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Estimated Cost Of Porch Building.

What will a house cost in 2023?

If you’re looking to build an enclosed patio this article will walk you through all the information you should be aware of. From a wood porch, uPVC porches, or brick ones we will provide you with everything you should be aware of. Get advice on the materials you will need, labour and other expenses that you might encounter.


How Much for a Porch?

Why is a new porch a good idea?

A new porch can be a fantastic improvement to your house. It gives you greater security, space, and most importantly porches add an additional aspect to the design of your house from the outside.

What do porches serve?

It is most often used for storage of things such as shoe and coat racks, keeping them out of stairs and chairs, and porches let in plenty of sunlight.

Is it an excellent idea to build an outdoor porch yourself?

Although a porch can be an excellent investment to your house, it is quite time-consuming. Therefore, it’s recommended to

Hire professionals instead of trying the task yourself.

The greatest benefit of hiring an expert is that they are able to discuss the possibilities with you, providing ideas for design and precise estimates of cost and timelines.

Of course, you’ll want your porch to be constructed with similar decor to all the other areas of your house in order that it is in line with the style of the moment and doesn’t appear as an imitation.

Take note of any advice offered by professionals.

A professional building expert will advise you on how to get there and what types of materials, colours and styles blend seamlessly with your house.

Porch Building

Porch Building

There are numerous cost-affecting aspects to take into consideration, and we’ll go into more detail to help you comprehend exactly the budget you’ll need for this task.

So, what are the average prices for new porches?

The price for having a new porch constructed is between £3000 and £5K and can take anywhere between two and one week to finish the task.

Porch Prices

To assist you in determining the cost of new porches We’ve put together this table:

Porch TypeAverage CostDuration
uPVC Lean-to Porch£2,000-£3,0001-2 weeks
uPVC Roof Gable porch£2,000-£3,0001-2 weeks
Brick porch£3,000-£4,0001-2 weeks
uPVC Edwardian porch£2,500-£3,5001-2 weeks
Flat gable roof porch£3,000-£4,0001-2 weeks
Aluminium porch£2,500-£3,5003-5 days

What are the Supply Costs of a Porch Build?

You can tell in the above table you will find a variety of distinct styles of porches, which means you can choose from a variety of materials that you can choose for building porches. The most commonly used materials include uPVC wood, bricks and timber. We’ll concentrate on the cost of these three, as well as the other materials that are required.

The majority of people let the purchase of their materials to their fitting specialist because there are so many dimensions, shapes and fittings that need to be sorted out.

If you are at ease after having a conversation with your fitter to buy the material yourself you may discover that you can save cash since you’ll have more time to look for bargains and bargains.

However, ensure that you’ve had a full discussion with your fitter before you make any decisions because the worst thing you could happen to discover is that you’ve bought the wrong material or you’re not measuring correctly!

uPVC Porch

Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride (or uPVC as it’s often called, is a low-cost and durable alternative to painted wood. It comes with a wealth of benefits, ranging from its low maintenance price, and is now the most popular option for homes throughout the UK.

For the structure of your porch, uPVC will cost you approximately £300-£500 per square meter for the materials, which is quite reasonable for a new porch. Of course, these costs vary based on the type of material that you select as well as the location from which you buy them.

As we said earlier it’s a good idea to look at a couple of stores before you purchase the items.

Timber Porch

Timber is employed in many different designs, but due to the increasing popularity of uPVC the most common is seen in flat gable roofed porches. These are beautiful small porches that have the roof being pointed despite their flat title.

The wood used for this is somewhat more expensive at between £500-£900 depending on the kind of wood you pick.

As we’ve already said, the rise in growing popularity of uPVC has led to a decrease in the number of timber porches. However, they can be a great addition when you’re comfortable with the cost.

Brick Porch

Brick porches can be more costly however, they appear like permanent components of your home, and could be an attraction for a lot of. Materials for a brick porch range between £1,500 and £2,000 that is a lot more than timber and uPVC.

A fitter will be able to provide an accurate estimate after they have a look at your home and determine the number of bricks that you will require and also the possibilities for windows, doors and flooring.

What are the Additional Costs of Building a Porch?

There are some extra costs or tasks which are usually related to new porch installation. Although they aren’t obligatory or even necessary, they’re worth a look when you have the funds for getting the most value from your house.

