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Estimated Cost of Double Glazed Windows

Are you interested in knowing the cost of double glazing?

The typical cost of double glazing the windows of your home within the UK is between £3000 and £7000 however it can be higher based on the design you select.

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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Let’s get started with the basic concepts:

What is double glazed and what is the significance of it?

In simple terms, double glazing is the procedure of putting in windows made of two pieces of glass which have an argon gas insulating layer between them.

Double glazing can increase insulation, making your home energy-efficient.

It will help save money heating your home.

After that now let’s get to the costs…

If you’re looking to receive a an estimate on double-glazing, we’ll assist you in locating local window installers.

Double Glazed Windows Prices

But do not.

There are additional costs to take into account in calculating the final price for double glazing.

We’ll explore these topics in the next sections.

Colour Frames Double Glazing Costs

The rates we’ve provided in the past are based on standard white frames, which are the standard choice.


There are other colors available that could complement the exterior and interior of your home.

The only issue?

Other colors are usually 10% to 20 10% more costly as white frame which are priced around 400 dollars. On the other hand, the typical grey or black window is priced at about 500 dollars. If you’d like a wooden grain look it is possible to shell out higher ( up to £750).

Frame TypeAverage Cost
White Window Frame Cost £300 to £500 
Grey Window Frame Cost£400 to £600 
Black Window Frame Cost£400 to £700 
Wood Grain Effect Window Frame Cost£600 to £800

Material of Frames Costs

Here’s a second thing.

You should consider the material costs of the frames of your windows.

The cheapest option is uPVC that ranges from the £250-£900 range for the installation of a typical casement window.

Aluminum frames are slightly more expensive at the cost of £500-£1000. A different option that is popular are window frames made of wood, which typically range between £850 to £1500.

Frame TypeAverage Cost
UPVC Window Frame Cost£250 to £900
Aluminium Window Frame Cost £500 to £1000
Rustic Window Frame Cost£850 to £1500

Tinted Double Glazing Costs

Do you want to enjoy a more privacy?

You should consider installing tinted double glazed.

Along with providing security, these kinds of windows can also help to block excessive light from entering your home. This allows you to keep a the temperature more consistently, since it blocks the sun from entering the window for as long.

The most popular choice is toughened glass that is anti-sun. It costs about:

  • £70-£250/square metre for grey tint.
  • £100 to £140/square metres for an oxidized bronze tint.

Glass Costs

It is also possible to upgrade your glass to offer more security.

For instance, you might need to buy a stronger materials (such like polycarbonate glass) to stop breakage of the glass. This is a great option for prevention of theft and will cost you between £30-£160 more for each window.

Live near a busy road?

It is possible to go for noise-proof glass. This can allow your home to be a more tranquil and peaceful space. It is recommended that noise-proof glass to cost between the range of £800-£1900 to install and provide.

Are you living close to a busy street?

It is possible to go for a soundproof glass. This can allow your home to be a more peaceful and private space. Glass that is noise-proof should be expected to cost from the range of £800-£1900 to install and provide.

What Are The Supply Costs of Double Glazing?

Have a budget that you’re trying to adhere to? Perhaps you’re thinking about buying double glazed windows by yourself?

In the next section we provide a breakdown of the prices of the various types of double-glazed windows that are available throughout the UK.

Fixed Window Cost

A fixed installation is a type of window that is not able to be opened and its sole function is to let light in and illuminate your home.

Fixed double-glazed windows are likely to run between £150-£300 (excluding the installation).

Casement Window Cost

Casements are a very popular double-glazing option that has the hinge on the other face of the frame that allows it to expand to the outside.

The price of supply for window casement is between £250-£400..

Sliding Window Cost

Windows that slide sliding horizontally and open to at least one side and then let in air.

If you want to purchase sliding windows for yourself, you’ll have to shell out about the range of £450-£1000.

Sash Window Cost

Sash windows are similar to the sliding window but it slides horizontally instead of vertically.

The price of a sash window ranges typically between between £500 and £900..

