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Estimated Cost of Installing Artificial Grass

Are you interested in knowing how much it will cost to install fake grass?
This comprehensive guide will cover everything you must know about the cost of laying artificial turf which includes labour and supply prices.


How Much is Artificial Grass?

What’s the deal with artificial grass?

Let’s jump right into the details…

In this section we’ll discuss the cost of artificial grass installation as well as the cost average for different kinds of artificial grass which includes nylon and polypropylene.

These ranges of prices are general averages of the UK in general and should be expected to differ based on the retailer that you purchase from.

Let’s look at the costs that are typical and…

If you want to install artificial grass made of polypropylene The cost is likely to be in the range of £55£60 per square meter. For a product made of polyethylene to be installed will probably cost you between £55-£65 per sq m.

Artificial grass costs between £60 or £70 per square meter. Prices will differ based upon where in the UK the area you live.

Fake prices for Grass

The next step is to look at the costs that are associated with having artificial turf installed. This section will focus on the installation and labour cost of having various types and sizes of synthetic grass installed by a gardener or artificial grass installer.

The general cost of a project will be approximately £55 to £75 per square meter. The cost of labour will be in the range of £300 and £500 however this could be higher depending on the size and the size of installation. The table below displays the estimated costs of installation for different kinds, sizes and types of synthetic grass.

Kind of grassSizeAverage Cost
Polypropylene10 square metres£550 to £650
Polypropylene25 square metres£1400 to £1500
Polypropylene50 square metres£2500 to £3000
Polypropylene100 square metres£4000 – £5500
Polyethylene10 square metres£550 to£700
Polyethylene25 square metres£1400 to £1600
Polyethylene50 square metres£2500 to £3250
Polyethylene100 square metres£4000 to £6000
Nylon10 square metres£600 to £700
Nylon25 square metres£1500 to £1750
Nylon50 square metres£2500 to £3500
Nylon100 square metres£4500 to £6500

Artificial Costs of Grass Supply

Then, we’ll look at the price of fake grass according to the supply. We will examine the cost of retail for different kinds of fake grass. These prices exclude costs for installation.

The price of artificial grass made from polypropylene will be in the range of £10 to £15 per square meter. Polypropylene is fairly inexpensive as it is the most affordable artificial grass that you can choose from. It’s also extremely popular.

Cost of Polyethylene Grass Supply

Polyethylene artificial grass could cost you between £10 or £20 per square meter. The type of artificial grass is likely to fall in the middle of costs related to products made of artificial grass.

Price of NylonGrass Supplies

In general, artificial grass that is made of nylon is between £15 or £25 per square meter. Nylon is the most costly kind of artificial grass however certain aspects of the grass like its strength and durability justifies the price.

What are The Additional costs for Artificial Grass?

We’ll now take a look at the extra costs that could be incurred following the installation of artificial grass.

Adding Garden Fencing Cost

It is recommended to budget around £20 up to £80 to cover the cost of a panel. The cost you pay will be contingent on whether you want to install high-end timber panels.

Garden Maintenance Cost

Garden maintenance is priced between £20 or £110 for an hour. Most gardening tasks will be covered with a minimum of two hours.

The Exterior Painting of the House Cost

For a terraced residence that has a couple of bedrooms, you could expect to spend anywhere between £550 or £750 to paint the outside of your house. 

For a semi-detached home with three bedrooms, the price will likely range close to £700 to £1000 and for a 3- 4 bedroom detached home that has 3 bedrooms, the price will be around £900 or £1500.

Outside Lighting Cost

The price of having an outside security light installed can vary according to where you live and the kind of light you would like to install. For a single 30 watt security light will cost around £125-£150, and will require approximately 1-2 hours of labour.

For a motion sensor light that is connected to the mains supply, expect to spend £150 or £200 and it’s likely to take between 2-4 hours to install.

Outside Heating Cost

An electric heater for your patio can cost between £175 or £350.

How long Does it take to Install Artificial Grass?

In this section, we will provide the time frame for how long it would be before artificial turf is laid. In this article, we’ll examine the various amounts of time required to put in different areas that are made of synthetic grass.

As you can see in the table below, installing artificial grass in an area of around 100 square metres should require 3-4 days. For smaller gardens, it could take between one and three days whereas for large gardens, it could take anything between 4 days and one week.

