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Estimated Cost To Build a Shed

How much will it cost to construct an outdoor shed?

The price to build a shed can depend on your location as well as the materials you intend to utilize, as well as the dimensions and size of your shed. Learn about the cost-guide to discover all you require to be aware of the cost to build garden sheds.


How Much is an Shed Installation?

In this article, we’ll examine the cost of building different types of sheds, based on the materials used as well as the dimensions of the structure.

We will break down these expenses using cost ranges that are average. The breakdown of costs below includes the cost of shed material and the cost of tradesmen.

The price of installation for an ordinary wooden shed is likely to be close to approximately £500 to £1200. To build a shed made of metal that is an average size built will cost between £200 to £700. The average size plastic shed built will cost you somewhere between £285 or £700.

If the shed is 6 feet by 4 feet the installation cost will be about £500 to £700 For an 8-foot x 6- feet shed price will rise to around £700 to £900 while for sheds that measures 12 feet by 8 feet it’s likely that you’ll have to spend between £1000 to £1200 to get it built.

A few smaller sheds could have a cost of less than £300 to be installed, while the more costly kind of shed like a huge wooden workshop might have an installation price of over £2000.

What else could affect the price of sheds?

The cost of installation can be different based on accessibility to your garden and the area in the UK the garden is located.

Prices of Sheds

Shed MaterialShed Cost
Metal shed£210-£700
Plastic shed£285-£700
Wooden shed£535-£1200

What are the Supply Costs of Building a Shed?

Now we will examine the costs associated with installing a shed. We will outline the cost of supplies in a manner that is based on the various kinds and dimensions of shed. These costs do not include installation costs and tradesmen’s costs of building the shed.

For an 8 foot x 6 feet shed, cost of supply is likely to amount to approximately £325 to £450. The approximate cost of supply of an eight foot 6 foot shed will be approximately £450 to £585. For an 8 foot 12 foot foot shed, you could expect the total costs to fall between £650-£780.

If you’re looking to the wooden shed, you’ll have to pay around £275 to £900 on the supply expenses. If you have a metal shed the price of materials will likely amount to approximately £150 to £550 when for plastic sheds, the costs for supplies could be somewhere between £225 to £550.

In terms of the cost for installation, the cost of supplies are able to vary widely based on the quality of the material used to construct the shed.

What are the Additional Costs of Building a Shed?

We’ll now talk about the additional expenses that add to the cost of a shed you could decide to take advantage of.

Cost of painting a shed

After having your garden shed constructed, one other thing you can opt to purchase is to get your shed painted.

A professional will charge around £160 daily, with a garden will take 2 to 3 days to paint and with the supplies cost likely to be around £30 to £50 You ought to budget for from £190 to £370 to get an average-sized shed painted.

However, these costs could differ greatly based on where you are in the UK you reside The above cost estimation is only an estimate.

Another option to painting your shed is to get it stained for around £100 to £200.

Fence Painting Cost

The cost to paint your fence will depend on the amount of panels you would like to paint and the dimensions of the panel in question.

To get 10-20 fence panels of a typical size painted may take anywhere from 1 and 2 days, and the costs for the material will range to around £15 to £60. Incorporating these costs into the hourly rate of a professional will mean that to get 10- 20 fence panels painted is likely to cost somewhere between £175 to £380 total.

Garden Maintenance Cost

The price of gardening maintenance will also differ. You can expect to pay between £20 to £110 each hour to maintain your garden.

A minimum charge of two hours is also possible, meaning that you should anticipate to be charged between £40 to £220 for the entire amount.

Garden Waste Removal Cost

Garden waste removal can take around 3/4 of an hour. It is likely to cost between £100 to £200. It all depends on the amount of waste you’d like to get taken away.

It will cost you between £50 to £60 If you want to get 70 kg of waste taken away, but it can cost between £200 to £230 for those who want to eliminate more than 900 kg of garden waste.

Tradesmen’s Costs to Build a Shed

The subject of this section is on the labour and installation costs associated with having a shed constructed. The labour costs associated with installing a wooden shed is likely to be about £300-£400.

The same cost for a steel shed is lower since it’s likely to take more than one day of work to be finished. In this scenario it could amount to somewhere between £60 and £140. For a shed made of plastic, it’s similar to the £60-£140 range.

However, there are smaller plastic and metal sheds that can require as little as 1 to 2-hours to put up.

When you install these types of structures it is possible that the cost of labour could go as low as £20 to £50. If you are looking to build an 8 foot x 4-foot shed expect that the cost of labour to be between £175 and £250.

In the case of an 8-foot 6 foot shed the price will probably range from £250 to £315 for the 12 foot x 8 foot building, the price to construct a shed according to the specifications established by paid professionals is somewhere in between £350 to £420.

What is the Time Frame to Install a Shed?

The time it takes to install a shed will differ based on the size and type of the shed you want to install.

In this section, we’ll dissect the estimated durations for a plastic, metal and wooden shed. Then, we will give the estimated duration to construct sheds of various dimensions, such as sheds that measure 6ft by 4ft, 8ft by 6 feet, and 5ft x three feet.