Tilt & Turn Window Cost

Turn and tilt windows can be among of the options that are most flexible because they can open as an ordinary casement window, but can also be turned around to an angle for better ventilation.

Turn and tilt windows range between the range of £400 to £600..

Skylight Window Cost

A skylight is a form that is a roof windows. It’s ideal to convert lofts into a new one and can be installed to increase lighting, ventilation, as well as views.

The cost of the skylight ranges from £750-£900.

Bay Window Cost

A bay window is made up of three windows joined together and are typically placed on the front of a house.

Bay windows can vary between £1200 to £2400..

Tradesmen Costs for Double Glazing

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the price of installing double glazing.

Prices for installation will differ based the type of window you’re considering because some windows will be more straightforward and faster to put in than others.

For example:

  • Smaller windows typically cost approximately £150 for a window installer to install it.
  • The larger and more complex double glazing installation can will cost you up to the sum of £300 for a two-man task.

Here’s another point.

More windows that you are planning on to install, the more time the project will take.

For instance:

  • A terraced house with four windows may cost you around £180..
  • A three-bedroom semi-detached house with 8 windows can cost the sum of £250 for labor.
  • A larger home with 12 to 18 windows could cost about 400-500 dollars or so.

How Long Does It Take To Install Double Glazing?

The length of time required to install double glazing will also affect the final cost, because the longer the work takes the higher you’ll be charged for labor.

Two main things will influence the time it takes to install double glazing:

  • the number of windows that you’ll need to set up. If you’re only installing four windows on a terraced house that could take one day to finish. However, it could require twice as much time to complete an attached home with four bedrooms and twelve windows.
  • The design that you select. A small casement window could take only about an hour or so to be fitted, while an awning or a skylight could require a whole day to construct.

Type of Glazing

Here’s a second thing.

Also, you should consider what kind of glazing you’d like to put in.

Three alternatives to take into consideration.

Double Glazing Cost

The most popular type of glass.

It consists of two layers of glass, with an argon gas layer between them to increase insulation and energy efficiency. The glass layer on top allows for greater efficiency in heating, since it blocks heat from leaving and keeps cold from getting into your home. Additionally, it helps reduce the noise level, which is ideal for those who live close to noisy highways or bustling cities.

However, there’s a caveat.

One of the major drawbacks of double-glazing is the cost, as it could be extremely expensive in the event that you’re planning to put up multiple double-glazed windows within your house. The price of double glazing varies from 300 to 2700 dollars in the case of uPVC double glazing windows.

Secondary Glazing Cost

Secondary glass is frequently mistaken for double glazing. However, there are many differences.

In the beginning Secondary glazing is the glass layer that is placed on the outside of your windows.

It’s also the least expensive glazing option that is available. In general, secondary glazing is priced approximately £300 to £350 for a window.

And even better?

It’s much easier to put in, so it’s possible to install the job yourself and save labor costs.

Like double-glazed windows this kind of glazing can reduce noise and help you reduce your energy costs because of the lesser quantity of heat loss.

But, secondary glazing is usually used to provide a temporary solution and, therefore, it isn’t economically viable over the long term.

Triple Glazing Cost

Triple-glazing is akin to double-glazing but it is a different layers of glass.

What’s the advantages from this?

  • It also helps reduce your heat loss loss from your home via the windows. This also reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the.
  • This helps to prevent cold and hot spots from forming in your home.
  • Reduces the amount of sound coming from out the window that hear inside your home.

Triple-glazing is a little more costly than the other options. The typical triple glazing can cost between £400-£550 per square meter. It’s not the most cost-effective option; but it could assist you in saving money in the longer term on your energy costs.

Double Glazing Repair Costs

If you’ve used double glazing windows for a long time it is possible that you are experiencing issues that require fixing.

In the following sections we’ll go over some typical repairs that you may need to (eventually) complete.

Blown Window Cost

Are you aware of any signs of fogging of your window that isn’t able to be wiped clean?

If you do noticed changes, they mean that your window is being blown and forming fog between two glass layers.

