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Are you interested in knowing the price of a wardrobe that is fitted?

This article will discuss the various aspects involved in building a wardrobe. From the cost of materials, supply to joinery charges, we’ll cover the cost of everything. With options to fit your budget, from inexpensive fitted wardrobes to custom made wardrobes.


What Should be The Price for Installing a Fitted Wardrobe?

Fitted Wardrobes | Many people install wardrobes in their homes today as they add value and beauty to any room.

Why are outfits together so popular?

The Walk-in Closet takes advantage of the space available in your home and reduces clutter, giving you enough space to store almost anything in your home.

What is the price of a suitable wardrobe?

Fitting a new wardrobe costs around £2,600 on average and can take from a day to two weeks, depending on the job and whether other work needs to be done.

However, this will depend on the size and style of the cabinet and room.

Designers are constantly creating new and improved clothing styles, from entry doors to beautiful aesthetics; however, this difference affects the time required for installation and the overall complexity of the project. The

Walk-in Wardrobe has a new design and can now be customised to match your home decor, as many designers can customise their wardrobe to your specifications.

Due to the complexity and size of the dress, prices will vary depending on the type, shape and material you choose.

For example, sliding glass doors are more expensive than traditional doors with handles. Toilets with interior features such as Spot, shelves and TV cabinets are more expensive because they take longer to install. For example, they may also need the help of other businesses, such as electricians, to install lighting.

All prices will vary depending on the equipment chosen, the size of the wardrobe, the way of assembly, the condition of the place where it will be installed and other additional costs.

For example, installing a wardrobe in a bad bedroom will be more difficult and take longer to assemble, resulting in higher labour costs.

However, if there is a problem accessing the room, the price will increase accordingly. Some people have unusual rooms because of their layout, design or even ceiling. When installers arrive and hand over the job, they will be able to identify accessibility issues.

The location of your home is often the most important factor influencing transaction costs.

If you live in a popular city like Manchester or London, you will pay a higher wage than if you live in a quieter part of the country.

This is because the cost of living in certain areas is rising and the rising cost is affecting almost all services in these areas.

Prices for Fitted Wardrobe

The tables below show different prices.

Job TypePrices
Bespoke fitted wardrobe with sliding doors£2200-£3000
Bespoke fitted wardrobe with sliding mirror doors£2000-£2800
Bespoke 3-door fitted wardrobe£2000-£2500
Standard 4-door fitted wardrobe£2400-£3100
Standard 5-door fitted wardrobe£3100-£3900
Bespoke 6-door fitted wardrobe£3300-£4100
Corner fitted wardrobe£600-£1000
Gloss fitted wardrobe£700-£3000

How Much Does a Wardrobe Cost?

Materials usually make up about 70% of the total cost of installing a wardrobe in your home. As can be seen from the picture above, prices vary greatly depending on the number of cabinets and doors. Another important consideration when budgeting for a Wardrobe assembly is whether you want custom packaging or off-the-shelf items from a DIY or clothing store.

Custom-made wardrobes can be expensive, as a carpenter or carpenter must design and build a wardrobe from scratch, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll be very happy with the product. Since Oak is more expensive than uPVC, you should also consider the material you will use in your wardrobe. Again, it’s all about striking the best balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, depending on your budget.

As you can see, the prices of different clothes are different, this is due to the design, quality and materials of the wardrobe.

Custom sliding door wardrobes usually cost between £1,550 and £2,100, while three-door wardrobes cost between £1,400 and £1,750.

Sliding glass door walk-in wardrobes usually cost between £1,400 and £1,950, while regular four-door wardrobes cost between £1,650 and £2,200.

The more doors you have, the more expensive it is. For example, a 5-door bespoke wardrobe can cost between £2,150 and £2,750, and a 6-door bespoke wardrobe can cost between £2,200 and £2,800. The corner cabinets are the cheapest option because they cost between £400 and  , while the glossy wardrobes cost between £500 and £2000. It depends on what kind of gloss and what you have in your wardrobe.

