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Estimated Cost of Lock Change

Do you have any questions about the cost for locksmith services?

This article will provide details of the average price of replacing a door lock depending on the door lock type. If you require the services of an urgent locksmith We will offer you all the information you require in order to understand the cost associated with.


How Much Does it Cost to Change a Lock?

What is the cost of an upgrade to a door lock cost?

Lock Change | We are aware that in the present time, security and safety are of paramount importance within and around the home. This is why one crucial aspect of home security that you should consider is a safe and reliable door locks.

There isn’t a lot of awareness about the advantages of a modern door lock, and neither do they know the typical price of a door lock replacement. When replacing a lock on your door it is crucial to know how much you should put aside for a lock replacement and the cost of hiring a tradesperson finish the task.

Prices for locksmiths can differ based on the task at the moment and your location.

Door Lock Prices

To provide you with a greater comprehension of door lock replacement costs, have a an examination of the following table:

Type of LocksType of Door(s)Cost
Mortice Lockwooden front doors£131-£191
Multi-Point Locking SystemUPVC doors£191-£281
Euro Cylinder LockUPVC/Composite doors£111-£201
Rim Automatic Deadlatchwooden doors£161-£241

What are the Supply Costs of a Door Lock Replacement?

The various types of door locks differ in cost. Costs vary based on whether you’d like to buy a top of the line lock or a less expensive one.

The average supply cost for the most common door locks can be seen below:

Type of LocksCost
Knob lock£11-£21
Multipoint Locking System£71-81
Rim automatic deadlatch£31-£51
5-Lever mortice deadlock/night latch£17-£25
Euro cylinder lock:£10-£15

It is vital to know that, despite this, some locks are not evaluated in accordance with British Standards. The lock that has been approved to be inspected by British Standards will state so on the packaging or on the locking device the lock itself.

Door locks undergo tests to make sure they are in line with the standard safety requirements, but this is typically performed by independent manufacturers themselves. If you’re looking to buy doors locks that have been certified from British Standards, then you are likely to be charged more than the ones mentioned above.

What are the Additional Costs of a Door Lock Replacement?

When planning the replacement of your door locks it is worth taking into consideration the extra costs that could be incurred prior to the date, instead of getting disappointed that the task will not be completed in the timeframe you planned.

New Front Door

Another thing to think about might be that it is possible you might need the installation of a new entrance door to improve security of your home rather than changing the locks.

The price for an new front door can be quite expensive depending on what you are looking for: UPVC door, a composite doors, or wood door, such as one constructed of Oak and Mahogany.

New Patio/French Doors

If you’re changing a lock on your the patio, and French doors, then you might be thinking about investing in new doors.

French doors, also known as patio doors as with all things, can vary in cost however, you should expect to pay anywhere from £400 and £1500 to purchase new doors.


It’s true that where you live in your home can affect the price for door lock replacement. It is beneficial to anticipate this as an extra expense to your locksmith.

For instance, in London costs of living are more expensive in comparison to other cities. There is also a larger number of people compared to other regions in England. Thus, demand and competition for services is higher.

Tradesman Costs for Replacing a Door Lock

It isn’t easy to determine the cost of a lock replacement for your home. In the end locksmiths might need be onsite to quote the task as well as other elements could affect the final price.

The average tradesman costs alone, for labour and installation of the most common door locks are as follows:

Type of LockCost
Euro Cylinder lock£70
Mortice Deadlock£90
Multi-Point Locking System£80
Garage Door Lock:£60

Locksmiths are able to charge whatever they want depending on the what they are calling for, the time of the call, the distance required to get to locations and more. The typical hourly cost is PS65..

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Door Lock?

If you’re being squeezed to time, you might be concerned about the length of time the process will be to get your door lock change. The length of time will depend on the number of locks that need replacement. You may be amazed to learn that it’s not as difficult as you thought!

In the beginning, when you are arranging for a tradesperson visit your home to replace the locks, inquire about what time the task will take. It’s also beneficial to leave a bit of time in case of any unanticipated issues.

Different kinds of door locks come with varying installations times. If you don’t have a key to the locks you already have, expect the process to take a bit longer.

