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Are you planning to set up an hive thermostat or hub at home?

If you are, then you might be thinking about how much the cost of a hive installation is. In this article we’ll go over all the information you must learn about hive heating including the entire prices for installing a thermostat in a hive that you need to be aware of.


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How Much is Hive?

Are you planning to install an hive heating system for your home?

In this article, we’ll examine the cost average for a thermostat in a beehive. 

installation of a hive, which includes cost of the supply, labour costs and other costs as well as the various kinds of hive thermostats available as well as the duration of tasks and the advantages and disadvantages of installing the Hive thermostat.

What exactly is hive?

Hive falls under the category of smart heating products. If you want to utilise Hive it isn’t necessary to make any modifications to your heating system, other than installing a new thermostat and an app for smartphones. application to manage it.

What is smart home heating?

A heating system that controls remotely, typically with a smartphone app is known as smart heating. You can manage the heating system in your home from your phone if you have a thermostat that is online.

You can control your heating system even when on the move or sitting on your couch by using smart heating.

What is the price of an hive thermostat cost?

The thermostat in itself will be the least costly element of the Hive intelligent thermostats. Because installing a smart thermostat is easy and fast, labour costs are very low.

A smart thermostat installation could cost between £150 up to £280 based on the thermostat’s manufacturer. It is also important to take into consideration the daily wage of a builder that could vary from £150 up to £250 per day, depending on the labourer.

The typical hive thermostat will be approximately £250 to £300 however, because companies make a profit when purchasing the Hive you should expect to pay an additional £30 or £75 in addition to the amount you would have paid for the Hive if you were to purchase it on your own.

London as well as London and the South of England have higher labour costs than the rest of the country. Therefore, when a contractor has to travel outside of a specific distance, they might add an additional cost.

Hive thermometers aren’t used by a lot of plumbers. You might need an estimate from an additional contractor, depending on the location you live in.

Hive Smart Thermostat Prices

This table will provide the cost of having an intelligent thermostat from Hive installed at your residence:

Hive Thermostat InstallationCost
Installing the Hive thermostat£150 – £280
Installation per day£150 -£250
Hive thermostat£250 – £300

What are the Supply Costs of a hive installation?

If you’re planning on building your own hive thermostat on your own, you’ll have to be aware of the cost of supplies for doing so. This is why we look at the components and equipment required to finish the task.

A smart thermostat from hive could cost anywhere from £150 to £280 based on the model. It is inexpensive to install after you’ve bought the thermostat.

The equipment required is standard but if you do not have them it’s best to buy them and install them yourself.

It’s important to remember that there’s a difference to be drawn between smart meters and smart thermostats. Smart meters provide you with data on your electric and gas meter readings, and smart thermostats let you manage the temperature of your home from your smartphone even when you’re not at your home.

So, if you’d like the best hive thermostat then you’ll need to be charged more.

There’s a lot of wires and screws involved in setting up a hive thermostat. so, be sure to have a screwdriver in your bag that typically costs between £7 to £15.

Also, you will require batteries to turn on the thermostat that cost £2 to £10, based on the number of batteries required.

It is also necessary to have an electric drill to pull the thermostat of your old hive or to install your new one inside the wall. Drills are typically priced between £20 to £80. The table below breaks down the costs of supplies required to set up a hive thermostat.

Hive Smart Thermostat£150 – £280
Screwdriver££7 – £15
Batteries£2 – £10
Drill£20 – £80

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Hive Thermostat?

A lot of households are embracing smart thermostats due to the many benefits they offer. You can manage your heating system via your phone with the installation of the smart thermostat which gives you easy control over the temperatures in your home.

But, after the thermostat is in place and the choice to get one installed the process, there are typically extra costs to anticipate. In this article, we will look at the additional costs associated with installing the hive thermostat, as they can have a direct effect on the budget.