The table below shows the cost of providing a bespoke wardrobe:

Wardrobe TypePrice
Bespoke Made Wardrobe With Sliding Doors1550 £-2100 £
Fitted Wardrobe With Sliding Mirrors£1400-£1950
Bespoke 3-door fitted wardrobe£1400-£1750
Standard 4-door fitted wardrobe£1650-£2200
Standard 5-door fitted wardrobe£2150-£2750
Bespoke 6-door fitted wardrobe£2200-£2800
Corner fitted wardrobe£400-£700
Gloss fitted wardrobe£500-£2000

Extra Cost of installing a Fitted wardrobe why?

Below are the additional costs you can use to upgrade your new wardrobe. New floors, plaster, paint and flooring are examples of this type of work.

The total cost of starting any of the following businesses may vary depending on where you live in the country, places like London charge higher prices than the UK average so yes you will have a stable budget and live like somewhere in London.


If you need wallpaper before or after Wardrobe assembly, this will be added to your price.

The price depends on the size of your room or the wall you want to wallpaper. The cost of wallpapering a room of 10 m2 is between £150-200. Installation of

walls cost around £210-290 for a 20m2 room, £310-400 for a 30m2 room and £410-510 for a 50m2 room.

Because some options are more expensive than others, the type of wallpaper you choose can affect your final bill. For example, pre-applied wallpaper costs £5 to £15 more per roll than regular wallpaper.

On the other hand, it would cost between £200-250 for a 10-square-metre room, £350-450 for a 20-square-foot room, £470-590 for a 30-square-foot room, and £470-590 for a room to strip and hang pictures. large room. From £540 to £680 Flat 50 square metres.

New Hardwood Flooring

Generally, the size, shape, and complexity of your space affect the total price you pay for your hardwood flooring. This will determine how many materials you need and how long it will take the contractor to build the foundation.

Depending on the type of wood you choose for your home, you can expect to pay between £25 and £100 per square metre.

The cost of installing hardwood depends on the type of wood used; Cheaper woods like pine are less expensive than more expensive woods like walnut.

In addition to these costs, you should also factor in the cost of the mattress, which can range from £3 to £8 depending on the thickness and quality of the mattress. An important factor is geography, outsourcing in a big city like London or Birmingham will be more expensive than contracting in a small town.


It costs around £300-£400 to plaster an entire room. Plastering a single wall will cost £100£200 and for a whole room will cost £400£600.

Repairing a small patch is usually between £75 and £125.

When plastering, all areas should be treated once. If necessary, the professional will clean and prepare all areas involved in the work with glue.

Wooden lath screed will be used to hold the plaster in place. The mortar is fixed to the wall and removed after the plaster is finished.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional rather than DIY.


If you want an apartment to be painted by a professional, you can expect to pay £200-300. It costs between £300 and £400 to hire a painter to paint the two rooms. strip, prime and paint one room and £400-600 to do the same job in two rooms. This is also the price you expect to pay when the wood and walls of the room need to be painted.

A painter may find it necessary to make minor repairs to the wall before starting to paint.

Unless specifically requested, plinth, door and window sill colours are generally not included in the colour match.

As part of improving the room’s appearance, painting all the wood is almost worth your time and money. While it may seem like no extra money, a painter can enhance the beauty of your room and add decor.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobe installers typically charge around £150 per day, but due to the complexity of some assemblies, some shopkeepers prefer to pay by the job rather than by the hour. When the seller makes your offer, be sure to ask what’s included.

Usually this covers setup and data, but if you provide data, the quote covers setup only. To avoid miscommunication, make sure you’re all on the same page.

Whether you already have a locker room or not, find out if the organising team offers garbage collection or if you need to collect the garbage yourself. While it is common to rent a car from the person completing the service, it is best to ask in advance.

Service fees vary depending on the size, weight, and type of garment.

For example, expect to pay £660 to £900 in labour costs for a bespoke wardrobe with sliding doors.

A bespoke wardrobe with sliding glass doors would likely cost around £500-700 and a bespoke three-door wardrobe would cost around £600-750. – between £800 and £1200 for a one-door wardrobe and a five-door wardrobe.

A handmade bespoke wardrobe with six doors will likely cost between £1000 and £1400 to set up. A corner wardrobe can cost between £200 and £280 to install, and glossy wardrobes can cost between £240 and £1060.

