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Estimated Cost Of End of Tenancy Cleaning.

Are you seeking details about the end of tenancy cleaning charges?

If your tenancy is coming at an end, it might be in search of cleaning services for your end of tenancy. Cleaning costs for the end of tenancy are subject to change based on the area of residence as well as the size of your home. If you’re looking to find out more about the fees that professional cleaners for the end of tenancy are charging, take a look at our price guide to find all the information you need to know.


How Much Is An End of Tenancy Clean?

Learn more about the End of Tenancy Cleanup…

In the End of Tenancy Cleanup, your cleaning staff will stay here until completion, including moving equipment, moving furniture, and cleaning shelves.

They guarantee you to get your deposit back full and undamaged, leaving your item intact and shiny. Final cleaning is different from normal cleaning because it is done after the residents leave the house. Only items that come with the rental can be found on the property.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning staff can finally get to work because all items in the building have been removed before cleaning.

Areas not covered by regular cleaning will be cleaned according to the 5-star standard.

In addition to your fireplace, white goods and interior windows, cabinets and under furniture are also cleaned.

So what will this guide cover?

Here we will talk about the different costs of end-of-lease maintenance, such as cost of goods, surcharges, and marketing costs, as well as the duration and benefits of expiration. more, keep reading.

You may have already figured it out, but clearing the space is important. Prices will vary depending on whether you are renting a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom or larger home.

In other words, the higher the service fee, the larger the building.

If your house is in good condition, the price will be very cheap. But if the house is not in good condition you will have to pay more. All aspects of the property are affected by internal and external maintenance.

So what is cleaning at the end of the lease?

End-of-care costs range from £95 to £150 for studio apartments and £140 to £315 for 1-2 bedroom apartments.

2-3 bedroom house, about the same price with a little increase. From £155 to £380. Cleaning costs for 4 to 5 bedroom homes will cost between £185 and £525.

6+1 House If you live or have a large area, you should be very upset.

Not surprising given the amount of work and time spent. Cleaning costs between £230 and £415 depending on the number of bedrooms.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices 

Size of HomeCost
Studio flat£95 – £150
1 – 2 bedroom flat£140 – £315
2 -3 bedroom house£155 – £380
4 – 5 bedroom house£185 – £525
6+ bedroom house£230 – £415

What affects the total cost of the job?

Many factors affect the final price of house cleaning, including uptime, as the longer the customer stays in your home, the more you will be charged.

How much maintenance did you have; If the house is in trouble, you need to work harder, increase the price.

The size of your home will have an impact on the price, as more work is required. Complicating matters further is why home care is often more expensive than home care. If you have additional items that need cleaning, such as

January, closets, windows or carpets, this will add to your budget. Even if you’re willing to provide cleaning products and equipment because cleaners don’t need it, prices in South East England (especially London) are higher than the national average.

Therefore, your location will affect the price.

The opposite is true in places like northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How easy it is to get in and out of work; how you want the job done because it will be quick; If you need cleaning on weekends or weekdays as weekend workers will pay more.

What are the Supply Costs of End of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you want to deep clean your home, you may want to invest in a deep cleaning washing machine. Or you may want to save some money by purchasing your own cleaning supplies.

So in this section, we’ll go over the different costs associated with final cleaning so you know what to expect when you buy the property.

Some cleaners or customers are willing to bring their own cleaners if they have special preferences or allergies to certain chemicals.

always checks beforehand if this is true. However, if you run out of something you use or something goes wrong and detergent or customers don’t provide their own, it’s a good idea to have some essentials on hand.

First of all, you need a sponge suitable for brushing.

This will cost you £1 – £7 as you can buy a pack of sponges. You’ll also need a washing machine between £1.50-5 and a towel or microfiber cloth will cost £1-17 depending on whether you want to buy clothes in bulk.

Polishing a mirror costs £4 – £27 then you need to get a cleaning brush, there are many types of brushes but if you want all of them are important to you.

You can buy a set of brushes for £6 – £17; However, it is better to have a better brush as it lasts longer and is better.

Mops and buckets are essential items ranging from £12 to £30, dusters and brushes from £1.50 to £6.50.

