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Estimated Cost Of Grass Cutting

Are you looking for a cost estimate for having your grass cut professionally?

In this article we will discuss the various prices for hiring professionals to trim your grass.


How Much Does Professional Grass Cutting Cost?

The task of cutting your lawn is among the most time-consuming and demanding chores for homeowners in late spring or early summer months, and the grass’ growth could continue throughout the fall and winter months, in the event that temperatures remain moderate as they have been recently.

Many people don’t have time to trim the grass each week and it is difficult to recognize the best weather-related opportunity when working all-time.

For many, lawn mowing is a regular chore while they wish to concentrate on other aspects of gardening or relax and relax in the garden on the weekends, without feeling pressured to be involved in it.

During the growing season an expert gardener or business may be on every other day to trim grass and perform other tasks related to gardening as required and leave you to take advantage of the garden once you’re able to relax with your loved ones or family.

Other lawn-related chores could include scarifying, edging, feeding and weeding.

Mowing services are usually charged by the hour, regardless of whether they are included in a bundle of other garden work or if the gardener arrives each week to cut grass. We will review the different prices for hiring an expert to trim your grass.

So, what grass cutting costs are you expecting?

The price of lawn mowing differs by location. Local gardeners could charge as low as £15 to £20 to lawn-mowing, however If you reside in London expect to be charged more.

A reliable lawn mowing cost guide will consider factors like the size and the number. Some companies charge per square metres, with the typical price starting between £10 and £15 per 100 sq metres. It won’t be a huge amount in the course of the year.

If you are using lawn mowing services during summer. In order to keep the lawn looking tidy you should mow it once each two weeks. A lawn mowing service every fortnight is priced between £25 to £30.

If winter is on the way the grass won’t develop as fast. It is possible to cut the frequency of mowing down to once a week or five weeks. This means that you’ll spend less on gardening services.

Aren’t you thrilled? However, what if your lawn is bigger than normal? What do you do to determine how much it would cost to engage professional lawn mowing services to properly cut your grass?

If your garden is large enough that it can accommodate 4 cars in, then it’s the perfect time to begin looking into big gardening costs. If you’re lucky enough to have an area that can accommodate six or more vehicles, the lawn maintenance costs can range from £115 to £150.

You can expect your expenses to increase If you’ve let your grass become wild due to any reason. In the event of a lawn that’s overgrown, it could cost between £30 to £45. Small grass can range approximately £300 or £350 to cut. Large grass can run approximately £350 and £400 and a big garden may run somewhere between £400 or £710.

While prices increase in proportion to your yard it is possible to gain financially under certain conditions. For instance, if you’re looking to sell your house, maintaining your lawn improves its curb appeal.

In addition, if self-employed or work at home, the time you can save by employing somebody to cut the lawn can be reinvested into your business. In these instances the expense of lawn care is paid for its own expenses.

Prices for Grass Cutting

The table below breaks the prices of cutting grass:

JobCost of cutting Grass
Local gardeners£15 – £20
Every 100 square metres£10 – £15
Fortnightly lawn mowing service£25 – £30
Large garden (6 or more cars)£115 – £150
Strimming for overgrown grass£30 – £35
Small grass£300 and £350
Large grass£350 – £400
Very large grass£400 – £710

What are the Supply Costs for Grass Cutting?

Many people believe that when they employ someone to cut their lawn professionally, they are taking a fee for the time they spend. While this is true, you’re also paying for the equipment that the professional brings to the task.

In this article, we’ll examine the various supply prices for grass cutting

Therefore, if you’re planning to establish your own lawn cutting company or maintain your lawn will help you figure the amount you’ll require in materials!

Gardeners who are self-employed may be charged less than those working for large-scale corporations. This is because the following costs don’t take as long to accumulate:

  • Business insurance
  • Maintaining vehicles
  • The responsibilities of an employee
  • Advertising
  • Uniforms for employees

Working with a single person doesn’t mean you’ll receive less from your investment. However, they may not have other resources. Employees, for instance, could cover them in case they fall ill. Also, if there’s breaks, a second grass cutting machine could be brought in.

There is no need for an extra ride-on in order for a business that is profitable. If it’s not going to be utilized every day and will cost lots in value and storage. Privately owned homes with lawns of a small or medium size are the most popular markets for lawn cutting services.

The gardens could take from a few minutes up to many hours to finish. Start with these gardens and only invest in a ride-on when it can generate income. 

Depending on the model the lawnmowers can cost between £200 or £800.

At the beginning you’ll require a strimmer to trim the lawn’s edges and an air blower to clear up after cutting grass. It will cost between £30 to £200.

