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Estimated Cost Of Garden Renovation

Are you contemplating an improvement to your garden?

We will review the different factors and costs that could impact your garden makeover procedure.

If you’ve got garden renovation thoughts in mind, you’ll discover all you need to know in this guide.

So, how much would an investment in a garden remodel cost?


How Much Does A Garden Makeover Cost?

If you live in a home that has an outdoor area You’ll definitely be looking to make the most of it. Of course, saying it’s simpler than doing it.

It is all about what you are looking for!

Finding an average price for remodeling a garden can be difficult since the total cost is contingent upon the dimensions of your garden, the kind of work you’d like to do in your garden and the many labourers needed to complete the task.

If you are planning a transformative project for the back of a huge garden, which is 100m2, the costs for designing will typically be between £5,000-£10,000.

The cost is contingent on the materials used as well as the cost of labour and amount of time needed to finish the work. If you’re working on a budget you’re probably better to determine the amount you can afford and the work you could accomplish with that amount.

Making an impact…

If properly managed when done properly, things like lawns or plants could make a huge impact. For installation and supplies, the cost for a lawn of 50m2 is between £700 and £900 on the average, or about £14 per square meter.

The cost of the turf is around £20 for a m2 but it is cheaper to lay it yourself. placing it yourself.

The simple act of planting a few trees around your garden will create a beautiful frame and doesn’t cost you a dime. When they are in bloom the ornamental cherry trees are priced just £50 for a square metre, and can be an excellent decorative accent. Making small changes to your garden can make significant changes to how you live.

Here’s how to cut costs…

The cost of designing your garden may be reduced by £30 per square meter if you’re happy with the overall design and want to concentrate on the planting. The final cost will depend on the amount of money you have available and the dimensions of your garden and the grandiose objectives you have set for yourself.

Installation and supplies for a lawn of 50m2, it would cost between £700-£800 which is around £14 for a sq m.

You can always test it out yourself!

Because turf is just a tiny fraction of the cost at around £3 per square meter it is possible to give it a go.

Garden Makeover Prices

In the table below, we look at the typical cost of garden renovations and the amount you can expect to spend.

Turfing£750 – £1,000
Lawn£700 – £900
Artificial grass is installed£60 – £75
Pruning£450 – £850
Laying out a patio£1,750 – £2,600
The construction of a garden fence£900 – £1,200
Having decking installed£1,100 – £3,250

The nature and the size of the project and the amount of tradespeople employed as well as the ease of access and how close you live to your house are a few of the factors that determine the price of garden renovation.

In the majority of places, costs in the south region of England (and especially 

London) are more expensive than the average for the country. In areas such as Northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, however, the reverse is true.

What are the Supply Costs of a Garden Makeover?

If you’re considering making your garden look better due to costs you’ll be able to DIY some tasks.

If you choose to transform your garden on your own, you’ll save cash on labour costs. That leaves only the costs of materials that you’ll require to complete your garden remodel.

In this article, we’ll examine the different supply prices, so that you are aware of the amount you’ll require on an average, and what you’ll need to purchase to complete your garden’s transformation.

If you’re in search of an inexpensive garden makeover You can look over the costs of this article to determine the garden design ideas that are most important to you.

In the beginning, you’ll require a lawnmower. It’s going to cost you around £40 or £300 based on the type you’re looking for. While it may seem costly the fact is that having a lawnmower will save you money hiring someone else to cut your grass.

You will require an electric chainsaw. This will cost between £11 or £90 in the same manner, depending on the kind you’d like.

There is a possibility that you will need to buy a rake that costs £10 to £40. A container is priced about £10 to £300. If you’re considering making a flower garden the cost will be £1 to £40 for a bag of seeds.

A plant that is already grown will cost £2 to £30 and soil generally costs £4 to £15.

A watering container is an important item to have at home. It costs about £5-£30, a hand trowel is priced at £5 – £20. A spade as well as a digging forks will cost £10 – £50, a hoe is priced at £10 to £30, and fertilizer costs £3 – £20.

The use of gardening gloves can help you do your work more efficiently and less painfully. It is possible to purchase gloves for £0.50 or £20. Secateurs are essential tools for gardeners. The typical price is £20 or £40.

Hand forks will cost between £10- £30 and a hose can cost £30 to £80 based on the type you require to use in your garden. Pressure washers are an excellent thing to have but it is not necessary. It costs between £60 and £200.

There aren’t a lot of expensive supplies, but you’ll need several tools to finish the task of a garden remodel.

So, before you start contemplating what you’ll be doing, you should consider what you’ll require to complete your task.

