occur with the ground, which causes it to expand and fill any gaps or cracks.

This is among the least expensive methods for underpinning, which cost around £1200 per square metres.


  • An efficient and quick method for achieving efficiency and speed.
  • Non-disruptive
  • A good deal


  • Not as long-lasting as other methods.
  • Doesn’t offer a great deal of stability

Tree Felling Cost

If you notice that your tree is subsiding due to damage to the tree’s roots it is possible to engage a tree surgeon professional to cut down or remove your tree(s).

This means cutting down trees and their roots in order to make sure they don’t regenerate and stop their destruction in the future.

Tree felling costs range from approximately £70 or £2500 depending on the tree.


  • Prevents future hazards
  • Enhances the line of sight around the property.


  • Environmentally harmful
  • Requires professional help

Guttering and Drainage Repairs Cost

One of the primary reasons for subsidence is leaks in drains and gutters. If a lot of water is leaking through the ground, it could wash away the foundations which can cause subsidence.

To address this problem, make sure that your drains and gutters are repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further destruction.

The cost of fixing gutters can be as low as £18 to £30 per metre. replacing them will cost around £40 or £50 for each metre.

For repairs to your drains, you’ll need to pay approximately £60 to £100 per metre, or £120 to £600 to repair your drainage.


  • Stop subsidence and leaking.
  • Stops water from pooling


  • The cost of replacement can be costly.
  • Maintenance of gutters and drains is required



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