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Estimated Cost of Fitting a Skylight

Have you ever wondered how much skylights cost to install?

This guide will explain the information you must be aware of regarding skylight installation including labour costs material, timescales, and much more. We will also talk about the advantages of skylights.


How Much Does a Skylight Cost?

Let’s look at the cost that are involved…

There are numerous kinds of skylight windows and there’s an option to fit all budgets.

It’s possible to pay about the range of £ 500 to £ 2000 to install skylights. The price is inclusive of the materials, labor and garbage removal.

What’s the best thing about a skylight?

Velux Window Prices

Below is a breakdown of expenses you can anticipate for various skylight installations:

JobAverage Cost
Small Velux window installation cost£600-£100
High Velux window installation cost£1200-£1500
Small roof pate installation cost£400-£700
Small skylight installation cost£500-£1000
High skylight installation cost £800-£1600
Roof sundeck installation cost£5000-£9000 
Electric top-bowed installation cost£1400-£1800
Top-bowed installation cost£800-£1300
Centre pivot installation cost£700-£1200

What are the Supply Costs of a Skylight Window Installation?

There are many variations of skylight windows. Each kind of window has distinct prices.

In the table below, you’ll see the various skylight window cost estimates. These are the prices for the window materials only, not including the cost of labor:

Supply costAverage Cost
Small roof sundeck£4000-£6000
Large roof sundeck £5000-£7000
Small electric top- hung window£900-£1500
Medium electric top- hung window £1100-£1700
Large electric top- hung window£1200-£2000 
Small deck £2000-£4000 
Large deck £4000-£8000
Small top- hung window£500-£800
Medium top hung window£700-£1000
Large top- hung window£950-£1300
Small center pivot window £400-£700
Medium center pivot window£600-£1000
Large center pivot window £800-£1500
Flat roof skylight £400-£800
Aggregate skylight £350-£700

What are the Additional Costs of a Skylight Installation?

A lot of additional costs could come from this kind of job. Here is the list of other jobs you could think about in conjunction with a skylight window installation:

Double Glazing

After you have your new skylights it is also worth replacing all of the windows in your house replaced with new double-glazed windows.

The average cost of installing double glazing in your home is around £3000-£7000 . The costs will depend on the size of the windows, the materials used, and the number of windows you would like to have replaced.

Patio Doors

If you are installing skylight windows, you may be interested in additional tasks, like installing a patio door.

The typical price you can expect to shell out on new doorways for your patio is between £400 and £1500. But, it could be higher based on the type of door you pick.

Loft Conversion

If you’re thinking of adding skylights to the loft conversion, then you may be interested in learning about the costs associated with the whole loft conversion.

The overall cost of a loft conversion is around £25,000-£100,000 . The price range is so wide because there are different factors that can affect the cost, such as the type of conversion, the materials used, and any additional work involved with the conversion.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing a Skylight

When installing skylights it is recommended to employ a professional firm to carry out the task for you since it is challenging. The task will generally require two people comprising an expert in skylight installation and a laboring assistant.

Here, we will look at the labour costs of installing a skylight window.

You could expect that you will pay for a skylight installation expert approximately £150-£250 per day. In addition, you can anticipate paying an employee about £100-£125 each day. This means that the total price you will pay for the labor with this kind of job is approximately £250-£375 each day.

The only thing that could impact the cost of labor is if there’s extra work to be done or if the site is difficult to get access to.

Homeowners in the London area are also likely to pay between between £50 and extra per day to cover labor costs over those living on North North or other regions within the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Fit a Skylight Window?

In this article we’ll examine the timings you should expect when you install windows for skylights.

If you have two persons working on the project then you can anticipate it to take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to put in the new skylight in your home. If you’re planning to have an outdoor balcony built it could take 1 to 2 days.

Some things that can affect the overall timescales of the job include the following:Preparation, for instance when furniture must be moved, or contractors are unable to gain access to the spaceIn the event that a roof’s not sturdy enough, it is necessary to reinforce the roofIf extra work is needed to finish the taskIf you’re adding more than one window, you will need to add a new one.The window’s size windows – larger windows can become more complicated to set up and could take a longer time to install.

Types of Skylight Windows

There are many different kinds of skylights to pick from. Here is a listing of skylights available along with the benefits and drawbacks of each

Roof Terrace

A roof terrace can be compared to the Velux balcony. Instead of opening up the windows, this one follows the form of the room. It can be opened as a hinged doorway opening out onto the balcony.


  • The room is flooded with natural light
  • Easy access to the balcony


  • Light can blind without proper blinds
  • Privacy issues
  • This requires a significant amount of space
  • High cost

Electric Top Hung

The windows are operated by an adjustable switch or a remote control. They’re akin to top-hung window, but they are equipped with electric controls, whereas top-hung windows with manual controls can be controlled using the pole.