Because bleach is involved, you will need protective gloves to protect you from injury. This will cost £0.50 – £7.

A plastic bag is a great tool, they cost around £5 – £9 and are great for carrying all your gear.

Then move on to basic cleaning products, you’ll need an average of £1-3 for furniture polish, £2-6 for glass cleaner, £1-14 for all-purpose cleaner depending on whether you buy in bulk or individually.

Antiseptics £4-30, most disinfectants £5-9 and a descaler costs £2-20 on average. A degreaser costs £4 – £13 depending on the type and needs, while bleach is £0.£50 – £1, detergent will cost £1 – £20 laundry costs will vary depending on the type of floor you have; however, on average they usually cost between £2-15. There are many types of dishwashing liquid; So, it depends on what works best for you. However, it usually costs around $10 for a standard toilet. The

oven cleaner costs around £3-4 depending on the brand you choose, the hand cleaner averages around £7-10 and the dishwashing liquid is around£5 – £12

All these chemicals are classified as hazardous materials and must be handled, handled and stored with care. If you plan to use them, you should wear protective gear such as a pair of cleaning gloves. Under, there will be two forms, one containing the equipment needed and the second one containing the basic equipment required for cleaning at the end of the lease.


Sponge£1 – 7£
Cleaning Brush£1.50 – 5£
Glass Polishing Cloth£4 – 27£
Cleaning Brush Set£6 – £17
Mop and bucket£12 – £30
Dustpan and brush£1.50 – £6.50
Protective gloves£0.50 – £7
Plastic caddy£5 – £9

Breakdown of basic maintenance items needed later:

Furniture polish£1 – £3
Glass cleaner£2 – £6
Multipurpose cleaner£1 – £14
Disinfectant£4 – £30
Mildew cleaner£5 – £9
Descaler£2 – £20
Degreaser£4 – £30
Bleach£0.50 – £1
Sanitiser£1 – £20
Oven cleaner£3 – £4
Washing detergent£7 – £10
Dishwasher chemicals£5 – £12

What is the extra cost for the end of the house cleaning?

The cost of cleaning services is determined by many factors, including the work you provide to the professional.

Whether it’s end-of-house cleaning, personal care or carpet cleaning, we can help (though it’s one of the hardest things to do).

If you don’t feel like you can do everything yourself, Customer Service can provide you with fast and efficient support. However, there are often additional costs associated with final cleaning that will impact your overall budget. That’s why we’ve created this section to know the additional costs needed at the end of your cleaning so you’ll know what to do with it when it gets to that point.

Window Cleaning

It’s hard to argue that living in a house with open, bright windows is more appealing.

But how much does it cost to clean windows?

Window cleaning costs between £8 and £120. This depends on how many windows need cleaning and where you live.

Cleaning seven windows will cost you £15 – £35; However, if you live in London the price goes up to £25-£30

9 window cleanings in London average £8 – £120, 9 windows in London average £120 – £150.

Prices in London are higher than elsewhere in the UK due to the large population and demand for such services. The overall cost is higher as professional window cleaners cost between £20-50 per hour.

There are many issues to be considered such as the number of floors of the building, the number of windows, whether the windows are from the inside or from the outside. Does the screen need cleaning? So don’t underestimate how long this will take.

For a group of two, it will take 4-5 hours to clean the inner and outer windows of the greenhouse. For exterior cleaning, it will take 2 hours for a 2-storey attic with seven windows, and 3-3.5 hours for a detached house with a two-storey roof window.

Window cleaning has many benefits, for example window cleaning can help prevent deadly pests such as flies that may be in corners, window sills or outside windows. and dirt but also dust; Dust is often difficult to see with the naked eye, so you may not even know it’s there!

That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your windows no matter what.

Carpet cleaning

The cost of carpet cleaning is highly dependent on the number of carpets in your home and can be added if you have a large number of carpets. Therefore, the typical cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will vary depending on the size of your space.

For example, a small room costs around £20 – £30, a large room £40 – £50 and a landing or staircase costs around £72 -90. You can pay between £120 and £400 to clean all your carpets.

