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Estimated Cost Of Electric Garage Doors

Do you want to know what the price of electric garage doors cost?

The article below will take a look at the expenses associated with installing an electronic garage door. We also look at the much time it takes, different kinds of electric garage doors, and more!


How Much is an Electric Garage Door?

The cost of electrical garage door could differ greatly depending on the particulars of the door you’re looking for.

Let’s discuss the specifics…

If you are looking for a basic up and over garage doors, then you could expect to spend approximately £1,200 based upon the area of your house. If you’d prefer an expensive round-the-corner aluminum garage door, expect to spend up to the price of £4,000..

The price of the installation of an electric garage door will vary greatly based on the kind of door you select.

Electric Garage Doors Prices
Here is an example table that will give you an idea of costs you can expect to pay for garage doors of various types.
Remember that these prices could change based on a variety of aspects that we’ll look at in this guide!

Window Type and SizeAverage Cost MaterialSupply Only Price
Up & overSingleTimber£1502-£1801
Steel RollerSingleSteel£1251-£1402
Insulated Aluminium Roller ShutterSingleAluminium£1501-£1802
Side HingedSingleTimber £2002-£2201
Steel Double Skin£1700-£1900
Insulated Steel£1950-£2150
Insulated Steel£2900-£3200
Round the CornerSingleSteel£2500

What are the Supply Costs of an Electric Garage Door Installation?

In the beginning, let’s take a look at the costs for supply only of electronic garage doors. This is simply the price of the items needed for the job, without any additional labour cost.

The cost of garage doors depends on two elements – the type of material used and the design of the door.

For instance, a basic upward and downward garage door quite far the most affordable type of garage door since it’s made of one panel and doesn’t need any complex mechanisms. The door of this type typically comes in three types of materials namely wood as well as GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and steel.

Steel is the cheapest material because of the sheer quantity of it available and is also easy to work with. However, wood is among the most costly materials due to the work needed in order to make it ready to be used on homes.

However, round-the-corner garage doors can be quite complicated because they need different systems and mechanisms which increase the price of the door. This kind of door is likely to be made of aluminum or steel.

Another aspect that affects the cost of electric garage doors is the dimensions of garage doors. If, for instance, you have a tiny garage, you’re going require one garage door or a smaller one with a single panel.

If your home has a big garage, it is possible to choose an extra garage door that can increase the size of your garage, and help it be more convenient to use and set up.

The table below outlines the cost of supplying different garage doors and sizes.

Windows Type and SizeAverage Cost MaterialSupply only Price
Up and Over SingleTimber£1202-£1301
Steel Roller SingleSteel£951-£1052
Insulated Aluminium Roller ShutterAluminium£1151-£1252
Side HingedSingleTimber£1752-£1851
Steel Double Skin£1402-£1501
Round the CornerSingleSteel£2452-£2552

What are the Additional Costs of Installing an Electric Garage Door?

There are some extra costs that come with installing electronic garage doors. These aren’t necessarily items that are applicable to all situations however, we have discovered that these kinds of projects work in conjunction with garage door installation using electric power.

New Garage Build

The initial cost is the new garage for the new electronic garage door! You may now be in possession of an old garage which is in disrepair or you simply have enough space to construction. Both are well-liked projects with homeowners.

A typical garage of about 18 sqm can cost you anything between £3,600 to £7,400 for the entire project. If there is more area utilize, you may think about a double garage that costs between £6,000 to £12,800.

Of course, the price differs depending on a few factors such as labour costs, the location of your home and the materials that you use for the build.

Concrete garages, for instance is likely to cost less than brick garages, but this will depend on your budget and the builder you choose to hire.

New Driveway Cost

You’ve decided to install an elegant new garage door that is electric to improve the look of your garage, and simplify your life But why not include an new driveway?

An new driveway isn’t as expensive as people believe It’s an excellent method to improve your home’s appearance and enhance its curb appeal.

A new tarmac driveway , for example, will cost you between £1,200 and £1,800 for a small driveway of around 30 square metres.

Of course, if have the money then you can get a more costly driveway like a block-paved driveway that costs between £2,100-£3,300 for 30 square metres of driveway.

Tradesperson Costs for Fitting an Electric Garage Door

The rates of tradespeople vary across the nation and cities with a high density of residents such as Manchester and London attract much higher prices than villages and towns that are smaller There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

In the first place, the costs of living in these regions is much higher than other places, for instance for a 2 bedroom apartment in central London costs 5 times the amount in a tiny northern town.

The second reason is that the high densities of the population in those areas indicates that there is greater demand for construction workers than for clients, meaning tradesmen are able to be able to charge more for their services knowing that they are in high demand.

Lastly, the cost of the labour can differ if you live far away from towns and cities, and simply the extra travel time and expense will be added to the overall quote.

A good guideline for labor costs is to assume that the typical cost for the installation of a single garage door is approximately £300 and £500 for double garages. If you live in a city that is large it is possible to add 20% to that figure and then subtract 10% in that are more rural.