  • Convenient
  • Windows fully open
  • Provides unobstructed views
  • Offers a second fire escape route for firefighters.


  • This could pose a security risk for children
  • The weight of the window is centered on a single pivot.
  • Light could be blinding if there aren’t sufficient blinds
  • It is difficult to keep clean.
  • Will not work when there is the event of a power outage
  • At risk of strong winds when the doors are open


A balcony installation is very complex and likely to take longer than other skylights. The typical balcony is comprised of fixed frames as well as pivot frames. They can be beautiful additions to the house and provide an elegant and unique design.


  • Allows a great deal of light to pass through
  • Space for additional storage
  • Beautiful aesthetic


  • Space is only temporary
  • Very expensive
  • It requires a large amount of space and a secure structure

Centre Pivot

A skylight with a centre pivot is among the most sought-after designs. The pivot is situated in the middle of the frame, allowing the window to tilt. This lets air circulate through the top and bottom.


  • Cost-effective choice
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • It provides better security
  • Installation is simple and easy to do


  • Manual operation
  • The door won’t be fully opened
  • Can amplify outdoor sounds like rain
  • The roof can leak if not sealed properly
  • Light could be blinding if there aren’t proper blinds

Top Hung

This kind of skylight has a similar design to the center pivot, but the window is opened by the hinge at its top. This means that the window will be completely opened. The fact that windows can be fully opened is extremely beneficial as it provides an additional escape route in case of an fire.


  • Window is fully open
  • It also provides an escape route
  • Views unobstructed


  • The area is difficult to wash
  • Highly susceptible to powerful winds when the door is completely open
  • It could be a security concern for children
  • Light can blind without sufficient blinds
  • The window’s weight is put on a single pivot
  • Manual operation

Benefits of a Skylight Window

There are numerous advantages of the installation of a skylight at your house. Here’s an overview of the most important benefits of this kind of job:

Adds Natural Light

The most significant benefit of incorporating Skylights in your house is that they let a lot of natural light to enter your home. The windows also allow solar heat to enter your home.

Natural light is believed to boost your mood and aid you in achieving better results in your work and other responsibilities. The sun’s warmth in your home will also save you money on heating expenses during winter months.

Allows Fresh Air In

Skylight windows allow lots of fresh air into your home. This helps with the cross-ventilation of rooms. It also helps freshen your air as well as cool your living space in the summer months, allowing you to cut down on cooling or fan expenses.

Saves on Energy Costs

As mentioned previously the sun’s rays entering through the skylights of your home can make your home warmer. The additional airflow that comes from windows can also help cool your house and make it feel more fresh. Both of these elements can aid in reducing the energy bills you pay for.

Adds to Resale Value

The addition of skylights to your home can be an visually pleasing feature. Making any cosmetic improvements to your home such as this will increase the value of your property and assist in boosting the value of resales. A lot of potential buyers will be favorably on skylights since they can not only lower your energy costs They are also beautiful.

What’s the Cost to take down a skylight?

In certain situations it is possible to eliminate a skylight from your house. In particular in the event that you’re getting it replaced with an new window, in the event that it was not installed correctly or is getting old or isn’t performing properly in the present. In this case it is possible to know the amount it would cost to remove the skylight.

If you are considering removing the skylight and replacing it you should expect to spend between £150 to £250 for labor costs. In the majority of cases this amount will also be inclusive of the expense for a rubbish removal service, who will remove the old window for no cost.

If you have to manage the cost of disposal by yourself, you should expect to pay between between £10 and £60 for this based in the dimension of your window.


Question: Are you able to put in an open skylight on flat roofs?

A: You are able to install the skylight on your flat roof. However, planning permission might be required. It will be contingent upon your choice of materials. It is also necessary to make sure that the project is compliant with the applicable construction regulations.

Q: How can you block out light coming from the bedroom skylight?

A: The most efficient method of blocking light from a skylight inside your bedroom would be to install blinds that block out the skylights. They block all sunlight when required and you are able to open them in the amount you need so that you can let the proper amount of light into.

Q What is a skylight window? child-safe?

A: A lot of skylights can be dangerous for children since they can be completely opened and can let your child escape if you’re not paying attention to them.

The majority times skylights are not in access, but some balconies have openings that could pose a risk to children. There are many factors to make the window secure, including locking mechanisms.

Q: What exactly is an Velux window?

A The term “velux” refers to a Velux window refers to a particular type of window that is commonly used to make roof skylight windows in UK. Velux are the top manufacturer of these kinds of windows. However you can also find other brands, however they aren’t as well-known.

Q: How often will I have to change my skylight?

A If you maintain them properly it is recommended at replacing your skylights approximately every 10 years.

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