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Estimated Cost of Triple Glazed Windows

Do you want to know the cost of triple-glazed windows?

In the next guide in the following guide, we’ll go over the cost of triple glazing, based on different dimensions of homes and on the amount of windows.

We’ll also discuss the other costs, like the kind of window.


What’s the price of triple-glazed windows?

The cost for fitting an semi detached property with seven triple-glazed windows ranges from the range of £ 3050-£ 3310 or £ 4100-£ 4400 when it has nine windows.

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect. While double-glazed windows are a good option installing triple glazed windows can increase your efficiency in energy use drastically.

Let’s look at a few other examples…

Triple glazed windows for an two-bedroom apartment with four windows will cost around £ 1850-£ 2100 The cost is around £ 2230-£ 2280 to build a terraced residence which has 5 windows.

If you have a detached home you’ll require an amount of £ 5250-£ 5850 for the installation of 12 triple glazed units

OK What else can be taken into consideration?

Other factors that affect costs are the kind of window and dimension of windows, the number of tradespeople employed as well as the ease of access where the property is situated.

Window fitters generally be more expensive in London and in the southeast generally. However, you’ll get lower labor costs in the northern regions of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Triple Glazed windows Prices

Job DescriptionLabour CostSupply CostsTotal Cost
Semi-detached House- 7 Windows£520 to £580£2530 to £2730£3050 to £3310
Semi-detached House – 9 Windows£650 to £750
£3450 to £3650£4100 to £4400
2 Bedroom Flat – 4 Windows£350 to £400£1500 to £1700£1850 to £2100
Terraced House – 5 Windows£400 to £450£1830 to £1930£2230 to £2280
Detached House – 12 Windows£850 to £950£4700 to £4900£5250 to £5850
Detached House – 15 Windows£1100 to £1300£5700 to £5900£6800 to £7200

What are the supply costs from Triple Glazed windows?

We’ll go over the cost of triple glazing and the materials required for fitting various triple glazed windows for different homes. We’ll also detail the cost of supplying different kinds of triple-glazing windows.

In the majority of cases, material cost of triple glazing will make up 70-85% of the total cost, with labour expenses accounting for between 15 and 30 percent of the total cost, with between 0 and five percent of the total amount going to the cost of disposal.

The costs for supply of triple glazing for a semi-detached residence with seven windows will cost approximately £2530-£2730 for a semi-detached house with nine windows, approximately £3450-£3650.

It is possible for the cost of the supply to be at £1500-£1700 for a two-bedroom apartment with four windows. £1830-£1930 to cover a terraced house with five windows. between £4700 and £4900 in the case of a detached residence with 12 windows and between £5700 and £5900 in the case of a detached home having 15 windows.

For the types of windows window types, casement windows typically cost from £275-£325 when the frame is constructed of uPVC, £375 to £425 for frames made from timber as well as £325-£375 in the case of an aluminum-based frame.

Flush casement windows cost approximately £275 to £325 for a uPVC option, £425 to £475 if the frame is made of timber or £325 to £375 if the frame is aluminium.

Bay windows are typically priced between £525-£575 for a uPVC-framed product. £625-£675 when using a wood-based frame or £575-£625 for aluminium is the base.

Triple-glazed windows for cottages cost approximately £325-£375 when the frame is comprised from uPVC, £575 to £625 for timber frames windows are used, as well £475-£525 for frames made of aluminium.

For a sash three glass window, the cost would be around between £ 375 and £425 with a frame made of uPVC, £425 to £475 with a wooden frame and £475-£525 with an aluminum frame.

Finally, if you choose to choose tilt and turn windows, you will need to spend £325-£375 to purchase one with frames made of uPVC frame. between £375 and £425 with a frame made of timber and £425 and £475 with an aluminum frame.

Cost of supply for Triple Glazing

Job DescriptionSupply Cost
Semi-detached House – 7 Windows£2530 to £2730
Semi-detached House – 9 Windows£3450 to £3650
2 Bedroom Flat – 4 Windows£1500 to £1700
Terraced House – 5 Windows£1830 to £1930
Detached House – 12 Windows£4700 to £4900
Detached House – 15 Windows£5700 to £5900

What are the additional costs for Triple Glazing?

There are a variety of additional costs you could incur by installing triple-glazed windows. These expenses may or may not be applicable based upon the type of your job as well as the company you select in addition to other aspects.

Minimum Fee

Some contractors prefer to set an amount that is minimum. This fee is either the sole labour charge (e.g. the daily rate would apply even if the job required three-quarters of the working entire day) in addition to an additional expense to the total cost.

Window Type

As mentioned in the preceding section, window types could play an important role in determining the total cost of a triple glazing project. The cost of windows (excluding costs for labor and waste removal expenses) can differ between the £225 range to the £675.

