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Estimated Cost of Hanging a Door

Do you want to know how much it costs to put up the door?

If yes, this guide contains all the information there is to know know about door hanging, which includes internal cost of the door and a carpentry pricing guidelines.


How Much Does Hanging a Door Cost?

This article will go over the cost of hanging doors for various doors, the cost of supplies and labor costs as well as the cost of maintaining an entire door, and even the expense of pet flaps.

Are you trying to replace the doors or hang new doors and are in need of costs guidance? The cost for hanging an interior door will differ dependent on the kind of door you pick.

Some are suited to lower budgets which start at around £40, while more luxurious options are available which cost up to £3800.

Here are some common doors for internal use:

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are distinctive doors that are designed to convey class and elegance.

For this reason, they are considered one of the most expensive kinds of entries in the world today. These doors are large, with double thickness for extra security.

They start at the price of £2450 and can reach up to £2,600..

If you’re in search of the most efficient bi-fold doors, look through our review article to learn about the top bi-fold doors on the market.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are a different kind of door that is structural in nature. In contrast to bi-fold doors, these doors are more streamlined in appearance, and less complex and, as such they are less expensive.

We utilize these doors to serve internal reasons because they’re simpler. The range of doors starts at £70 to £140..

Panel Doors

Doors that have panels are typically utilized as doors for the interior. The most common interior door is made of either wood or pressed hardboard and can be made in various options to suit the preferences of the buyer.

The price of this swinging door starts with £90 and can go up to £150.

Cottage Doors

Cottage doors, based on the design and frame condition, will be sold at different prices. They are utilized in the majority of houses to create an older-style look.

Due to their unique character and artistic approach that is employed in the design They are priced between £40 and £45 per unit, the installation cost is £140-£550 per door.

Ledged Doors

The installation cost for all doors with ledges is a bit higher than a normal door. This is due to how they’re constructed and the level of craftsmanship required.

If you wish to install some ledged doors in your home, be willing to invest £2200-£3800 for the total cost, per door.

Average Costs for Different Sizes and Number of Doors

Doors are available in various dimensions and can be installed in a variety of locations within your home, which is the reason why the cost to hang doors varies.

Based on the number of doors that you have to install within your home, the cost is likely to be three or four times greater than the typical.

The dimensions of doors depend on the type of door that they are. Exterior doors have 36 inches in width and interior doors are smaller and reach 30 inches in size.

The smaller or thinner your door the cheaper it could be to put up.

In general, interior doors cost in price between 500-2000 dollars per door to put in, whereas exterior doors start at £2000-£4000 per door.

Bi-fold doors£2451-£2601
Flush doors£71-£142
Panel doors£91-£151
Cottage doors£141-£552
Ledged doors£221-£802

What are the Supply Costs for Door Hanging?

The cost of supply for any item is the amount charged on the purchase price per unit.

From roof materials to doors from door knobs to roof materials, every item is priced and is decided by the makers.

If you are looking for a provider to open your door, it’s ideal to locate a salesperson in your area, as it can help reduce your transportation costs.

Bi-fold Door Supply Costs

If you are considering installing bifold doors to your house then you must be prepared to put some cash aside to cover their purchase installation, maintenance, and repair.

The doors of the past have, through the years, risen in demand because of the changing trends and times. In recent years, however there has been a decrease in demand and, consequently price has also fallen.

A typical bi-folding door cost between the range of £180-£4500. The door that was once considered a luxury can now be a reality for everyone.

If you’re interested in knowing the cost of installation and labor for installing various types of doors for your patio, take a look at our patio door cost guide.

Flush Door Supply Costs

Doors that are classified as flush can be found for sale at a very low cost. A flush door is priced anywhere between £96 or £200 depending on where you purchase it.

These doors are available in large quantities all over the UK, which is why they don’t cost so much.

Panel Door Supply Costs

The cost of purchasing the door panel only without installation, and the lack of any labor costs, is quite affordable for a lot of.

The cost of their supply starts at the price of £250 and can rise up to £280 to get their PVC version. The composite and timber doors are more expensive, with a an array from £1,500-£2,000.

Cottage Door Supply Costs

Costs for the necessary supplies required for cottage doors range from from £250 to £550 per door.

These doors come with new hinges, knobs, and other hardware, which is why their price is higher than the typical hanging door.

For cottage doors that are custom-made prices are higher, ranging from £500 to the price of £2,000.

Ledged Door Supply Costs

Ledged doors are stunning internal doors that are often constructed from the top woods that exists. With the choice of oak as shown in the photo it’s no surprise that their prices for supply are astronomical.

A typical roof with ledges has its costs of supply starting at £129 to £550 per door..

Fully-finished Door Supply Costs

A fully-finished door which has been built comes with a cost that can range between £500 to up to £750.

