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Estimated Cost Of Awnings Installation

Are you interested in knowing what the cost is to install an awning on your property?

This guide to cost will examine the cost of various installation of awnings and also explore related subjects. The topics we’ll explore are the length of time the job takes and what it would cost to have the Awning removed.


How Much Does an Awnings Installation Cost?

The cost to have an awning installed will differ in accordance with various variables.

For instance having a retractable patio awning is expected to cost between £4,000 and £6,300, while installing one on a motorhome is priced at £700 or the range of £1400 to (budget roll-out models could cost between £250 or £350 to install).

If you’d like to purchase an off-the-shelf patio umbrella The cost for installing an awning similar to this will be between £550 and £1,100. If you’d like for this kind of awning to have remote and electric control, you can expect that the total amount of instalments to range from £900 to £1,700.

The cost of having a Bespoke Awning installed may cost anywhere in the range between £6000-£8,000.

Awning Price

Type of AwningSupply CostLabour CostOverall Cost
Retractable Patio Awning£3,550 to £5,700£350 to £600£4,000 to £6,300
Off-the-shelf Patio Awning£200 to £500£350 to £600£550 to £1,100
Off-the-shelf Patio Awning with Electric Operation£550 to £1,100£350 to £600£900 to £1,700
Bespoke Awning£5,300 to £7,200£700 to £800£6,000 to £8,000
Average Motorhome Awning£350 to £800£350 to £600£700 to £1,400
Roll-out Motorhome AwningN/AN/A£250 to £350

What are the Supply Costs for an Awning?

Let’s now examine the material or supply costs only for an awning. This doesn’t include labour as well as any other extra costs.

The cost of supply is an important factor to consider if you opt to purchase directly from the manufacturer and then install it yourself. Install an awning only when you possess the necessary abilities and know-how and are aware of the essential safety procedures.

On average, the price of an awning retractable for patios would be around £3,550£5,700.

For a shelf Patio awning, the stand-alone price would be between £200 to £500 which is roughly £550 to £1,100 equipped with electric power with remote controls.

For a Bespoke Awning, price will range from £5,300 to £7200 or £350 to £800 for a typical motorhome awning.

What are the Additional expenses of constructing an Awning?

After having looked at the cost of materials and overall expenses of putting up an awning, let’s take a look at other expenses you might consider putting on.

These are jobs to think about at the same time as having an awning for your patio set up:

Patio Cost

You might want to consider having an entirely new patio built on your property prior to putting up your awning. This is a great method to improve your garden and make it ready for summer.

Naturally, the cost of the construction of a patio differs greatly based on the key elements like the dimensions of the patio as well as the materials employed.

Patio Maintenance

If you’re, for the majority of the time, satisfied with your patio, you may want to have some minor maintenance carried out on it, rather than completely replacing it.

To have a jet for your patio cleaned will cost you around £150 or £200 for an unassuming patio, £200 or £300 for a medium-sized patio, or £300 up to £400 for an extensive patio.

In general, hiring professionals to clean a patio could cost anywhere from £10 up to £20 per hour.

The seal for paving is a great method to give patio slabs that have longer-lasting durability and longevity. You can purchase a paving seal for around £50 up to £70 for a five-litre product.

The cost will be added on top of the cost of labour If you engage an expert to pave the slabs. You can, of course, do it yourself however only if you know the process well and are aware of the safety requirements.

Garden Maintenance

Do you want your backyard to get a fresh new life? Consider garden maintenance. Examples include new plants planted at a cost of between £30 or £40 per square meter.

To lay new turf you can expect to pay around £12 or £16 per square meter. To install artificial grass you’ll need to pay approximately £10 to £20 per square meter.

There are a variety of other kinds of gardening maintenance and the examples given earlier being only a few of them. The maintenance of your garden will improve property value. home.

Costs for Tradesmen to an Awning Installation

The next step is to take a look at the labour cost of having an awning put up. Awnings typically take anywhere from a few hours to complete a whole day to set up.

Certain tasks may take longer, based on the difficulty of the work. A labourer could charge around £20 up to £80 an hour to do this type of job. They’ll likely charge between £200 to £800 per day.

The cost of labour for installing either a retractable patio umbrella or an off-the-shelf patio umbrella is around £350 to £600.

For a Bespoke Awning, anticipate that the price of labour will be between £700 and £800. A typical motorhome-style awning you can expect to pay around £350-£600.

The price of labour will be contingent on many factors like how long the work takes as well as the condition of the workplace and the exact location within the UK you reside.

The rate of employment tends to be the highest within London along with the southern part region of England however they tend to be less so in areas like the northern region of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How Long Does it Take To Install an Awning?

Moving to the timelines required to install an awning. This should typically take anywhere between a couple of hours, and even a full day.

Similar to a motorhome awning that rolls out Certain awnings are likely to require about an hour to put up. But retractable awnings will take anywhere between the three to six-hour mark for installation generally.

If you look at Bespoke awnings, they would likely take between six and two days for installation (with the full day of work of between 6 and 10 hours).

As you can see, the length of an awning is a variable thing. It’s not just about the kind of awning, but also its size, the space as well as the condition of the area to be used, accessibility, the extent to which additional elements are required (electric operation) and the quantity of tradespeople employed.

In the majority of instances, you will get only one tradesperson to be on site to complete the task.

