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Do you require an electrical safety PAT test check?

This cost guide is comprehensive and will help you learn all you should be aware of the amount electrical certificates cost and estimated costs to test PAT.


How Much Is PAT Testing?

Let’s figure out what it will cost to get the EICR certificate!

We’ll take a look at the cost average of an electrical safety certification and PAT test. We’ll also discuss the cost rates of certificates for both a home and a flat, and the cost per product being tested in PAT tests.

Although it differs from building to…

The cost of electrical safety certificates is usually between £100 or £350.

For a typical-sized house such as a home or apartment, expect the cost to be between £100- £200.

There are a few providers that might charge less than £1 per item. Most testers set an amount that is minimal to ensure they are worthwhile.

Electrical Safety Certificate & PAT Testing Costs

Check out the tables below to find out how much an electrical safety certificate will cost you:

Electrical Safety Certificate Prices

Check out the tables below to find out how much an electrical safety certificate will cost you:

Housing Average Price
One-bedroom apartment£100 to £200
Two-bedroom apartment£120 to £250
Three-bedroom apartment£180 to £250
1-2 bedroom house£150 to £200
3-4 bedroom house£200 to £250
5+ bedroom house£300 or more

PAT Testing Prices

Check out the tables below to find out how much an PAT testing will cost you:

Number of AppliancesAverage price range
Less than 60 itemsMinimum standard fee of £50 to £70
60 – 75 items£60 to £150
75 – 100 items£75 to £200
100 – 200 items£100 to £400
200+ items£200+

Prices for Different Types of Electrical Safety Certificates

There are various types that electrical safety certifications are available, which we will go over within this article. We will examine part P of UK building regulations electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) along with landlord electric safety certificates.

Part P Cost of Certificate

Part P under UK building regulations covers any electrical installation work that is required to be done for a new construction. Part P also covers modifications to existing electrical installations, such as wiring.

These rules are applicable for England and Wales in addition to Scotland has equivalent regulations based on the Building Standards system while no similar rules exist for Northern Ireland.

Part P under the regulations are designed to make sure that residents are safe from electrical fires and electrocution. You can get the Part P certification by utilising an electrician certified by self who is enrolled in the Part P scheme to verify the work of your building.

You can also hire an electrician who isn’t part of a Part P scheme to do the work prior to giving Building Control to inspect your electrical system of your home.

Most of the time it’s not going to cost you any extra money to have a self-certified electrician confirm the work performed at your property, but the requirement to have Building Control inspect and certify your electrical system could cost you anywhere between £200-£400.

It is recommended to contact your local council to get an idea of the cost of Building Control Part P certification costs in your local area.

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate Cost

The certificate is available to landlords. Although landlords aren’t legally required to get this certificate, with an exception for those who own a home with multiple occupancy, this certificate will increase the safety for tenants as well as assist landlords meet their legal obligations. An electrical safety certificate for landlords is typically £175.

The Electrical Installation Condition Report cost

An EICR is the result of regular checks of the security of the property’s fixed wiring. The primary goal in EICR is to shield people from electric shocks as well as fires. For a typical house, EICR costs will be about £100 between £100 and £200.

The bigger the building is, the more investigation and report cost. For a school with a large size, as an example, they’ll need to plan to cover an electric installation report in the range of £3000 to £5000.

What additional costs could you Pay?

If you are seeking a certificate or taking a PAT exam there are issues that need to be addressed. might be found. If that is the case repairs, modifications or upgrades are likely to be accompanied by a cost that we will discuss hereinafter.

House Rewiring Cost

Rewiring your entire house is expensive. The main factor that determines the price is the place you reside. The process of wiring a house can be an intricate process, and for a typical two-bedroom home, it could cost between £2300 to £3500.

If you are looking for a three-bedroom home The price increases by £3000 to £4500 as it increases in the range of £3750 or £5500 for a home with four bedrooms. The bigger the home is, the more time the project will take.

If you’re looking for an extension for your kitchen to be upgraded, it may cost somewhere within the £1000 to £1500 range.

Fuse Board Upgrade Costs

If you’re looking to replace the fuse box in your home It will probably cost you hundreds of dollars to put in a new one. A new installation is typically going to cost between £250 to £500.

