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Estimated Cost Of New Front Door

Do you want to have a brand new front door installed?

This guide will explain all you must know about installing the front door. From selecting uPVC front doors to wood doors, we’ve got the perfect solution for your brand new front door.


What is the cost of a front Door?

Let’s look at the cost average of a brand new front door…

There is a typical cost of installing a fresh uPVC entrance door ranges from £300-£570. The price is somewhere between £550-£2620 for an uPVC door made of composite, £350 to £1920 for a door made of oak or £350-£1570 for mahogany doors.

If you’re looking to buy the front door of a pine construction it is necessary to plan for anything between between £170 and £1220 or, in the event of a custom made door, £1050-£4020.

The price of installing an entirely new front door is dependent mostly on the kind of door you pick.

What elements can affect the price of a new front door?

The aspects that determine the price of installing your front door are the dimensions and the type of door you want to install, amount of tradespeople employed, the accessibility, and the the location of your home.

Where you live, labour costs tend to be more expensive within the Southeast (London particularly) but are less expensive in other regions like Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the North of England.

Replacement Front Door Prices:

Type of Door Labour Cost Force CostsTotal Cost
uPVC£50 to £121 £250 to £451 £301 to £571 
Composite £51 to £120 £500 to £2500£550 to £2620
Oak £50 to £120 £300 to £1800£350 to £1920
Mahogany £50 to £120£300 to £1450 £351 to £1570
Pine £50 to £120£121 to £1100£171 to £1220
Custom- made£50 to £121£100 to £3900 £1051 to £4020 

What are the costs of supply of the purchase of a New Door? Door?

The price of fitting a front door could be divided into the labor and supply costs, with materials accounting for 60 to 70 percent in the entire. This article will examine the cost of supplies associated with fitting different types of front doors.

These costs would apply on their own if you were to buy the materials for a DIY fit. The supply costs are roughly £250 to £450 for a uPVC front door, £500 to £2500 for a composite front door, or £300 to £1800 for an oak front door.

The cost of the material is £300-£1450 for the mahogany front door. around £120-£1100 for the pine front door as well as the £1000-£3900 range for a custom front door.

Price of Front Door Entry for Supply:

Type of DoorSupply Cost
uPVC £250 to £450
compound £500 to £2500
Oak 300 to£ 1800
Mahogany300 to£ 1450 
Pine 120 to£ 1100
Custom- made 1000 to£ 3900

What are the additional costs of a new front Door?

There are various additional expenses that you could incur when you have a new front door installed. Here are some of the most prominent examples of the factors that affect the cost of installing front doors.

Minimum Fee

Sometimes, employers or laborers set an amount that is a minimum, whether as a stand-alone fee or in some instances it is a part of the anticipated costs, like a per-day labour cost. Of obviously, a per-day labor cost is not likely to be a factor because it can take approximately half a day to get a brand new front door put in place.

Front Door Size/Type

In the preceding two sections, we discussed the way in which the material of the door is the primary cost determinant. But, the design and dimensions of the door is also significant.

The more spacious doors, the costly it’s likely to be. For front door styles prices can differ dramatically, from a simple entrance door made of wood to the security door. Custom-made doors are a different instance of a costly alternative.


As mentioned above, the substance the door you are looking at is constructed of is the primary cost determinant. Doors made of uPVC and pine tend to be the least expensive alternatives, however composite doors can be expensive with doors that cost more than £1000 for the materials by themselves.

The number of tradespeople

In the majority of situations one door fitter is in a position to put up a brand modern front entrance. If you require a second laborer for a particular reason, it would make the cost of labor more expensive.

However it could cut down (roughly by half) the amount of time needed to finish the task, so the likelihood of this being as a cost-saving option overall depends on how the door fitters work together as in a group.


In general the longer that the time it takes to install a door longer, the greater the labor cost will be. However, in certain instances, if a set price is charged regardless of how long it takes to complete, then the length isn’t really a factor in determining the cost.

Tradesmen Costs for New Front Door Installation

While not the primary cost element, the labour costs are usually the second-highest cost aspect to have the door replaced. Let’s look at the cost of labour when fitting a brand new front door as well as the factors that affect cost.

If the typical length of time required to install an entirely new front door is similar for all models, the labor costs will range from £50-£120. The cost of labor per day for hiring a door fitting service is around £150-£200.

The main factors that determine the labor cost is accessibility, state of the workplace as well as the place of work.

How Do I Install a new front Door?

Let’s now look at the timeframes required to have the door replaced. In this article we’ll also look at some of the main aspects that influence the timeline of fitting a brand new front door.

On average it takes 2-5 hours to have a new front door fitted, regardless of the type. However, ease of access, the state of the installation area, and the number of tradespeople hired can also shape the duration of the work.

