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Estimated Cost of Secondary Glazing

Are you in search of an easier method of insulation your home?

We’ll go over the various options and estimated costs of secondary glazing for a variety of home sizes as well as what number of windows available, as well as the duration of the window as well as any additional costs you could be liable for.


What is the cost of Secondary glazing?

The cost for fitting secondary glazing in a house with five windows ranges from £1680-£1920.

It is possible to spend between £2330 and £2650 in secondary glazing on an eight-window terraced home or £3100-£3380 in the case of a terraced residence that has nine windows.

If your house is semi detached The total cost would be around £2440-£2710 to cover seven windows, or between £3530 and £3810 for 10 windows.

For secondary glazing for an detached house with 14 windows it is necessary to put a an amount of £4800-£5500.

The price of a secondary glazing job will also depend on the size of the window, the number of window fitters on the task, ease of access and where you live.

Window fitters, as well as workers in general have different prices across the country. In London and in the southeast generally it is possible to pay more for labour over the average national cost.

In some regions, such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, and in the northern part of England the cost of labor is generally lower than those in the rest of the country.

Secondary Glazing Costs

Job DescriptionLabour CostMaterial CostTotal Cost
Bungalows – 5 Windows£280 – £320£1400 – £1600£1680 to £1920
Terraced House – 7 Windows£330 to £400£2000 to £2250£2330 to £2650
Terraced House – 9 Windows£400 to £480£2700 to £2900£3100 to £3380
Semi-detached House – 7 Windows£440 to £510£2000 to £2200£2440 to £2710
Semi-detached House – 10 Windows£630 to £710£2900 to £3100£3530 to £3810
Detached House – 14 Windows£800 to £1000£4000 to £4500£4800 to £5500

What are the costs of supply associated with Secondary Glazing?

Let’s look at the cost of supply for secondary glazing. The cost does not include labor. In general, supply costs range from £1400-1600 for a bungalow that has five windows.

If the house is terraced you can expect the costs for building materials to be between £2000-£2250 for a house with seven windows, or £2700-£2900 if it has Nine windows.

As for a semi-detached house, if it has seven windows, the supply costs will be about £2000 to £2200 or £2900 to £3100 should it have ten windows.

Secondary glass for a 14-window detached home will incur an estimated cost of £4000-£4500. In general, secondary glazing will cost approximately £300-£345 per window.

Secondary Glazing Supply Costs

Project descriptionSupply Price
Bungalow – 5 Windows£1400 to £1600
Terraced House – 7 Windows£2000 to £2250
Terraced House – 9 Windows£2700 to £2900
Semi-detached House – 7 Windows£2000 to £2200
Semi-detached House – 10 Windows£2900 to £3100
Detached House – 14 Windows£4000 to £4500

What are the additional costs for Secondary Glazing?

There are a few additional charges that you might encounter when purchasing secondary glazing. If these costs will be applicable depends on many factors, such as the nature of the job and the contractor you select.

Minimum Fee

Certain window fitters have an amount that is a minimum. For instance the window fitter might charge per day. In this instance, even if the work is completed in one day and half, you will be charged for two complete working days.

In other instances the window fitter might have a minimum charge that is charged on top of the labor and supplies.

Type of Glass

Costs may also differ based on the glass type. It is priced between £70 and £74 per square meter for clear toughened glass 6mm £95-£103 per M2 for anti-sun 6mm toughened glass £104 to £112 per 2 m2 for acoustic-laminated 6.4mm glass or £130-£140 per 2 m2 for 10mm clear laminated glass.

Glazing Type

The type of glass that is used will greatly impact the price. It is estimated to cost around £375-£425 per square meter for vertical or horizontal sliding glass, £325-£375 per m2 for hinged glazing, and £275 to £325 per square meter for lift-out glazing. The cost is around £130 to £170 for each 1 m 2. to cover magnetic windows, or £170 to £220 for 1 m 2. to fix panel glass.

Size of the Property/Window

The bigger the home the bigger the property, the longer the project will cost, assuming that you plan to install secondary glazing fitted to all or all of the windows in your house. Additionally, the bigger windows are will cost more cost due to higher cost of supply.

Redecorating Frames as well as Window Sills

As beautiful as it may appear, the new secondary glazing could be in stark contrast to your current window frames and sills rendering them look aged and soiled.

Therefore it is recommended to redecorate frame first. Window gloss or another similar oil-based paint could be used along with paint scraper and sandpaper to give the space a fresh look and neat. Wood filler can be used to fill any holes.