If you do want to custom-build doors then you must be ready to pay between £850 to £1,200 in the total process of customization.

Unfinished Door Supply Costs

Unfinished doors don’t have a finishing or coating on them. They are mostly used indoors due to their lower susceptibility to weather conditions.

The supply cost of unfinished doors is between £85-£500 , and this depends on the chosen material, size, and transportation.

Primed Door Supply Costs

A primed entrance is the solution if you want to add aesthetic in addition to the value of your house. The door shines and has a classy design that is hard to resist from admiring.

The cost of these doors is on a higher end, due to their intricate design and the primer applied to the door’s surface. The typical price for supply ranges at £990 and goes up to £1,450..

Door Handles Door Supply Costs

Without handles for doors, certain doors aren’t operable. These handles are flexible because they are available in various sizes, shapes and styles.

Depending on your preference, the supply cost will change drastically. On average, the supply cost of door handles stands at £10-£300 , with some suppliers demanding more.

What are the Additional Costs of Hanging a New Door?

The process of hanging an new door requires lots of expertise and precision to ensure the ideal fit, which is why the price of hanging doors varies.

If you make a mistake that are not corrected, they can cost you over time and could cause you to waste cash on repairs and maintenance.

In addition to the door and the door’s craft, cost-related expenses are part of the installation of the door.

Replacing/Building a Door

It is possible that you are moving to an new home; and you have doors that you want to replace. The replacement of doors is to remove the previous door, purchasing an new one, and then putting it up it.

Through these three distinct procedures, a lot of money is involved to ensure success and efficiency. The cost of constructing or repairing an old roof ranges from the £99 and £218..


For a more precise definition the process of finalizing and priming. These are the steps that occur in conjunction with the construction for your doors.

They’re designed to improve the strength that your doors have, allowing it to stand up to the pressures of the elements and seasons’ changing.

The additional cost varies from £400-£700..

Interior Painting and Decorating

The decoration of your door can be accomplished in a myriad of ways based on your tastes and preferences. You can paint, put real designs printed on your doors or whatever else you think is suitable.

For such a process, you’ll need a skilled and reliable artisan—such tradespeople charge between £400 to £950 for their craft per day.

Door Frames

The door will never be complete without a frame, which is the reason why a door’s frame is an important additional cost that every homeowner and dealer should think about.

The cost to install the new frame for the door of interior doors can cost from the £255 to the £600. The cost is higher for doors that are exterior, beginning with £628 and rising up to £950..

Skirting Boards

Based upon the material used for skirting which will utilized, cost of skirting installation varies between £400 and £3000.

In addition to the material choice as well as the material choice, other factors to consider include the dimensions of the house as well as the conditions of the ground.

Tradespeople Costs for Hanging A Door

Installing an internal door, as mentioned earlier is not an easy task. It is essential to find the top tradespeople around to assist you with the degree of accuracy and expertise needed for a flawless installation. Searching on the internet is one of the most efficient ways to find those who can help you without making a commitment.

Installation and labor costs are not included:

Panel Door£201 to £1,001£601 to £2,801
Ledged Door£501 to £1,001£751 to £2,001
Flush Door£201-£501£501 to £2,001
Cottage Door£802-£1501£1001-£3501
Bi-fold Door£102-£301£151-£501

The daily and hourly rates of a joiner or carpenter:

For each hour Joiners charge varying rates depending on their current location as well as the task at time. The minimum price joiners are able to charge for the installation of doors that hang will be £20 and the maximum price is £30 per hour.

Each day, they cost between £160 and £240..

This number will rise if you have more doors to be installed, as well as the kind of door that’s being installed.

How Long Does It Take to Hang A Door?

A door installation on average requires between 6 and 8 hours to finish. From measuring the area to putting up frames, painting and decorating and any additional installation there’s a good chance you’ll be spending up to 8 hours working on one door.

The time will be reduced in the event that there’s not a requirement for trimming or painting.

What Does the Duration Depend On?

The time frame for door installation depends on a variety of factors. Certain aspects may seem minor or insignificant at the beginning however they play an important part in the way that the door installation will be.

Everyone doesn’t want an uneven door, or one that is hinged improperly, causing it to creak all night long.

Size of Door

The primary factor that determines the length of time it takes to install a door is the door’s size. The longer, bigger or more wide your door is the longer is required to get it to the ideal place.

The exterior doors, which are the largest in many cases require more time to put in than doors for interior use.

The Number of Doors

The door to your front could require two hours to put in due to its dimensions. How about the other ten doors that require fixing.

The other factor that affects how long the installation will take is the quantity of doors that you will need to tackle.

The more doors you have, the greater use for more hours. If you’re fortunate enough to have many tradespeople working on the same time, they will make installation much faster.

