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Estimated Cost of a Fire Door

Do you want to know what it will cost to get a fire-door put in place?

In this article, we’ll review the information you must know about the installation of fire doors and costs. We will also discuss the various types that fire doors come in as well as the advantages.


What’s the price of fire Doors?

There are many kinds of doors for fire that you can select from, and the cost will differ by a significant amount.

Let’s begin with the local properties…

In the majority of domestic homes for most homes, a 30 minutes fire door is enough. But the style and glass options can alter the cost.

You could also put in an emergency door that provides the option of 60 minutes of security. They are often referred to in the industry as Fire doors FD60 and typically cost about 300-$800.

A fire door that is 30 minutes long is enough for residential properties.

What is the typical size of an fire door?

The typical dimension for an interior door for an average home is 1981mm 35mm x 1981mm. If you’re planning to build a fire door with this size it is possible to pay between the range of £150 to 400 to get a sturdy, unglazed door.

If you’re looking to put up a fire door that has an glaze panel the cost will be about £250 to £785. The doors offer 30 minutes of protection against fire and are commonly called the FD30 fire doors.

Fire doors for internal use must be installed with at least three hinges that are fire-proof that must be able to stand up to temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius. The price of these hinges will differ based on the dimensions and the manufacturer. But, you can anticipate the price to be between £10-£15..

The costs of installing an fire door are greater in London over other regions in the UK.

If you want to engage an expert to set up your fire door then you should be paying them between 150-200 £ each day.

Fire doors are very heavy, and the contractor might require the assistance of an helper to assist with the installation. If this is the case, it could cost an additional £80-£100 to the price of the work.

It is advised to engage an expert to put up fire doors rather than performing the installation as DIY, since they are extremely heavy, which could make them difficult to put in.

Fire Door Prices

The table below is illustrating the cost you could anticipate to pay for having you fire door properly installed. The costs are inclusive of both cost of the for the installation of your fire door and labor cost:

Type of Fire Door InstallationAverage price
1981mm x 686mm wood fire door£350-£400 
1981mm x 762mm wood fire door£400- £450
1981mm x 838mm wood fire door£400-£500
1981mm x 686mm glass door£650-£700
1981mm x 762mm glass door£700-£750
1981mm x 838mm glass fire door£625-£675
FD60 fire door£625-£800

What are the cost of supplies of an fire Door Installation?

If you’re thinking of building the door for your fire on your own as an DIY project, you might find yourself interested in cost of the materials alone, without the cost of labor.

The table below lists the costs of supply that you can anticipate for kinds that of fire doors.

Type of Fire DoorAverage Cost
1981mm x 686mm wood fire door150-250£<
1981mm x 762mm wood fire door200-280£
1981mm x 838mm wood fire door220 – 300£
1981mm x 686mm glass fire door £480-600
1981mm x 762mm glass fire door£500-600
1981mm x 838mm glass fire door 500-800 fire doors

What are the additional costs of installing a Fire Door?

There are a variety of additional costs that could arise when installing a fire-proof door within your home. Below is a list the additional expenses that may arise from this kind of job:

Fire Alarm

If you’re installing an fire door, you might be thinking about adding other fire safety components around your home.

Alarms for fires are an vital fire safety feature for your home. They are accountable for saving lives every year. It is typical to install an all-new fire alarm at a cost of £100 to £300 depending on the kind of alarm you want to install and the labor cost to install it.

New Front Door

If you’re planning to replace the doors on your interior with brand fresh fire doors you might also wish to put in a new front door, which will give the exterior of your home a fresh and more appealing appearance.

The cost for the new front door is £300-4000. The price will be based on the kind of door you select as well as the materials you use and the cost of the contractor for the installation.

Electrical Safety Certificate

If you’re concerned about the risk of fire in your home, you might be interested in getting the electrical safety certification. A contractor will visit your house and conduct a test of your electrical circuits to make sure they are in good condition, not damaged and not a fire risk.

The price for an electrical safety certificate ranges from £100 to £350..

Tradesperson Costs for Installing a Fire Door

If you’re thinking of purchasing your fire doors prior to hiring a contractor to install and put them in place, you might be interested in labour cost.

A contractor typically charges about 35- 50 £50 per hour to set up fire doors, or about £150-£200 per day.

If you’re thinking of installing several fire doors simultaneously It is best to have them all completed in a single day to reduce the cost of labor by paying a per-day rate instead of an hourly charge.

The costs for labour will generally be based on where you’re situated and the level of experience that the contractor is able to demonstrate. For instance, contractors who are located in the London area are likely to pay higher costs than those who are located on northwestern North or other regions in the UK.

There may be a need to pay an additional cost to dispose of the waste of the old doors or the packaging for the doors you are installing, so you’ll need to factor it into the budget. The typical cost is £15 to £30 depending on the amount of trash that has to be eliminated.

What is the time frame to install the Fire Door?

It is also possible to be curious about the timeline you can anticipate for the installation of brand new doors for fire.

It usually takes about 2 hours to set up a brand new fireplace door. If you’re replacing all the doors inside your home, with doors that are rotten and windows, it’s likely to be a long-distance job. But, it will depend on the amount of doors you have within your house.