New Radiator

If you are planning to set up an hive thermostat, it is important to ensure that your radiators are in good shape without any issues. However, if they fail and need to be replaced, you must consider installing new ones. 

What is the price of the cost of a new radiator set you back?

In 2021 the average price of installing a new radiator will be in the range of £110 and £470. A single radiator is the cheapest option that will cost between £110 and £210 for the UK.

The installation of the new radiator is going to cost you between £30 to £70 per hour. the average cost for a day of £240 between £240 and £320.

But, where you live in the UK has a significant influence on the price. It means that an installation by a professional of an average-sized radiator would cost you between £90 to £150.

Installing a new radiator at home usually takes about 1 to two hours, depending on the dimensions that the radiator is (small, medium, large and large). But, two factors could be a significant factor in the amount of time required to set up the new radiator.

It is important to determine if an old radiator should be removed, and also the condition of the area in which the new radiator will be put in.

It is possible to choose to have a particular radiator removed in order to free up space in the room to install the new modern, contemporary radiator in its place or because your house already has more than enough radiators!

A small radiator can cost between £70 between £70 and £90 to take away. A moderate radiator can cost between £90 to £110 to take down, while an enormous radiator would cost between £110 and £110 and £130 to take away. If you’re contemplating moving your radiator, it will add to your budget.

New Boiler

If the boiler you have is in poor condition, you must think about installing a new boiler installed since this is the main driver of the entire system. The cost for installing the new boiler will depend on the kind of boiler you pick.

A new combination boiler for instance costs between £1,500 and £3,500. Similarly, a traditional boiler will cost between£1,300 and £3,700.

Other types of boilers include system boilers that cost between £1,500 to £2,800. Biomass boilers cost between £4,000 and £9,000 as well as condensing boilers that cost between £2,000 and £2,500.

The kind of boiler they’re installing will affect the process of installation. The price of installing the combi boiler is between £2,000 to £2,600.

A complete new boiler installation, including new plumbing however it could cost 3000 dollars or so. Tradesmen typically charge between £1700 to £2,200 for a heat-only boiler.

The price of the installation of a new boiler is determined in part by the amount of the time needed to put it in place, since tradespeople generally charge a per-day or hourly fee, however this can vary based on the scope of work.

Combi boilers and regular boilers can be generally installed in just 1 to 1.5 days however, system boilers can require up to two and a half hours.

If the boiler you have is not able to be replaced or if you want to switch from a gas boiler to an electric one it is necessary to have it taken away. The cost to have the boiler taken away, and any pipes associated with it are usually between £ between £ and £.

Power Flush Cost

In some cases, the radiators do not require replacement. They require to be flushed with a power source; however, if they need to be replaced, cause an issue for your hive thermostat to operate. A power flush is usually required to be carried out around radiators that are located throughout your home.

The price of power flushing is based on the size of the home, the amount of radiators, the type of central heating, the number of heating engineers involved as well as the accessibility and the place of installation.

If you reside in a house with two bedrooms in which case the cost to have the central heating unit flushed will range from £385 and £425 If you reside in a house with three bedrooms the price will be £475 and £535 or if you have a house with four bedrooms the price will be £510 or £590.

Heating contractors could charge a minimum amount that is added to the total cost or incorporated into the overall cost. It could come in its form as a daily labour expense for that. If a power flushing job will take a day and half, and you’re charged per day, you’ll be charged for two working days.

The power flushing process is typically performed by one heating engineer. It is possible to pay hourly, or even daily costs are greater if there are two or more experts involved in the task. The cost of labour will be determined using the amount of time needed to run the power flush. The cost will be higher for the time it takes. In certain circumstances that are, of course.

Smart Home Appliances

Smart thermostats are commonly employed together with other smart home devices. It is possible to connect the Hive intelligent thermostat with an Amazon Alexa device, for instance, and manage the heating using your voice. Speakers, TVs, lighting and doorbells could all be controlled with these same gadgets.