If you want to repair your windows you’ll need to hire a professional window installer to remove the double-glazing device from the frame, and then replace it with an new one.

The price of replacing double-glazing units that are misted is approximately £40-£150 to put in However, prices will vary based depending on the dimension of the window which needs replacement.

Broken Hinges Cost

Does your window not open or closing the way it did in the past?

This could mean that there might be an issue in the hinges.

If you don’t want to replace your windows all you have to do is contact an expert window fitter to fix or replace the hinges on your windows.

Replacing broken hinges for windows can cost approximately 60-80 dollars.

Broken Handles Cost

If you have windows with handles that are damaged or are no longer functioning it is possible to replace them.

This could range from between £20 and £50 for installation and supply.

Glazing Maintenance Costs

The best way to make sure that your double-glazed windows last is to keep them in good condition.

Here are some windows with double-glazing maintenance expenses you should be aware of.

Resealing a Window Cost

If you feel cold air escaping from your windows, it could be an indication that your windows need to be resealed.

If you engaged an expert to solve this issue, it will cost approximately £50-£90 for each window that has been affected.

Window Cleaning Cost

Cleaning your double-glazed as well as window frames are essential to ensure that dust does not build up and cause mold or rot that is unsightly.

To clean uPVC windows it is recommended to employ a solvent cleaner uPVC priced between £4-£7 each bottle.

For wooden and aluminium windows, you should just use some washing up liquid on a soft brush and try to avoid using abrasive products.

In cleaning the double-glazed yourself, be sure to be careful not to use harsh chemicals. instead clean the windows with a cloth and then apply white vinegar and warm water to give your windows a sparkling shine.

Lubricating a Window Cost

To keep your window’s hinges from becoming stiff, you must regularly clean them with an oil-based silicone spray to ensure that they are able to open and close with no issue.

You can buy silicone spray from a local DIY retailer for £2 and £9.

Cost of Removing Glazed Windows

If you wish to install a new double glazing, you’ll have to get the windows that you have currently got taken off.

How much will the removal of glass from double glazing?

If you employ a professional window installer, it could cost you between between £150 and £300 each day. The total cost will depend on how many windows you will need to take out.

Keep in your…

It is also possible to engage an expert to take away your garbage. Most likely, you’ll be charged between £70-£160 to remove your windows.

You can also recycle your old windows by bringing them to your local recycling center. If you choose to do this, ensure you keep the window separate from the frame in order that it can be reused in a proper manner.


Question: For how long do the double-glazing last?

A: Double-glazed windows are typically able to last approximately 10 to 35 years. However, this depends on the way they are maintained.

The place of your windows determine the longevity for double glazing. It is because certain regions could be more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions like wind – that could cause damage to double-glazing as time passes.

Q What is double glazing? How does it function?

A. Double glazing is comprised of two glass panes and a layer of gas argon within the middle.

Why is argon gas needed?

Argon gas is not a good conductor of heat. When you place Argon gas in a middle you’re stopping heat from leaving leading to better energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

Q: Can double glazing help reduce noise?

A: Double glazing can offer noise-cancelling properties as the two glass panes limit the amount of sound that can be heard in your home.

It is crucial to be aware that double glazing isn’t entirely soundproof. Therefore, it is important to take note of businesses using this as an argument to promote their product.

Q: When do you need to make the switch to double glazing?

Q: In the event that you find the windows scalding with steam but you can’t get rid of the condensation because it’s being in the windowpane it might be the right time to get the double glazing units replaced.

If this occurs then you might need replacement of the whole window, if there are any other issues with the frame or seal because this could prevent new double-glazed windows from being efficient.

Q: Can double glazed windows crack?

A Double glazing is composed of extremely durable materials, which means the chances of it cracking are low.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that double glazing is impervious to cracking, particularly after some time.

It is possible that it will crack because of severe weather conditions, in particular in the event of scratches. This can cause the glass to become more fragile and less durable.

The high humidity and temperatures also can have an impact – particularly in areas like the kitchen or bathroom where condensation can be in high levels.



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