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Estimated Cost of a Bay Window

Do you want to add the bay window of your choice, or the entire set?

In this article  , we’ll look at the various costs associated with bay windows including installation, cost of labor, the and supply costs to mention just some.


What is the cost of Bay Windows?

Bay Windows | In the last couple of years bay windows have been becoming more and more well-known due to the way they operate and the style.

If you’re here to learn about how much it will costs to take down the bay window, you will find all the details here.

Are you trying for a way to transform your house fresh style?

If you do, and are looking to make your home more attractive to the eye If so, you’ll discover everything you need to know about here.

A bay window can have three windows, all of which can be found in angles.

Its basic design includes the picture window to one end, and two windows that are smaller to the opposite. The frame of the bow window is curled and gives it a smooth appearance on the exterior of the home.

There are also other kinds to take into consideration…

The cost of bay windows is determined by the dimensions and the amount of components it has. It is important to be able to distinguish between bay windows and numerous kinds of bay windows including bow windows, boxes windows and windows with oriel.

The windows of a box bay are mainly utilized in kitchens and are designed to be a perfect fit for the window. Without installation the window is priced between £300 and £600..

Contrary to box windows Full bay windows are much bigger. At 45 degrees the windows meet. Dining rooms, living areas as well as luxurious master bedrooms could be able to benefit of full bay windows. Based on the design and size the windows could cost upwards of the amount of £10000.

Within the United Kingdom, the average price of a three-section bay window ranges from £1,000-£1,400. A four-section bay window can cost you around £1,500 to £1,800. A 5-section bay window in contrast will cost you about £1,900-£2,400.

Five-segment bay windows with each glass measuring 450x 1350mm with fully fitted security can cost between £1,900 to £2,000.

Let’s look at the material that were used!

Asphalt shingles roofing components can be used to build bay windows. The price will increase dramatically in the event that you want upgrading to copper or any other non-standard materials.

Bay windows that are installed in hard-to-access areas will increase the cost. The upper floor, as an instance, isn’t as well-accessible as other parts of the house, and consequently, requires more tools.

Let’s take a look at some other cost-related elements…

The price will differ depending on the presence of barriers or walls that block the way. It is necessary to calculate the cost of removal of these too, which is discussed when contractors provide you with a quote. But, if you realize that there are obstacles that need to be removed, anticipate a more expensive quote.

The southeast region of England (particularly London) has prices that are generally more expensive than the average for the country. In regions such as northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the opposite is the case.

Bay Window Prices

In the table below, we break down the cost of putting in bay windows in your home:

3 sections£1,000 – £1,400
4 sections£1,500 – £1,800
5 sections£1,900 – £2,400
Completely set up with safety£1,900 – £2,000
Bay window replacement Cost£2,000

The possibility of replacing standard window glass with double-glazed can improve the efficiency of your home’s energy use and decrease draughts coming from windows that are older. The expense for replacing bay windows with double glazing is higher but you’ll lower your energy costs.

The cost of replacing the window will depend on double-glazing rating that is selected. Double-glazed bay windows cost more than single-glazed bay windows.

What are the costs for fitting an Bay Window?

We will look at the cost of materials with no labour costs or other additional expenses. The style of bay window and the size of the bay window you select will impact the total price.

So, if you’re looking to know the cost of installing windows with bays, and it’s because you’re planning to make the installment yourself or purchase the components yourself, then you’ll learn everything you need to know about here.

In terms of price the prices of aluminium and wood are pretty close, but in terms of their quality, they’re at opposite sides of the spectrum. Wood degrades over time, and that’s why uPVC or aluminium have been being used to replace it in a variety of applications.

Even when it’s treated, elements of the weather and moisture can have an effect. It’s also large and heavy that requires lots of joint work to ensure it is solid. Aluminium is, however is a novel material suitable for these types of work, thanks to its light weight and flexibility, putting it above wood in popular rankings.

The final cost of the project will be determined by the size of the remodeling. If you’re looking to expand an area that is 6 feet wide the cost will be lower than if you plan to increase the size of a 15-foot wide area. You won’t be aware of the exact amount until you’ve had experts come at your residence to estimate and measure the amount of material you’ll require.

uPVC material for typical 3-, 4–, and 5 panel bay windows, typically in a bow or circle form, range from between £800 and £1,600 and PS1,600, respectively.

The cost will differ slightly based on whether you prefer pure or white uPVC or wood-stain or any other type of treatment for the uPVC. You can usually increase the £400 to each cost for lumber and aluminum to bring it within the cost of the average.

If you want to use the equipment, you’ll require a tape measure to determine the size of the frame of your window. The cost is approximately £1 – £7. the cost of a level is set to cost you between £7 to £20. Repairing screws can cost you around £5-£10 while a Hammer will cost you £3 or £20..