As the door is constructed from the outside, bad weather could make the job more difficult or even impossible to complete.

Front Door Types

In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at the different alternatives you can choose from in the event of having a new front door. We’ll discuss the reasons you should or shouldn’t go with these various types.

uPVC Front Door Cost

Unplasticised Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) Doors are a low-cost but reliable alternative. They are extremely resistant to weather and far more durable than standard wooden front doors. They are low maintenance can last for more than 35 years and are not vulnerable to stretching or warping.

uPVC doors, however, are not everyone’s cup of tea due to their look. Further, they can discolour and lose strength over time. The average cost of a uPVC door is £250 to £450 .


  • Affordable, but adequate
  • Weatherproof
  • Low-maintenance
  • A front door made of uPVC is likely to last for a long time
  • Doesn’t easily warp


  • It is possible to lose strength and colour.
  • The aesthetics of the past are not as well-known.

Composite Front Door Cost

This kind of door is composed of a variety of materials which are put together and put together under extremely high pressure. The material used is selected due to the qualities they possess to enhance the durability for the door.

Composite doors tend to be a lot thicker than uPVC doors and tend to be strong, secure, durable, and resistant to the elements. They also require little maintenance, are thermally efficient, and feature a modern aesthetic. Composite doors tend to cost between £500 and £2500 .


  • Secure and solid
  • Noise reduction
  • Thermo-efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • The composite door provides an elegant design


  • Typically, it is costly

Solid Oak Front Door Cost

The most traditional option for timber we have on the list is comprised of solid oak. The benefit of doors constructed of solid oak is that they provide a chic and timeless appearance. They can also be adjusted in size quite easily.

It’s also easy to change the colour of solid oak doors whether you want a blue, white, red, or black front door or even a grey front door. They can also be sourced sustainably. However, solid oak doors are not weather-resistant, and they are not as durable as the two previously mentioned options.

Additionally, they may get weather-beaten and warped in time. The cost of supply for doors made of solid oak ranges from £300 to £1800..


  • Elegant and timeless
  • Warping is a common occurrence.
  • The colour can be changed
  • Can be procured sustainably
  • Natural material


  • Do not last as long as uPVC or composite doors.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance
  • Not weatherproof
  • May end up getting in a warped and weather-beaten state.

The Front Door of Mahogany Cost

The second choice is mahogany. While it might sound more expensive doorways, mahogany front doors tend to be less expensive than solid oak doors with the price range of £300-£1450 but it could vary based on the type of door.

These doors are insect and decay-resistant, visually appealing, can be re-decorated and as with solid oak doors, are made from a natural material.

But, it’s not as durable or more eco-friendly than the majority of doors made from timber and requires to be resealed or stained periodically.


  • The value of aesthetics
  • Re-decorate it
  • Resistant to decay and insects
  • Natural material


  • Not as green as many doors made of timber.
  • It is recommended to reseal or re-stain periodically

Pine Front Door Cost

In addition to uPVC doors, doors made of pine are the least expensive alternative. Prices can start just £120 however, they could be as high as £1100. Doors made of pine are simple to sand, and then you can paint them or change their color in the way you like.

On the other hand, pine doors are prone to denting given that they are a softwood option, they are more vulnerable to weather damage, have a relatively short life expectancy of 10-20 years, and pine is not a very sustainable option either.


  • Cheaper than other options.
  • Straightforward to the sand
  • You can paint and alter their color without difficulty


  • Not particularly long-lasting.
  • Highly susceptible to weather-related damage
  • Pine is not environmentally friendly.

What’s the Cost to take down a front Door?

It is possible to choose to have your front door taken down, most likely because you’re getting an entirely new door installed, but it could also be that you’re considering filling it with a wall, and install a new front door put in a different location within your home.

f you decide to have a front door removed, this job alone will cost about £40 to £180 on average. However, before any new work/installations are undertaken, the total cost of the job will likely be at least a few hundred pounds more than the estimate given above. Ultimately, it will depend on the nature of the replacement work.


Q: Which paint would be most suitable on your front doors?

A: Generally the case, a semi-gloss finish will be more desirable.

Q: How much will you have to spend for replacing the front door?

A: In the average it’s between £500 to £2500 or even £4000 for a custom front door.

Question: For how long will the opening door in the front last?

A: While it can depend on the type of material but, generally speaking it will last for between two and three decades, or even longer.

Q How can I improve the security of my front door?

A: One option is to purchase more advanced and high-quality locking mechanisms for the front of your door. You could also upgrade your existing door to the authentic security door.

Q: Do I have the ability to install an exterior door DIY?

A: You shouldn’t do this if you’re confident about everything that is involved. The installation of a front door can be a challenging task. If you’re unsure it is best to employ a professional to fit your door.



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