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Do you want to learn about the cost of having a home alarm security system set up?

We talk about the price of alarms for homes and also compare various types of burglar alarms cost, labour costs, and the average cost of materials.


How Much Does a House Alarm Cost?

Are you seeking information about the price of setting up security alarms?

This article we’ll examine all the costs associated with putting in an alarm system. This includes the cost of the equipment, cost of labour, as well as any other costs that could be incurred by this type of job.

How much will the installation of an alarm system cost?

The price of setting up an alarm is contingent heavily on your individual preferences, the size of the location of your residence, as well as your budget. It also depends on the kinds of alarm systems you’ve chosen to install.

The simplest type of alarm system is a bells only alarm. The alarm emits a loud sound in the event that the burglar alarm is activated. This kind of burglar alarm will cost between £125 to £300 to set up. It is a reliable system since it is able to deter thieves and inform your neighbours or the authorities about the intrusion.

Are you looking for an alarm system that is more comprehensive?

If you’re looking for an extra-large alarm security system, it may be able to pay between £500£800 for installation.

Here is an example table that outlines the average costs you will pay for the installation of various types of home alarm systems:

Alarm System Prices

Alarm System typeAverage Cost
Bells-only alarm installation cost£125-£200
Silent alarm system installation cost£200-£300
Wireless alarm system installation cost£200-£500
Wired alarm system installation cost£400-£800
Dialler alarm system installation cost£175-£200
Smart security alarm system installation cost£190-£400

What are the Supply Costs of an Alarm Installation?

With regards to alarm systems, prices for the components can differ according to the alarm system.

The following table that outlines the different costs you can anticipate for different alarm systems:

Supply TypeAverage Cost
Motion sensors£20-£50
Door and window sensors£20-£30
Panic button£15-£90
Wired security cameras£70-£200
Wireless security cameras£50-£270
Security control panel£40-£100

What are the Additional Costs of Installing an Alarm?

There are additional expenses you might need to consider when it comes to setting up an alarm. Here is a list of costs that could arise when doing this work:

New Front Door Installation

If you are making an investment in an alarm you might also wish to put in the new front door to add security. This is especially important when your front door is a bit old.

The price to put up the cost of installing a new front door will vary according to the kind of front door installed. Expect to pay approximately £300 to £1000 for a new entrance door.

Home Security Installation

If you’re installing an alarm system, you might consider installing a security system for your home. The cost of a security system for your home will vary based on the type of security system that you decide to purchase.

The typical cost for an alarm system for your home is about £165 to £470.

Security Stickers

Many homeowners decide to place security labels on their homes to discourage potential burglars. These stickers can be extremely effective in keeping away burglars or other criminals. The cost for a package of security labels is about £3 to £5.

External Lighting

If you’re looking to increase the security of your home, exterior lighting is a great investment. There are many kinds of lights for exterior use to choose from, and the cost you pay will be contingent on the type of light you select. The cost for exterior lighting is between £125 and £400.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing an Alarm System

If you’re planning on purchasing your alarm system’s equipment prior to its installation You might be interested in knowing about labour costs only. In this article we will examine the labour costs that could be expected for this kind of work.

A security alarm expert will typically charge between £150 and £200 per day for the labour to install a security system. Most alarm systems won’t take longer than a day to put in, and others may only take half an hour, but you can anticipate the total labour costs to be between £75 and £200.

Home security systems that have smart technology generally take about one or two hours to put in place, and the labour costs are likely to be between £35 and £50. Alarms that only have bells will typically require around a full day to install, so it is likely to cost around £150-£200 for installation.

If you choose to install an alarm that is silent and has police-calling capabilities, it can be more challenging to install and may take longer. The type of alarm you choose to install could require up to two days to set up which means it will cost between £200 and £300 in labour expenses.

Residents of London are also likely to pay more installation of alarm systems over those within North North or other regions in the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Fit an Alarm System?

Are you unsure of what time it will take to set up an alarm system in your residence? Below is a brief overview of the timelines you can anticipate a professional to install your alarm system for you.

The amount of time needed to set up an alarm system will be contingent on the kind of alarm systems you pick.

A home security system that is smart typically takes around 1 to 2 hours to install. Alarms that only have bells can take about one day, while the silent alarm with police call services can take up to two days for completion.

In general, alarm systems are put in place within the span of a single day.

Choosing an Alarm System

There are a variety of alarm systems you can pick among for the home. Here is a listing of different alarm types as well as the benefits of each:

Bells-Only Alarm System Cost

A bells-only alarm system is usually set up close to the front door of the house, and it is usually nailed or stuck on the walls. Motion detectors as well as infra-red detectors are installed throughout the home in ideal places to spot the presence of intrusions.