The table below will break down the cost of supply, with no materials or labour costs:

Gloves£0.50 – £20
Lawnmower£40 – £300
Chainsaw£11 – ££90
Rake£10 – £40
Container£10 – £300
Seeds in a bag£1 – £40
Pre-grown plants£2 – £30
Soil£4 – £15
Watering can£5 – £30
Hand trowel£5 – £20
Spade£10 – £50
Digging fork£10 – £50
Hoe£10 – £30
Fertiliser£3 – £20
Secateurs£20 – £40
Hand fork£10 – £30
Hose£30 – £80
Pressure washer£60 – £200

What are the Additional Costs of a Garden Renovation?

If you are planning to renovate your garden It could not work out as planned and you may be forced to overspend the budget. If you are prepared for that something will happen, you’ll know exactly the procedure and cost is going to be.

In the end, we have made this section to ensure you are able to see the added cost of garden renovations and understand what you can be looking for.

Garden Shed Installation

When you’re having your garden renovated You may want to get a garden shed built.

What is the price of an installation of a garden shed? The cost for building a shed is contingent on the location you live in and the materials you want to build with, as well as the size of the shed.

The price of constructing an outdoor wooden shed is expected to be in the range of £500 to £1,200. A shed made of metal that is typical size will cost between £200 and £700 for installation.

A standard-sized shed will likely cost between £285-£700.

The amount of the time needed to build an outdoor building is determined by the dimensions and the type.

Accessibility to your home is another aspect that may influence the time required to construct the shed. It could take anywhere from 1 an hour to up to two days to get the shed built.

The expense of tearing down and taking down the old structure will likely be in the range of £50 and £200 for labour. To dispose of rubbish small skips of around 4-5 yards is sufficient, and will cost between £100 to £260 to rent.

If the shed you have is massive, you may require the largest cage skip that can cost several hundred pounds or an additional large skip. Between labour and disposal charges, the removal of your shed could cost between £150 to £460 on the average.

Garden Decking

You might decide you want decking fitted in your garden. The cost of decking installation in 15m2 for softwood decking ought to be between £800 and £1,200. Between £1,400 and £2,200. hardwood or composite decking will be a bit more costly.

Softwood decking will cost between £3 to £6 per meter. Other types of decking can be expensive and hardwood decking costs between £4-£10 Composite wood decking costs between £8-£12, and uPVC decking priced between £5 and £10.

Your yard as well as the condition of the decking area (as the decking that is not in good condition might need additional preparation or groundwork) as well as the accessibility to your garden are just some of the elements that affect the amount of duration of the construction process for decking.

If, however, there is no issue with decking, the process of installing decking in your backyard should be anywhere between one and four days.

To take down your deck and decking, a professional will likely charge between £100 and £500. You can also rent a skip from £50 to £200.

Size of skip needed is determined by the size of decking that needs to be taken away. Decking can be removed in a skip or making use of a’man-and-van’ service.

Hedge Maintenance

A small hedge could cost between £100 to £170 to get rid of, while a big or medium hedge can cost between £225 to £425 to take it down.

If you want to hedge a 10-metre area The cost is £125£175, and £175£225, for a hedge of 20 meters £225 – £275 for an edging of 30 meters and £275 – £325 for a 40-meter hedge.

The price of trimming hedges is between £150 to £200 for 10-meter hedges, £200 – £250 for 20-meter hedges, £250 – £300 for an edging of 30 meters and £300 and £350 for the 40-meter hedge.

Depending on the size and type of hedge, the number of tradespeople on the job, ease of access, and whether the contractor(s)/company charges per hour or metre, costs might vary dramatically. Cutting and pruning hedges would more likely be included in this category.

A small hedge will cost between £50 and £120 to take down, whereas large or medium-sized hedges could cost between £175 and £375 to get rid of.

The cost of trimming hedges ranges between £75 and £125 for a 10 meter hedge, £125 – £175 to trim a 20-meter hedge, £175 – £225 for a 30 metre hedge and £225£275 for 40-meter hedge.

The length of time needed to maintain a hedge will often determine the labour cost. If the price of labour depends on the size of the hedge then the length of time is not important. If you’re paying for labour on a daily basis the length of time might not be relevant.

A small hedge can require anything from a half day to for clearing. A larger or medium-sized hedge is, however, likely to require three-quarters of a time and two or three days for clearing. Hedging pruning can take around an hour for a 10 metre hedge.

A 20-meter hedge can take about 6 hours to finish, whereas the 30-meter hedge can take an entire day. Cutting a 40-meter hedge is usually one day and an hour and a half.

Hedge trimming takes approximately four hours to trim a 10-meter hedge, 7 hours for a hedge of 20 metres and a workday or slightly longer for a 30-meter hedge, and an entire day and a half to trim the 40-meter hedge.

Minimum Fee

Certain garden renovations require an affordable fee in addition to the cost of materials, labour and garbage collection. This means that, depending on who you decide to choose it could result in an additional cost of gardening restoration.