Smart appliances and thermostats are designed not just to make people’s lives simpler, but also to boost efficiency of energy in homes. For instance, suppose you don’t switch off the lights as well as the TV before you leave for work.

If that happens it is possible to disable them on your phone when you spot that they’re there, and avoid using up energy during the day even if no one is at home.

From £10 to a plug with a voice activation up to £500 or £600 for a CCTV system, intelligent home appliances come in a variety of dimensions and shapes. With less than £100 you can outfit your home with a variety of useful features that control lighting and other devices.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing a Hive Smart Thermostat

In general, having a tradesperson to install something at your home could increase the total cost. If you’re not the most skilled in DIY, it is recommended you engage a professional to visit as wiring and drilling are required.

In this article, we will review the cost of tradesmen to have the hive thermostat installed with no material or equipment cost.

A plumber will typically set up a hive in less than an hour. The following are the costs for an average installation (for instance a combination boiler). In the case of an old model with different wiring, it might take a bit longer.

Also, you should think about the construction worker’s daily salary that can vary from £150 up to £250 per day, depending on the labourer.

It is recommended to consider comparing up to three estimates from labourers to get the most competitive price to install the smart thermostat. If you select an expert to install your thermostat, you’ll be sure that you’ll get top-quality service.

If you’re just looking for labour then you’ll need to buy the Hive thermostat for yourself. The Hive will cost you between £140-£180.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Hive Thermostat?

If you want to have something installed at home, the majority of people fret about the timing and will require a period of effort to complete the installation. So, in this article we will walk through the steps involved in setting up a hive thermostat as well as how long it will take.

The best person to set up the Hive at your house is typically a plumber or an engineer for boilers. They’ll need to make sure that the Hive unit is connected correctly. Hive installation is generally an easy job that could be done in less than an hour with a typical boiler installation.

If you live in a house with an old boiler or complex heating and cooling system, it’s probably a great option to consult your local plumbers and boiler experts. Since they’ll be charging for the construction of a new boiler and that adding Hive’s unit is simple and quick to do, it could help you save some time and, consequently, reduce the cost.

If you’re handy around your home making the Hive thermostat should not be any trouble. The instructions are thorough inside the box, however generally, you’ll require an electric screwdriver and around 90 minutes to finish the task.

Labour InstallationCost
Average£75 – £100
Standard Range£60 – £120
Min – Max Range£50 – £150

Types of Hive Thermostat

There are a variety of hive thermostats. Therefore, choosing the right thermostat for the home is a huge decision to make. That’s why we put together this guide to help you understand the various types of thermostats, and the advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re seeking an installation of a hive thermostat within your home, you must choose the best one to purchase.

The Hive heating system is a great alternative to normal thermostats; just move either the knob on your wall, or stand to the temperature you want to. It is also possible to access your settings using the right button, and then configuring the system for the future.

The app can be used from inside or outside the house, provided you own the Hive hub of some kind with an internet connection on the device you prefer. But, since there are many options that are available, there’s a broad choice of choices and that’s the reason we’re here to assist.

Manual Hive Thermostat

The most basic thermostat, also known as an analog or non-programmable thermostat. They typically have simple dials that spin to set to the temperature you want. Once you have set it, it will maintain the exact temperature of your room up to the point you switch off the heat.

For it to function properly the thermostat manual must be installed on the wall. It detects variations in temperature of the room using the help of a mechanical element. If this occurs the metal coil within the thermostat rotates, thereby making it possible to connect or disconnect the electrical circuit.

Think of it as the light switch in the heating industry. It’s possible to turn it off and on and off, but that’s all there is to it.


  • An affordable option
  • It is simple to use.


  • There aren’t any smart features in the package.
  • Basic

Electronic Room Hive Thermostat

If you do not have a thermostat that is smart it is possible to include an electronic room thermostat. They can be put in the ceiling or used to move from one room to another.