The handle of the strimmer should be looped, while the blower’s batteries should be tucked away inside the body. Also, you will require at the very least one of the biggest batteries and a quick charger.

The same battery powers both the strimmer as well the blower. it is expected to last all day long under the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The above should cost you between £500 and £750.

A brush cutter is needed for more complicated clearance tasks. Select this option from a reputable cordless selection and it must run using the same batteries.

Be sure to purchase the top model they offer with handlebars made of cow-horns. You may also wish to buy a harness as the hours of clearance could be a strain on your back. You can also add an additional £500 and £700 to protect all the bases.

Do not be a fool with your eyes. the possibility of a stone getting in your eye is something you do not wish to occur. Also, you should be wearing several pairs of safety wellies, shoes or boots. Earplugs, sun caps and sunscreen, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, jackets, and hi-vis jackets and bibs are also recommended.

Do not skimp on any of these items; inexpensive safety gear can be uncomfortable and boring, while top-quality equipment is like an additional skin. It’s possible to spend between £100 to £500 for all of this to find what is most effective for you.

This table will breakdown down the supply costs of a professional grass cutting

Lawnmower£200 – £800
Strimmer£30 – £200
Strimmer and battery£500 – £750
Brushcutter£500 – £700
Protective wear£100 – £500

What are the Additional Costs of Cutting Grass?

If you are having professional grass cut, the additional expenses could be added to the total cost of your gardening maintenance. In this article, we will discuss the additional costs, so that you are able to reduce them so that you can maintain your lawn cutting costs down.

Garden Renovation

Calculating the average cost of remodelling a garden can be difficult because the total amount is decided by dimensions that the yard is, as well as the kind of renovation you want to do, and the amount of labourers needed to complete the task.

The design costs for a transformative project on the back of a large garden of 100m2 is likely to vary between £5,000 to £10,000.

The cost can be calculated based on the material used, the labour costs as well as the amount of time needed to finish the task. Therefore when you are on budgetary constraints, it’s likely to be best to determine the amount you can afford or the work you could complete for the cost.

Lawns and plants, as an instance, can make an enormous difference if they are done properly. A 50m2 lawn will cost around £700 to £900 in materials and installation, which is around £14 per square meter. The turf itself is priced at £20 per square meter and can be laid yourself in order to save the cost.

A few small trees in the garden will create a beautiful frame for your garden and cost nothing. Ornamental cherries, when in bloom, will cost less than £50 per square meter and can be a great ornamental feature.

Making small modifications to your garden could transform the living space you have.

Designing and Landscaping

Turfing is priced at £150 to £850 Decking is priced at £1000 to £9000 fencing costs around £500 up to £1000.

Other landscaping tasks involve the installation of the patio, which normally ranges approximately £800 and £1000 as well as pond installation usually costs approximately £500 up to £5000.

Landscapers also have the ability of making garden walls, which range from £920 and £1900 in addition to sheds that cost somewhere between £700 to £1000.

Garden Decking

The price for installing about 15m2 of decking made from softwood will vary from £800 as well as £1200. Hardwood decking installation costs range between £1800 and £2200 in the same space Composite wood decking is priced in the range of £1400 and £1800 as well as uPVC decking installation prices range from£800 between £800 and £1000.

Garden Waste Removal

Garden waste removal will probably take around 45 minutes, and cost between £100 to £200. The cost of the whole process will depend on the amount of garden waste you would like to remove.

It will cost between £80 to £110 for 300kg (20 bags) of waste taken away in a similar manner. The removal of 900kg (60 bags) of garden waste will cost about £200 up to £230.

Wall construction 

The typical cost of building a wall using standard bricks is between £480 and £1600 for a 1m tall x 4m long wall. It is between £750 and £2900 to build a 1m high 8m long wall and £1020-£4200 for a 1m tall x 12-meter long wall.

A garden wall constructed of natural stone could cost between £240-£520 for a 1m high 4m long wall. It would cost £830 to £1540 for 1m high and an 8-meter wall. Then, £1140 – £2160 for a 1m tall wall that is 12m long.

A 1m tall x 4m long concrete wall will cost between £440 and £640 The 1m high by 8m wall could cost £670 to £980 and one meter long wall could cost between £900-£1320.

A 1m by 4m wall made of flint would cost between around £680-£880. A 1m high, 8m long wall will cost £1150 to £1460. Likewise, an 1m x 12m wall will cost between £1620 and £2040.

A 1m x 4m sandstone wall will cost you between £560 and £920. A 1m high 8m long wall will cost £910-£1540. A 1m x 12m wall will cost between £1260 and £2160.


