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Estimated Cost Of Patio Laying

Do you want to learn the cost of building the patio?

If you’re planning to create a new patio space in your backyard, or resurfacing the old one, costs for patio laying can be a little confusing.

Read on to learn about how much each costs for patios, including the cost of materials and labor.


How Much Does it Cost to Install a Patio?

If you’re looking to make your home appear more attractive, then your home’s exterior, you might be able to think about constructing an outdoor patio.

However, how much does the installation of a patio cost?

The price of installing an outdoor patio will differ based on the materials you select, for instance the price of a concrete patio can range from £2500 to £3000 however, clay bricks range from £2000 to £2500.

Other examples of patio cost include gravel, which is typically priced between £1500 to £2000 and flagstone at £1300 to £1900 as well as £1500 to £2900 in the case of tiles for a patio.

Resin patios cost between £1600 to £2900 as well as £1400 to £5500 in the cost of a paver patio.

Prices for Laying Patios

Patio MaterialLaying cost per square m2
Gravel£25 – £30
Concrete£55 – £65
Clay bricks£75 – £85
Flagstone£23 – £28
Tile£30 – £55
Pavers£24 – £130
Resin£35 – £55

What is the cost of Supplies for Patio Laying?

If you’re planning to build your own patio, it is important to take a look at the following supply costs to get the most cost-effective patio slabs.

Patio MaterialCost of supply per square meter
Gravel£20 –£25
Concrete£50 – £60
Clay bricks£70 – £80
Flagstone£18 – £25
Tile£25 – ££50
Pavers£19 – £125
Resin£30 – £50

What are the Additional costs of Laying Patios?

There are other aspects to be aware of when calculating the price of installing a new patio. These include:

Patio Furniture

When your patio is completed and you are ready to enjoy it, you might want to embellish it with new furniture for your patio. The cost of furniture for your patio typically is between £90 to £2300 in the case of the garden dining area, while an outdoor sofa usually costs between £200 to £3000.

Outside LIghting

To increase the appeal of your property and enhance security, consider installing lighting for your outdoor space. The cost of lighting for exteriors can range between £4 to £1000 to lanterns for walls, and lighting for pathways can be bought at a cost of £2 to £560.

You may choose to install the outdoor lighting yourself or employ an electrician to install it. The cost will be between £120 to £200.

Outside Heating

If you are planning to build an outdoor seating area you might also be able to look into having a heating system for your outdoor space installed.

The cost of the external heating can range between £30 to £500 in the case of the patio heater, as well as £50 to £700 in the case of the chimney.

Patio Doors

To make it easier to get access to your patio, you might be looking to put in fresh patio doors. The price of building patio doors could vary from £600 for Upvc French doors to £700 to sliding doors as well as upwards to £1200 in bifolding doors.

Costs of Tradesmen for Patio Laying

Another aspect of patio installation cost that you have to take into consideration is the cost of labour. Patio installers typically charge between £100 to £200 for a day, or £75 to £100 for each square meters.

The typical cost for labour when the construction of a five square metre patio is about £700 to £800, and £900 to £1000 to install a 20 square metres patio, or up to £1000 to £1200 in the case of a 30-square yard patio.

How long Does it Take to lay a patio?

The amount of time needed to lay the patio will be contingent on the size and type of the project. For instance, a smaller tile patio that is about five square metres typically will take about two days to put in, whereas an area of 20 square metres for a brick patio could take 3 to 4 days to install.

The time frame of concrete terraces could take a little longer, for instance, a 35 square metre concrete slab patio will require three days or more to finish.

Selecting a Patio

There are a variety of patio styles to pick from that differ in price and have different advantages and drawbacks.

To aid you in your decision-making process for your next patio, here’s an overview of the various patios available and the price to lay patio slabs.

Gravel Patio Cost

Gravel patios are typically composed of pea gravel, which is a smooth stone that is commonly used for walkways. The cost for a patio made of gravel typically can range from £1500 to £2000.

The primary advantage of a patio made of gravel is that it’s one of the least expensive materials. This is the reason it is the ideal choice for large patios as well as homeowners on budget.

Additionally, it’s a preferred garden material because of its resistance to moisture and heat. It also gives a wide range of designs due to the variety of aggregates available.

One of the disadvantages with gravel patios are that they’re susceptible to displacement, making them not suitable for large-traffic gardens.

They’re also not the most suitable option for families with children because there is a risk of choking and they are not the best choice for comfort underfoot.

Concrete Patio Cost

Concrete patios are created by pouring concrete on the ground at an even level. They are likely to be priced between £2500 to £3000, and although they can seem expensive, the value is due to concrete’s long-lasting durability.

It’s also one of the most simple substances to install, which means you might pay less for labour.

One of the biggest issues of concrete is the fact that it’s vulnerable to cracking, and once damaged it can be extremely challenging to repair.