The Type of AwningDuration
Retractable Awnings3 to 6 hours
Bespoke Awnings6 hours to 2 full days
Roll-out Motorhome Awning1 hour
Regular Motorhome Awning3 to 6 hours

Types of Awnings

We’ve touched briefly about the different types of awnings we have available, however we’ll explore the subject in more in depth, and take the advantages and disadvantages.

Retractable Awning Costs

As you’d expect that awnings retract so that they are able to either be pulled back or pushed back according to the time of day you’ll need to utilize them.

They can be manually or electric. Naturally, it’s beneficial to be able to shut your awning at night in order to keep it safe from the elements, or maybe wild creatures.

Some retractable awnings are equipped with lighting, while some have an awning that has a drop-down valance. They can be lowered to cover the entire length of the awning, and also safeguard the patio area from rising sun, setting, or from a draft in the evening.

The typical cost for an awning retractable is between £3,550-£5,700.


  • It can be tucked away in the evening
  • Electrical power is available
  • A lot of items are available for sale


  • It requires cleaning and maintenance
  • It could be expensive to install
  • Not suitable for all weather conditions

Bespoke Awning Costs

Although more costly Bespoke awnings provide top quality. Bespoke basically means custom-made which means that with these awnings, you can choose the quality of what you get.

Also, you can expect an awning made of top quality that will provide much durability. You can get a Bespoke awning that is designed to meet your personal preferences with regard to the design, size and appearance of the structure.

It is recommended to speak with an awning company to begin the process of purchasing a Bespoke awning. They’ll provide you with information about the services they are able to provide and the amount of personalization that they can offer. The cost of supply for Bespoke awnings ranges from £5,300 up to £7,200.


  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Top-quality choice
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Fixed Awning Costs

Sometimes referred to as stationary awnings Fixed awnings aren’t retractable. They can also be referred to as permanent awnings because they are anchored in place when they are installed.

You can, however, take apart fixed awnings and then put the components in storage So calling them permanent isn’t really true. However, they’re generally made to be in place all day long (unlike the majority of awnings).

They are usually of solid construction as they are generally maintained constantly and need to be prepared with a variety in weather.

If a major storm is forecast it is recommended to disassemble and take away the canopy (after all, you could recall images of storms in the UK at times moving trampolines up and taking them off!). Awnings typically have steel parts.

Naturally, the disadvantages appear to stem from the fact that the awnings are constantly exposed to the elements. The steel components will begin to rust over time and the fabric will probably discolour due to the sun’s exposure.


  • Sturdy construction
  • The product is suitable for a broad range of weather conditions
  • It is possible to keep it up throughout the day in many cases.


  • There is a noticeable fading of the fabric and the steel’s rusting is likely to be observed over time.
  • It could still be dismantled and stored away during severe storms.

Electrically operated Awning Costs

Some awnings can be operated electrically, some are manual, while others are electrically operated. Electric awnings were designed with the goal of offering the user shade as well as temperature control.

These awnings usually come with a remote control, which allows the user to close, open and alter the opening level that the awning opens. The motor inside is designed to react to remote controls, while the actual operation is carried out by different mechanical arms.

With an electric system the cost associated with an outdoor awning will be bound to increase.


  • The control of the temperature, shade and shading
  • Typically, the units typically, remote controls are included.


  • The installation cost is typically more costly

What is the Cost to Remove an Awning?

There could be a point where you’d rather take down your awning. Perhaps you’ve had it installed and plan to take it down soon.

In either case, you could opt to get rid of an awning in the event that you’ve had your patio taken away (to lay down turf instead, for instance) or else, you do not need an awning for your patio.

However, it’s likely to be a matter of about an hour to get rid of an awning. If you employ a professional, they’ll cost between £20 to £80 for the task; however, if you include the costs of disposal (through hiring skips) it could cost you up to £100 in addition to the labour cost.

The total cost of taking down an awning down to £70 or £180.

Renting a skip can be an option to get rid of an awning, as long as the materials can be used in the skip. Likewise should the materials be suitable, you might be capable of disposing of the awning through an appropriate disposal facility for waste.

If you’re not sure, get in touch with the local skip hire company, or your local waste management company.


Q: What size awning do I need?

A: The size of the awning required will depend on the size of the area in question. Measure the length and width of your patio space or caravan as well as the length of the area (e.g., just above your kitchen back doors) that you intend to fit the awning.

Then you need to contact the relevant supplier with these measurements for advice on what awning size you’ll need.

Q: How long do awnings last?

A: Most well-maintained awnings should last for 5 to 15 years; however, higher quality products could last longer.

Q: What else should I consider when purchasing an awning?

A: One thing you may overlook is the strength of the wind in your area. This should be considered when choosing an awning product; some products may be better suited to your part of the UK than others.

Q: Is it okay to keep an awning open?

A: No, not always. Extreme weather conditions like strong wind or heavy rain can cause damage to awnings. Thankfully some awnings do come with automatic sensors that will retract them if excessive wind/precipitation is detected.

Q: What is the best type of house awning?

A: Retractable awnings are arguably the best on the market, especially those which are electrically operated.

They are, of course, more expensive than standalone alternatives, but they come with many advantages, including that they are easy to put away. These are best for house awnings or a driveway awning.



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