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Estimated Cost Of Carpet Cleaning.

Do you want to be aware of the cost of professional carpet cleaning?

This guide will provide all you should be aware of when hiring a professional cleaner for your carpet. We will discuss the price for carpet cleaners, various kinds of carpet cleaning, as well as the benefits of using a Carpet cleaning company.


How Much Do Carpet Cleaners?

The cost for hiring an expert carpet cleaning service will vary based on the dimensions of the space.

For instance, you can anticipate a small area to cost about £20-£30 while a larger room could cost between £40-£50 and a staircase or landing can cost between between £72 and £90.​​​​​

Prices for carpet cleaning vary in accordance with the dimensions of the space.

If you’re planning to have the entirety of your carpets cleaned, then anticipate that this will cost between £120 to £400, based upon the dimensions of your house.

Can anything else alter the cost of the job?

The price may differ based on the service you select and your location within the UK and if the company has to move your furniture prior to completing your cleaning.

The final cost will be based on how filthy your carpets are as well as whether there are any stains that remain which can extend the amount of time needed to finish the cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

The table below outlines the cost of carpet cleaning for various types of carpet cleaning tasks:

Cleaning the carpet in a tiny room (12m squared)£20£30
Cleaning the carpet in a big room (20m squared)£40-£50
Carpet cleaning is provided on the landing and stairs (15m squared)£30-£38
Cleansing carpets in the living space (16m squared)£32-£40
Carpet cleaning in a living room open to the outside and dining area (36m squared)£72-£90
Carpet cleaning in a two-bedroom terraced house (64m squared)£120-£160
Carpet cleaning in a three-bedroom semi-detached residence (96m squared)£190-£240
Carpet cleaning in a four-bedroom detached home (147 m squared)£300-£400

What are the Costs in the field of carpet cleaning?

If you are planning to clean the carpets at home by on your own, then you could be interested in what prices could be involved with cleaning supplies, and not the cost of labor. In this article we’ll examine the different costs of supplies to clean carpets.

If you want to buy a high-end carpet cleaner that could be used at convenience, you’ll need to spend around £1500-£4370. It is rather expensive and the reason the majority of people rent a carpet cleaning machine rather than purchase one.

A high-end dry cleaning equipment costs approximately £200 to £1560. Although this is lower than those that use wet carpet cleaners but it’s still costly, and hiring generally the best option when it comes to these types of machines.

If you are interested in hiring a carpet cleaning machine, then you would be looking at around £20-£40 for a 24-hour hire and around £25-£60 for a 48-hour hire.

If you own a carpet cleaner, you will likely have to buy a detergent for the machine. It is possible to spend about between £2-£10 for one bottle of carpet cleaning soap according to what size bottle as well as the brand.

What are the additional costs for Carpet Cleaning?

There are a variety of additional costs that you might need to be aware of in relation to cleaning your carpet. Here is a list of the additional costs you might need to think about for this type of job:

New Carpet Installation

If you have the carpets cleaned you could find some damage that is irreparable. This is why you might need to purchase brand new carpets.

The cost of fitting carpet is £3 to £40 per square meter. The price varies according to the carpet type as every carpet is priced at a different cost.

Painting and decorating

If you have your carpets professionally cleaned, they’ll appear like new. This being said this could be the perfect time to revamp your walls so that they appear brand new.

If you are interested in painting or decorating , you can expect to pay around £180-£500 per room.

End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

If you’re moving out of your rental home and wish to keep your deposit, you might require additional cleaning services.

A professional cleaner is likely to cost between £80 to £140 for the end-of-tenancy clean. The cost will largely depend on how big your house and the location in the UK.

Costs for cleaning by tradesmen Carpet

In this article we will examine the cost you could expect to pay for a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet at home. residence.

Professional carpet cleaning companies will base their pricing according to the space they work on. Most firms will charge from between £2 and £2.50 per square meter.

However, certain carpet cleaning companies will be charging a minimum per day that ranges from £80-£120. In London the rates tend to be higher, ranging from approximately £100-£150 per day.

When there are stubborn stains present, these could increase the time it takes to complete the carpet clean and, therefore, there may be some additional labour costs involved in these cases.

The majority of carpet cleaning firms will not help you move furniture and will require that furniture be moved before arriving. If they need to assist you move furniture prior to cleaning, they’ll usually cost extra for this service.

How Long Does it Take to wash a Carpet?

In this article, we’ll review the durations you can anticipate for different types of carpet cleaning.

The time needed to wash the carpet will depend on the dimensions of the carpet as well as its state of repair. Larger carpets can take longer to clean, while carpets that are laden with stained spots will also take more time.

The average time it takes to clean a carpet in one average-sized bedroom is around 30-60 minutes. A living room carpet clean will typically take around 1-2 hours to complete.

If you plan on having all rooms of your house cleaned, anticipate this to take between 2 to 4 hours, based upon the dimensions of your house and the condition of carpets.

