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Estimated Cost Of Conservatory

What does a conservatory cost?

The price for building a conservatory may vary greatly. The size and the finish of a conservatory determine the final price along with the labour and materials costs.

This guide will help you understand the costs of a conservatory, making it possible for anyone to estimate the cost.


What does a conservatory cost?

The price for building a conservatory may vary greatly. The size and the finish of a conservatory determine the final price along with the labour and materials costs.

This guide will help you understand the costs of a conservatory, making it possible for anyone to estimate the cost.

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

Why would you even need a conservatory at all?

Most homeowners love the idea of creating a space in their house, which allows them to enjoy the beauty of their gardens or beautiful scenery all around. Let’s get right to it.  

The cost of installing a conservatory will depend on the type of material you choose to use in addition to the dimensions and style of the conservatory. Let’s look at materials first.

It is expected that a typical wooden conservatory will cost approximately £10,000. There are other options, such as the uPVC conservatory that is around £15,000, and aluminium conservatories can range between £15,000 and £35,000.

So let’s get right to the finer points…

Conservatory Price

TypeTotal Cost
Wood conservatory£8000-£12000
uPVC conservatory£5000-£15000
Aluminium conservatory£15000 to £35000

What are the additional expenses of the Conservatory?

There are a variety of other costs to be considered when building an extension or conservatory. Let’s take a look.

Extensive Conservatory Groundwork Costs

Before building a conservatory it is essential that the soil is ready to support the building.

This might be done by excavation. It involves digging up and raising the ground to make sure it’s secure. In the majority of cases, excavation costs between £30 up to £50 per cubic metre to completely prepare the ground.

You might also want to ensure that you have a proper drainage system in place, which connects to your main water source.

If you don’t, what happens?

It is possible to be charged for drainage installations. It requires lots of digging, as well as the construction of pipes. The typical cost is between £700 to £1000.

Conservatory Planning Permission Fees

In order to comply with the planning permission rules You must ensure that your conservatory does not

  • Over half the surface of the existing property.
  • You can extend the topmost part of the roof of your home or eaves.
  • You can extend more than four meters beyond the wall at the rear of your home.
  • Add any platforms that are raised or modifications to the roof.

There are two additional limitations you need to be aware of:

  • If you are planning to build your conservatory within two meters of the boundary of your property The elevation of the eaves should not exceed three metres.
  • The conservatory cannot be placed to the front of the main elevation or side elevations in the event that it is situated close to an expressway.

If you are planning to alter your home in ways which are not allowed or you reside in a listed property or listed building, you’ll need to apply for permission to build.

Normally, planning permission is priced approximately £200.

Costs of Conservatory Building Regulation

When building an extension, it is crucial to adhere to the building regulations for extensions currently in force.

To make sure that you are in compliance with the building codes, employ a professional listed under the scheme of a competent person.

What if you don’t?

If you decide to employ an individual who isn’t registered, you might require approval for the building yourself. This is contingent on the local council’s fees. It is necessary to get Building Regulations approval for your conservatory’s windows and doors too.

This involves ensuring that the glass is energy efficient, and that the required quantity of heat which could be transferred across the glass has been achieved.

Also, you must ensure that safety glazing is installed in areas that have an unobstructed opening, and on any glass door that is up to 1500mm off the surface.

Another important regulation is ventilation.

You should make sure that the windows and doors have adequate ventilation, especially when you intend to use your conservatory as the kitchen or utility space.

It is also important to make sure that your conservatory is secured against fire.

This may involve the installation of windows or doors that have extra protection from fire. It is also important to ensure that they’re large enough to offer a means for escape should a fire occur.

However, you won’t need to seek the building regulation approval your conservatory

  • It is smaller than thirty square meters.
  • Are you separated from your home.
  • It has its own heating system.

Conservatory Guttering Cost

To safeguard your conservatory, you’ll need to install guttering to stop the foundations from being damaged by water.

Cost of guttering for conservatories ranges from £12 up to £16 per meter.

Conservatory Blinds Cost

To ensure your security in the conservatory area, think about installing blinds on each window.

There are many kinds of blinds that you can purchase.

This includes:

  • Roman blinds: £20 from £60.
  • Venetian blinds: £10 up to £30.
  • Vertical blinds: £16£100.

Blind installation costs can range between £20 up to £50 on conservatory windows. But, it will differ according to the number of windows you have.

Conservatory Heater Cost

Let me tell you the truth.

The main issue in conservatories is the fact that they could be too cold to be used during winter.

If you want to ensure that your conservatory stays warm, consider setting up an electric heating system. The cost of an electric radiator is between £100 up to £150 to purchase and install.

Another popular conservatory heating option can be underfloor heating. The typical price is £60 or £100 per square meters (for professionals who install it).

What are the Supply Costs of a Conservatory?

Do you want to construct a new conservatory on your own?

Maybe you’re just looking to get your own equipment?

Here are some estimates of the prices for conservatories you can expect to be charged.

Sort of conservatoryuPVC cost of supply (m2)Cost of wood supply (m2)Cost of Aluminium Supply (m2)
Victorian£360 – £700£760 – £1080£440 – £820
Edwardian£530 – £760£550 –£1125£620 – £870
Lean-to£300 – £490£480 –£1320£320 – £580
P-shaped£430 – £480£610 – £700£530 – £820
L-shaped£690 – £980£630 – £930£810 – £1120
T-shaped£690 – £980£610 – £700£810 – £1120
Orangery£850 – £4980£1150 –£1840£1000 – £5570

But what about sunrooms or glass rooms?

