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Estimated Cost Of Penetrating Damp Treatment.

Are you searching for the prices for permeating water treatment?

In this article we’ll take a look at these costs, and also how they’re broken down by labor cost and supply costs.


What is the cost to treat Penetrating Damp?

So, how much does treating penetrating damp cost, exactly?..

The price of removing the damp that is penetrating will depend on the severity of damage as well as the treatment method employed.

In most cases, treating penetrating damp is less expensive than treating rising damp. Penetrating Damp generally involves mending a window seal or gutter as well as any damage to internal plaster.

The cost for perforating damp treatments can differ, but this job is likely to cost anywhere between £150 to £250..

To get rid of the blockage that is caused by flooding damp, anticipate to spend anywhere from between £150 and £350. If the water coming from an outside wall is getting into the internal wall, then an ordinary cavity tray could be the answer.

In this case it’s recommended that you spend between £200 and £300 for walls that’s 1 meter long.

If a certified professional finds an issue with the wall, a new damp proofing course (DPC) will cost around £130-£200 for a wall of one meter or £300-£500 for five-meter walls. There are extra costs for walls that measure of between 1 and 5 meters in length.

Another method for damp proofing is to coat an exterior wall with dry proof paint.

If your exteriors allow damp to penetrate the paint could be used as an additional solution after the problem is repaired. This work would cost between between £100 and £300..

However, alternative lesser-known types of penetrating damp treatments could be significantly more costly. For instance, the average cost for damp proofing exterior walls (including as a method of preventing or dealing with penetrating damp) will range from £1,300-£1,700.

Penetrating Damp Treatment Costs:

TypeLabour CostSupplyTotal Cost
Window Doors / Gutters Repair*£50 to £240£2 to £10£150 to £250
Clear a Blockage£150 to £340£2 to £10£150 to £350
Adding a Basic Cavity Tray£180 to £200£20 to £100£200 to £300
Fresh DPC for a 1 Metre Wall£130 to £190£2 to £10£130 to £200
Fresh DPC for a 5 Metre Wall£300 to £490£2 to £10£300 to £500
Exterior Damp Proof Painting a Wall£90 to £270£10 to £30£100 to £300
Damp Proofing External Walls£1,200 to £1,500£100 to £200£1,300 to £1,700

It is also a good idea to consider fixing any damage to the plaster inside.

The smaller amounts within the price ranges are rounded to the nearest ten.

What are the cost of supplies of Penetrating Damp Treatments?

Let’s now consider the materials and supplies needed for the treatment of damp that is penetrating. This does not include the cost of labor.

These costs are especially relevant if you want to take on the work yourself as it covers the prices of purchasing supplies directly from the retailer.

While it’s possible to fix an abrasive damp issue but you should only do it if you fully know the procedure involved.

The costs of supply are estimated according to:

  • Repairing Window Seal/Gutter From £2 to £10
  • Clear the Blockage from £2 to £10
  • The addition of an existing Cavity Tray £20 from £100
  • New DPC for a 1 Meter Wall from From £2 up to £10
  • Fresh DPC for a 5- Meter Wall From £2 up to £10
  • External Dampproof Painting on a Wall from £10 to £30
  • Damp Proofing External Walls £100-£200

What are the additional costs for treating Penetrating Damp?

If you are penetrating damp treated, there could be additional tasks you’ll need to think about as well. Here are a few examples which include the first, which is necessary in some instances.

Exterior Damp Proof Paint

If you have a wall or multiple walls that have been damp proofed (and perhaps repaired) in the future, it could be necessary or at minimum recommended that the wall coated with the exterior paint for damp proofing by a damp proof expert. The cost for this job is around between £100 and £300 for one wall.

Drainage Channel

If your home is suffering issues with dampness rising you should consider installing a drainage system on one wall (for approximately £300-£500) or throughout the property (for roughly the range of £500-£1,500).

Drainage channels allow water to flow through certain areas to avoid the build-up of water in those regions. This process can take a couple of days or even one week to complete.

Costs of Tradesmen for treating Dampness are rising Damp

Moving to the cost of labor This is the amount an expert in damp proofing charges for their work and therefore excludes the cost of supplies.

Most of your bill would be down to the cost of labor as opposed to the price of supplies. The cost per hour would be somewhere around £40 to £80 , with it being about £300 to £600 a day.

The cost estimates vary widely due to the fact that the cost per hour/day would mostly depend on the task involved (i.e. damp proofing experts typically offer different rates for various tasks and there’s a high possibility that you’ll be offered a fixed cost for a project).