In some instances there are instances where a minimum charge is paid as a predetermined labour charge instead of adding it to your total. For instance, some gardeners charge per day. So, even when the work is completed in just one day and four hours it will be billed for two days of work.

Number of Tradespeople

A single gardener will likely be hired for the job. More complex jobs, on the contrary, could require the hiring of three or more labourers.

In relation to the quantity of contractors hired the hourly cost of labour could increase or triple depending on the number of contractors you hire.

Of course, it could make the process easier however, depending on how well garden designers work together it could result in a higher cost over the long term.


Another major cost element is the place you live. Certain regions in the nation, for instance the southeast region and London specifically, labourers have higher costs.

Contractors operating in Scotland and the northern part of England as well as Northern Ireland, on the contrary, usually offer lower prices.

Tradesmen Costs for a Garden Renovation

If you are planning to employ someone to revamp your garden It is an excellent idea to be aware of what you can expect from labour charges.

If you’re budget-conscious it is important to be aware of the amount you’ll be paying for the contractors to visit and provide your garden a makeover which is guaranteed to be of high-quality.

Because of this, we will review the tradesmen cost for garden renovations to help you understand what you can expect. We’ll also give you an average price to ensure that you don’t fall victim to scams.

It will be only the costs of tradespeople, not including materials, supplies or other expenses.

Gardeners usually charge between £30 up to £60 each hour. Prices for labour by gardeners differ depending on where they live within the UK and previous experience.

The cost of a gardener is between £110 and £180 per day, on average. They seldom work on their own and the most popular setup is a team of two.

A trainee, also known as”labourer,” might earn between minimum wage to £100 each day. A two-person team is expected to be paid between £250 to £300 per day.

Gardeners may be charged a different hourly rate for gasoline and manual tools. The reason for this is the high costs of maintaining petrol tools as well as because they operate more quickly.

While they may charge more or work quicker, the best result is a result of their experience and proficiency with their professional equipment.

If there is an accident their insurance will cover the cost as well as you will not be held accountable when they hurt themselves using their equipment. They are obligated in doing a great job due to their reputation as professionals and the possibility of referrals and repeat business.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Garden?

Being aware of when your garden’s transformation will be finished is thrilling because it provides you with something to anticipate. We have therefore put together this section to help you know the time it will take to complete the garden transformation to be completed.

From the initial meeting with a designer, to the final construction and planted area It can take up to six months and an entire year.

There are distinct seasons all through the year which create difficulties for garden renovations because the weather can affect the daily work schedule, which could cause the work to take longer.

But, the months of May and April are perfect in landscaping, planting shrubs and trees and perennials. In spring the plants get the chance to grow and change before autumn and summer.

Autumn however is the ideal time to begin landscaping.

From the initial meeting until the garden that is completed the garden’s renovation will take at most four months. It is roughly split into 4 weeks of design and two weeks for tendering to contractors for tenders, 6-8 weeks for waiting as well as four weeks of construction.

In terms of cost and time the process is comparable to constructing a tiny home addition.

Types of Garden Makeovers

Different types of garden remodelling can have a significant impact on the home. If you’re looking to learn about the various types of garden remodelling you can get, this section will give you all you should know, including the benefits and disadvantages of various garden renovations.


Decking is a popular choice for outdoor spaces. It can be utilized to create a focal point for your backyard. Decking is an effective way to enhance the space you have for entertaining and living as well as increase the curb appeal and worth.

The price of building decks will be determined by the quantity of area that needs to be covered as well as the materials that will be employed. Wood is the least expensive material.

Wood decks on the contrary, are subject to damage from weather and won’t last for long. Additionally, they require regular maintenance. Plastic decking is an alternative that is durable and low maintenance, however it’s more costly and often less appealing. Decking made of composite is the best alternative.

It is weatherproof, durable, lasts for years, and is simple to maintain. While they’re expensive, it’s possible to locate and purchase inexpensive composite decking.

A 15-meter square deck can cost between £1,000 and £2,000. Before making a choice, take the time to consider the advantages and drawbacks of every style of decking.

Keep in mind that the most affordable solution could result in a higher cost in the end when you’ll need for replacement.


  • Numerous choices.
  • Affordable
  • The increase in home value.


  • Wood decking isn’t very durable.
  • At risk of weather damage.


A well-groomed, healthy lawn is usually a major aspect of a backyard renovation. The price of laying grass is dependent on the quality of the turf along with the space that will be covered.

Naturally, the greater the quality of grass is, the more costly it gets. The price of grass can vary starting at £3 to £20 per square meters.

You can expect to pay approximately £600 for a 50-meter square lawn, which includes labour as well as turf, should you choose to use an installation. The price will vary based on the kind of turf you pick.