The first thing a prospective customer is likely to get asked by a lawn maintenance contractor is “Where is your location?” Certain tradespeople cover an extensive space, however many contractors’ spheres of operation are only one or two square miles. An efficient plan of route is essential to running making a profit for your business.

A trip out of the way, with a specific purpose may cost you a little more.


The size of your lawn is the next important factor an expert contractor will attempt to find out. Locate your house in Google Maps, then right-click and select Measure Distance.

Draw circles around the lawns in your yard to determine the area. Tell your contractor about this on the phone to inquire about their services, and they will be able to provide you with some approximate figures on the phone.

Grass Situation

Anyone who works in the field will inform you that the best lawn to trim will be one that’s square, flat and well-maintained. It also is easily accessible to a wide driveway. The more you deviate from this ideal the more you’ll be charged.

It takes extra work and energy to take lawn mowers off the streets, move them between steps and then cut out strange forms, flower beds, plants, and garden furniture. A small amount can be added to pay for this.

Grass Cutting Style

Think about the kind of look you’d like to create, since there are a variety of ways to cut grass, based on the type of lawn you own.

If you’d like those traditional English stripes, make sure that your contractor chooses a mower that has a rear roller. Stripes add a distinctive look to many lawns, however the soil must be smooth. Any bumps, lumps and stones can put an enormous pressure on a roller mower’s drivetrain and cause significant damage.

Your contractor is likely to utilize a 4-wheel mower when in more difficult conditions like in vegetable patches, roadsides verges, or gardens that are overgrown. They cut the same way as the rear roller mower but they do not leave a streak.

Recycling grass clippings and mulching them is a standard feature on a lot of four-wheel mowers. This can cost less since the contractor won’t have to stop and remove the clippings.

Have a love for lawn stripes However, the soil is rough. Don’t worry. Talk with your contractor about the best way to make your lawn prepared for roller. This may range from levelling and top dressing, to the creation of a completely new lawn.

Tradesmen’s Costs of Cutting Grass Cutting

In the summer heat we all enjoy relaxing and pottering around the yard. But, gardening is an all-year-round occupation that involves numerous unpleasant or heavy chores. A lot of people think that cutting grass is a typical summer chore.

However, several regions within the United Kingdom have such pleasant conditions that grass is growing throughout the year. Therefore, you should hire someone to complete these monotonous chores, and allow you to relax and enjoy your garden.

For this part, we’ll solely discuss the labour costs for hiring a gardener to take care of your lawn!

The hourly cost for a gardener can range between £12 to £60 in the United Kingdom, with the median cost per hour of £25. In the end gardeners in the United Kingdom charge between £75 and £400 per day with a median of £200.

The gardening quotes might seem to cover a broad spectrum of topics. However, gardeners can be a professional with a range of abilities you have to purchase, including:

  • Basics of Grass Cutting
  • The ability to distinguish the distinction between weeds and plants
  • Garden design, landscaping or knowledge of plants which is highly specialized

The cost for a gardener is contingent on the services they provide. Therefore, if you’re in search of an experienced landscaper, designer or horticulturist you’ll spend a lot, while those who cut grass or plough a vegetable plot are much more affordable.

Gardeners are typically employed by homeowners to work the duration of a certain amount of time per month or week, according to how big their gardens and the budget they have set. Cutting lawns, weeding, pruning, edging and edging can all be considered regular maintenance.

Based on the kind of maintenance, you could expect to be charged between £15 or £30 per hour or £50 for a 2-hour session. The cost of the actual service is determined by the amount of hours worked as well as the standard of the work.

If the job is large enough lawn mowing requires a substantial amount of preparation, material, and equipment. The lawn must be mowed and the investment of nearby properties should be protected.

The more intricate the yard is, the more difficult the job will be, particularly in the event that it’s not completed during business hours. In all that, the hourly rates for lawn mowing services can be found in between £11 or £55 for two hours of service on 500 square feet of lawn.

The cost of lawn mowing services will differ greatly based on the location. Based on the figures above the price of a lawn mower is in the range of £0.02 and £0.11 per square foot.

There are many elements that impact the cost of having gardening services. We will discuss the various factors that can impact the price.


Autumn and spring are the prime gardening seasons since plants, grasses and flowers develop at the speed of light and require the greatest attention.

Hiring a gardener in off-season is less expensive than hiring a gardener during high-season, so keep this in mind prior to hiring a professional for your garden if you are looking to keep the price of a gardening service at a minimum.

Keep in mind that some landscapers and gardeners can assist you in the creation of a winter garden should you wish to have a stunning garden throughout the year.