Also, you will require an screwdriver that costs in the range of £10 to £18. A chisel is priced at £15-£30 or a saw that costs £40 to £70. Also, you will require a silicone gun that will cost £5-£15 as well as foam guns that cost £9 to PS20.

The table below will break down the cost of supplying windows with bays:

Bay window£800 – £1,600
Aluminium or lumber£400 +
Tape measure£1 – £7
Stage£7 – £20
Fixing screws£5 – £10
Hammer£3 – £20
Screwdriver£10 – £18
Chisel£15 – £30
Noticed£40 – £70
Silicone gun£five – £15
Foam gun£9 – £20

What are the additional costs of installing Bay Windows? Bay Window?

If you are installing bay windows there are extra costs to bear in your thoughts. As an example, you may decide that you would like to have a brand new driveway or a CCTV installation within your home.

We will then look at the different extra expenses you can expect to pay in the event of installing bay windows within your home.

New Driveway

After installing your new bay windows you may decide that you need an entirely new driveway that will enhance the appearance of your house further.

Maybe your new bay windows do not coincide with your existing driveway, and you’d like to replace it with a fresh design. How much will the cost of a new driveway?

Block paving driveways are becoming increasingly popular to save money while still looking amazing! However, depending on the size of your driveway, you may anticipate paying between £2,100 – £9,000 .

If you’re on a limited budget, tarmac or gravel driveways are the cheapest, beginning at around $1200..

Kerb dropping, also known as lower curbs to permit cars to park securely and comfortably in the driveway. It’s a important factor to be considered in your budget for a new driveway. If your property is located near major roads it is necessary to obtain approval for your plans with the local government.

The cost for the lowering of a curb ranges from £300 to £600 The final cost will depend on the number of kerbs that need to be reduced and the depth at that they have to be lowered.

Installing a driveway gate in order to enhance your driveway and improve the privacy of your home is a great idea. The average cost is £800-£1000 for gates made of wood, £300 – £500 for a steel gate and £1,400 to £1,600 in the case of an electric gate.

The removal of your previous driveway is among the longest-running elements of constructing a driveway. This can cost anything from $500-$1,500 depending on the materials you pick and the length the driveway.

This includes breaking the flooring up and then removing it by utilizing the skip hire company and can range from £200-£250.

Refer to our more information regarding driveway costs for installation should you need it.

CCTV Installation

If you’re looking to increase the security at home, installing CCTV installed is the best option you implement. The cost for installing CCTV is contingent on the type of surveillance system you pick.

The number of cameras you will install and the kind the camera systems you pick will have the most impact on the price.

Multi-camera systems could cost anything between £350 to £1700. The price could range from £70 to £2,500 for one security camera installation.

The typical cost of putting in the CCTV system is approximately £350.

A single dome-mounted CCTV system costs between £80-£250 A single bullet CCTV system will cost between £70-£300 A single C-mount CCTV system is priced between £1,000 and £2,500 A single PTZ CCTV installation will cost between £150 and £1,000.

Installing a single camera can take only one hour or as long than two hours. A multi-camera system in contrast it can take between a couple of hours and an entire day to put in. Installation of a new CCTV system shouldn’t exceed a day.

If you decide to employ a professional to take down your CCTV system, bear in mind that you’ll be required to pay to cover their expenses. If you don’t have a large amount of camera systems, this task will not take much time.

The process of removing your CCTV system ought to be no more than one hour or two hours. The cost for removing the CCTV system typically falls between £120-£150.

If you’d like to know more details on this, you can look up our guide on the cost of CCTV installation.

New Front Door

It is possible that, as with the driveway, that you would like your windows to be matched with the exterior of your house so having a brand new front door put in is an excellent method to achieve this.

The door’s size and type and the number of craftsmen employed, the ease of accessibility, and the area of your home are all elements that affect the price of installing a front door.

The cost of installing a new uPVC front door range from £300 – £570 . A composite door costs between £550 – £2,620 , an oak door costs between £350 – £1,920 , while a mahogany door costs between £350 and £1,570. A pine front door can cost somewhere between £170 – £1,220 , while a custom-made door can cost anywhere between £1,050 – £4,020 .

The installation of a new front door typically takes between 2 and 5 hours dependent on the type. The accessibility, the condition of the installation site as well as the number of skilled craftsmen employed can affect the length of time the work takes.

It is possible to request the front door taken down most likely due to installing a new one however it is also possible to fill it up with walls and putting in the front door further on your property. If you decide to remove your front door The cost will be between £40-£180.

For more information, check out our guide on the costs associated with an entirely brand new entrance door.


In relation to where you live, labor costs are higher for those living in southeast (particularly London) but cheaper in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and north England. Thus, based on the region in which UK you reside the cost of installing bay windows will vary.