The thermostat will start heating if it reaches an established level and then shut it off after it is warmed up.

They’re also referred to as thermostats programmable since, as their name suggests, they permit users to design schedules in advance.


  • Automatically off and on.
  • You can create an agenda.


  • More expensive.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats use the Internet to bring your central heating system to your smartphone. This means that regardless of the location you’re in you can have total control of the temperature within your home. This makes setting and changing timetables effortless and is also ideal for heating rooms individually.

This is the minimum of the things a smart thermostat could do, but the majority models also come with numerous other beneficial features. For instance, many include a geo-location feature that will send you an alert when you turn the thermostat on even though you’re away.

Certain apps will also monitor your movements and generate heating strategies in relation to your activity throughout the day.

A receiver, a hub and a smart thermostat are three primary components of the majority of smart thermostats. The receiver then connects to the boiler using its hub. It’s linked via your router’s broadband.

The boiler is connected to the internet, allowing it to connect with your thermostat via smart and allow the boiler to be controlled from a distance.

A lot of smart thermostats have the ability to respond to weather. They’ll monitor the weather conditions and adjust the thermostat’s temperature in line with. In case it becomes cold outside, it will raise the temperature inside, without the need for you to do anything.


  • Apps can connect to the internet.
  • The feature for weather response.
  • Automatic


  • Expensive
  • More likely to require an expert to install.

Electric Radiator Thermostat

This thermostat works and an electric radiator that provides the user with more control over how your space is heated.

It’s fairly simple to install. All you have to do is connect it to the power outlet, then it to your thermostat and set the desired temperature.

It’s perfect for rooms that don’t have central heating, or for areas that don’t require heating often, like garages or study rooms.

This kind thermostat is highly accurate and allows you to ensure that the temperature inside your home is at a perfect temperature.

Additionally, the thermostat aids in regulating the proper amount of power needed to keep this temperature at a constant level and ensures that energy is not wasted in the home.

If you switch your heater on, it will draw all its power to achieve the temperature you want. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes, on average. The radiator will stop providing energy when the temperature is at.

The thermodynamic fluid in the electric radiator of your house will have expanded rapidly at this moment, and the heating surface will be heated to the max.

The thermostats of their units can be set separately so that different temperatures can be set for different rooms. It is also possible to reduce the temperature for your electric heaters before you go away for holiday, which can help you save dollars in the long run.


  • Quickly to warm up.
  • Different temperatures in different rooms.
  • It saves money.


  • The setup is not easy to put in place.
  • Expensive

Benefits of a Hive Smart Thermostat

A Hive intelligent thermostat can be an excellent way to control the temperature of your home while cutting down on your energy costs.

If you’re searching for an answer to make the most value from your heating system in your home then we’ll explain the numerous advantages of installing a hive-based thermostat.

Easy to Use

Hive thermostats feature a user-friendly interface, making them easy to use from the moment of installation. When you get your new thermostat, you’ll soon be able to operate it, which puts them ahead of the rest.

The app allows you to check whether or not your heating is working and you will always be aware of what’s happening with your heating system at home. It also lets you do other useful functions with your application, for instance, increasing the temperature in the comfortable couch.

Hive Thermostats Adapt to Your Schedule

You can easily program your Hive to know the time and temperature at which you require heating for your home.

If your home is not occupied from 9 until 3 for instance, there’s no need to switch on the heating. Simply inform Hive when you’ll be at home and it’ll ensure your home is cosy and warm when you arrive.

This will ensure that your house is cosy and warm, while not burning up electricity when it’s not needed. Thus, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs without any negatives!

Easy to Program

If you’re planning to go to a vacation destination You can inform your Hive that it won’t need heating in your home during your vacation. When you inform them you’ll be returning home.

Your routine is automatically paused and then resumed. This way you will be able to come back to your warm home without wasting energy during your time you are away.

Minimise Energy Costs

The potential to save energy is the most convincing reason to switch to an WIFI thermostat.