Magnetic contact switches are located around your home, and are the initial point of entry for intruders. Alarm systems for this kind of system typically cost between £125-£300.


  • It emits a loud sound that is a deterrent to possible intruders
  • One of the least expensive alarm systems that you can install is an alarm system for the home.


  • A system that is not monitored is more susceptible
  • It doesn’t automatically change the nature of police

Wired Alarm System

Installation of a wired alarm system typically requires a complete site inspection to determine the needs of your specific property. After the type of system is determined the sensors will be installed, and the wiring will be hidden.

The devices and sensors are then connected to the control panel. If you opt for this kind of system, you’ll require a phone line for connection to the internet access. The cost for this kind of alarm is about £400 to £800.


  • No battery replacement costs
  • It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


  • Installation costs can be costly since the hard wiring is needed
  • It is essential to be fitted by an expert

Silent Alarm System Cost

If you’d prefer a quiet alarm system experts recommend that you become familiar with the alarm system prior to switching on the silent feature.

It is generally recommended to wait at least at least a month prior to having them assist you in setting up your silent alarm and also create codes in the event that an intruder attempts to break into your home. This kind of alarm typically costs between £200 and £300.


  • Notifies the police when access that is not authorised is discovered
  • The alarm could make an intruder believe they have gained access to the property; However, they’ll likely be caught.


  • The alarm will be silent and you won’t be aware of the intrusion.
  • Greater chance of encounter with the intruder

Wireless Alarm System Cost

If you are planning to install an alarm system wireless, a professional will set up an alarm system by attaching them to the walls close to your front door. It will be connected to an electrical outlet.

Once the system is in place sensors and motion detectors are then glued to doors and windows with adhesive. This kind of system is likely to cost between £200££ to install, based on the size of the installation.


  • Easy and quick to install and
  • Low costs for labour


  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • Sensor batteries must be replaced on a regular basis

Smart Security Alarm System Cost

There are many kinds of alarms that are smart. The process of installing them typically involves the installation of the security system, downloading an application on your phone and connecting the device via wireless or Bluetooth.

The typical cost of an intelligent security alarm is between £190 and £400.


  • Will detect extremely small levels of detection, and then alert you via your phone
  • You can track your home’s security in real-time.


  • It requires an iPhone
  • It could be expensive for an entire smart security kit

Benefits of Alarm Systems

There are numerous benefits to installing an alarm system in your house. Here’s a list of the most important benefits from this kind of work:

Protect Your Valuables

The mere presence of an alarm system in your residence will deter intruders. If the alarm is activated and police are alerted about the incident the police will be dispatched to your house to make certain that your belongings are secure.

Lower Home Insurance

Many insurance companies will look favourably on homes with extra security. The homeowners who have alarms installed on their home are more likely to get discounts from insurance companies for the insurance for their homes.

This is a great method to lower the cost of your insurance.

Provides Peace of Mind

One of the benefits that comes with having an alarm set up in your house is the fact that it gives you a sense of security as well as an overall sense of peace. If you don’t have to worry about your home’s security or the security of your family members You’ll be able to concentrate on other tasks which will allow you to become more productive.

Alerts Your Neighbours

When you’ve got a siren alarm, your neighbours will be notified if anyone attempts to break into your house. This could increase your security since your neighbours will be able to assist you in the event when you need help.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Alarm?

If you’re thinking of changing your current alarm system or are planning to move and would like to take your alarm system You might be interested in the costs associated with getting rid of your alarm.

In the event that your device is connected you’ll need to engage an expert to unplug it to make sure that it is safe. It is typical to pay around £50£100 an hour, based upon the extent of their experience and the size of the task.

Residents of London are also likely to pay a higher price for the labor  costs involved in removing an alarm system than people who reside within North North or other regions within the UK.


Q: What is the best alarm system?

A: This will depend on personal preference. However, the best alarm systems are ones that automatically notify the police when someone breaks into your home. Wired systems are also the most reliable.

Q: How do you test an alarm system?

A: To test your alarm system, you need to set it as normal and then walk into a room to trigger the sensor. If the sensor is successfully activated, the alarm should sound within 60 seconds of walking into the room.

Q: Can I have an alarm system in a rented home?

A: Yes, you can. The best option for rented homes is a wireless system as this type of system doesn’t require any hard wiring.

Q: How can I prevent false alarms?

A: False alarms can be common with alarm systems; however, there are some things that you can do to help prevent them:

  • Ensure the system is properly maintained
  • Make sure the backup battery is fully functional
  • Check that all of your doors and windows are secure and properly fitted

Q: How long does it take to install an alarm system?

A: Most alarm systems can be installed within a day. However, some more complicated systems may take up to two days to install.

Q: How much does a fire alarm system cost to install?

A: A fire alarm system will cost around £80-£100 to have installed professionally.



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