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Estimated Cost of a Locksmith

Do you require locksmith services?

This article provides the costs for hiring locksmiths including locksmith rates, prices, and other charges to assist you in budgeting the cost of hiring locksmith.

The article also discusses the different kinds of jobs in locksmithing, their costs of each, and the time each job is completed.


What Does a Locksmith Cost?

Let’s look at the cost associated…

It is cost-effective to hiring them can vary according to the kind of locksmith service performed and also the type and size of window, door or lock.

What exactly is an Locksmith in the first place?

Locksmiths employ a variety of methods to unlock, repair or replace locks.

It’s important to note that some locks & doors are more expensive to open.

What are the actual costs on an average?

The cost for changing locks ranges from £60 to £120 and the price to repair the lock is usually priced between £40 or £70 and unlocking doors can cost anywhere from £70 between £70 and £80.

Locksmith Prices

Here is a breakdown of the cost of the various jobs:

Locksmiths jobAverage Price
Lock Repair£40 – £70
Lock Replacement£60 – £120
Unlocking a door£70 – £80
Emergency Boarding£150 – £210

The table below shows prices for the various lock types:

Lock TypeAverage Price
Standard Euro Lock Cylinder£80 – £90
Anti-snap Euro cylinder£100 – £120
Mortise Lock£110 – £120
Yale Lock£80 – £100
Patio Door Lock£80 – £100
Garage door Lock£80 – £100
Wheel cylinder£60 – £80

Prices mentioned above can vary according to a variety of aspects, including the area of the property, as they typically charge more in London than those in northwestern North West.

The accessibility level will determine the final price, since windows that are difficult to reach and doors could require more time to repair or replace.

What are the costs of supply of their jobs?

Another aspect to take into consideration is charges for supply that are usually included in the total cost provided by them. Prices will vary based on the kind of lock and door window.

If you’re planning to put in the lock yourself and install it yourself, check out the following table that lays the cost of supplies for various types of locks.

Lock TypeProduct Price
Standard Euro Cylinder£10 – £30
Euro Bulletproof Cylinder£40 – £60
Mortise Lock£15-£30
Mortise Sash Lock£20 – £35
Yale Lock / Night Bolt£20 – £30
Yale Lock / Night latch BS3621£70 – £90
Patio door lock£5 – £20
uPVC Door£60 – £200
Garage door lock£10 – £20
Window lock£15 – £25
Rim cylinder£10 – £20

What are the additional costs of Locksmith Work?

When you are calculating the cost of locksmith work it is important to consider the costs of different tasks, such as:

New Front Door

A very popular expenses is the cost of the cost of a fresh front door and it will differ according to the type of door. For example the cost of a uPVC door will typically cost between £250-£450 for the wooden doors cost between £120-£1800..

New Window

The cost of a brand new window begins at the £400 mark for an uPVC casement window. However the prices can go upwards of 1500 dollars for an aluminum sash window.

There are a variety of cost-related factors to take into consideration, for example:

Minimum Fee

Locksmiths usually charge a minimum amount for all jobs they do. The typical fee is £15-£30 dependent on area of the work.

The type of door or window

The kind of door or window which requires a brand replacement lock or repair can also affect the total price. For example the cost of a lock replacement on an uPVC door can vary from the £100-£170 range and the price to replace the lock on a wooden door or window will cost approximately £100-£150.

Dimension of Window/Door

The size of the door or window can also impact the price generally speaking, the bigger the lock larger, the longer it takes to repair or replace the lock.


The length of time required for the task is an important element, because the longer the task takes to complete, the more it will cost. A repair, for instance, could take shorter time than a full replacement and thus cost less.

Costs of Locksmith Tradesmen for Locksmith Jobs

The typical locksmith’s rates range between between £15 and around £80 per hour. This is also contingent upon the location, with areas within the North West charging the lower cost, whereas London and its nearby areas will charge the higher amount of £80 or more.

If several locks must be repaired or changed the locksmith will be charged a per-day fee of £80 up to £500 or greater based on the scope of the task.