The table below lists the standard installation time of a professional for a variety of door locks:

Type of Door LockAverage Professional Installation Time
Mortice LockAverage installation time: 30-60 minutes
Cylinder LockAverage installation time: 5-20 minutes
Multi-Point Locking SystemAverage installation time: 5 minutes
Knob LockAverage installation time: 10-20 minutes

Automatic Deadlock/Nightlatch
Average installation time: 10-30 minutes

Types of Door Lock

The cost to replace the door lock is contingent on the kind of door you own. There are locks that are designed to be used on both doors, which include garage doors as well as patio doors. UPVC doors.

Here are some of the most popular door locks:

Knob Lock Cost

The most popular and well-known door lock that is suitable for the inside of a home only it is the lock with a knob. The knob lock is a great source of security inside your house, since the key must be used to open the lock from both side of the door.

However, it isn’t advised to ignore the product’s recommendations and use this lock to secure an external. The reason is due to the possibility to remove this lock off of the door which allows burglars or other unwanted visitors to gain entry to your home!

A knob lock is priced between £10 and £20 This makes them a reasonable indoor security option!


  • Available in a range of colors and different finishes
  • Moderate level of security for doors inside


  • They can be removed using tools and pressure to gain access
  • A less secure grip

Multi-Point Locking System

Multi-point locking systems are utilized for doors that are external and can be a good replacement lock for an UPVC door, such as doors for the front and back as well as patio doors and French doors. They are able to be used on doors made of aluminum and wood as well.

The locking device itself is inserted into the part of the door’s body that locks in the door’s frame.

The locks of these types are controlled by keys and provide an extremely secure level through the use of anywhere from 3 to 5 locking points, and only one cylinder.

The cost of the multi-point locking system ranges about the £70 to £80 range. But, it varies based on the manufacturer and the number of locking points it has.


  • This can be applied to an array of exterior doors
  • Pick from three locking points


  • It takes a while to get used
  • Insurance for home may become ineffective if the lock isn’t secured

Rim Automated Deadlatch (Also called an Yale Lock)

Rim automatic deadlatches are typically employed on doors that are made from wood or include glass panels. They’re typically older as well as older ones.

This particular type of locks requires keys to open it from its exterior side. However, it is also able to be activated from inside the house by using an latch located on the opposite side.

If the latch is secured on the outside, these kinds of locks are able to provide access into as well out door without having to use keys from outside each time.

The locks are suitable for doors that are either at the rear or front of the home. The typical cost for a deadlatched, also known as a ‘nigh latch is around £20..


  • The door locks automatically when closed.
  • A latch located on the interior part of the door can be used to unlock the lock without having a key


  • Do not provide a high degree of security

5-Lever Mortice Deadlock

5-lever mortice deadlocks are more secure alternative to the 3-lever version. As mentioned previously mortice locks for doors are typically utilized on wooden exterior doors together with Deadlatch. The reason is that a 5-lever deadlock doesn’t provide enough home security when used on a door made of wood. Wooden doors typically come with two locks for the door.

Mortice Locks are fitted within in the doors body, and are secured into the frame of the door rather than being placed on the outside of the door.

Mortice locks are also employed on glass and commercial doors. When they are used on doors with glass they can offer a superior degree of security.

The cost of mortice locks based on the model and specification ranges from £17-£25..


  • High security rating
  • Available in various sizes and


  • A few have not been checked against British Standards
  • Some individuals might not be able to endure strategies

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinder locks are generally employed in conjunction with the multi-point locking system. It is a very popular UPVC doors lock substitute. They are suitable for the exterior of front and rear doors, but generally, they are not used for internal doors in homes that are domestic.

However, they are employed on doors that are internal, when security for the inside is of greater need such as in a workplace or an educational institution.

They are operated by a simple locks and keys mechanism which requires the key on the outside of the door to gain entry.

If you take into consideration average prices for door locks euro cylinder locks come at around £10 to £15.


  • User-friendly
  • Keys can be cut in multiple ways
  • Security level that is tailored to your needs


  • Highly susceptible to lock snapping

Benefits of a New Door Lock

There are a variety of reasons as the reasons to replace your locks on your doors, with the top priority for the majority of people is safety and security! Many Locksmiths will advise you to change your locks every seven years in order to ensure maximum performance and increased security.