Type of Door

There are a variety of doors. Each type requires different skills as well as knowledge and procedure, all of which are priced accordingly.

Be sure to research the costs involved with installing your favourite door type before making any commitment.

Choosing a Door

There are numerous door styles within the system. Some are can be classified by their material selection, some due to their design or design, and some still due to both.

We will highlight a few of the most popular doors that are used in houses, their benefits or disadvantages, and the cost to get them installed.

Bi-fold Door Costs

One door that is the first one to be considered a bi-fold door. It is extremely unique in its style. The frames of these doors are made of materials like timber PVC, aluminum, and even a few others.

They come in sizes from 1.8 m to 4.8 m, with double thickness to protect your interior against the weather.

For all sizes The cost for installation is approximately £600 and can go all the way to £1,000..


  • Bi-fold doors are built of durable, thick materials, which means they outlast other types of doors.
  • They can be costly to install however, with almost no maintenance required They provide the long-term benefit.


  • In the beginning the process of installing bi-fold doors into your home can be a costly task to undertake.
  • Their installation requires accuracy and skillful personnel or else you’ll experience damage after a few years.

Flush Door Costs

A door that isn’t equipped with raised mouldings or individual panels is known as flush doors. They are made to provide panel effects with their modern and stylish styles and designs.

They are made from the best hardwood but are lower in price when compared to the bi-fold doors.

The typical installation range for flush doors is somewhere between £700 and £1000..


  • Flush doors are simple and inexpensive to put up. They don’t require any additional expertise, and as such, labor costs aren’t too high.
  • Doors that flush come in a wide range of designs and colors that will suit every person and pocket. They also feature an forever-lasting finish, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.


  • They’re not as sturdy as bi-fold doors. As a result they’re best used indoors. If they are used as an outdoor door, it will require more painting and treatment to protect against the effects of weather at the bay.
  • Certain designs and colors of flush doors can be costly.

Panel Door Costs

The most commonly used doors are most likely the panel doors, and they’re a breeze to spot from miles away.

The doors are made of wood and have a frame that is topped with shutter panels. These are also constructed from wood itself, plywood or hardboards.

In ostentatious cases, you can have the panels being made from glass to add a little variety to your home’s aesthetic.

Installing doors on panels can cost you an prices ranging from £200-£550 in accordance with the dimensions and style you choose.


  • The door panel is extremely widespread, making it simple to buy and inexpensive to purchase in the bulk.
  • Because it is well-known and widely used, many tradespeople have the skills needed to put it with precision and without difficulties.
  • Panel doors are available in a range of pockets and tastes.


  • The installation process can be lengthy, especially in the case of doors that feature glass panels.
  • Additionally, the doors of the panel need more maintenance than standard and come with a price.

Cottage Door Costs

The majority of cottage doors are utilized across the globe for traditional and contemporary homes. These doors have a look that is a great match for period homes or barns converted.

Cottage doors are made with sustainable and highly efficient materials; thus, they last for a more extended period after installation.

The installation of a cottage door can be generally costing within between £970 to £1,550.


  • The cottage doors can add an elegant touch for your house. If they are designed correctly they will blend seamlessly with the exterior of your home.
  • Cottage doors are extremely eco-friendly and do not pose a environmental threat when they are produced, distributed, or put in place.


  • Cottage doors are flexible however it is a bit complicated to install. This implies that it requires extra skills that are extra cost.
  • Many people believe that the cottage doors to be old-fashioned or old-fashioned. They’re typically seen as big doors by many, and since they’re heavy, they aren’t bought frequently.

Ledged Door Costs

A ledged or sloping door can be described as the final door style, and is referred to as a door that does not have stiles. The door’s design is a vertical construction with vertical boards that are joined using horizontal battens.

There are two of these battens on the backside of your door. Many people refer to these doors as ledged doors, batten doors, or unframed doors.

The purchase and installation of an ledged entrance door for your home can be done at an average price of between £450 and £790 depending on the dimension and style selected.


  • The door with ledges is braced and can withstand pressure and forces over a long period.
  • Doors that are glazed are considered an investment worth making because they don’t require frequent maintenance. This means you can save money for other purposes in the future.


  • They’re a bit more expensive for the installation and supply. This is why they are utilized in a variety of ways around the house.

How Much Does It Cost for Door Maintenance?

After you’ve installed and used your door, it is likely that you will need to take part in some type of maintenance.

The most secure method is one performed on a regular basis to avoid the emergence of major issues.

In certain situations, when these regular maintenance sessions don’t take place there may be damage that must be repaired immediately.

Hinge Maintenance

The hinge is an essential component of every door. To make sure that your door remains in top condition and always in the optimal location, the hinge needs to be maintained in a timely manner.

The installation on your hinges by a professional typically will cost the range of £34.49 and £77.50.