Different types of Locksmith Jobs

These are experts in repairing or changing locks. However they also carry out a wide variety of tasks, which include:

Repairing an Lock

The most frequent tasks performed by locksmiths is repair of locks, and this can differ based on the kind of lock used and the degree to which the issue is. Repairing a lock typically involves some of the ste below:

  1. He first needs to take the lock’s faceplate off in the event that it is damaged or loose. damaged.
  2. Then, they will disassemble the lock and check the screw’s position.
  3. The new screws be secured to the previous lock. This is checked to make sure that it is safe and secure.

The procedure, of course, will naturally, vary based on the lock type.

Replacing the Lock

If your locks require replacing completely, you can employ a locksmith to change the locks. The process of replacing a lock is different dependent on the kind of lock.

Euro Cylinder Lock Replacement

The first step is to remove the central screw. He then loosens the door handle, before taking out the cylinder.

A key will then be placed in the lock, pulled out and twisted left in order to align it with the cam. Once it is properly aligned, the lock will then slide out easily.

The new cylinder should be placed into the gap, and secured by fixing screws followed by tightening up the handle. A key can then be placed into the new lock to check that it’s working properly

Mortice Sash Lock Repair

To take the lock off the door has to be unlocked and a key generally inserted, then rotated towards the lock position before taking off the key as well as the screws that keep the faceplate in place.

The handle on the door’s interior and spindle are then taken off and put aside to be used in the future.

The pliers can be used in the process of removing the lock that was previously used. The faceplates of the new and old faces and the lock bodies will be compared to determine if it’s of the correct size. If not, the gap inside the door could require chiseling to ensure that it is properly fitted.

The body of the lock can then secured by the spindle, faceplate and handle. They will then be tested with the help of a key to make sure it is working.

Cylinder Rim Lock Replacement

Remove the screws and hold the lock body to be used future use. The screws will then take off from the current lock cylinder.

Once this is complete, the old lock can then be pushed out and removed. If the new lock is longer than the old one, a hacksaw is typically used to amend it.

The new cylinder will then be put in place with the fixing bolts and the lock body which must be tested to make sure it is working.

Locking the Door

When a home owner locks themselves out, or loses their keys and is locked out, they must get a locksmith in to carry out an uninvolved entry. They typically employ a handpick or an electric lockpick to open the door.

For a mortice-like appearance you can make use of mortice lock decoders, as well as a tool for letterbox locks to deal with different lock types.

Emergency Boarding

If you are the victim of a burglary and the door or window is damaged, you may hire them to secure your entrances to ensure that your security of your home.

This will involve removing any broken glass or frames and secure wooden boards to the inside and outside of the property.

How Long Does Locksmith Work Take?

The length of time locksmith jobs take will be determined by a number of variables, including the type of work, the severity of the damage, as well as the ease of access.

But, the typical replacement time for locks is usually around 20-30 minutes, while fixing a lock might be as quick as between 10 and 15 minutes.

If a door has to be locked, it can take between 30 and an hour. Emergency security boarding usually takes locksmiths approximately 1 to 2 hours based on the extent of damage.


What exactly is what is Locksmith?

They are professionals who specializes in the design locks, fixing and fitting them on windows and doors.

What is the price of an Emergency Locksmith?

Certain them provide a free callout fee, but they usually charge an hourly or daily fee following an hour.

Can the Locksmith open the car door?

If you have lost the keys to your car that you locked and you are unable to find them, you can employ a locksmith to unlock the door of your car in a safe and non-destructive manner that won’t cause harm to the vehicle.

Do locksmiths require licensed?

Locksmiths don’t require any particular qualifications to work in the UK and do not require an authorization to work.

Many prefer to acquire the necessary skills through locksmith classes or becoming an apprentice studying with a professional locksmith.

What Locksmith tools do you require to unlock your door?

Locksmiths employ a variety of tools to open doors without causing damage. For instance, a trip wire which is a tool with a curvature which is used to break open tumblers that are frozen.

They can also make use of Allen keys or hex keys, which are used to cut down the existing key to unlock the door.

Plastic shims are a different popular tool that works well with door latches because they slide over the door and allow for an opening.


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