Different types of fire doors

When it comes to selecting the ideal fire doors for your home it will largely depend on your personal tastes. There are two kinds of fire doors: glass and timber.

Here, we’ll review some details about these two kinds of fire doors, as well as their advantages and disadvantages both:

Cost of Timber Fire Doors

Doors made of timber usually have a flush panel style and are available in a range of finishes and colours. They are extremely heavy and reflect the robust construction and high fire resistance.

These doors are usually very easy to install if installed by a qualified contractor who has experience setting up fire doors.

Doors made of wood typically cost about £150-£300 for the installation cost by itself.


  • Available in a range of styles, designs, and styles
  • Reliable and solid
  • Tested and certified
  • Good insulation for sound.


  • The weight can be quite heavy.
  • They shouldn’t be locked due to security reasons.
  • It might be difficult to coordinate with other doors if one door is installed

Glass Fire Door Costs

Glass fire doors look much more contemporary than traditional timber fire doors. Certain types are with no frame for a sleek appearance.

The doors are constructed of glass that is fire-resistant, and might have an electronic hold-open spring that allows them to close automatically when there’s an incident of fire.

Glass doors tend to be more costly than wood fire doors, but there are advantages when it comes to glass doors.

The cost of glass fire doors is about £480-£800 to cover the doors by itself.


  • Allows light to enter the space and allows it to allow air to
  • The ability to see inside the doors without opening it
  • Numerous styles and designs to pick from


  • Much more expensive than doors made of timber.
  • Certain styles might appear out of place in residential homes.
  • It is heavier than standard glazed internal doors.

The benefits of a fire door

There are many benefits to installing fire doors to your house. Here’s an overview of the primary benefits of installing these kinds of doors to your home:

Fire Safety

Fire doors are extremely secure in the situation of a fire. This means you can be at peace knowing that your family and you are secure in your home.

Fire doors not only ensure your safety in the case of fire, but they can also ease some anxiety, stress, and worries about the safety of your home.

High-Quality Feel

Fire doors are very heavy and sturdy. They feel more superior than the standard interior doors. The weight of fire doors make them feel stronger. They can also make your doors appear more expensive over other doors, and this is a major advantage when leasing or selling your house.

Fire doors can even enhance the value of a property as potential buyers tend to favor security features for homes.

High-Quality Design

Although some fire doors may seem boring and uninteresting however, some doors come with stunning features. Modern fire doors are available with glazed or panelled designs.

These extra elements don’t affect the door’s performance However, they create a stunning appearance.


Fire doors are extremely large and heavy. This makes them better soundproof than standard doors. They can help reduce sound that is transferred from rooms to rooms. This is particularly beneficial in homes that are prone to noise.

What is the cost to remove a fire Door?

If you are planning to replace the old doors to your fireplace or are renovating your house, you’ll need to consider the cost of the removal of fire doors.

There are additional ste£ to be taken when installing fire doors, which this implies there are additional £ to take in order to get rid of the doors. This is particularly true in the event that you’re converting your fire doors to non-fire resistant doors, since the frame is likely to require modification.

The removal of your fire doors will generally take about the same time as putting up a replacement fire door. So you should expect it to take between 1 to 2 hours to get rid of every door.

If you contract a professional to take down your fire door for you, you could anticipate paying around £35-50 each hour. If you’re taking down multiple fire doors, you might have to be required to pay a daily fee to the contractor. This will generally be in the range of 150-200 £ daily.


Q: How can you recognize a fire door?

A fire door is usually extremely heavy and fit comfortably in the frame. This is typically a strong indication that you have installed fire doors.

If you take a closer look at the door, as well as all the fixings, then you’ll find that there are certifications that provide the fire-resistance approvals.

What is the length will the doors that are fireproof last?

A: There aren’t specific guidelines on the length of time a fire door will last, but you must consider how frequently they are used and the frequency at which they are examined.

Fire doors are generally very sturdy, however they can wear and tear with time. You must inspect your fire doors frequently to ensure that they are closed securely, there aren’t ga£ on the edges and that the door can move effortlessly, and there’s no obvious damage to the door.

If you experience one of these issues then it could indicate that you require a new fire door.

The fire doors must also conform to the fire safety standards as laid out by the Building Regulations. The regulations for fire doors can be modified over time, which means you may have to replace your doors to be in compliance with current standards.

Q: What’s the point of fire doors?

A fire door is put in place to prevent the spread of fire by stopping it from spreading. For instance, if a fire starts inside the kitchen the fire door will block the flame from the kitchen for the duration the door stipulates (usually thirty or sixty minutes for domestic setting).

It is prevented from spreading to other rooms of the house and allows your family and you more time to get away from the fire. It also it causes less damage to the house, and also allows firefighters more time to tackle the fire.

Q: Can I paint a fire door?

A: You are able to paint fire doors, but you must not paint the strip that is intumescent since this could decrease the effectiveness of doors in case of fire. A lot of doors for fire can be purchased ready-finished in the color you desire, and you don’t requirement to spray paint on them.

Q How heavy is the fire door?

A Thirty-minute fire doors (FD30) typically weigh around 45kg. Similarly, sixty minute fire doors (FD60) generally weigh about 75kg.


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