The process of redecorating the window sills and frames could add between £70-£90 to the total cost However, you could save between between £20 and £30 If you decide to do this task yourself in the days prior to when that window fitter(s) arrive.

Amount of Tradespeople

In a majority of instances secondary glazing is done by a group consisting of two.

If this happens then you’ll be charged a daily or hourly labour cost, which is about twice as much as when you hire only one tradesperson.

The advantage of hiring a team is that it will cut down the duration of the work.

The cost effectiveness or even a financial risk in the end will depend on how well window installers are able to work together.

Work Time Frame

The length of the project is among the main factors determining the price in secondary glazing.

The longer the work is more time, the higher the labor cost is likely to be. In certain instances however, this may not be but it is.

For instance when a labourer has an hourly rate that is fixed for a task that requires about two days to complete will cost the same amount as the same amount of time for two days.

Costs of Tradesmen to Install Secondary Glazed Windows

The cost of labor for this job is not inclusive of cost of the supply. Now we’ll look at how each job that we discussed in the first section will cost in terms of labour costs.

This section also discusses the typical cost of labour for window fitters on an hourly or daily basis.

The average labour cost is in the range of £280-£320 in a bungalow having five windows. the cost is between £330-£400 in a terraced residence with seven windows and £400-£480 in the case of a terraced residence that has nine windows.

The price increases to £440-£510 in a semi detached property with seven windows. between £630 and £730 in the case of the home with ten windows. the cost range is between £800 and the £1000 range in the case of a detached property that has 14 windows.

As discussed, labourers tend to work in teams of two and with an average hourly rate of £10 an hour and a daily rate of about £150 , to hire two window fitters will cost approximately £300 per day .

Although the cost of labour will be determined mainly by the amount of tradespeople who are employed in the area, it can also be affected by the location you live, your ease of access and whether you require any additional work.

How long does it take to install Secondary Glazing?

Similar to the cost of labour the timeframe involved when fitting secondary glazing could be affected by a vast array of elements.

Let’s take a closer look at the length of time that different secondary glazing projects will take, and what the time-related elements are.

Our timeframes assume that two window fitters were employed. It could take about double the time if a one window fitter is doing the job.

The installation of secondary glazing on five windows in a bungalow will take between one and a half days.

For a terraced residence you can expect the project to take between a day and half, no matter if it has seven as well as nine.

For a semi-detached seven-window house, the time to complete the project will range from 1 to 2 days, or two days and more for 10 windows.

If you have a 14 window detached home secondary glazing can require anywhere from a single full day up to 2 and two and a half days.

The time needed to set up secondary glazing will vary based upon the dimensions of your building with windows and the size of windows, the ease of access, the amount of tradespeople working for the project and if any additional work is needed prior to or after.

What is the cost to remove Secondary Glazing?

You can opt to remove the secondary glazing together with the window and frame if you prefer to have double or triple glazed windows installed instead.

While secondary glazing is less expensive than triple or double glazing, you’ll find that it’s not quite enough to meet the standards you’d hoped for.

Alternatively, you may be replacing one or more windows with another fitting such as a French door.

It’ll cost around £250 to £500 for a window to replace an old windows with double glazing, or £380 to £490 for a window to get a triple glazed replacement.

In order to convert a window to uPVC French doors can cost between £1400 and £1600..


Q What are the advantages in secondary glazing?

A: The primary advantage to secondary-glazed windows is the fact that they increase the efficiency of heat insulation by about 50 to 80%. The secondary glass is less expensive than double glazing and can increase the acoustics insulation also.

How long will second-layer glazing last?

A: If it’s taken care of correctly There’s no reason why secondary glazing will not last for many years after secondary glazing installation has taken place.

Q: What is the cost that is secondary glazing compared to the double glazing cost?

A The average cost that secondary windows cost is 25-50% of the cost of double glazing. Double-glazed windows come with many advantages in conserving heat in your home however secondary glazing can suffice in many instances.

Q: Which type or secondary glass is most effective?

A: You must make use of a Low-E glass item to get the most effective outcomes. Low-E glass is made to reflect ultraviolet rays, and to reduce the intensity of infrared light that comes into or exits through the window.

Secondary glazing of Low-E glass helps to keep heat out in the summer months, but retains it winter.

Do I require permission for planning to install secondary glazing?

A: Generally planning permissions will not be required. However, certain circumstances may be considered, for example, when you live in the midst of a listed structure.

More details More information can be located on the portal for planning. It is also recommended to look over guidelines for building prior to hiring a team to install secondary glazing.

Be aware that building regulations and planning permit rules may differ in England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland/Scotland/.


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