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Estimated Cost Of Gate Installation

Are you interested in knowing how much it would cost to set up a driveway or garden gate?

We’ll examine the different costs associated with gate installation which include supply costs including labour and extra costs associated with this kind of job.


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gate?

The cost for building a gate ranges between £150 for a traditional metal gate to around £4000 for sliding gates with electric motors.

Costs for gate installation can differ depending on the kind of gates, their material used, dimensions of the gate, and its location, as labour costs vary in the UK.

Gate Installation Prices

The following table illustrating the prices you can anticipate for different gate installations:

Job DescriptionAverage Cost
Fit a wooden garden gate with two concrete timber posts£350-£500
Fit a metal gate hung on brickwork£150-£200
Fit a pair of wooden driveway gates to two concrete hardwood posts£650-£1000
Fit a metal gate into an existing gap£300-£400
Add automation to driveway gates£500-£1000
Install electric sliding gates£3000-£4000

What are the Supply Costs of a Gate Installation?

There are a variety of kinds as well as sizes for gates. The table below that shows the costs will be charged for different kinds of gates:

Job DescriptionAverage Cost
3ft x 3ft metal gate£60-£110
3ft x 7ft metal gate£140-£200
3ft x 10ft metal gate£185-£300
4ft x 3ft metal gate£110-£300
4ft x 7ft metal gate£200-£800
4ft x 10ft metal gate£275-£950
6ft x 3ft metal gate£90-£450
6ft x 7ft metal gate£400-£1000
6ft x 10ft metal gate£500-£1200
3ft x 3ft wooden gate£15-£50
3ft x 7ft wooden gate£30-£100
3ft x 10ft wooden gate£60-£120
4ft x 3ft wooden gate£30-£80
4ft x 7ft wooden gate£60-£200
4ft x 10ft wooden gate£80-£250
6ft x 3ft wooden gate£60-£110
6ft x 7ft wooden gate£190-£800
6ft x 10ft wooden gate£300-£1200
3ft x 7ft sliding gate£1050-£1180
3ft x 10ft sliding gate£1200-£1300
4ft x 7ft sliding gate£1080-£1200
4ft x 10ft sliding gate£1200-£135
6ft x 7ft sliding gate£1150-£1250
6ft x 10ft sliding gate£1300-£1400

Below is a table showing the prices for various gate mechanisms:

Type of MechanismAverage Cost
Single articulated arm mechanism£420-£560
Single ram mechanism£700-£900
Single threaded mechanism£370-£700
Single underground mechanism£450-£910
Single sliding mechanism£950-£1500
Double articulated arm mechanism£530-£800
Double ram mechanism£900-£1500
Double threaded mechanism£390-£970
Double underground mechanism£590-£1500

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Gate?

There are additional costs that you might need to consider when doing this kind of project. Here’s an overview of additional expenses that can come to light when you install gates:

New Driveway

If you are considering the installation of the new driveway gate you may want to install a brand new driveway to improve the appearance of the exterior of your house.

There are many options available in the case of the design of your driveway. prices can differ greatly according to the driveway you select and the dimensions of the driveway.

If you are on a tight budget, then you can go for a concrete driveway which ranges from £350 to £2000 or for a gravel drive which ranges from £1000 to £4000 as well as the asphalt driveway priced at £670-£5000.

Other alternatives are an asphalt driveway costing around £1000-£8800, and a block-paved driveway that will cost around £300-£12,000.

Home Security

If you’re installing a driveway gate or garden gate in order to improve the security of your home You may be interested in additional security measures.

It is possible to install the house security alarm costing between £165 and £470. The cost of installation will be based upon the amount of security system you want, its type of system you choose, as well as your place of residence inside the UK.

Fence Installation

If you’re installing an entirely new gate and fence, you might also want to construct a fence around your property to increase the aesthetics and to provide extra security.

The cost you pay for an fencing installation will be based on the dimensions of the fence as well as the kind of fence.

A picket fence is likely to cost between £450 and £1200. A sliding fence will typically cost approximately £650-£1800, whereas an edging fence will typically cost between £650 and £1600.

Painting House Exterior

If you’re looking to enhance the exterior appearance of your house, you might want to think about painting the exterior of your house.

The cost for applying paint to the outside of your house will differ based on the work and how big your house and the kind of paint you choose and the location of your home where you live in the UK.

For instance, render painting generally costs between £600 to £1200, while the cost for painting the exterior of your home is typically between £500 and £1500.

Tradesperson Costs for Installing a Gate

If you’ve purchased the gate you want to replace, and you’re seeking to find someone to install it, there is a chance that you’re interested in the labour costs by themselves.

A typical gate installation company typically charges between £100 and £200 each day to do this kind of job.

