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Estimated Cost Of New Boiler & Central Heating Installation

What is the price of an entirely new boiler?

It’s dependent on the kind of boiler you’re looking for So we will discuss the cost for all types of boilers and central heating which includes combi boilers.


How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

What is the cost of central heating installations?

The cost of installing the new boiler will be contingent on the kind that you choose. For instance, a brand new combi boiler is typically priced between £1500 to £3500 while a traditional boiler is typically priced between £1300 up to £3700.

What are the other kinds of boilers?

Other types of boilers include a system-type boiler, which can be found between £1500 to £2800 A biomass boiler is priced at £4000 and £9000 and the condensing boiler is typically priced between £2000 or £2500.

Boiler Prices

Look at the table below to discover the price of different boilers. cost you:

Type of BoilerAverage Price Range
System Boiler£700-£1400
Biomass Boiler£2000-£3000
Condensing Boiler£500-£1700
Conventional Boiler£400-£800

Boiler Replacement Costs

If you are looking to save money it is possible to get a new boiler for yourself by examining new boiler offers to get the best new boiler price. Here’s an overview of the price of a new boiler.

Combi-Boiler Cost

A combi boiler is a compact boiler that consists of high-efficiency water heaters and central heating boiler. The anticipated price of a new combi boiler is between £500 or £2800.

System Boiler Cost

A system boiler is a combination of hot water and heating components within the boiler, along with an additional hot water cylinder. Expect to pay between £800 up to £2000 for a brand new system boiler.

Biomass Boiler Cost

The biomass boiler can be described as a form of heating system that is completely powered by biomass, which makes it among the most eco-friendly choices. Biomass boilers are typically priced between £2000 up to £3000.

Condensing Boiler Cost

Condensing boilers are water heaters that are powered by oil or gas and function through condensing the water vapor within gas exhausts. Condensing boilers are typically priced between £500 up to £1700.

Conventional Boiler Cost

Traditional or heating-only boilers are used in homes that already have an old-fashioned heat source. They typically have a cold water storage tank as well as an additional tank to maintain the level of water. Conventional boilers are typically priced around £400 or £800.

Central Heating Installation Costs

Another aspect to take into consideration is the labor costs associated with the installation of central heating. Tradesmen typically charge £150 for the installation of one panel radiator and £300 to install a brand new radiator.

The boiler installation process varies based on the kind of boiler they’re fitting. Combi boilers can cost between £2000 and £2600 to set up. For a complete new boiler installation, and brand new pipework, it could cost upwards of £3000 plus. If the boiler is purely for heating tradesmen usually charge between £1700 and £2200.

For a system boiler you can expect that the price of a new boiler will be between £2000 up to £4000 in labor. Higher priced installations include biomass boilers, which range anything from £12,000 to a staggering £19,000.

What are the Additional Costs of New Central Heating?

The price of a brand new boiler installation is contingent on other elements, such as:

New Radiator Costs

The price of a new radiator will differ based on the kind you choose. There are many options to choose from, such as:

Single Panel Radiator

If you’re limited on space, you might want to choose a one-panel radiator that has a single series of convector fins.

The price of a single radiator is between £14 and £80.

Single Panel Radiator

If you are limited in space, it is possible to choose a single-panel radiator that includes a series of convector fins. The typical cost for a single panel radiator ranges from about £14 up to £80.

Double Panel Radiator

Double panel radiators have the convector fins of two different sets. This is ideal for living areas. The average cost for double panel radiators can range from £30 to £260.

Column Radiator

A column radiator has many vertical columns that give it an upscale look. The column radiator is likely to cost between £130 or £500.

Radiator Relocation Cost

If you are redecorating, you might require having your radiator moved, which would mean hiring a plumber to take out and install your radiator in a new place. The typical cost of moving an existing radiator is between £100 up to £150.

Boiler Relocation Cost

In the course of renovation, you might opt to convert your boiler room into a bathroom which would mean shifting the boiler. This requires the assistance of a plumber who can cost between £300 up to £800.

New Plumbing Pipe Work

If you have to put in new pipework in addition to your boiler, this is a huge task.

Professional plumbers usually cost between £800 to £1000 additional to set up new or extra pipework.

Rubbish Removal Cost

The removal and installation of an appliance will require an enormous amount of disposal. It is usually priced between £70 or £160 in professional garbage removal. Likewise, skip hire typically costs around £60 to £300 according to how big the skip.s

How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Boiler?

The length of time required for installation will also affect the cost of a z, since tradesmen typically charge a per-hour or daily price, but this can be contingent on the task. Standard and combi boilers tend to take between one and one and one-half days to install the boiler, while a system boiler could require up to two and one and a half hours to set up.