Lawns need regular maintenance However, if you’re willing to take care of the task yourself, you’ll not need to spend a lot of money over the long term.


  • Affordable


  • High maintenance.

Artificial Turf

Artificial grass has become more popular because it has the similar visual characteristics of real grass, however it requires less maintenance. However, the price is higher and it requires more work prior to the grass being laid.

The price of installing artificial grass could easily go over £40 or £60 per square meter.


  • No maintenance is included.
  • It looks like grass that is real.


  • More expensive.


A patio is an easy and efficient way to boost the amount of time spent in your backyard by creating a durable and multi-functional area in which you can sit and chat.

Patios are usually priced according to the dimensions. The cost is per square metre, which varies according to the material you choose.

A patio can cost between £80 to £90 for a square meter which includes digging out and levelling the area and laying a membrane, filling the area with sand and cement and installing the slabs along with mortaring and cleaning.


  • Affordable
  • It offers you a space to relax within your backyard.


  • Prices can be different.


Gardens with plants are an essential aspect of any backyard improvement. They’re an excellent method to add colour as well as texture, aroma and the height of your outdoor area, and they’re also an excellent way to join sections or provide the illusion of privacy.

It is expensive to add plants and trees to your garden and can be quite expensive according to the varieties you choose and the size at the moment of purchase.

Before you decide on a budget, do some investigation either online or at a garden center. Try to purchase plants that will bring you long-term enjoyment. This will give you the most value for your money. Don’t overspend!


  • Your garden will be pretty.


  • High maintenance.

Benefits of a Garden Makeover

After having your garden updated you will be amazed at how your life improves. If you’re still pondering this, then we’ll show you the benefits you can anticipate following the renovation of your garden.


Being outdoors, engaging in an interest, breathing in fresh air, and working out are all beneficial for our physical and mental well-being.

Physical exercise, in addition to keeping your mind stimulated and engaged, is essential to long-term well-being. A garden that is maintained and kept in good condition ensures you have strong arms, a stronger core and legs.

Happier Living Space

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting completely immersed into something and relishing the process of trying new things but failing, attempting again, and finally being successful.

In addition, it is believed that being out in the great outdoors can induce a feeling of belonging, as per research studies. It’s also beneficial if you are able to grow your own plants. The process of making something from scratch will give you lots of satisfaction over the long haul.


Every person must play their part to ensure that the earth we leave to our children is more lush and lush than our own.

It can be done in part by making sure that your garden is a source of wildlife in the area, doesn’t cause harm to our environment and also provides us with food, which allows us to eat less. If you have your garden, you are able to be as creative as you want to improve the quality of life for the planet.

Reproduce Oxygen

Through driving our cars, heating with gas systems as well as purchasing products from distant countries each of us contributes to the carbon dioxide emissions.

But, making sure your yard is filled with plants that emit CO2 is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. A well-groomed garden is better than an area that is paved with gravel or grass.

Replenish Soil

You can help reduce soil erosion by being cautious when you are gardening and focusing on its role within the local ecosystem.

It happens when soil’s nutrients are drained due to over-tilling, growth and pesticide usage. You can help keep the soil’s fertility by being mindful of the plants you choose to use.


Q: How should you plan for a garden makeover?

A: Is it OK for children to play in? Where can you go to dine and drink with your friends and family? Or perhaps one that focuses solely on the cultivation of plants, fruits, and vegetables?

The first step is to decide what you want to do in the garden. This will assist you in properly allocating space.

If the kids require space to run around, you don’t want to construct a large rest area. And this doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your garden; it’s a place for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s more about precisely splitting it to meet everyone’s demands. So, to plan, visualise how you want your garden to look and get advice from several gardeners.

If you’re looking for a cheap garden makeover, you should weigh up your options and determine which aspects of the garden makeover are most important to you.

Q: What garden renovation ideas will add value to a property?

A: Consider installing gorgeous new flower beds, a solid deck, a patio, or water features the next time you want to increase the value of your property.

Q: What is the best time of year for garden renovations?

A: The months of April and May are ideal for landscaping and planting trees, shrubs, and perennials.

During the spring months, your plants will have the opportunity to grow and adapt before the summer and fall. The fall, on the other hand, is the optimum season to start landscaping.

Q: What does a garden designer do?

A: When you hire a garden designer, the first thing they’ll do is ask you for a brief, so they can figure out what kind of design you want.

They can conduct a survey and construct a concept plan from here, allowing them to create a more complete annotated drawing. You have the option of doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor to help you realise your vision and paying the designer to oversee the project.

Q: What is the difference between a landscaper and a garden designer?

A: Landscape can be defined in one easy way: anything that isn’t a structure. The design of the landscape is landscape design.

Garden design, by this definition, can be considered a subset of landscape design. It is not any less of skill for that; in fact, it is the polar opposite.



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