In certain situations it is possible that the tradesperson will require a worker to help them in the process. This is most common in tasks that require bigger gates or electronic devices. Expect to pay an additional £80-£120 daily for a work assistant.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Gate?

The time required to set up the gate is contingent on the kind or size.

Gates that are smaller can be put in place within a couple of hours. The typical time to set up a gate is 4 to 6 hours.

If you’re planning the installation of an electronic gate then it can take as long as a day. In other instances it can take two days to set up this kind of gate, particularly if it’s big.

Types of Gates

There are numerous types of gates for gardens to pick from. Here is a listing of different kinds of garden gates you can pick from, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one:

Wooden Gate Cost

A gate made of wood has an elegant look. This type of gate is able to offer privacy, but remains difficult to reach. There are a variety of woods that could be used in gates made of wood.

The gates made of hardwood are more costly, with the average price for a wooden gate is between £60 to £500.


  • Usually less expensive than gates made of steel.
  • A very attractive and appealing appearance


  • It requires regular maintenance to avoid stretching

Metal Gate Cost

Metal gates are generally constructed from aluminum, steel or iron. They come in a variety of designs and styles.

There are a variety of inexpensive metal gates that are focused on security, but don’t appear attractive and you could opt for a higher cost to get the most attractive appearance.

The price for the gate made of steel is £150 to £800.


  • Extremely durable
  • Can stand up to strong winds?
  • Low maintenance


  • Costs can be quite high.
  • It may not be attractive if inexpensive alternatives are selected

Swing Gate Cost

The majority of swing gates are divided in two and come with two openings. They work great on flat driveways.

The cost of this kind of gate is between £350 and £700.


  • Gates that are cheap


  • It won’t work with sloped driveways.

Bifold Gate Cost

They are like swing gates, but they have been divided vertically. The gates fold down in the middle when they swing open. This means they need less space to open.

The cost of this kind of gate is between £500 and £900.


  • This requires less room around the gate


  • It requires a track on the ground
  • It requires maintenance
  • Sizing choices are limited.

Sliding Gate Cost

Gates that slide need to have room to either end. There are two gates that open in opposite directions, or you could have a single gate that slides towards one side.

The cost of sliding gates ranges from £1000 to £2500.


  • Do not occupy driveway space
  • You can get versions that are have doors that open to corners


  • Expensive
  • Space is needed for the gates to be able to enter

Benefits of Installing a Gate

There are many advantages to installing a gate on your home. Here is a list of benefits of putting up gates:

Kerb Appeal

If you decide to add an additional gate to the exterior of your property, it will make a difference to the appearance of your house. It will improve the overall look of your property and could give it an attractive and lively appearance from an extended distance.

Home Security

A new gate for your home will provide you with an abundance of security and help keep your belongings and family members secure. Criminals are less likely to attempt a burglary on an area with gates.

It’s also more difficult for burglars to tell whether you’re in your home or not if you have gates. It is also possible to add CCTV cameras in your house to provide additional security.

Increased Property Value

A driveway gate could boost around 5-10% to the value of your home. There are numerous benefits for installing a gate in your residence, whether it be a driveway gate, or an outdoor gate. This is something prospective buyers in the near future will appreciate.


The driveway gates or garden gate could offer your home with extra security. A gate that is placed at one end of the driveway will help deter unwanted door visitors which can keep your home private.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Gate?

If you’re contemplating purchasing an additional gate, or are using an older gate that’s no longer serving any function and you’re looking for a reason to remove the gate off your land. In order to remove a gate there are certain tools needed for this task.

If you’re planning on hiring someone to complete this for you, you could expect to pay between £80 and £200 to finish this work.

The gate’s type will determine the duration. gate and the complexity of the task generally, it takes about 3-8 hours to dismantle the gate.

If you’re trying to dispose of your waste on your own and you don’t have the time, you might need to employ a skip, which costs between £100 and £300. You can also employ a man and van service that will cost you between £90 and £140.


Q: Which type of gate is best for a driveway?

A: There are many benefits to both wooden and metal driveway gates. The best gate for your driveway is down to personal preferences. You should choose a gate that offers the appropriate aesthetical appeal and the level of security that you would prefer for your circumstances.

Your driveway type will also determine the best type of gate for you. For example, swing gates would not work if your driveway is sloped.

Q: How long does a wooden gate last?

A: Hardwood gates will usually last for around 30-35 years if they are well maintained. A softwood gate will usually last for around 7-8 years.

Q: Which type of gate is the most affordable driveway gate?

A: Swinging gates tend to be the cheapest driveway gates.

Q: Does a driveway gate add value to a house?

A: Yes, it does. A driveway gate will add around 5-10% onto the value of your property.

Q: How do you maintain a wooden gate?

A: Wooden gates will require regular staining or painting. This will usually need to be applied twice each year to help keep the moisture content in the timber as low as possible, and will increase the lifespan of the gate.



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