Different types of carpet cleaning

There are many different kinds that offer carpet cleaners. Here is a listing of the most commonly used carpet cleaning services available in the UK and some additional information about each type of carpet cleaning:

Steam Cleaning

It is one of the sought-after method of cleaning carpets and is considered to be a highly efficient method. It involves putting a mist of steam onto the carpet which assists in loosening any dirt. The dirt will then be removed. Steaming is a great way to eliminate around 99.9 percent of bacteria in the flooring, which makes your carpets more secure for your family.

Steam cleaning is more effective on hard floors than carpeted floors. However, it’s still very effective.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the process of applying a powder substance to the carpet which stirs the fibres, and then acts like sponges that soak up all dirt.

The powder is left on the carpet for around 15 minutes and then vacuumed up. This method works well if you need to clean your carpet quickly but more effectively than a simple vacuum cleaner.

Cleansing Hot Water Extraction

Cleaning with hot water is believed as the best and most efficient method of cleaning carpets available. This is a method where high pressurised water, in conjunction with a carpet cleaning product is directly pumped to the carpet.

The liquid is extracted from the carpet with the power of a vacuum before being is then pumped into an additional tank. The extraction process completely cleans the carpet, leaving it smelling and looking fresh.


If you’re just trying to get your carpet cleaning and tidy, then vacuuming is the ideal choice. It is a fast method to remove light dirt and particles off the surface of the carpet. It is suggested to sweep your carpets at least every once or twice per every week to keep them in good condition.

Vacuuming is regarded as the lightest method of cleaning. It’s not a thorough clean. It is, however, enough to eliminate most of dirt particles that are loose from your carpet.

The advantages of professional Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous advantages when you have professional cleaning of your carpets. Here is a listing of the most important benefits from this type of cleaning:

Get rid of Trapped Dirt

If your carpet is used regularly, it can begin to trap dirt in the fibers. This may include dirt, dust, pet hair, lead, insects, and particle pollution. The trapped particles could release toxic particles into air and cause pollutants in your home.

A professional carpet cleaner can kill bacteria living on the carpet as deep cleaning can remove all dirt that has been trapped deep in the carpet fibers.

Removes Dust Mites

If your carpets haven’t been cleaned often, it could result in mites forming in the carpets. A lot of homeowners aren’t aware of the presence of mites in their carpets since they’re usually tiny.

These particles of dust can easily be breathed in and may cause allergic reactions. The majority of professional cleaning firms steam carpets in the cleaning process. The high temperatures generated by this kind of cleaning kill dust mites.

Increases The Life of the Carpet

Vacuuming isn’t enough to eliminate all the dirt and dust from carpet fibers. The dirt and dirt that gets stuck in carpets can behave like sandpaper and cause damage to the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning service offers a thorough clean that helps keep the carpet clean and extends the lifespan of the carpet.

Enhances the appearance of carpets

When your carpet starts to build dirt, it could appear a slightly less than perfect. When staining is present it can cause uneven carpets and occasionally be very unattractive.

When your carpet is professionally cleaned, the carpet will appear fresh and new. It will enhance the appearance of your carpet, and will enhance the overall aesthetic of your room.

Improves Health

Letting your carpets collect dirt could result in the accumulation of in dust as well as microscopic creatures. They are usually buried in the carpet’s fibers and are difficult to eliminate by yourself.

The particles will easily spread throughout the space when moved around. This could make the atmosphere inside your home difficult to breathe and also trigger allergic reactions.

Some examples of health problems caused by a dirty carpet are flu-like symptoms, asthma, aggravation and agitated or stuffed sinuses.

A professional carpet cleaning service can improve the health of your carpet and make your home healthier for your family and you. A thorough cleaning can also aid in with


What is the reason my carpet has a smell after I’ve cleaned it?

The primary reason for the smell after cleaning your carpet is that it’s because the back of your carpet taken in moisture, and it is still wet. To stop this smell from becoming more severe it is necessary to completely ventilate the space so that the carpet can dry.

What cleaning supplies are used by professional cleaners?

Professional carpet cleaners usually make use of a hot water machine to clean and carpet cleaning soap. Professional hot water carpet cleaning is typically the best method of cleaning a stained carpet.

Do my carpets get wet following a carpet cleaning?

The carpet is likely to be a bit damp after cleaning, but it should dry within a couple of hours. If you’re looking to speed up drying it is possible to air-dry the space by opening the windows and doors, or turning on the heat to speed up the drying process.

When should I schedule your carpets professionally cleaned?

It is contingent upon a number of variables, like the condition and age of your carpet. Most of the time, it is recommended to get professional cleaning of your carpet at least once every year. If, however, the individuals living in your home are suffering from allergies, it is recommended to clean your carpets every 3 to 6 months.

What can I do to make sure I am ready to have a carpet cleaning?

Prior to the time when the cleaners will arrive You should take down everything in the area that could hinder the cleaning areas. This includes toys, furniture, shoes, and everything else that requires cleaning.


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