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Estimated Cost Of Patio Doors

How much will installing a patio door set you back?

In this handy guide, we’ll explain the cost of installing patio doors. The range of costs varies from uPVC doorways to single patio door, or a double patio doors. The experts have answer. We also explore the cost of bifold doors.


How Much are Patio Doors?

Are you thinking of installing patio doors?

In this guide to costs we breakdown the cost of labor and supplies of putting up patio doors.

Wait, there’s more!

We also address other topics including the additional work you can choose to undertake and the different kinds of patio doors you could purchase, as well as the cost of having your old patio doors taken off.

For homeowners who wish to have an easy access point to their terrace and garden, a set of patio doors is a great option.

Who can this guide be beneficial to?

This is beneficial If you’re planning to have new patio doors being installed in the near future, or if you are thinking about it in the near future.

If you’re looking to receive a an estimate for brand new patio door, we’ll assist you to get you connected with the local door installers.

Also, what will you spend on average on the doors to your outdoor patio?

It is important to note that the total cost of patio door components and installation will largely be determined by the kind of doors you’re planning to install in your home.

The price of sliding patio doors is approximately £500-$1500 and French doors cost around similar amounts (£400 to £1500).

It is possible for top-quality bi-folding patio doors that cost considerably more – approximately £1500-£4000.

Patio Door Prices:

Type Total Cost

What are the costs for supply of patio Doors?

The subject of this article is on the costs of supplying of patio doors, as the case if you purchased directly from a store.

Patio doors that slide tend to cost between £590-£690, French patio doors generally cost around £390 to £490 and bifold doors range from £1250 to £3750..

What are the additional expenses for the Patio Door Installation?

Now we’ll examine some other work you might require (or desire) to pay for when you’re getting new patio doors installed.

A new patio constructed will cost between £30-£40 per square meter that includes the labor and installation cost.

If you are planning to put up outdoor lights and security lights, you will need to spend between £125 to £150 for one 30-watt security light. The cost is somewhere between £150-£200 for a motion sensor light when it is plugged within the mains.

The costs of purchasing new furniture for patios could range from £1500 to £3000..

Most professional charge between £15-£30 to an hour’s worth of work or less. Hence that’s the typical cost if you are looking to arrange the furniture.

For having the exterior of your home painted, it will cost between £550 to £750 for a two-bedroom terraced home, between £700 and £1000 for a semi-detached house with three bedrooms. home or £900-£1500 for a 3-bedroom detached home.

If you would like outside of your home to be painted the cost could range between the range of £2000 to £8000..

The cost to have windows replaced will differ greatly based on the type of windows you’d like to install.

Double-glazed uPVC windows are likely to cost from £250-£400 depending on the window.

Double-glazed windows which are made of wood may be sold at prices ranging from £400 to £1000 however they could go far higher in certain instances and aluminum windows are likely to cost around £350-£600.

The cost of labor will result in £200-£400 for a full day’s work.

Tradesmen’s Costs to Install Patio Doors

Now, we will look more specifically at the costs of installing a patio door.

You’ll probably have for £20 and £25 an hour in terms of labor costs. A patio door installer charging between £150-£200 for a day.

How long does it take To Install Patio Doors?

The time needed to put patio doors in place at your residence will be contingent on the model you select. The table below shows the different times needed for installing sliding doors French doors and bifold doors.

Sliding Patio Doors 4- 6 Hours 
French Patio Doors 4- 6 Hours
Bifolding Patio Doors1 Day

Factors that may affect the installation time of your patio door include:

  • Easy access to your garden.
  • The condition of your garden.
  • Complexity of the particular patio door material that is selected.
  • It is necessary to take out the your patio door first.

Choosing Patio Doors

In this section we’ll discuss various types of patio doors in greater depth. We discuss the options you have, the typical price of each along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Doors with sliding Doors Cost

Sliding patio doors as the name implies are doors that can slide horizontally across.

There are a range of sliding patio door types – such as those which slide along a ground-based track and those which hang from a track that is positioned at the top. The sliding door cost will probably end up between £590 and £690 .


  • Accessibility to your garden or patio.
  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • Provide a high degree of security.
  • The sliding patio doors can be installed to maximize accessibility for everyone, even the handicapped.


  • Sliding doors can cost more than bi-folding doors.
  • In the case of sliding track doors for patios, dust could collect on the track, which can lead to issues.
  • The accumulation of dirt in tracks could cause blockages in drain holes.
  • The device could develop jamming problems that could create a security risk.

French Doors Cost

French-style patio doors feature two doors, which typically extend out to the garden however, in certain situations they can open to the inside.

