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Are you in search of labour costs for handyman jobs?

The hiring of a handyman is among the most effective methods to get little tasks done around the home. If you’re searching for the price of handyman work We will discuss every detail you should learn right here!


How Much Do Handymen Charge?

The typical cost of hiring a handyman in the UK is between £20 to £ 200. The price provided will be based on the difficulty of the task.

The amount of tradesmen needed to complete the task will affect the price and the area of your home, as certain labourers might charge extra miles for areas that are more remote.

Handyman Prices List

Be helpful to get a better understanding of the cost of handyman jobs, take a look at the following table:

Job descriptionCost
Flatpack furniture assembly£20 to £70
Painting woodwork£80 to £100
Plastering patch repairs£20 to £160
Hanging curtain poles£60 to £100
Mirror and picture hanging£40 to £60
Replacing taps£50 to £350
Installing lighting£50 to £250
Fitting shelving£25 to £200

What are the Supply Costs of Hiring A Handyman?

One of the biggest costs to think about is the cost of supplies for handyman tasks that are general in nature especially if you are planning to procure the items yourself instead of entrusting the work to a tradesman.

The table below gives examples of different supply costs for handyman jobs that are popular.

Job typeItems typeAverage cost
Flatpack furniture assemblyFlatpack furniture£15 to £8300
Painting woodworkWood paint£8 to £30 per litre
Plastering patch repairsPlaster£6 to £20
Hanging curtain polesCurtain poles£1 to £230
Mirror and picture hangingMirrors and pictures£4 to £450
Replacing tapsSink taps£12 to £300
Installing lightingLighting£4 to £300
Fitting shelvingShelves£10 to £100

Tradesmen Costs for Handyman Jobs

The cost of hiring a handyman is different in accordance with where you live within the UK. For instance, places such as London have higher costs of living, and you’ll probably have to pay more for handyman’s service.

The average hourly rate for a handyman ranges from £18 to £25 but you can get rates as high as in the range of £50 for an hour in capital.

Some traders prefer to charge per day that can range between £150 within rural regions, to £350 in cities with major populations.

How Long Do Handyman Jobs Take?

The duration of the job will significantly impact cost since the longer the work is, the more will be paying.

Types of Handyman Jobs

A handyman isn’t typically skilled in one specific job, since they are able to employ themselves in many different tasks that don’t need a certification in installation.

For more understanding the work a handyman could perform, here are some of the most coveted tasks they can be assigned:

Assembling Flatpack Furniture Cost

The most popular job that a handyman can be employed to perform is assembly of furniture flat-pack. This task is generally straightforward. But, a lot of homeowners prefer hiring a handyman to cut down on time and avoid the hassle of following instructions and putting furniture together.

Employing a handyman to put together your furniture flat pack will ensure that the task is completed properly, and you can be sure that your furniture will be safe and secure after they’ve been assembled.

It is recommended to budget approximately £20 or £70 for this sort of work. But, it will differ in line with the style of furniture you choose, for instance, small cabinets are more straightforward to construct than a wardrobe that has four doors.

Painting Woodwork Cost

Another typical job for handymen is wood painting. This generally involves applying paint to windows, doors or skirting boards. This is also an easy task however, it takes patience and time that many people don’t have the patience for.

A handyman should also be well-informed about the most suitable paint to use and how you can use them to extend the life of your furniture and enhance the appearance.

The cost of painting woodwork is around PS80 to PS100 and that’s not including the cost of paint.

Plastering Repairs Cost

If you spot any damage or marks on the walls you have plastered If you notice any damage or marks, it could be more affordable to employ a handyman instead of a plasterer, since their fees are typically significantly cheaper.

Repairing plaster generally involves the removal of damaged plaster and filling any holes or cracks with new plaster. A handyman should have the equipment to complete the job, or might ask you to buy these or incorporate it into their total price.

Plaster repairs typically cost around £6 to £20 based on the severity of the damage as well as how long it takes to complete the repair.

Hanging Curtain Poles Cost

If you are buying curtains for the first time the retailer might request that you hang them professionally for an additional charge.

It can be expensive particularly if you’re trying to stay within your budget. In this case it is recommended to purchase curtains instead of hiring a handyman to put them on the poles for curtains.

The handyman you select will determine the space in which you’d like to put your curtain pole. Then, they will install the curtain pole using the proper fixtures. These are supplied by you or them.

A handyman will typically charge between £60 or £100 for hanging curtain poles. The cost will vary based on the length of the project.

Hanging Mirrors and Picture Frames Cost

Another job that is commonly performed is hanging picture frames and mirrors usually takes 1 to 2 hours, based on the amount of mirrors or photos you own.

When hanging a mirror or frames for pictures, the handyman should first take measurements of the area on the wall where you would like it to be placed. The handyman will mark where the fixings must be placed prior to putting the mirror or picture in the correct position.

It is recommended to budget approximately £40 up to £60 for this kind of work, though it might be more depending on the number of mirrors or photos installed throughout your home.

Replacing Sink Taps Cost

If you have any problems with the taps on your sink like leaks or unusual noises, you don’t need to hire a costly plumber for a minor task.

While a handyman might not be an experienced plumber however, they do possess some plumbing knowledge which allows them to repair or replace taps with ease.

If your taps require replacement, the first thing to do is take out the old taps and then check for any other problems. Once they’ve assessed their plumbing system, they are able to then proceed to install new taps, then doing thorough checks to determine whether they’re functioning.

Replacing the taps is usually approximately £50 up to £350. The price usually doesn’t include the price of the taps, but you could request them to include it on their handyman’s price list.

Installing Ceiling Lights Cost

If you’ve recently bought an electric ceiling light but aren’t sure about how to install it, you must think about hiring a professional to install it for you.

Before he or she does anything, the handyman must check that the mains electrical is turned off. They then mark and cut out the ceiling in which the light is to be placed, then wiring it into.

The installation of a ceiling light is usually priced between £50 to £250 and doesn’t include the cost of the light.

Fitting Shelving Cost

Hanging shelves is an excellent option to expand storage without taking up floor space. You can employ a handyman to put shelves in your home, even if you don’t have any DIY experience or find the time.

In order to hang shelves on the wall, a handyman should mark the areas that require drilling. This will make sure your shelves have been hung properly and safe enough to protect your personal belongings.

The price of hanging shelves is ranging between £25 to £200 without excluding the cost of the supply.


How do you find a reliable handyman?

One of the best ways to find a reliable handyman is by asking for recommendations from friends and family. This will ensure that you are hiring someone who can be trusted to get the job done right.

You can also look at reviews by searching ‘handyman jobs near me’ which will bring up plenty of results from real people and recent jobs in your area.

What are the most popular handyman jobs?

Some of the most common handyman jobs include shelf hanging, woodwork painting and flat pack furniture assembly.

What electrical work can a handyman do?

The type of electrical work a handyman can do will depend on their qualifications. For instance, a handyman may also be a qualified electrician, and will therefore be able to conduct all electrical jobs.

However, a handyman with no formal electrical credentials is limited. Although they can legally conduct electrical work, it must be checked by a professional electrician before it can be signed off.

What can a handyman legally do?

A handyman can take on almost any task, however notifiable tasks including electrical and plumbing work must be checked by a qualified professional to ensure the job has been completed correctly and safely.

Does a handyman need a license?

A handyman does not legally require a license to operate; however, many obtain a license or enrol on courses as this will allow them to charge more for their services.



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