The amount of treatment that the rising damp cost in terms of labour costs will also be contingent on the location you reside in since prices differ across the UK.

The average cost of labor are generally more expensive in southeast (particularly within London) however they tend to be lower than average in the northern part of England as well as Scotland.

How Much Time Does a Penetrating Damp Treatment Last?

In this article we’ll take a look at the duration of work involved in dealing with penetrating damp as well as the variables that affect these durations.

It would likely take between one and two hours to have a window seal or gutter mended, and the same timeframe would apply to have a blockage cleared. It would likely take around 2-8 hours to have a basic cavity tray added.

If you are painting a wall freshly painted DPC for a wall of one meter will take about 2-3 days or 3-4 days for a 5-metre wall. Painting an exterior damp proof wall usually takes between 4 and 8 hours, however it can take longer than a full day, based on the wall’s size.

Finally, damp proofing a few exterior walls could take anywhere from the two to five day mark.

The time required for work will depend on the extent of injury, the extent of the task and the procedure employed.

Timeframes for Penetrating Damp:

Repair Window Seals/Grooves*1-2 Hours
Unclogs1-2 Hours
Adding a Basic Cavity Tray2-8 hours
Fresh DPC for a 1 Meter Wall1-2 days
Fresh DPC for a 5 Meter Wall2-4 days
Exterior Damp Proof Painting a Wall4-8 hours +
Damp Proofing External Walls2-5 days

Different types of Damp Penetrating Treatments

We’ve examined the cost and durations of different forms of damp-absorbing treatments. We’ll now take a examine these techniques closer, with the breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also examine the many costs associated with the penetration of damp treatments.

Repair or unblocking Guttering, and Downpipes

Sometimes, the solution is just as easy as unblocking the pipe or, if necessary fixing gutters/downpipes (alternatively you may need repair of a window seal).

On average, one of these jobs would cost around £150 to £250 . These are low-cost and straightforward solutions to penetrating damp. However, it’s possible that this work alone won’t suffice. If in doubt, hire a professional.

Damp Proof Membrane

This kind of DPC includes polyethene sheets. They are able to block moisture from entering. Dampproof membranes are commonly placed under concrete floors in order to stop dampening of floors as a result capillary action.

But this isn’t all…

They also shield concrete from damage that may result from building work later on. Furthermore damp proofing membrane is ideal for concrete flooring which is set above the floor heating.

However concrete takes longer to dry out when this kind of DPC is used. Dampproof membranes range from the £1-£5  per millimeter 2 and the liquid version of the product ranging from between £1 and £5 for a liter.

DPC Injections

One method of penetrating damp could be DPC injections. They can be used to create a water-resistant barrier to prevent damp from entering and safeguard walls from being damaged. One 100ml DPC injection cream product will cost between £5-£7.

It is important to be aware that DPC injections are not suitable for stone walls. It’s also important to apply them correctly (e.g. don’t go too high, and only if the wall is ideally suitable for DPC injections). If you’re not sure, consult an expert in damp proofing.

Cavity Tray

Cavity trays are a form of PDC. They cross the cavity of an interior wall as an attempt to prevent dampness from leaking into the wall’s interior. The cavity tray can be described as a compact single-element structure. It is a way to stop damp from penetrating into the roof’s life.

Cavity trays can be fitted above window openings and external doors; they can be both pitched and horizontal. It’s important for a cavity tray to be fixed directly above the door head or window for the correct instalment. A basic cavity tray would cost around £20 to £100 .


Q: What does penetrating damp look like?

A: One of the most frequent signs include damp spots on ceilings and walls as well as damp staining of external walls and plaster that’s dry and falling apart.

Q What is the length of time that damp proofing typically successful?

The Damp Proofing classes are generally efficient for 20 to 25 years, but this will depend on a number of variables, such as the kind of DPC and the structure itself.

Q What is the difference between DPC and a damp treatment?

A: They’re basically the identical. Dampproof courses are all an example or damp-treatment.

Q: What causes the damp to penetrate?

A: The reasons for this can be different, but the most frequent causes include porous walls, building defects, degraded mortar and spalled bricks.

Q: Where do I look for indications of penetrating damp that may not have thought of at the time?

A If you’re not sure check your loft to see if there is evidence of water penetration across the roofing. If you are able, take a look at the moisture levels within your home twice every year with an electronic moisture gauge.

If you’re unsure it is best to consult an expert. A damp test can assist in identifying any issues within your home that require attention, which includes areas you might have missed.


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