Each door has a large glass panel. The cost of French doors is around £390 to £490 .


  • Light is easily removed.
  • French doors for patios are usually less expensive than sliding or bifold patio doors.


  • Hinges can get noisy and stiff over time.
  • If you open a door in the midst of a storm it may drag you forward if winds catch the door simultaneously.

Bifold Doors Cost

Bifold patio doors comprise several door panels that fold back against the wall whenever required. Bifolding patio doors are notably costly.

The cost of bifold doors could end up anywhere in the range of £1250 to £3750 .


  • The energy efficiency of bifold doors is high.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not much maintenance is required.


  • The cost of bifold doors is quite high.
  • It’s not as safe as the other kinds of patio doors.
  • Bifold patio doors do not have the same accessibility as French or sliding patio doors.

Maintenance Cost for Patio Doors

There are many kinds of maintenance you can carry out to maintain your doors for patios.

For this part we will take a look at those types of maintenance through the next subsections and outline the cost of maintenance for patio doors in each instance.

Painting Patio Doors

This task requires that your patio doors be completely repainted or painted.

The cost of painting your patio doors can cost anything between £100 up to £500.

Painters usually charge about the sum of £160 per day and the cost for this task will be determined by the dimensions and the doorway to be painted.

Weather Treatment

Another method of maintenance for patio doors can be weather-treatment. Different types of weather treatment can be applied to doors, such as varnish, wax water-based or oil-based treatment.

Weather treatment is usually applied to wooden doors, however some uPVC patio doors may require treatment for weather frequently.

Weather treatment can cost between £15 to £35 per liter. If you’re looking to employ an expert to do this task, you’ll be likely to pay around £14-£18 each hour or around USD160 for a day.

Cleaning Tracks

An easy and effective method to maintain the doors to your outdoor patio is to wash them on a regular basis.

If you have tracks, you must get rid of any dirt and particles you discover.

If, even if the rollers of your door appear to be shaky, you may require removing all rollers and wash them.

In this situation it is recommended to wash the rollers down with denatured alcohol with a clean cloth.

The same product or one that is similar can be used to clean the track.

Then, clean the track, then re-attach those rollers onto the door(s).

You could have for payment somewhere between the £12-£20 range per hour for this kind of cleaning task. This includes any charges for supplies.


For patio doors that are track-based, applying lubrication to the rollers following cleaning can make sliding on the doors easier and smooth.

It is recommended to use the use of a silicone spray to accomplish this task. It is recommended to avoid other types of lubricants as they can lead to dust accumulation in time.

Spray should be applied to both rollers as well as the track. In the end, apply a block of paraffin across the track too.

Concerning the price of supplies You can expect to cost between £6-£8 for 400ml of silicone spray, like WD-40.

Paraffin wax blocks usually cost between £5-£10 per kilogram but cheaper alternatives are available for less such as eBay in which you are able to buy blocks for a price that ranges from between £2 and £6 for each kilo.

In addition to the costs of supply If you decide to engage a professional complete the task this could cost you between £12 and £20 for an hour.

Patio Repairs Cost for Doors

In this article we will take a look at the cost of different types of repairs to patio doors.

In each subsection below, we’ll discuss the problem which requires fixing the way to fix it and the cost involved.

Patio Door Wheel Repairs

If you’ve got an sliding patio door one issue you may face may be the fact that both your track or track mechanism may fail.

In many instances it could be due to the wheels that require replacing.

To change the rollers for the patio door the door should be removed first from the track prior to when the new rollers are put in place.

Once they are attached, the track need to be adjusted so they fit perfectly on the track.

In the end, the door should be re-attached to the track.

New rollers can be priced between £6 to £30 per roller while the cost of labor expected to be around £30-£40 for this work in the event that it takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

Patio Door Replacement Cost

In the event that your door to the patio is damaged beyond repair or worn down A replacement door can be installed.

In order to install the new patio door first, the previous patio doors must be removed from their frames.

The angle brackets must be removed prior to moving the panel removed. The old frame for the sliding door should be removed prior to putting on flexible leak-proof flashing to prepare for the installation.

Moving on to the installation phase First, you’ll have to put in the sill pan prior to applying additional flashing, and finally sealing the caulk and putting in the new door frame. The frame then needs to be squared before being fastened.

Then, tilt the glass panels in place Then, you can adjust the door, and finish any final work needed on the door’s interior and exterior.

The finishing process could involve the installation of side extension jambs as well as sealing any gaps outside. There are many more details on this replacement procedure available here.

When it comes to the price materials, prices vary widely based on the type of patio door that you are planning to put in.