A casement window made of uPVC is likely to be on the lower portion of this spectrum, with windows with timber frames costing up to £675 or more..

The size of the property

The size of the property is important as it will affect the amount of windows that need to be put in place.

It’s not always the case, but when you plan to get only a couple of triple-glazed windows A larger home usually requires bigger windows than one that is smaller.

Size of Window

The price of supply can depend on the size of window. For instance windows made of white uPVC with dimensions of 1000mm by 500mm may cost around £275-£325 for instance, whereas 1200mm by 1200mm wood-grain uPVC windows will cost you approximately the £525-£575 range..

Glass Type

Window prices also are influenced according to the glass being used. It is possible for the price to be between £30-£50 per centimetre when made up of clear annealed glass. £40-£60 per millimetre in the case of glass that is clear toughened £30-£60 per millimetre when the glass is annealed in a dark manner or £35-£60 per metre in the event that it is toughened to obscure or clear laminated.

The price is estimated to rise from £70-£100 per meter with obscure glass that is laminated.

Amount of Tradespeople

In the majority of instances window fitters will be part of a team of two to install triple glazing. For particularly big or difficult jobs an additional set of hands might be needed. In other situations one window fitter is able to complete the task.

The greater the number of workers working on a project the more expensive the hourly cost of labour. However it could help to reduce time, but the likelihood of this proving to be an additional cost overall is contingent on other the quality of the team is working in a team.


The time required to install triple-glazed windows is directly tied to the cost of labor. The longer the duration of work, the more you’ll be charged. A possible exception is if fixed costs for labour are established.

Tradesmen’s Costs for Installing Triple Glazed Windows

The following section we’ll go over the costs of labour involved in installing triple-glazed windows. We’ll discuss the costs of labour in relation to the various tasks discussed in the beginning section. We’ll we will also discuss the hourly cost of labour.

The labor costs for installing seven triple glazed windows into a semi-detached home are about £520-£580. The same type of property however, having nine windows, you would be charged with a cost for labour in the range of £650-£750.

You can expect a labour charge of about £350 to £400 for a two-bedroom flat with four windows, £400 to £450 for a terraced house with five windows, £850 to £950 for a detached house with 12 windows, or £1100 to £1300 for a detached house with 15 windows.

Window fitters are charged around £10 an hour across the UK however, prices can differ significantly based on where you reside. For example in London the cost could be as low as £11-12 for an hour and more. Other elements that affect cost of labor include the length of time and accessibility and the quantity of window fitters employed on the job.

How Do I Install Triple Glazing?

The time required to put in triple-glazed windows can vary from one day’s work up to five days of work.

If just one window fitter is in charge of the job the job could take double the time.

If you live in a semi-detached home that has seven windows, triple-glazing is expected to take around two days. With nine windows it’ll be between two and three days.

The time frame for work will be approximately 1-2 days to install four triple glazed windows within the two-bedroom apartment or 1-2 days to install five triple-glazed windows into the terrace of a house.

If you live in a detached home it takes about 3-4 days to fit 12 windows. It will take 5 to 7 days to install 15 windows.

The length of time for triple glazing may also differ according to the type of window (to some extent) and the number of tradespeople involved and the ease of access and if any extra work is needed or in the event that the procedure is difficult at any point (e.g. windows that prove to be difficult to take out).

Removal of triple glazed windows costs

It is possible to opt to remove triple-glazed windows since they’re at the point of no return (lasting around twenty years) or should you want to replace one or more triple-glazed windows with something similar to French doors.

The average cost of removing triple glazed windows will likely fall in the range of several hundred to several thousand pounds as it will depend heavily on what is replacing the windows.

For instance, in the majority of instances, having windows converted to uPVC French doors is likely to cost between £1400-£1600.


Q What is triple glazing? work?

A: Triple-glazed windows come with three panes of glass. Between the panes, there is room for gas that is insulating. The presence of these gases as well as the fact of three panes versus two or one give triple glazing a high degree of insulation which means that triple glazing will better trap heat inside your home.

Q: What’s what is the distinction between triple or triple glazing?

Simply put, double-glazed windows are made up of two panes but triple glazing comprises three panes.

What is the length of time can triple-glazed windows last?

A The average is around twenty years old or so.

A: Is it possible to put in triple glazing on my own?

A General rule: It is best to hire a professional window fitting service to fit triple-glazed windows. If you possess the required skills and know-how you could install triple glazing yourself. Make sure you are informed of plans permissions or construction regulations which may be applicable.

Q How much better will triple-glazed windows be at insulating more heat over double glazed windows?

A: Triple-glazed windows are able to trap heat with about 30 percent more than double-glazed windows, but it will be contingent upon the window’s quality.


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