New Driveway

A new driveway, when paired with the addition of porches and new porch can totally transform the look of your home and add a significant amount of value. The new driveways are easier to put in than you believe, based on the choice of material.

If you are considering the best new driveway there are a few factors to think about, with the first one being the material. Most popular options for this include concrete, gravel pavers, tarmac and paving. Each one of these materials needs the use of a specific installation technique and have different prices, however, they are all affordable.

Another thing to consider, that can assist you in determining an approximate cost for the project is the size of area you will need to construct for a driveway. A typical single-car driveway would require 15m2 of space. In contrast, a two-car driveway requires the equivalent of 25 sqm or greater.

We’ll provide the prices that are typical of the most popular driveway materials in a metric per square metre, which is why it’s best to take measurements of the area to figure out the price you’ll be paying.

Concrete driveways can cost between £60 and £80 per square metre. Gravel costs between £30 and £50 per square metre. Paving costs between £80 and £100 per square metre. Tarmac is priced between £40-£70 for a square metre.

The cheapest choice is gravel. However, should you want a smooth driveway, then you’d be better off with the option of tarmac.

It’s all up to individual preference But one of these roads can alter the look of your home, and will boost the value.

CCTV Security System

Being secure within our homes is vital and the inclusion of CCTV can provide a great relief, and an effective deterrent for unwanted visitors. The greatest feature of CCTV is the fact that it’s advanced technologically in the past few years, so that CCTV is affordable for all budgets.

Of course top of the line wireless devices that feature night vision and motion detection are on the higher-priced part of the spectrum. However, simple to set up and high wired systems can be purchased at a price of under £100!

You can buy CCTV systems from a variety of online retailers as well as in any DIY store. They vary in cost between £90 and £500 based on technology, the number of cameras, and the brand; however, any CCTV system can be a wonderful option for your home.

Planning Permission

Planning permission can be a challenge However, in general you do not require planning permission to plan the construction of a new porch. However there are some exceptions to the law.

In the first place, if your residence is listed then you’ll need permission to plan before you can add or alter any modifications added to your property.

If your house isn’t a listed structure, it doesn’t require planning permission unless total floor space exceeds 3 square meters, the size of the porch exceeds 3 square metres, or if the porch is located within 2m of the footpath, road or boundary.

If you are in need of planning permission extensions for your householder, the fees are made via £262, which are due upon submitting your application for planning permission to the local authority.

Tradesmen Costs for Porch Installation

The price of labour to install your porch is much more difficult to calculate than other costs or materials which usually involve soliciting estimates from various contractors.

Your main fitter will help you with this, and may even suggest assistance by subcontracting to businesses or tradespeople they typically deal with.

The problem is that you’ll require a quote from a fitter or builder to construct your porch and a window fitter to set up doors and windows as well as an electrician to put in an outdoor light, and possibly an outlet in the event that you desire one, or an underlay depending on the kind of floor you’re choosing.

Since this can be quite complicated, we’ve put together the table below to illustrate the cost averages of these tradesmen. However, before doing so it’s crucial to understand the ways in which these figures are affected by specific variables.

Location of the residence is the main factor affecting the cost of hiring contractors and tradesmen and large cities such as London or Birmingham naturally have higher costs for labour due to the costs of living in these regions and the large population.

Contractors who work in these areas are more sought-after than any other, which means they’re able to charge higher rates but, because of the costs to live in such regions and the cost of living, they’re no more advantageous than other contractors in a quieter location.

Tradespeople who work in smaller towns and villages must be extremely cost-effective to secure jobs from a small client base. That’s why their rates are so different.

A best practice is to use the more expensive rate as a guide when you reside in a major city, and the lower rate if your home is remote or in a quiet area.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Porch?

The construction of porches usually requires approximately one to two weeks However, aluminium porches can take less than an entire week. There are a number of steps in the process of constructing the new porch, making the whole process quite long.