Gardeners’ costs will be strongly influenced by the area of residence. The cost of hiring a gardener in London is significantly more costly than hiring a gardener in northern regions. Northern parts of the United Kingdom.

Gardeners in London could be charged £5 to £10 higher than those who garden who work in northern regions of the UK. Northern parts of the UK.


If your garden is surrounded by areas which are hard to reach, but requires special equipment or heavy machinery to access, the price of the task could be higher due to the amount of labour and manpower needed to access the areas on your property.

A qualified landscaper or gardener can speak with you about any problems regarding accessibility issues they might encounter.

How long does it take To Cut Grass?

Knowing how long it takes for a tradesperson to arrive and trim your grass is vital since you can determine the amount of time you’ll need tradespeople at your house, and calculate the cost in all.

In this article, we will discuss the length of time required to cut grass to let you know what you can be expecting.

The majority of gardens can be taken care of in less than an hour. Mowing is however only one element of the service. Every visit to a property typically includes the following:

  • The driver of the tradesman who will be driving you to your home.
  • Unloading, fuelling, and preparing the equipment.
  • They are fighting on the outside.
  • Debris is being blown over the lawns.
  • This is the time to cut grass.
  • The lawnmower box is now open.
  • The equipment is loaded back to the van.
  • A final stomp to rough surfaces.
  • A couple of minutes were spent speaking with a client.
  • Returning to the residence.
  • Invoicing and collecting payments for the work.

To calculate the hourly rate at which you’ll be assessed. You need to know for how long the worker will be at your premises.

A strimmer’s use will take longer since cutting around the tree or playhouse could take more time than simply walking in a straight line.

In the end, it all comes to the professional’s expertise. However, it can be beneficial to base your estimates of time on the general dimensions of your lawn as well as the extent of your garden.

Gardens with lots of beds, statues, garden toys, furniture, lawns that are separate, and so on, are more difficult and take a lot of time to finish.

So, it might include five minutes for small, new lawns, ten minutes for lawns with medium size and a minimum fifteen minutes for grass bigger than 2,000 square metres.

If you’re in need of an effective leaf-clearance task blasting only the debris on the lawns prior to mows takes just a few moments, it’s worth it to add 1 minute for small lawns built from scratch; 2-3 minutes to medium-sized lawns and at minimum 5 mins for grass that are larger than 2,000 square meters.

An average 16″-22″ domestic mower could cut approximately 1,350 square meters in a period of 1 to 2 hours or approximately 22 square metres within 1.30 2- 2 hours.

The table below breaks down the length of cutting grass:

Strimmer5 – 15 minutes extra
Leaf clearance1 – 5 min
Medium garden1 2 hours
22 m21.30 2.30

Different types of grass Cutting

Utilizing lawn mowing patterns for cutting your lawn is advantageous and makes the process easier. We’ll review the different kinds of grass cutting techniques along with their benefits and drawbacks so that you are aware of what you can expect.

Mowers are classified in four kinds: cylinder hoover, rotary and ride-on. Mulching mowers are a different kind of mower you’ll see, but they are rotary lawn mowers.

Strimmers are also a possibility.

A hand scythe, strimmer or a power scythe is best suited for cutting grass that’s grown for a longer time in between cutting than standard mower.


Q: Can you cut the grass when it’s wet?

A: Yes, you can cut grass while it is wet. Moreover, if you cut grass for a living as a portion of your lawn mowing business, you should become accustomed to doing so in the rain.

Cutting wet grass, on the other hand, increases the risk of rut damage because the soil is softer and more slippery for mowers, or the grassroots are more easily torn out by the mower tyres.

Q: Should you leave cut grass on the lawn?

A: Grass clippings are a good source of nutrients unless you’ve allowed the lawn to grow too long or the clippings are in thick clumps. Leaving clippings reduces fertiliser costs and thus protects ground and surface water.

Q: How often should grass be cut?

A: Normally, weekly mowing is the rule, but some lawns require more frequent mowing. Other lawns will grow more slowly and may only require cutting every ten days or two weeks. In general, don’t cut more than one-third of a grass blade.

Q: Does cutting grass make it grow quicker?

A: Grass grows faster after being cut short because it is attempting to rebuild itself to its genetic norm. Most turfgrasses benefit from an in-season height of 212 to 3 inches, which is typically the highest setting on mowers.

Q: When should you first mow new grass?

A: Before cutting new grass for the first time, make sure it has reached a height of at least 3 12 inches, if not more. This should take approximately eight weeks, so please be patient! When you are able to cut for the first time, you should use good cutting techniques and mow high.



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