These prices will vary depending on the cleaning company you choose, your location in the UK and whether the cleaning company has to move your furniture before the job is done.

The final price will depend on how dirty your carpet is and whether you have any stubborn stains, as these factors affect how long it will take to finish.

carpet cleaning time depends on the size and condition of the carpet. Larger rugs take longer to clean, as do rugs with more stains. It will take an average of 30-60 minutes for the

to clean the middle carpet. Carpet cleaning normally takes 1-2 hours to complete.

Depending on the size of the house and the carpets being cleaned, it may take 2-4 hours to clean all the rooms in the house.

There are many ways to clean carpet; However, you should research the end of house cleaning and choose the one that suits you best. However, the most common type of carpet cleaning is room cleaning and it is a very effective method.

This process includes steam carpeting that helps remove dirt. After that, the soil can be removed.

Steam kills 99.9% of floor germs, making carpet better for you and your family. While steam cleaning works for both, it works better on hard floors than carpets.

Type of Work

The type of maintenance service you need is the most important cost to consider. For example, if you just need to clean your oven it can cost as little as £50, if you want to get a professional cleaning service it can cost as little as £2,000 per week.


If you need to clean your home or office, we will estimate based on the size of the place, because the larger the place, the longer it will take. The same goes for carpet cleaning, where a large bedroom can cost more than a small one.

Number of rooms

Price also depends on the number of rooms in the property; for example, if you only need to clean the carpet in one bedroom, it will be cheaper than cleaning the whole house.

If you hire a cleaner or freelancer to do your final cleaning, they will charge you per room. So, the more places you have, the more you pay.

Minimum Wage

Some cleaning contractors will charge a small fee for the labour, materials, and time required to complete the job. Therefore, depending on who you choose, there may be additional charges for final cleaning.

In some cases, the lowest price is not added to the total, but is taken as the pre-processed price. For example, some cleaners are paid daily, so even if the job lasts for 1 day and 4 hours, you are paid 2 days’ wages.

Cleaner Number

It seems that only one cleaner will work for the end of the clean.

On the other hand, if the job is heavy and takes a long time to complete, larger jobs may require the use of two or three cleaners. In some cases, your hourly labour costs can double or triple depending on how many workers are hired.


Your location is also an important value. In other parts of the country, such as the southeast and London, cleaners will be paid more. On the other hand, cleaners in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland generally pay less.

Tradesmen Costs for End of Tenancy Cleaning

The cost of a handyman often depends on the size and amount of work required to complete the job. So cleaning at the end of the rental will usually cost you more because the washing machine cleans more deeply, which means it will take longer.

Here we take a look at the artist’s price at the end of the lease so you can see how much you have to pay.

Cleaning fee ultimately depends on who you hire and where you live. The cost of hiring a cleaner in the UK can range from £10 to £23 per hour.

For example, in Sheffield you can expect to pay around £12 per hour, while in Edinburgh you can expect to pay around £23 per hour. Cities on the south coast are generally more expensive, while those on the north are cheaper. Housekeepers in

London can charge £5 to £10 more per hour than other UK cities.

The hourly rate for housekeeping in the UK is between £12 and £20 if you hire through an agent. Of course, some businesses pay over £20 an hour.

You can save some money by hiring a freelancer. By 2021, you can expect to spend between £10 and £15 an hour depending on where you live and who you work for.

From April 2021, the living wage for people aged 25 and over will be £8.91 per hour, so you shouldn’t be paying less than that unless you’re employing a young person.

Final cleaning services can be expensive, but if you’re looking for a quick way to de-stress your time, it’s worth it. Prices for cleaners vary, but if you live in London or the South Beach or need special equipment, expect to pay at least £10 an hour.

Since there are more professional cleaning jobs than ordinary people, you may not need their time as much as you think. Prices may vary depending on where you live in the UK and the quality of the organization you choose. Prices in London and the South East are higher than elsewhere in the country.

How Long Does the End of Tenancy Cleaning take?

When the cleaning will be completed depends on the job and the size of the job. As if your house needs a deep cleaning to remove the stains and marks around it, the process will take longer.

Or, if you live in a 6+ bedroom home, it will last longer than a 2 bedroom home as there is more room to clean.