While it’s an exterior installation, it should not cause too much hassle and shouldn’t impact your lifestyle in the home during installation!

porch building

To give you an understanding of the steps involved in making an outdoor porch We’ve broken it into seven essential steps below, and some timelines that go with the steps:

  1. The foundations must be laid first, which includes all the excavations required and work on preparation so that the patio is solid and sturdy once it is built. This typically takes about a day.
  2. A damp-proofing membrane is installed after that to stop any moisture entering the porch and causing damp problems that are difficult to tackle on the porch. This shouldn’t take more than one day to complete.
  3. The sub-floor is then installed in order to make the floor of your porch. The flooring will later be added and fully waterproof however, it is the sub-floor upon which the deck will eventually be constructed.
  4. The porch will then be constructed by lining it up with the damp-proof membrane and sub-floor. After that, windows or doors will be fitted, along with the electrical wiring required.
  5. The roof is next after the porch has completed and functions as the foundation for the roof. It is connected to the damp-proof membrane, and completely sealed and waterproofed.
  6. Guttering is installed around the roof to prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof, which could cause damages and leaks.
  7. The final touches are added, mostly only cosmetically related to your request!

The task can be accomplished in just one week, if everything goes according according to plan. However, it isn’t always an issue, and a timeframe of about ten days is typically the ideal target.

Choosing a Porch

Here’s a list of the most popular types of porches and their costs:

Costs for uPVC Porch

uPVC porches are among the most sought-after choices today, thanks to low costs, simple installation and an array of advantages.

uPVC is extremely durable to all weather conditions; it needs almost no maintenance, and is significantly less expensive than other choices.

It’s possible to say that it doesn’t have much individuality, considering that the majority of uPVC porches are similar, however the practical advantages far outweigh the desire to have a distinctive style.

Based on the type of the model, expect to pay between £2,000 and £3,500.

Lean-to Porch Costs

Lean-to porches are distinct since it extends from the house with only a down-sloping roof, and doors to the sides.

In general, they’re not massive structures. They provide additional security as well as a place to store shoes and coats.

Despite their tiny dimensions, they’re extremely useful, and a lot of homes have porches with lean-tos. They can be constructed from uPVC or even timber, which means they’re extremely adaptable.

A porch lean-to can cost between £2,000 and £3,000.

Aluminium Porch Costs

Aluminium porches are essentially transparent, with an aluminium frame that forms the shape of a rectangle that covers you front entrance.

porch building

They’re not large, but they do provide a bit of storage space for coats, umbrellas and shoes.

They can be built within just 3-5 days however, they’re not much more expensive than other porches because of the glass content.

They’re also difficult to fix if they become damaged. In fact, you may have to replace the porch completely in the event of damage.

The cost of aluminium porches ranges from £2,500 to £3,500.

Edwardian/Victorian Porch Costs

Edwardian as well as Victorian porches are remarkably similar, in that they share pointed rooves that extend into a small square right just in front of your front door.

They’re made of wood and are typically used in homes with more traditional designs. Although they’re not a popular choice for new porch designs however, they do provide the rustic appearance for those who prefer that design.

The typical cost for these porches is between £2,500 and £3,500.

Brick Porch Costs

Brick porches appear to be permanent fixtures for your house, and are accompanied by sturdy front doors, and a large amount of room inside.

If your home isn’t built it could look strange with no renderings added to it. 

However, should your house have brickwork with a rustic look then this is the ideal porch option for you.

A brick patio will cost between £3,000 and £4,000 in total.

Benefits of a Porch

Here are some of the advantages you could experience:

Aesthetically Pleasing

An outdoor space can bring tons of worth to your home, and can make your home appear bigger and unique, as well as more top-quality.

It’s a tiny and easy thing to do that can add a lot in curb appeal.

If you’re planning to sell your house soon, you should take a look at the house prices of similar houses with and without porches to determine whether it’s worth it!


A porch can be one of the most useful elements for your home, from a boost in natural light to more storage.

It might seem like something minor in the beginning, but the ability to organize umbrellas, coats, shoes and all the outdoor accessories apart in your porch could help when it comes to keeping your home neat and neat.

And, kids aren’t allowed to play around with dirty shoes!


A porch is basically doubling the security level of your house, and there are not one, but two doors to protect your home.

Include a basic security lighting system and a CCTV then your home will be too hot for you to handle. A number of case studies show the deterrent effect these security features are for burglars, and it’s definitely worth looking into.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Porch?

If you’re planning to have your old porch removed prior to making room for the new one, anticipate paying a professional cost ranging from £300 to £500 which includes garbage removal.

It’s likely to take about 3-4 hours, depending on the difficulty of the porch, however it’s not something you’d be able to do yourself because it’s simple to cause damage to your home during the process.



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