It’s easy to set your HVAC to be less efficient when you’re away for the day with the help of a smart thermostat from hive that lets you save energy by only cooling your home during your absence.

You can set your electronic thermostat to be turned on when family members are home and ensure that your home remains at a comfortable temperature of 72 degrees as soon as you walk in.

The first benefit is that Hive claims that you can save £130 per year on your heating expenses, so that’s the first benefit -A year of savings could pay for the Hive installation costs.

In addition to the 24-hour program that is based on a simple repetition setting, you can incorporate a range of additional features into the central heating unit. Hive is the most flexible heating system for homes that allows you to warm your home only when it’s essential.

Track Your Energy Usage

Users can track their energy usage with the hive thermostats that are digital. You can create your own home energy profile which will show you how your energy usage has changed over time, how this will impact your energy consumption in the near future and also how you could modify your cooling and heating preferences to save cash.

Easy to Install

If you’ve got the right thermostat wire, setting up the hive smart thermostat is easy. Take a look at the wiring and remove the current thermostat cover. AC thermostat wire is needed.

It is possible to set up the smart thermostat following the instructions of the manufacturer if you see a wire marked with C. Or the letter”common” as well as additional wires labelled with W, R Rh, Rc, or.

Turn off the power source to the thermostat in your hive, take out the thermostat that was previously in use then connect the wires to your new Hive thermostat, connect to the new faces of the thermostat. switch on the power, then follow the instructions for programming in accordance with the directions of your thermostat’s manufacturer.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Hive Thermostat?

There are times when you require the removal of the thermostat in your hive to put in a new one or, if you don’t want it anymore and you don’t want it, you might need to pay to have it removed. If this is the case to you then in this article we’ll walk you through the steps to remove your thermostat from the hive and the costs involved in getting it removed.

If you don’t need the thermostat of your hive removed, however, if it’s broken you can have it repaired before you need for removal. Thermostats aren’t always reliable sometimes, requiring assistance from a specialist in heating to repair the device.

The majority of thermostats can be fixed within an hour or less if you pay between £70-£100 for labour costs. However, there is a possibility of a call-out cost when you call an engineer during non-business hours. This is generally the cost for three hours of work.

If, however, you do not want your thermostat for your hive and wish to have to remove it, then you’ll be charged for the labour costs only depending on the duration since it could take more than two hours. That means you can charge between £100 or £200 to take down the thermostat of a hive.


Q: How do you reset a Hive thermostat?

A: To reset the thermostat, take it in your hand and turn it over, so the back is facing you.

Hold down the front of the thermostat’s ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons at the same time. Keep those buttons pressed in when replacing the battery and keep them pressed until the word ‘FIND’ shows on the screen.

Q: How do you pair a Hive smart thermostat with the app?

A: You may switch the power back on to your heating and cooling system using your electrical breaker box once you’ve connected all the proper wires and fastened the body of your Hive Thermostat to the back-plate.

The thermostat will display the word ‘Search,’ indicating that it is looking for the hub. The length of time the thermostat has been searching will be displayed on a timer. Then go to your Hive app and install the devices you need to couple your thermostat.

Q: Is a Hive thermostat worth it?

A: The thermostats are good enough that they could be installed in a home and utilised as the only control system with no problems. Most individuals, though, will want to download the app to their phones.

The Hive app makes it easy to use your heating system while still attempting to save money. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Q: How does a Hive thermostat work?

A: Hive Heating instructs your boiler to heat your hot water as well as your entire home.

The thermostat includes a Hive Receiver, which connects to your boiler’s circuits and transmits the thermostat’s commands as well as the temperature of the boiler back to the thermostat.

Q: What else does a Hive thermostat connect to?

A: Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant, is compatible with Hive. Connect your Hive devices to your Echo, and you’re ready to use your voice to control your home. Simply ask Alexa to control your heating, lights, and plugs.



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