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Are you interested in finding out the price for solar panel systems?

Installing a solar panel is an effective option to generate electricity as well as improve energy efficiency and cut down on your energy bill.This guide explains the solar panel installation costs the average price for solar panel, as well as the various types of solar panels.


How Much Are Solar Panels?

So, what’s the typical cost in solar panels?

The cost will vary based on the complexity of the task. The average price for installing solar panels will be between £2500£9000.

What do the prices depend on?

The cost you are likely to pay for the work will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of solar panel you’re installing, the amount of solar panels installed and how long the project will be in total as well as your location to the UK.

Why do you need to consider investing in solar panels?

While the price of solar panels might appear expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment. Solar panels can save you a substantial amount on your electricity bills, as well as making you money.

What types of solar panels are to choose from?

There are two main kinds of solar panels – monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The monocrystalline type of solar panel is most efficient and will last for longer time than different kinds of solar panels.

What are the solar system size requirements?

Solar panels are also available in various sizes for systems that usually vary from 1kW to 5kW. The size of the panels determines the amount of energy solar panels will offer to the house. The more watts you pick the higher the price will be.

As you can observe, there are numerous options of different solar panels you can select from. This is the reason why prices for solar panels vary greatly.

For instance, a monocrystalline 1kW solar panel is priced at £2000-£3500 on average, while a five kW monocrystalline solar panel would cost about £7500-£9000.

Let’s review some examples of jobs, pricing and timespans…

Solar Panels Prices

The table below provides a summary of the prices you can anticipate for various types and types of solar panel projects:

Job DescriptionTimescalesPrice of Solar PanelsCost for Labour
1kW MonocrystallineA couple of days£2500-£3500£400-£500
2kW MonocrystallineA couple of days£3000-£4500£400-£600
3kW Monocrystalline2 to 4 days£4500-£5500£500-£700
4kW Monocrystalline2 to 4 days£6000-PS7500£500-£700
5kW Monocrystalline2 to 4 days£7000-£9000£600-£800
1kW PolycrystallineA couple of days£2000-£2500£400-£500
2kW Polycrystalline4 to 5 days£3500-£4500£400-£500
3kW Polycrystalline4 to 5 days£4000-£6000£500-£600
4kW Polycrystalline4 to 5 days£6000-£7500£600-£700
5kW Polycrystalline2 to 4 days£7000-£8500£600-£800

What are the Supply Costs of Fitting Solar Panels?

This section we’ll examine the costs that you would pay if you bought solar panels on your own without the expense of labour.

You might be interested if you’re thinking of your own solar panel installation. If you’re planning to buy solar panels on your own, be sure you purchase from a reputable retailer.

Solar panels by themselves are typically priced between £350 and £500 per panel. The cost will differ based on the kind as well as the size.

You’ll need a substantial budget when you plan for solar panel installation on your residence. You must be sure that the roof is suitable for having solar panels prior to investing in the panels.

As we mentioned previously the cost of monocrystalline solar panels is less that polycrystalline solar panels. For monocrystalline panels, you can expect to pay about £400-£500 per square meter, compared to polycrystalline, which cost around £250-£300 per square meter.

What are the Additional Costs of Solar Panel Installation?

If you have solar panels in your residence, you may be interested in considering other expenses.

Below are a few extra costs you might have to think about in the case of solar panel installation

  • Roof repair Repair of roofs
  • System for storage of solar battery for solar batteries – £1200-£6000
  • Scaffolding £10-£30 per day
  • Solar panel cleaning – £3-£10 per panel
  • Maintenance and repairs – £140-£400 for each panel
  • Special water tank £2000-£4000
  • Solar panel inverter – £1000-£15,000

Tradesmen Costs for Installing Solar Panels

Based on the nature of the project solar panels can take between 2 and 3 days to set up. A typical solar panel installation service typically charges between £150 and £200 per hour. You can clearly see that the cost of labour can easily be a lot higher for larger projects.

The majority of contractors will include the cost of labour in the overall price of the project. But, you can inquire about an explanation of costs from them if you’re interested about how the overall cost is calculated.

Also, you should be aware that certain factors can impact the price of labour. For instance, if the roofing is in bad condition it might need to be repaired prior to installing solar panels.

Additionally, if you’re located in London it is possible to expect that the cost of labour to be more expensive than those who are located within North North or other regions within the UK.

How Long Does It Take to Remove and Replace Solar Panels?

The length of time required to install solar panels is contingent on several elements. The average time to put solar panels to the roofing of a home is between 2 and 3 days.

A few of the factors that could affect the timeline are the scope of the project as well as the state of the roof and the accessibility for the roofing.

Types of Solar Panels

There are two types of solar panels you can put in your residence. They are polycrystalline and monocrystalline.

The article will cover the details of each of these two kinds of solar panels along with the pros and cons of each.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Solar panels with monocrystalline crystals are popular and are considered to be the best choice between the two. They are more durable and effective.

Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages that monocrystalline solar panels have:


  • These panels are more durable than many other kinds of solar panels.
  • The panels have higher efficiency than all other kinds of solar panels.
  • They are more durable and long-lasting than other kinds of solar panels.
  • They don’t occupy much area when compared with other solar panels.


  • They can be quite costly
  • Their performance is influenced by temperature changes
  • The process of making them generates a large amount of garbage

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

This kind of solar panel can be a lot less expensive as monocrystalline panels. But, they’re less efficient.

Below is a listing of the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels made of polycrystalline:


  • Do not produce the same amount of waste as monocrystalline solar panels.
  • They’re a cheaper alternative
  • They work better when it is warm.


  • They aren’t as durable as other kinds of solar panels.
  • They’re not as efficient as monocrystalline solar panels.
  • The panels are bigger and require more space to set up

Benefits of Solar Panels

There are numerous advantages to installing solar panels at your residence. Here is an overview of the primary advantages of having solar panels put up in your roofing:

Save Money

This could be the most popular benefit for solar panels. They are able to help you save money as you’ll consume less energy from the grid and consequently, reduce your energy costs.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are excellent as they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Solar panels can last for a long duration, and you could quickly pay back your investment in about 10 years.

Good for the Environment

Solar energy is clean and renewable and therefore can help you reduce the carbon footprint. This is among the main reasons solar panel systems are getting more sought-after.

There are instances where you might want to take down the solar panels on your roof in the event that you’re having your roof replaced. In these instances it is generally recommended to get a professional complete the task for you.

The typical cost for solar panel removal is £300 to £500. There is also another £100 to remove the panels from the electrical system.

If you’ve completely removed your solar panels and would like to dispose of them it could cost you additional £150 to £200 to cover the cost of garbage disposal.

There is a way to get rid of solar panels by doing DIY work. However, it is recommended to employ an expert, particularly when you’re not knowledgeable about the DIY aspect of the task.


Q: How do solar panels work?

A: In simple terms, solar panels work by absorbing particles of light which knock electrons free from atoms, and this generates electricity which can then be fed through to your home.

Q: What are the best solar panels?

A: Monocrystalline solar panels are the most popular as they are much more efficient and durable than other options.

Q: Can you get portable solar panels?

A: You can get portable solar panels to power small objects. These tend to be small and easily transportable and are often used when camping.

Q: What are flexible solar panels?

A: Flexible solar panels are ultra-thin, flexible, and lightweight. These panels are very beneficial when you want a panel that can be moved or stored easily.

Q: What are solar panel grants?

A: You can’t get a solar panel grant in the traditional sense of the word; however, you can get something called a feed-in tariff. This is a government scheme that pays you for 20 years after you have had your solar panels removed.



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