Painting Interior Doors

The second type of maintenance, that is necessary to maintain the look of your front door is painting or decorating.

It is typically for doors that are exterior, and is the very first thing that the person’s eye sees before getting into your house.

The cost for painting a standard-sized door can range in the range of between £50 to the price of £200 dependent on what type of art or paint that you’re looking for.

Varnishing Timber Doors

The cost for the varnishing of doors is based to the quantity of doors that you have and the dimensions of the door that is to be coated with varnish.

The cost of sprucing up a door is between £200 and £300 per door The majority of contractors are charging by the hour.

Glossing Skirting Boards and Door Frames

Another method we put doors through is glossing. The glossing process is applied to doors’ frames and skirting boards stop moisture from leaking into the materials, preserving the appearance of the door and also reduce maintenance in the long run.

This process must be done periodically, with every session costing approximately £50-£300 . Exterior doors have a higher cost range, often between £300-£500 .

How Much Does It Cost for Door Repair?

If doors are damaged and have enough room to be saved repairs, we fix them. Repairs are required when doors don’t close correctly, they’re stuck, or have been punched into.

No matter what the kind that’s damaged, you can an expert tradesperson to bring your home back to normal.

Hinge Repair

The hinge on your old one is damaged or damaged, or it’s simply broken. The fix is quite affordable, contingent on the contractor you choose.

For the repair of a single hinge, you must be prepared to pay in the range of £34.90 and £77.50

Door Not Closing Properly

If the door isn’t closing fully or as you would expect it’s likely that there’s a problem with the door or the way it’s been connected.

Resolving this issue will need to fix the frame of the door. Based on the type of door you have, you’ll need an alternative framing method.

For sliding door frames the cost estimates range from the range of £151 to £500. Frames for exterior doors are priced at an average range of between £159 and £450 in repair costs, whereas interior doors will cost £144-£600 to repair.

Sticking Door

Repairing a door that is stuck costs between £82 and £165 The cost depending on how damaged the door was at the beginning. The more damage it has it is the higher the price and the reverse also applies. Additionally, the kind of door is a factor in the cost total. The repair costs for sliding doors are priced from £100 to £250..

French doors can be repaired for an expense of £180 to £210.

Hole in a Hollow Door

Repairing holes in a door that is hollow can differ. The price will be determined by how large the hole is, as well as what kind of damaged door has become.

The door repair table below can further help.

Typical Range£119-£326
Low- End-High- End£51-£601

Pet Flap Installation Cost

When you’ve got pets, such as dogs and cats at the house, you may want to allow them access to and from your house via your door.

In this case an animal flap is required. Installing these devices requires getting rid of a section of the door.

Some door manufacturers design their doors with this in mind and, as such, make space for it at the bottom portion of your door.

In order to install these doors, you’ll need an expert with experience in pet flaps. These tradespeople usually cost somewhere between £500 to £1,300 to install them.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Door?

From installation to maintenance and repair From maintenance and repairs to installation, we then proceed to the removal. It is at this point that you’ll want to completely change the doors on your home or put new doors into open spaces.

Removal of a door can be an additional cost than installing it even though it’s less expensive.

Removal of doors can cost approximately between £40 and £100 depending upon the door’s type and dimension.


Q: What makes the installation of an emergency door different than a regular door?

A:Regular or standard doors are made from the combination of veneer and batons of wood.

The two components are bonded together using glue. They are they are then primed or varnished to add anti-fire properties.

The fire door is, however is a distinct design with the door composed of different substances like steel, glass aluminum, gypsum, aluminum and more. The doors are constructed to withstand fire in the longest time it is possible and are therefore ideal in the event of an emergency.

Q What is the dimension of a typical UK door?

A: The dimension of a door varies from one nation to the other, based on the laws of each country.

There are various kinds of traditional chairs available for UK. United Kingdom, and each chair has its own distinct dimensions.

Q: What is the height of the door?

A: The height of the door varies between doors. The various heights are created to be suitable for different areas, both tall and narrow. The standard doors that we have in our homes have a width of 6 feet and 8 inches.

The top jamb, the floor shim, a finish flooring along with the amount of the underlayment. All of these components work together to determine the total dimensions of your door.

Q: What’s the jamb on the door?

A Door jamb in various terms is known as a doorpost. The door jamb is component of the frame of the door.

It’s a vertical design, and it’s made to fit as well as secure the doors once put in.

In the absence of a jamb on your doors, they will not be perfectly level; nor will it open and close without a sound.

Q. Do doors increase the value of a home?

Like other parts in your house, your door is prone to boost your home’s value.

The condition of the doors you have, specifically the exterior, is an impression on those who are interested. Interior doors let them know whether the home is well-maintained. Any investment that doesn’t go to your doors is an investment towards the right direction since it will bring greater income in the coming years.



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