The following will include the cost of the job:

ProjectOperating Cost
Bespoke fitted wardrobe with sliding doors£660 – £900
Fitted wardrobe with sliding mirror doors£500-£700
Bespoke 3-door fitted wardrobe£600-£750
Standard 4-door fitted wardrobe£800-£1100
Standard 5-door fitted wardrobe£800-£1200
Bespoke 6-door fitted wardrobe£1000-£1400
Corner fitted wardrobe£200-£300

How Long Does it Take to Build a Wardrobe?

Wardrobe wood price according to working hours. Many contractors will charge you by the hour or by the day. Therefore, the type of wardrobe you have will determine how long it will take to install.

First, the specialist will measure the space for 20 to 30 minutes to see if the wardrobe fits perfectly in your chosen room.

This is an important step because sometimes things can go wrong and it takes time to find a place to put your wardrobe.

Wardrobe assembly and installation Depending on the type of wardrobe installed, this takes one to two days. However, how long it will take depends on the size and type of garment.

The most tedious task after that is cleaning the room and making the next adjustment, which usually takes an hour or less.

Wardrobe Selection

You have many design options to choose from when installing a bedroom wardrobe, and you can customise your new wardrobe to meet all your needs.

Here is a list of different types of clothing you can have in your home.

Walk-in Closet Price 

A walk-in closet is a popular choice for homeowners with small rooms. Many people dream of turning an empty room into a closet, and with a suitable wardrobe, the goal can be achieved.

Many people prefer to place shelves, studs and drawers on three walls of a room and this cabinet will do the trick.

If you don’t need three storage walls, you can use this space to create a dressing room by adding a large mirror or vanity.

A professional walk-in closet usually costs around £4,000.


  • Good for organising clutter
  • Makes your site look its best.


  • Expensive

Around the Bed Fitted Wardrobes Cost

Placing a modern wardrobe next to the bed is the best option for people with limited space. While it’s usually a solution for small bedrooms, it can work well in larger spaces.

Most homeowners have lockers on either side of the bed, but the closet extends beyond the head.

This provides additional storage space and folded clothes, shoes and accessories are often hung from the ceiling.

The Deposit Bank is constantly changing according to your needs. Such wardrobes usually cost around £1400-£1800


  • Maximises natural light
  • Easy to match your style


  • Non-removable

Wall-mounted wardrobes Cost

You always have the option of installing a wall-mounted bedroom, whatever your size or configuration let it be. room. This is one of the most popular options and is the first choice for many.

Now all you have to do is decide where the wardrobe wall should go and how deep it should be. They fit into a floor-to-ceiling warehouse like almost any other wall.

Of course you have full control over the interior and exterior design and can make sure your entire wardrobe fits in your space.

This walk-in wardrobe costs around £1,600-1,800.


  • Enlarge your room
  • Hide unwanted space


  • Difficult to adjust space

Sliding Door Wardrobe Price

Sliding doors are a good choice for custom wardrobes as they do not need to open the room.

These doors run from floor to ceiling without taking up floor space. The price of this sliding door depends on how much you pay. The average price of the

three-sliding doors are around £2,650.


  • Small footprint
  • Great location
  • Many colours and designs


  • For a small bedroom that is difficult to replace or replace once fitted. 

Made to Measure Wardrobes Cost

These wardrobes are usually designed and installed by a carpenter or professional and they make good use of the space in the room.


  • The custom-made wardrobe makes the most of the space in the room.
  • Wardrobe harmony is aesthetically appealing.
  • Custom wardrobes can be made from built-in wardrobes.
  • Custom wardrobe doors are replaceable.


  • It takes longer to create a tailored suit than a plain suit.

The Advantage of Fitted Wardrobe 

Space is an important factor to consider when moving to a new home or renovating rooms in your existing home. What furniture will help you take up the available space?

How do you keep everything in one place without exceeding your storage space?

If you haven’t already, we suggest you take a look at the benefits of installing a wardrobe in your home. Here they are for you.

Make the most of space 

The best thing about the walk-in wardrobe is that it helps you make the most of what you have in your home. Unlike standalone wardrobes, they are measured to fit perfectly with no gaps on either side. Additional storage is a bonus when space is full. This doesn’t have to worry about it being too big and heavy for the space or too small and being carried around by other furniture such as closets. The

Walk-in Wardrobe blends seamlessly into your room’s decor, providing a stress-free storage and organisation solution for your clothes and personal items.