This isn’t the most secure choice, as concrete is slippery when wet. However it will depend on the kind of aggregate you select.

Clay Brick Patio Cost

The clay bricks are a red material that can be used to construct patios, which cost approximately £2000 to £2500. This kind of patio is among ones that are the longest-lasting options, as clay bricks last for up to 1100 years.

They also are highly resistant to fire and are capable of easily absorbing heat.

If the patios of clay bricks remain unsealed, they may begin to fall away, especially in the event that they are painted. They’re also more prone to breaking than concrete pavers. Repairs are costly.

Flagstone Patio Cost

Flagstone is a kind of sedimentary rock which is widely used for patios. It is expected to cost from £1300 to £1900.

This kind of stone is very durable if maintained properly. Flagstone is also extremely simple to keep in good condition.

The issue with flagstone patios is that it’s very difficult to construct, and you may pay higher labour expenses. Similar to concrete the flagstone can be extremely slippery, and also doesn’t stand up to temperatures very well.

Tile Patio Cost

A patio with tiles typically costs approximately £1500 to £2900 however it will vary on the kind of tile you pick.

If you decide to install porcelain tiles for your patio, you will benefit from top-quality weatherproofing, which can prevent the damage caused by moisture.

Tile patios are also aesthetically-pleasing and there are also a wide range of designs to choose from.

The downside to selecting a patio tile is that it could be challenging to put in, so cutting and installing porcelain will require the assistance of a professional.

They don’t also provide the natural look that bricks or stone offer that is attractive to homeowners who want to live in a natural setting.

Paver Patio Cost

Pavers for patios are ornamental materials composed of concrete or bricks and are priced from around £1400 to £5500.

They are among the longest-lasting and durable patio material, because they are able to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

Pavers are also very easy to keep clean since they just require to be cleaned a couple of times per week, and then cleaned once every year.

The issue with pavers is they tend to be vulnerable to the growth of weeds, and it is possible that you will require to maintain your weeds frequently.

They can also take a lot longer to put in than concrete patios, which means you could be charged more for labour.

Resin Patio Cost

Resin is a mix of resin and aggregate which is a very popular choice for patios. It costs between £1600 to £2900.

The main benefit of resin paving is that it is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing materials with various options. The resin patios are also simple to put up, which helps to lower the costs of labour.

Resin patios are prone to growing weeds and moss and will require a substantial amount of maintenance. It’s also susceptible to UV damages, and it is possible that you will need to purchase UV-proof resin.

What is the cost for the Maintenance of Your Patio?

To make sure your patio is long-lasting, think about the following costs for maintenance:

The cost of sealing a patio

To secure your patio you must consider having it sealed professionally. This will keep it from cracking and peeling. Costs for sealing your patio can range in price from £3 to £7 for each square meter.

Cleaning your patio cost

Another method to ensure the safety of your patio is to keep it clean by cleaning your patio regularly. It could be the use of a professional power washer that usually costs about £150 to £200 on an average patio, and up to £400 on a huge patio.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair the Patio?

In time, your patio could begin to appear to show indications of damage, which can be fixed. The most frequent repairs for patios are:

Repointing a Patio cost

If you’re missing any loose paver bricks or stones and you are not sure, then you might need to make your patio new.

It involves removing the old pointing, and filling in the cracks using cement as well as sand. It is possible to hire an expert to replace your patio. This is priced between the range of £200 to £250.

Patio Crack Repairs Cost

If you’ve got cracks in your patio it is possible to fix it without needing to replace the entire slab. For example the paving slabs that are made of bricks or concrete may fill with epoxy mortar.

You can employ a patio contractor to fix a crack at a cost of £10 to £20 for each square millimetre.

How Much Will It Cost for patio removal?

If you’re having an entirely new patio built and you want to have it removed, you’ll have to be responsible for the cost of your current patio to be taken away.

You can also hire an expert to assist you with this that will cost you between £100 to £200 for a day.

Additionally, you will need to take into consideration the cost of waste disposal that could include hiring a skip, which can be priced between £60 to £300.


Q: What is a patio?

A: A patio is a paving area which is connected to the exterior of a property. It is normally utilised in gardens to accommodate a seating area.

Q: Which patio cleaner is the best?

A: There are various products available that are useful for cleaning patios, although the best options include weed and algae killing solutions, mild detergents, and non-acidic sprays.

Using these products will enable you to clean your patio without damaging the surface.

Q: What is a good slope for a patio?

A: To meet building regulations, patios must slope away from the house at an angle of least 3mm.

Q: What kind of paint do you use on a cement patio?

A: To spruce up your patio, you could consider re-painting it with concrete paint. However, before doing so you should make sure that the patio is clear of any dirt, dust and moss, and any cracks are filled.

Q: Will a patio increase home value?

A: Having a new patio installed can actually add up to £10,000 to the value of your home, and you can actually recoup up to 85% of the patio installation cost.



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