A 40-amp fuse box will cost around £250 to £300 and a fuse box that has a rating of 100 amps is likely to be priced in the price range from £470 to £510 and other options fall between.

Cost of replacing sockets

The cost to replace sockets will vary in cost from £85 and up £165 and will require between 1 to 4 hours of work.

Light Switch Replacement Cost

A typical light switch replacement is likely to cost between £35 to £55.

This is usually a task that can be accomplished in a matter of hours or less. If you want to replace your dimmer switch, it may cost between £35 or £65.

Power Cable Repair Cost

If you plan to repair a power cord for an appliance in your home, it could cost between £35 or £55. It’s also the kind of task that takes less than 60 minutes to finish.

Costs Depending on location.

The location you reside in the UK will affect the cost of obtaining an electrical safety certificate as well as a PAT test. The tables below breakdown the estimated price ranges in accordance with the location of your residence.

Our breakdown for electrical safety certifications we present estimates of the cost for Part P certificates and a landlord electrical safety certificates and the region-by-region electrical condition report price.

Living costs in the area in the UK will influence the prices that businesses or individuals determine, while demand and supply levels in your region are also a factor in the overall price.

Another thing to consider is how quickly the closest providers are able to access your home. The further they travel is, the higher the cost of fuel and could increase your total cost.

Electrical Security Certificate Cost based on the location

The table below provides examples of electrical certificates cost range estimates for various regions in the UK. For more information, call suppliers and/or the local council (where appropriate) in your region to inquire about an estimate.

The prices listed below are averages and do not be representative of the rates offered by all the providers in the regions that are listed.

LocationPart PElectrical Safety certificateEicR
City of London£80 to £400£90 to £200£60 to £200
Greater ManchesterUp to £400Up to £175£80 to £100
Merseyside£180 to £450£100 to £180£100 to £200
Tyne and Wear£130 to £150£100 to £150£100 to £150
Essex£80 to £110£90 to £110£100 to £250
Cardiff£100 to £400£100 to £120£70 to £100

PAT Testing Cost Depending on Location

Here are some examples of PAT testing prices with cost range estimates by region for the UK. You can calculate estimated prices for more regions using the Great Manchester PAT Testing price calculator.

LocationAverage price Range ( per 60 items)
City of London£220 to £240
Greater Manchester£60 to £80
Merseyside£75 to £95
Tyne and Wear£160 to £180
Essex£225 to £245
Lancashire£70 to £90
Yorkshire£135 to £155
Westmorland£160 to £180
Northamptonshire£160 to £180
Hampshire£230 to £250
Cambridgeshire£190 to £210
West Midlands£130 to £150

Tradesmen Prices for an Electrical Safety Certificate & PAT Testing

For this section we will analyze the prices that an electrician may set for undertaking an electrical safety certificate or a PAT test. Various factors will determine the price.

As mentioned earlier location will play a role but other factors that will make up the total cost include labor expenses and installation costs.

Labour costs can vary depending on the size of the house since a larger home will require more time and work. The more time a labourer must spend at a given house (over multiple days) will also increase their fuel expenses which may bring up the total cost further.

The number of appliances being tested for a PAT test will play a key role in determining the price of such a test. Most providers will set a standard fee then charge per appliance after a certain number of items.


Q: How much does PAT testing cost per appliance?

A: PAT testing will usually cost between £1 and £2 per appliance.

Q: Am I legally obligated to get an electrical safety certificate?

A: There are generally no legal requirements to have an electrical safety certificate. However there are exceptions such as landlords who own a property with multiple occupancy.

Landlords of single occupancy homes are still obliged to ensure that the electrics in their property are safe and up to standard.

Q: What is an EICR?

A: An EICR is a report produced after an assessment is undertaken by an appropriate professional (such as a qualified electrician) regarding the safety of the electrics in a given property.

Q: How fatal are electric shocks in the UK?

A: Electrical accidents are responsible for roughly 70 fatalities per year in the UK.

Q: How often should a landlord of a single occupancy home get a new EICR?

A: Roughly every five years.



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