Minimum Fee

Some companies or laborer’s will require a minimum cost for a single charge or as part of the cost expected for example, the daily cost for labor. Actually, considering that bay window installation can take as long as half a day to complete, the cost of labor per day will not be required.


The kind of bay window you wish to put within your home is another factor that will affect the cost. As mentioned earlier, certain bay windows cost more than others. The size you decide to purchase will also impact the cost as the bigger the window the greater it will cost to purchase and set up.

The number of Tradespeople

If a second laborer is needed for any reason, the total labor costs will surely rise. In the same way it could cut the time required to complete the task by half, and whether this is a net price increase will depend on the way in which the workers cooperate.

Tradesmen’s Costs to Install an Bay Window

If you are considering installing bay windows one of the major expenses is the cost of labour. A tradesperson will usually arrive and provide you with an estimate of the cost. But, there are times when you might be swindled or even offering a higher price than the standard cost.

We have designed this article to provide you with the typical cost of installing bay windows without additional materials or expenses, so that you will have an idea of the price you should be considering.

However, the place that you reside in could influence the price, especially the location you live in is far from the company. They could then raise the price for travel reasons. Therefore, keep this in mind while hiring laborers.

The labor cost of replacing a three-paneled bay window with a uPVC frame is from £375 – £450 , with the cost rising to £500 – £600 if the window has four sections, or £625 – £750 if it has five sections.

If you own an oversized three-paneled bay window that is wood frame that is painted the labor costs will range from £500-£600 or if you own a four or five-panel windows with a timber frame labor costs will be between £625-£750.

The same estimates for pricing are applicable to an aluminum-framed bay window, as they do to a painted wood-framed window. In order to hire two window installers to complete the job, you’ll be paying between £250-£300 per day in labor costs.

The job can be completed by a single, two and even 3 window fittings in certain circumstances, but it’s typically done by two people.

The most important thing to do when hiring right contractors is to conduct the most thorough research about the company with particular focus on customer feedback from the past.

A company with many unhappy clients is a clear indication that they’re not a good choice for you, particularly for work that is as important as replacing a bay window.

When choosing a contractor make sure that they’re insured, bonded and certified. You should also take a look at estimates from various companies prior to selecting one. This is a great way to obtain the best price for your project.

How Long Does it take to Install the Bay Window?

The number of windows that you would like to install along with the size and kind will affect the length of time needed of installing windows bay. So, it’s important to determine how long it will take to set up.

We have put together this section in order to explain how long of the process to install bay windows so that when you are getting them installed, you’ll are aware of what you can be expecting.

The typical installation of windows would take around six weeks from beginning to the end. Once you have signed an agreement, the process commences. The installer will likely be pleased to explain to you about the time required to set up windows and address any other questions you might have.

The amount of time required to set up an installation varies according to the kind of building you’re working on. A new construction could take between 1-2 hours for each window, while a replacement project may take between about 2-4 hours per window. Remember that bay windows will always have multiple windows.

While it might appear as if nothing is getting done however, there are vital elements of the work that need to be carried out slowly and cautiously to ensure that windows are aligned, and in good order in order to avoid costly modifications when they are finished.

The various parts of the job are more efficient than others, especially when it comes to the accuracy and quality of the work. Below is a table that will illustrate how long it takes to put in the bay window.

Window set up1- 2 hours in step with window
Substitute home windows2- 4 hours according to window

Different kinds of Bay Windows Bay Windows

Different kinds of bay windows are suitable for different home styles. The style you pick is determined by your personal preferences and the kind of bay window that you would like for your house. In the following article we’ll discuss the various styles of bay windows and their advantages and disadvantages.

Box Bay Window

The design of box bay windows are the same as canted windows. The only difference is that the side windows join windows in front at 90 degree angle, creating the shape of a box.

Due to the clean edges and straight lines the space they create inside the room also has a box-like shape that some homeowners appreciate.

These are typically used to hold ornaments and plants on the windowsill for décor. It normally reaches the floor and is slightly above head height, although there are many varieties to choose from.


  • Simple to install.
  • Make sure that plenty of light can be able to.
  • Ample storage space on windowsills.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of internal space.

Bow Window

The bow window provides an attractive round extension to the exterior of your home, as well as providing extra inside space.

Bow extensions are typically built from floor to ceiling to provide the extra space. A bow window, just like a huntsman’s bow, is an elongated, smooth design. Bow windows provide the inside and out of the home an elongated appearance.

Bow windows which usually comprise between four and five sections, allow more light in than other bay windows. The installation of a bow window is more complicated than a typical bay window.

For proper sealing of air and water the bow window installation requires the use of a soffit tie-in, or a brand new roof for the hips.


  • More space inside.
  • Beautifully aesthetic.


  • More expensive.
  • It takes longer to set up.