Here we examine the differences between the end of hotel cleaning and cleaning so you know what to do when it happens to you.

Final cleaning is different from weekly cleaning.

This is routine maintenance. How long it will take will depend on the size and condition of your home and whether you do this yourself or hire a professional cleaner. Plan a day to make sure you complete all the required tasks.

If you want to clean yourself, you have to buy the right things. It will take approximately 6 to 7 hours to complete the final cleaning of your home.

Dusting and sweeping is not enough. If you have carpets, you need to clean them. This will spend most of its time in the kitchen because you have to clean all the appliances inside and out. Stove cleaning alone can take up to an hour and only if you use the right cleaning products


Benefits of the Final Decision

Deep cleaning your home will make you feel better.

But the extra money is not worth it because you can keep your house clean. So if you’re talking about terminating your contract, here we cover the different benefits you’ll get when your contract expires.

Save Time and Work

You don’t have time to do housekeeping when you move or to clean at the end of the rental period when you move out. Professional and experienced staff will clean and disinfect your entire home in less time.

They will strictly follow your cleaning schedule to provide quality service within the estimated time, saving you time and effort.

Quality Equipment

The best part about hiring the ultimate professional rental cleaning service is that they use advanced technology to provide you with a quality and satisfying cleaning service.

Housekeepers will have all the necessary cleaning supplies such as laundry mats, laundry detergents and creative programs to help streamline the whole process.

Reduce the Stress of Moving

Moving is a stressful process that takes time, money, and effort. In this case, it will be difficult to allocate time for end-of-rental cleaning services.

Therefore, when you are focused on your move, it is important that you get a professional cleaning service that can handle your duties.

Save Money

At first glance, paying a professional instead of doing the work yourself may seem like an unnecessary expense. But getting this value is important.

If you have to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment to do the cleaning yourself, it will cost you more than hiring a professional cleaning service.

Quality Models

End-of-home cleaning services provide more cleaning than you can do on your own. Professional and professional cleaners will keep your furniture looking beautiful, smelling fresh and removing stubborn stains or stains around the house.


Q: What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

A: Cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting objects such as the front door, skirting boards, walls, ceiling, limescale on tiles, and taps were all part of an end-of-tenancy clean.

It also includes deep-cleaning equipment like the oven and stove, as well as the microwave and refrigerator. They will also clean your carpet, shampooing and deep cleaning it throughout your home.

They will also clean and disinfect furniture such as cupboards, bookcases, shelves, and bed frames, as well as blinds and drapes. They will vacuum and mop your entire home, removing all furniture and heavy appliances to remove all dust, dirt, and stains.

They’ll deep clean your kitchen and bathroom. Sanitising these areas is critical, owing to the increased danger of infection. They’ll also clean your windows both inside and out, leaving them gleaming and smudge-free.

Q: What is the difference between normal cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning?

A: Cleaning duties that keep your home in a tolerable state are referred to as ‘regular cleaning.’ Consider this form of cleaning to be a part of your ‘home tasks.’ You can regularly clean yourself or hire someone to assist you if you are short on time.

When it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning, your cleaning crew will stay until the job is completed, including dealing with appliances, moving furniture, and cleaning within cabinets.

They’ll leave your property immaculate and gleaming, guaranteeing that you get your security deposit back in full and undamaged.

Q: Can you do your end of tenancy clean?

A: Tenants can tidy up after themselves at the end of their lease. They cannot be forced to hire any cleaning firm or any cleaning service at all by the landlord.

The landlord has the option of requesting the same level of hygiene as described in the move-in inventory report. If you intend to clean yourself, set aside enough time.

Q: Do you need an end of tenancy clean?

A: End of tenancy cleaning is required for landlords, agents, and renters of both residential and commercial rental properties. If you wish to receive your security deposit back, end-of-tenancy cleaning is required for renters of rental properties.

Q: How clean is clean?

A: When it comes to cleaning your leased house, your landlord or rental agent should only expect you to keep it clean to the same standard as when you first moved in while taking into consideration normal wear and tear.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning or do it yourself, make sure you bring your inventory with you so you can see how things were before your tenancy began.



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