If you’ve recently purchased an new retail store or relocated your family members into an new house, it’s impossible to determine how many keys were made for the property by previous owners or the residents.

So, in order to make sure that only you and the people who are who are known to you are the only ones who have keys to enter your property It is advisable to purchase the replacement of your garage door lock and an outdoor door lock replacement, and an additional lock for the main entrance to your home.

Ease of Use

In the constantly changing market, new brands and versions of door locks are being put into production continuously. In this regard. You might want to switch your locks to one that is that is more user-friendly if you are able to find the best door lock for your needs!

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Door Lock?

If you’re looking to improve your security at home by installing a more secure lock, or you’re in a position that your lock might have broken or stopped working in a proper manner, then you may require an expert locksmith to either remove or replace the locks on your current lock.

Locksmiths can technically charge whatever price they like for their services. If you are handy around the house and know how to fit a new door lock, then you may not require a full door lock replacement cost.

If you require assistance to take off an existing door lock the most current price to remove a damaged or broken UPVC door lock costs £70. If you’re looking for a complete repair or replacement UPVC door lock service then you’ll spend higher than that.


Q How do you determine if you are able to do in the cost of a new locking device for doors?

A: Measuring for the measurements for a new door lock is contingent on the kind of lock that you currently own. If you’re replacing your current door lock by the exact same type of lock, there’s an order to follow in order to determine the measurement of every kind of lock.

To make a mortice lock it is required to measure 3 dimensions to be taken, including:

  • Dimension A – While holding the cylinder on the side of an outside (left right) side of the cylinder until the screw hole that is in the middle.
  • Dimension B Dimension B – Measure from the inside (right right) side of the cylinder until the screw hole that is in the middle.
  • Dimension C – Take the complete long cylinder from its outer edge to the internal edge.

For mortice locks the required measurements are five for a mortice lock, which includes:

  • For measuring the for-end of the mortice lock (the flat portion of the lock that is at the edges of the door) it is necessary to determine the width as well as the distance from the edge.
  • The distances from the upper right-hand corner and the bottom right-hand corner at the beginning of fore-ends will determine the length. The measurement from the lower left-hand corner until the bottom right-hand corner will give you the width of the for-end.
  • To determine the backset, you will need the measurement from the keyhole up to the front-end.
  • To determine the width of the case to determine the case width, measure from the for-end to the edge closest to the mortice’s case.
  • In order to determine the measurement of the case’s height, take a measurement from the upper right-hand corner of the mortice case to the left-hand bottom edge of the mortice.

Q How do you repair a door lock that isn’t turning?

A: If it difficult turning the key inside your lock for entry it is essential to not force it, as you don’t want a snapped or damaged key stuck inside the lock! It is suggested that you use a dry spray of lubricant, aimed at the lock, like an e-graphite spray or a silicone-based oil.

Once the spray has been sprayed inside the lock you can try inserting the key again and turning it several times more in the lock. If you are unable to do this, you will have to schedule an appointment with an expert locksmith who will find out what is the issue and help you resolve the issue!

Q What number of locks do you need on the front door?

The answer is: If you own an UPVC and Composite door on your front, they typically have two locks, the Euro Cylinder lock and a Multi-Point Locking System. One of the only types that have to have two locks for extra security are front doors made of wood.

Q What is the recommended frequency to change the locks on your front door?

The answer is suggested to change the locks on your front door at least every seven years. This includes all possible scenarios such as worn or damaged locks that could affect your security of your home without you even knowing it keys lost that are in the hands of a wrong person who is aware of the door they belong to, and unknown keyholders like previous tenant or residents.

Q: Are you able to change the lock on a UPVC door lock by yourself?

A It is possible to modify the locks of a Euro Cylinder Lock and a Multi-Point Locking system by yourself and very quickly! There are a lot of DIY and “How To guides online. If you’re looking for assurance that the job was done properly and according to a set of standards which ensures maximum security It is recommended to speak with locksmiths!



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