There are supply costs that range from £590-£690 to install sliding doors. £390-£490 to cover French doors, and anywhere between between £1250 and £3750 for bi-folding doors.

The labor costs could run in the range of 300-375 dollars depending on the amount of taking the old patio doors off and installing the new set.

Another important cost to be considered is the disposal of waste to dispose of the material that were used in the previous installation. The cost is likely to be around between £100 and £150..

Fix Sliding Patio Door Handle

If you own an outdoor sliding door to repair a damaged door handle, you’ll have to take out the two screws fixated to the door. It’s particularly crucial to not remove the screw which is located in the middle of the turn.

Then next, the backing plate needs to be removed. The handle of the door should be turned counterclockwise by 90deg. The handle should be lifted up and then rotate it before removing it from the door.

Once you have completed this then you are able to put in the new handle. This is best accomplished by following the procedure mentioned in reverse. Patio door handles typically range between £15 to £40. Professionals will charge between £12-£20 per hour to complete this work.

Fix Patio Door Lock

To replace the patio door lock first, make use of a screwdriver for removing the handles from the original.

Replace the screw on the bottom that was attached onto the handle. This will prevent the latch from slipping off.

Remove both screws from each side of the door, which serve to hold the latch in position.

Take care to remove the latch mechanism as well as the associated cartridge.

If you don’t plan to replace the latch in the near future and your area is susceptible to wind, place a large object on the door, or tape it in a way that it will not instantly open.

Find a suitable replacement, and put the new latch in place.

The locks for patio doors usually cost between £30-£50. Again, a professional will likely charge between £12 and £20 an hour to complete this task.

Other costs for external doors

We’ll now look at the cost of having various kinds of external doors installed. The figures below are based upon both the labour and supply costs.

Doors made of wood Doors Cost

Timber doors are made of wood that can be constructed from woods like oak beech, elm, or Sycamore. A timber door built, it can cost anything between between £270 and £2000.

The prices vary greatly depending on the type of wood used. You could have an external oak door installed for about £450 to £2000 while one made of mahogany could cost around £450 to £1650 .

An exterior door of pine can be constructed for somewhere between £270-£1300..


  • Very safe.
  • Ideal for homes of the past.
  • Generally speaking, wooden doors are extremely robust.


  • It can take some effort to maintain.
  • The look of timber doors might not be the most appealing design to match many houses.
  • More prone to twisting and warping.

Cost of uPVC Doors

The door is constructed of a material called unplasticised polyvinyl chlorine (uPVC). It is likely to cost around PS400-PS650 to get the uPVC door put in.


  • Low-maintenance door type.
  • UPVC doors aren’t required to be stained or painting.
  • More durable than doors made of timber.
  • The average cost is lower than wooden doors.


  • Doors made of uPVC can appear small and narrow.
  • The door’s colour and dimensions cannot be changed.
  • The process of changing locks for doors can be extremely difficult.

Cost of Composite Doors

Composite doors are constructed from various different materials like wood, uPVC, glass reinforced plastic, and insulating foam.

A composite door installation will likely fall in the £670 to £2700 price-range.


  • It has the appearance of wood, however it has stronger due to the addition of substances.
  • Excellently protected.
  • The doors made of composite, in contrast to traditional timber doors, do not require painting.


  • Not as affordable as uPVC doors.

What is the cost to take down Patio Doors?

In this last section, we examine the cost of getting patio doors removed. We will discuss the reasons you might opt to remove your patio doors and the cost of removal, and ways you can get rid of patio doors.

It is possible to take down the door from your patio as you want you could replace it by a brand new patio door. It could be due to personal preference or the fact that the old doors on your patio are damaged beyond repair.

You may also need to get rid of patio doors in order to construct an extension for the backyard, or because you’d prefer to have simple back doors.

The labor costs associated with getting patio doors removed typically range between £150 to £190. It is possible to dispose of garbage left behind by the patio doors that are no longer in use by dumping it in a skip or using the ‘man and van services such as those provided from Clear A Bee.


Q What is a patio door?

A Patio door is that are installed at the rear of a home, which leads to the backyard.

Q: What blinds work the best for doors on patios?

A: The most suitable choices are vertical blinds duette blinds, and roller blinds.

Q: What is the cost patio doors cost when you buy from a store?

Q: Doors for patios could cost anything between between £590 and £3750 to buy. The cost will vary based on the kind of patio door that you select to purchase.

Q: What is the most affordable kind for a patio door?

A: Patio doors that slide are the most affordable type and are priced between £590 to £690..

Q: How long do patio doors last?

A patio door will probably last 30 or more years.



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