Circle Bay Window

While round bay windows may not be so common than rectangular bay windows they are distinct enough to merit their classification.

Larger glass panes on 3 sides of the window, and additional panes on top of the windows mark them. Out of all types that bay windows are available, the circle bay windows feature the most intricate mouldings and decorative elements.

A circle bay window is a newer variant of the bow window that joins several windows into a smooth circular region. They are commonly used to wrap home corners.

A circular bay windows is contemporary version of the traditional bow window. It has an elongated, more circular design that frames the window. The large living spaces and bedroom suites gained popularity.


  • More internal space.
  • Round shape.


  • More expensive.
  • It is longer to set up.

Oriel Window

A oriel window is a bay window located on the upper floor of a building, rather than at the floor below.

Oriel windows typically supported by corbels or brackets, were popularized in homes were designed to improve views from the top of rooms.

Oriel windows significantly increase the space while maximizing the use of the space. It’s a great method to increase the view of a room which isn’t spectacular, but offers an attractive view at the other edge on the block.

A beach town is an instance, is a place where terraced houses might be packed onto an avenue however you can see the ocean towards the end of it is worth the trip.


  • Extra interior space.
  • Extends.
  • Elegant look.


  • Not suitable for homes that have no other things to consider.

Advantages to Bay Windows

When selecting your windows you should understand the advantages they will add into your residence. Bay windows are an excellent option to include the look of your home. should you be considering installing them, then we’ve put together this section to help you finalize your choice.

Energy efficient

The majority of bay windows have the A+ rating, which is standard and are designed to precisely fit the space of your home and reduce the loss of heat. The space between the panes are filled with Argon gas as well as the spaces are covered with a substance that is low-conducting to trap more of the heating you pay for inside.

Seals that are weatherproof and waterproof are installed with bay windows which are a perfect fitting to block out draughts and keep your house warm during winter.

Good Security

Because bay windows are above the protection level required in British Standards, you can be sure that they are secure and safe. To further protect your home An internal glazing bead stops that the window from ever being taken away by the exterior.

More Natural Light

By incorporating more natural lighting your home will become more luminous and healthier. A variety of scientific studies have demonstrated that natural light improves health of the indoor environment, especially when paired with plants and flowers to improve oxygenation.

Increase Property Value

The addition of extensions to your home regardless of size or small, will enhance potential value for your house should the time comes to market it.

A few people will expand their homes in the days before selling to ensure they get the most money from the deal. It can also enhance the curb appeal of your property for prospective buyers.

More Space

The more space available in your living area for many different purposes for seating or a desk for work or even tables for decoration.

This little bit of extra room can create a huge change to the overall look as well as feel of your house by making it appear more spacious and also allowing you to move furniture to make different designs all through the season.

How long does it take to take off the Bay Window?

If you require the bay window to be removed for remodeling or to create space for a bigger extension, it is recommended to seek out a professional instead of trying to do it yourself. We’ll explain the time it takes to take down windows with bays and how much it will cost you.

To begin with, these bay windows are exceedingly heavy, and attempting to remove them without prior training might result in serious bodily injury. Second, if done incorrectly, it might cause catastrophic harm to the property.

If you hired someone to clean out the bay window, you can anticipate paying around £150 for a half day’s work. This doesn’t include garbage collection, so you can hire an empty skip or hire someone to take the waste to a recycling facility at your own expense.


Q: What type of bay window curtains should you opt for?

A: It’s essential to choose the right length of fabric to make your window curtain bay.

If you have windows with bay windows or a radiator underneath, you can make the curtain’s length above or under the sill, to prevent the material from accumulating or blocking heat.

If the bay extends down to the floor, choose a complete length drop curtain, like the one shown here. This lets each curtain give a luxurious look by elegantly framing windows throughout the day.

Q: What’s the purpose of bay windows?

A bay window windows that are constructed as the exterior expression of a bay within the structure, with a bay being an inner depression caused by the extension outward of the wall within this context.

Bay windows are designed to let more light in than windows that are in line with the wall.

Q: Can you make a bay window yourself?

The answer is yes, but in the event that bay windows aren’t correctly installed, they could face issues with their structure in the future. Because bay windows bear loads they could break walls when the foundation is settling.

So, it’s recommended to have your bay window fitted by an AWDI-certified window specialist.

Q: Do you require planning permission to build bay windows?

A Bay windows are different from regular windows due to the fact that they extend from the home’s wall.

Planning approval is required when you’re adding additional bay windows in the front of your house. There is no need for planning approval when you’re installing new bay windows on the rear and side of your home.

Q What are the drawbacks of installing bay windows?

A: It can increase solar energy gain, and it is likely to increase the light levels as the sun rises. This may be a problem in the event that you would prefer your bedroom to be dark.

Window treatments can be more costly than usual due to the angles that can cause problems with installation.


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