Dimension of GardenTime to Install
10 square metres1 day
25 square metres1 day
50 square metresA couple of days
75 square metres3 to 5 days
100 square metres3-4 days
150 square metres4 to 5 days
200 square metres7 to 7 days

The duration of the garden will differ based upon the dimensions of your garden, the type of artificial grass, as well as other aspects (e.g. how accessible the garden can be).

Types of Artificial Grass

For this part we will look at the different kinds that are artificial turf in more depth. We will take a look at the cost of labour for each kind, what each kind is made of, and how it is appropriate to use it as well as a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.

Labour costs are not included in the price of installation for artificial grass with a labour cost typically determined as a separate cost. Installation costs will increase based on the size of the area you require synthetic grass take up.

Polypropylene Grass Cost

This kind of artificial grass is made up of polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. This kind of grass is usually the most affordable. Regarding the labour cost of the installation of polypropylene artificial turf the labour cost could range from £300 to £500 for a 10-square meters installation.

Because this type of artificial grass isn’t as strong as nylon or polyethylene, it is ideally suited for applications in small areas instead of covering vast areas of gardens.


  • More affordable than other types that use artificial turf.
  • Ideal for filling in tiny areas of lawn.


  • Unsuitable for covering a large garden area.
  • The most durable choice.

Polyethylene Grass Cost

Polyethylene is a synthetic grass which is very convincing, and it is also less expensive than nylon, despite being much more costly than polypropylene. Polyethylene is a popular linear plastic. This kind of artificial grass is likely to require labour expenses of around £300 to £550.

It’s a great option for covering your garden, so that you don’t expect an excessive amount of wear on the grass like from animals, children or regular physical exercise.


  • Not as costly as synthetic grass made of nylon.
  • It is more durable and long-lasting than polypropylene.
  • The idea is to cover a large area of garden in various situations.


  • It is not the best choice for a garden that is subject to frequent foot-traffic.
  • A little less durable in comparison to synthetic grass made of nylon.

Nylon Grass Cost

Artificial grass made of Nylon is the strongest and robust type. Nylon is one of the families composed of synthetic polymers. The blades made of synthetic turf are robust and rigid. The labour costs associated with setting up nylon synthetic grass could be approximately £400 up to £600.

Nylon is the ideal material for covering the entire garden, particularly those that are prone to wear and tear due to frequent foot-traffic.


  • Ideal for large-scale gardens, including those that have lots of pedestrian traffic.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • The most expensive choice.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Costs

In time your artificial grass could require repairs and maintenance. We’ll look into the costs associated with these maintenance and repairs in this section, as well as exploring the kinds of repairs required, in addition to other topics.

One of the most effective ways to maintain your artificial grass is by cleaning it and brushing it regularly. It could cost between £15 to £30 to purchase a suitable brush.

Artificial grass problems could be due to it being too loose due to an improper fitting, tiny tears or burn marks, such as caused by sparks or embers that ignited caused by a barbecue or caused by cigarette smoke tear, tears and rips as well as damage from exposure to chemicals. In such situations repairs could be required. Repairs could cost between £20 to £110 each hour.

The total cost of maintenance and repairs can vary depending on the kind of grass being used and the size of the yard and how easily accessible your garden is, and the exact location in the UK where you live. However, this may NOT apply to any expenditures such as buying artificial grass.

How Much does it Cost to Remove Artificial Grass?

The next step is to look at the average cost when removing fake grass. In the removal process, artificial turf costs per square meter could be around £10 or £20. If you have a garden that is 25m2 in size, labour costs could be around £300 up to £500. The cost of garbage removal is set back about £100 up to £200.

Also, these costs can vary based on the location you live in the UK you reside and the you can access your garden.


Q: How thick is artificial grass?

A: Most artificial grass will have a thickness of between an inch and 1.5 inches.

Q: What do you put under artificial grass?

A: It is best to place compacted sharp sand beneath artificial grass.

Q: What is the best artificial grass?

A: Nylon is the strongest and most durable type of artificial grass.

Q: What sand do I put on top of artificial grass?

A: Silica sand is arguably the best type of sand to add on top of artificial grass. It is popular and widely recommended.

Q: How long does artificial grass last?

A: Artificial grass could last anywhere from 10-25 years. Its life duration may fall before or after this range depending on how well looked after it is. Regular maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your artificial grass fitting.



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