We’ve got you covered!

The table below lists the cost of supply for a glass and sunroom room installation.

Sort of conservatoryBudgetAveragePremium
Sunroom£1900 –£2800£2900 – £3700£3800 – £4700
Glass room£230 – £470£570 – £650£890 – £1200

Conservatory Costs for Tradesmen

One of the most important costs to be considered when calculating the price of building a new conservatory is the cost that you pay for labour.

So, what do you pay for labor?

To make sure your conservatory is constructed to a high quality it is recommended to hire an expert team. In general, they cost between £150 or £200 daily for the services they provide.

What other tradespeople are required to recruit?

  • If you require the assistance of a roofing professional to build for the roof of your conservatory, typically you’ll get charged from £15 and £25 per hour (or £150-£200 per day).
  • If you want a window fitter to set up the double-glazed windows for you it is recommended to pay between £10 or £20 each hour.
  • If you’re looking to renovate your conservatory’s interior you may want to think about hiring a decorator and painter. They typically charge between £100 or £300 each day.
  • If you want to install electrical systems or lighting fixtures, you could require the help of an electrician. In general, electricians charge between £30 or £60 for an hour.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Conservatory?

It is important to think about the amount of time required to build a conservatory as this will assist you in determining the total cost you will have to spend for it.

The table below outlines the timeline for various conservatories.

The type of conservatoryDuration
VictorianThree – Four weeks
Edwardian2 3 to 2 weeks
Lean-to2 3 weeks
P-shaped3 4 weeks
L-shaped3- 4 weeks
T-shaped3 4 weeks
OrangeryBetween 4 and 5 weeks
Sunroom2 3 weeks
Glass room1 2 weeks

What is the cost for each stage of Building a Conservatory Price?

There are many stages when building the conservatory. Let’s look at each step (and the associated costs) today.

Constructing an a Conservatory Base

Before you build your conservatory, it is important to ensure your conservatory has a strong foundation to be able to support it.

It involves excavating the floor where your conservatory is located. Then, it will be leveled and the base for your conservatory will be made with concrete, which typically costs about PS90 per square metre.

Construction Conservatory Wall

After the base of your conservatory is completed, a low wall will be required for extra support for your conservatory.

This involves building the wall from its base up, and ensuring that it is not less than one metre in height. The typical cost of the conservatory dwarf wall will typically be between £50 and £300 per square metre.

The construction of the Conservatory Roof

After the foundations are set and the roof is ready to be put in place. This involves putting in the roof rafters and roof ridge as well as installing to the glass sheet.

The cost to put up the conservatory roof will be contingent on the kind you select. For instance, polycarbonate roofs are generally priced between £2200 to £7300 and glass roofs typically cost about £2400 up to £8000 to put up.

Conservatory Fixtures and fittings

The final step involves installing doors and windows, along with decorating and furnishing the interior.

Here’s how much this costs you:

  • The cost of fitting conservatory windows is about £150 to £200 per day.
  • Conservatory door installation costs between £390 or £900.
  • The cost of installing conservatory lighting is between £60 or £100 depending on the light.
  • Decorating your conservatory may cost as much as £500 however, this is contingent on its size.

Conservatory Roof Replacement and Repair Costs

After a time the conservatory roof could require repair. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Conservatory Roof Leak Repair

If your roof is tiled it is possible to change the roof tiles to stop the roof from leaks. The cost of replacing roof tiles can range from £120 to £200 However, this is contingent in the area of your roofing.

Misted Glass Repair

If you find that your glass is beginning to cloud up, this suggests that your double-glazing could have been damaged. To fix the misty roofing glass, you might require removing the frame on your roof to replace with a new double-glazing.

The cost will range from £50 or £450 in glass for one pane.

Roof Replacement

In certain situations it is possible for your roofing to be replaced. The cost of replacing your conservatory roof will vary on the kind of roof you select.

Polycarbonate Roof

The price for the polycarbonate roof can range from £2200 to around £2700 for a conservatory with a lean-to, and an Edwardian conservatory may cost from £3400 to £6700.

Glass Roof

They’re slightly more costly.

Glass conservatory roofs are priced from £2400 to £3200 While an Edwardian conservatory can cost between £3700 and up £7300.

Cost of cleaning a conservatory

For ensuring that your conservatory will be long-lasting, it is recommended to do a thorough clean at every once or twice in a month. This is crucial for windows as windows can easily get smudged and can also accumulate dirt.

Conservatory windows can be cleaned yourself by using detergent and water. It can be a lengthy task. If you’re thinking of hiring a professional to do the job, it’ll generally cost between £300 and £650 to wash the exterior and interior of the room.

Conservatory Removal Cost

You are thinking of having your conservatory taken down?

You may be contemplating it due to a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s too cold in the house during the winter months, or it’s just outdated. If you employ an expert to remove your conservatory, it typically costs you about £300 to take down the windows and roof.

The price to remove the wall is about £20 per metre, and the base of the conservatory will cost about £120 per metre to take away. You’ll also have to pay for the removal of your garbage. For removal by a professional, this is expected to cost between £70 or £300.



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