The Walk-in Wardrobe is custom made to your specifications. It can be frustrating when you can’t find the perfect standalone wardrobe with all the compartments, storage and storage you need.

With a wardrobe, you can customise the space to suit your needs, whether by adding a shoe rack, shelves for more storage, or hangers for retrieving more clothes.

Tired of not being able to find your large mirrored wardrobe? 

You can have as many mirrors as you want in the closet.

Full-length mirrors on each door of your closet can make your space appear larger than it actually is, as well as letting you see all of your clothes.

Downgraded of Clutter

Your belongings can be neatly organized and stored behind closed doors, providing more storage space.

A clean home reflects a clear mind, giving you a good place to rest and relax.

Easy to clean

Unlike white clothes, clothes do not have a barrier to collect dust.

Don’t reach for the dustpan to clean the top of your cabinet or squeeze the vacuum underneath to reach the dustpan. Therefore, it can make your cleaning process easy and convenient.

A good investment

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your home, a good wardrobe can also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

This is a great investment that will improve your daily life while increasing the value of your property. Many new homeowners want to fit their wardrobe as it gives the home a beautiful and modern look.

The new Décor

New Wardrobe makes the light look better and gives your bedroom a new look and a new lease of life.

As many people plan their bedroom around a new wardrobe, a coat in new colours, and some new furniture, they may relocate. It’s best to have a wardrobe that matches your decor. 

How much Does it cost to Remove the fitted Wardrobe?

If you want to remove clothes hanging on the wall in your home, there are some safety precautions you should take.

Removing custom furniture from a room wall is a demolition job that requires the use of a crowbar to remove it from the wall. Note that you may need to repair the walls after removing the

Fitting. This can be a DIY process; however you will need to hire a tipper to remove the debris.

Ropeway rental prices vary, but the most popular basket is the 8-size basket with a capacity of 80 to 90 bins. is 3.

It is 66 meters long, 1.68 meters wide and 1.22 meters high.

Weekly rent will be between £200 and £250, with the price in London going up to £275. However, you can hire a handyman to take out your old clothes, it usually costs between £80-110 per day.

However, if you wish to hire someone to do this for you, the price will vary according to the size of the locker, but usually £300-400 can be accommodated excluding moving costs.

You can rent a hopper to collect all the materials before they are removed, or you can take the old clothes apart and take them to a recycling cente98 for disposal.


Q: How can you update old fitted wardrobes?

A: Your fitted wardrobe may begin to look dated and out of style with time. If this is the case, you might want to give it a more current design without having to replace it entirely.

There are various ways to spruce up your old fitted wardrobes, including:

  • Adding decorative trimmings or panelling
  • Adding mirrors to the wardrobe doors
  • Painting the wardrobes, a new coat
  • Changing the handles
  • Upgrading the interior
  • Adding sliding doors
  • Integrating a bed into the wardrobe
  • Adding curtains
  • Removing the doors and adding more shelves.
  • Adding more shelves up to the ceiling

Q: Can you paint fitted wardrobes?

A: It is possible to paint your fitted wardrobes, however, repainting your old fitted wardrobe is not an easy task. The results will pay off when you see how your unique wardrobe doors may change the look of your interior.

Wardrobe doors, like internal doors, must be removed before painting, so solicit the assistance of a friend.

Q: How are Fitted Wardrobes Fitted?

A: Fitted wardrobes are available in a variety of wood species and finishes. Depending on the space and style, they’re frequently equipped with sliding or hinged doors. Elegant features like mirrors and internal additions like pull-out shoe racks and pull-down hanging rails can be added to fitted wardrobes.

Q: How do you measure for a fitted wardrobe?

A: You’ll need to measure the depth, height, and breadth of the space you want to accommodate with sliding doors when you measure it.

Then, allow at least 620mm for inside wardrobe systems when measuring the depth of the opening in two locations. Then, across the opening, measure the height in three evenly spaced points.

Q: How do you customise a fitted wardrobe?

A: Many individuals customise their fitted wardrobe system by adding shelves, rails, and drawers, but you may be creative.

Some people have built TV units within their fitted wardrobes, allowing them to close the doors when not in use. This gives the room a much cleaner and neater appearance.



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