Types of Boiler Fuel Cost

Another significant price element is the price of fuel for boilers that will differ based on the boiler you choose. There are many kinds of boiler fuel, including:

Gas Boiler Cost

Gas boiler fuel is composed of natural gas that is the most sustainable and cost-effective boiler fuels since less gas is needed to heat water. Gas boiler fuel typically costs anywhere from £1000 to £1500 annually.

The downside to the use of gas fuel to power your boiler is the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak. These could be hazardous and costly.

Oil Boiler Cost

The oil boiler fuel is an efficient alternative that normally costs between £1700 and £2000 per year. It’s also a great alternative for those who live in areas that are remote and lack access to natural gas sources.

In the long run, an oil boiler is quite expensive. They also require more maintenance, meaning you’ll require it to be cleaned frequently.

Wood Boiler Cost

The price to power boilers with wood can range from £900 to £1000 annually. This is among the most affordable fuel choices, as well as being the most eco-friendly. Wood fuel can be found in chips, pellets, and logs that serve to heat the water.

The issue with wood is that it requires quite a lot of area in order to keep the oil. Wood boilers can also be difficult to maintain as they must be cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid problems.

Electric Boiler Cost

Electric-powered boilers typically cost about £2700 to £3000 each year, which makes it the most expensive option, so it’s not the best choice for homes with large spaces.

One of the biggest benefits of using electricity to power an electric boiler is the fact that this makes it quieter. Also, there is no danger of the leak of carbon monoxide in comparison to gas boilers.

LPG Boiler Cost

Another alternative to power your boiler is to use liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas, which is a fantastic choice for homeowners who don’t have gas at the mains. It’s also a very efficient fuel that can be purchased for around £2000 to £2500 each year.

LPG gas has to be stored in tanks that can be expensive, and it also needs a substantial amount of space to keep it.

Boiler Repair Costs

In order to ensure that your boiler is operating properly You may have to repair your boiler. Some of the most commonly needed repairs are:

Broken Pump

If you are noticing that your home takes longer than normal to warm up, or you are hearing strange sounds coming from your central heating system it could be due to a malfunctioning boiler. To solve the issue you’ll need to engage a professional to examine the pump and determine if the need for a replacement is needed. If the pump needs replacement, it will cost you between £200 up to £300.

Damaged Gas Valve

A gas valve that is damaged is installed to control how much gas is delivered towards the pilot light and burner inside the boiler. If you find that your heating isn’t working properly, it could be caused by an unresponsive gas valve that can be easily unlocked, which will cost approximately £100. If it’s damaged or broken, you’ll have to purchase a replacement, which can range between £300-£350.

Heat Exchanger Replacement

A heat exchanger operates by converting heat generated by the gas into water. It is possible to need an exchanger replacement in the event of any indications of damage, such as cracks or holes in the exchanger. The cost of hiring an expert heating engineer to repair the heat exchanger ranges from £400 up to £500.

Boiler Maintenance Costs

If you want to ensure that you are getting the most value for your boiler, you must ensure that you maintain it regularly. Check out the following maintenance tasks as well as the costs for professional service and cleaning.

Boiler Service

Most heating experts recommend that you conduct regular maintenance to make sure that there aren’t any issues with your boiler, and to ensure that it’s working as intended. This will help ensure its effectiveness and stop costly repairs or replacement costs.

A boiler service consists of checking every component of your boiler, including the outside and inside controls to see whether the boiler is operating effectively. The cost for the boiler service will typically be about £60 to £100 depending on the kind of boiler you own, because some are larger than others and, thus, take longer to be serviced.

Central Heating Flush

Another excellent way to ensure the health of your boiler is to have it flushed with power to wash off all limescale, dirt or other debris that may have built up in the boiler. It is also possible to flush it when you notice areas of coldness on your radiators, since they could be due to an obstruction.

For power flushing the heating unit, you’ll require an expert heating engineer who uses special equipment and chemicals to flush out your boiler, allowing it to run more efficiently. Expect to pay between £400 or £600 for an expert power flush

Cost of Removing a Boiler

If your boiler is in need of replacing or if you are looking to convert the gas boiler for an electric one, then you’ll need to have the old boiler removed. It usually costs £600 or £800 to get your boiler removed, together with any pipes that go along with it. In order to remove your radiators you’ll have to pay about £80 to £120 for each radiator.

There is also the possibility of having to pay separate removal charges to have it removed from the home. This typically costs between £70 to £160 for each removal. You may also remove your radiators and boilers by taking them to your local waste recycling facility for household waste.



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