You may also be able to pay more for labor when you have an extra complex garage door. It will take a lot of time to finish and could require more than one person.

The best way to go about it is to talk to a variety of tradespeople to gain an idea about the price they’re willing to pay. This will let you know the fairness of prices for your region.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Electric Garage Door?

The procedure for installing a garage door can be quite standard across various dimensions and styles, despite the duration of installation is different. The old garage door is taken away safely, and the garage will be made ready to accommodate to receive the new door.

The new garage door is installed by installing all the springs, rollers cables and support arms, as well as tracks, and finally the door itself. It is important to note that not every garage door will require all of these parts.

It can take anywhere from four to six hours to put up a garage door. simple, small doors that take significantly less time than the larger complicated doors.

It’s crucial to note that a professional installer dismantle the door they installed and replace it with the new one as well, they also examine the door for all aspects. This will make sure that it is installed and operating properly, thus reducing chances of experiencing any issues with your door in the near future.

Types of Electric Garage Door

Here is a listing of various garage doors:

Up & Over Electric Garage Door Cost

This is the most popular type of garage door found across the UK. The door opens from the bottom and is typically supported by cables or arm inside. In the case of electric doors that have motors, they pull it along a path from to the upper part of the garage to the side and outside of garage.

Steel Roller Electric Garage Door Cost

Garage doors slide down and are positioned on a spool on the top of the interior part of your garage. The motorized mechanism will roll them in a tight manner, and this will ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of space within your garage.

This is a very popular option for enabling you to utilise all the space possible in your garage.

Insulated Aluminium Electric Roller Shutter Cost

They’re pretty much similar to the steel roller doors, and employ the same technology. Only difference lies in the type of material and the higher energy retention advantages of electric garage doors.

Side Hinged Cost

These doors are typically not equipped with the use of an electric motor however electric versions are also available. They are hinged to the outside of the door, and then can be opened to the outside. Track arms that are electric can be used to automate opening.


The garage doors are made consisting of a number of slats that allows the door to bend when it is pulled back to the garage’s roof.

The electric motor pulls the door from the top on tracks and the door rests horizontally in your garage roof when opened. Again, this is a popular choice for those looking to waste as little space as possible.

Round the Corner Garage Door Cost

This is a variant of the sectional door previously mentioned that, instead of horizontal slats, this one utilizes vertical slats that turn into the garage once open, and form walls, not the roof.

This is a great option for anyone that wants to hang things from the roof, like bikes or garden equipment, as the motor utilises the insides of the walls instead of the roof.

Benefits of an Electric Garage Door

Ease of Use

The most obvious benefit of the electric garage door is how simple it can make your life easier. It is possible to open the door either from the inside or outside. You can simply click the door to open when you drive into the driveway. You won’t need to wrestle with a plethora of garden tools to attempt to open the door!

Better Security

Garage doors with electric motors are much harder to get into because they are closed until they are activated by a remote. Of of course there are other methods to open them, however, none of them are open to burglars.


The garage with an electric opener will open in the exact way each time. The biggest issue with manually operated doors is the amount of times the wind gets them and makes them open quickly, leading to damage and wear and tear.

How much Does It Cost to Remove an Electric Garage Door?

It is possible to have your garage door taken away by a professional at the cost of a couple of hours of work that is expected to cost between £100-£150 and you could also take it off yourself. It’s not recommended for anyone who isn’t completely confident with this kind of job and those who aren’t experienced should avoid the task.

Here’s a short guide on how to remove the garage door:

  • Take the electric opener out by unplugging it, removing the door from garage, and taking it off the wall or ceiling
  • Then, unplug the tension springs by using a spanner until they’re sufficient loose to allow them to be removed
  • Cut the cables, and then remove the pulley system that is on the garage door.
  • After that, take off the door’s clamps. Make sure that when you’ve done this, the door won’t be connected to your home It is recommended to be accompanied by someone on the opposite side to ensure it won’t fall on the car or any other person nearby.
  • The door can be gently lifted into the frame, then remove it in a safe manner.


Q Do you know how to unlock an electronic garage by hand?

A There is always an infallible method to open your garage door manually regardless of whether you use switches, keys or another control. The method used varies between different products, so make sure to check with the installer or manufacturer.

Q What is the best way to make an electric garage door?

A One option is to purchase aftermarket conversion kits that automate garage doors that are manually operated. Look them up online but always hire a professional to install these.

Do I have to set up the electric garage doors by myself?

A: If you’ve had experience of similar work then you might be able to finish the task however, it’s likely to be somewhat uneven. It is recommended to seek the assistance of an expert to ensure that the task is completed correctly and safely.

Do I require planning permission to build an new garage door?

A: You need permission for planning if you reside in an listed or protected structure or in the conservation area. Consult your local council if are not sure.

Q: Are insulated garage doors worth it?

A: Recently, people have been utilizing their garages for games rooms or even home bars So if you’re looking to use your garage to do something similar to this, you could profit from the extra heat retention, however it could be a waste of cash.



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