Type ShedShed SizeInstallation Time
Metal or plastic Shed10ft x 8ft4 to 5 hours
Metal or plastic Shed5ft 3ft1 hour
Metal or plastic Shed4ft x 8ft3 to 4 hours
Plastic or metal Shed8ft 6ft3 to 6 hours
Wooden Shed6ft 4ft1 to 2 days
Wooden Shed8ft 6ft1 to 2 days
Wooden Shed12ft 8ft1 to 2 days

As you can see, the amount of time it takes to construct a shed varies on the size and shape of the shed. Another aspect that can affect the time needed to construct a shed is accessibility to your garden.

Different Types of Shed

This section will go over the various kinds of shed that are available. This section we’ll provide the advantages and disadvantages for each type of shed.

The cost to have any of the shed styles described below will differ depending on the dimensions and the size of your shed. Other elements that influence the cost are where in the UK your home is located and how easily to your yard.

Metal Shed Cost

Metal sheds are likely to comprise from galvanised aluminium or steel. This kind of shed is often the most affordable, with prices ranging from £210 to £700. The cost of labour will probably range somewhere between £60 and £140 which is included in the aforementioned figure.


  • Metal sheds tend to be cheaper than the typical wooden or plastic shed.
  • Many times, these come with a long warranty.
  • Usually, you do not need a foundation.
  • Don’t have the same dangers of fire like say the wooden shed.
  • Better security over a wooden or plastic shed.


  • Not as easily modifiable.
  • Highly susceptible to corrosion.
  • More prone to corrosion.
  • Might not give the best appealing appearance.

Plastic Shed Cost

A garden shed made of plastic is typically made from vinyl. Sometimes, they are constructed of composite or resin. The cost of installation for the plastic shed typically ends somewhere between £285 and £700, which is inclusive of labour expenses that range from £60 to £140.


  • Plastic sheds are typically less expensive than wooden sheds.
  • Has a long life expectancy.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • It will require minimal to zero maintenance.


  • The price of plastic sheds is more than the cost of metal sheds.
  • Doesn’t have the strength or security of other kinds of sheds.
  • The system isn’t easily customized.
  • Not suitable for extreme temperatures.

Wooden Shed Cost

The majority of wooden sheds are constructed of softwoods that are cheap, such as pine or spruce. Certain high-end wooden sheds are constructed of kinds of wood like cedar.

Wooden sheds are known to being the largest and most costly kind of shed. The cost of installation for the wooden shed ranges from £535 to £1200. The labour cost could amount to approximately £260 to £300.


  • Solid and rigid.
  • The wood sheds provide excellent insulation.
  • Wood is the building material of traditional sheds.
  • Offers great value in terms of aesthetics.


  • There is a greater chance of being caught in the flame.
  • This will require maintenance.
  • Sheds made of wood are prone to insects.
  • More susceptible to more prone to.
  • Wooden sheds are known to become the least costly style.
  • A shed is not quite as secured as a steel shed. Not as secure as a metal.

What is The Cost of Repairing the Shed?

In this article we will examine the costs associated with common repairs to sheds. We will examine what kinds of shed repairs are typical, how these problems can be fixed, and how much repairs will cost you in a way that is based on the supply and labour cost.

The most common repair costs include repairing or replacing the door of a shed and the refelting of the shed roof costs.


To get this done the painter or other professional with a salary will require around 5L of paint to complete the entire shed. The process could take 1 or 2 days of effort. The cost to have your shed painted will likely be between £190 to £370.

The cost of an entire re-paint will be approximately £30 to £50 as the labor costs could be as high as £160 to £320. On the contrary, you may require a few specific areas in the building to be painted. In this case, you can anticipate that the total price will be less.

Replace Shed Door

To be able to install a new shed door, the previous one has to be removed with care by removing the hinges first. The remaining steelwork attached to the door’s old one will be removed prior to the new door being put in place.

To replace the garden shed door, it could cost between £140 to £290. The costs for the supply of the door for a shed will be around £40 to £90. The labour costs are likely to range to somewhere between £100 as well as £200.

Refelt Roof

If a roof needs to be rebuilt it is possible to apply old felt as long as it’s a three layer system.

If it’s not, then the old felt could have to be completely removed. Most of the time the cost of re-felting the roof will be close to around £140 to £280, with the material cost ranging from £80 to £140, and the labour costs ranging from £60 to £140.

What is a Shed Roof Cost?

Now, we will look at the price to buy a shed roof. In this article we will also examine the pros and cons of the various kinds of sheds. The price of a shed’s roof is between £60 to £120.

The cost of the roof will depend on the kind and size of the shed roof you would like to be able to.

Roof with Dual Pitched

This kind of roofing for sheds are extremely popular and is referred to as a gable roof. It is constructed with two sides that lean upwards typically with a slope of at least 4 inches 12.

The price of this kind of shed could range somewhere between £60 and £120.


  • Provides additional space above the ceiling storage space.
  • It is easy to shed snow and rain. It is easy to remove.


  • Strong winds may cause damage.
  • A low-sloped roof with a dual pitched roof could have issues due to snow accumulation.

Flat Roof

Another popular kind that has shed rooms is one with an elongated roof. A flat roofed shed isn’t necessarily smooth, however it must have a pitch that is not greater than 10 degrees.

This kind of roof is likely to be less expensive and easier to install than a roof with a dual pitch.


  • It makes it much easier to keep from exceeding the maximum height for the height of a shed.
  • Simpler to visually analyze to spot problems earlier.


  • Rain and snow can’t be removed as quickly.
  • Provides less headroom than a double pitched roof.
  • The roof’s felt might not last long.

Pent or Slanted Roof

A pent or slanted roof shed has slants and extends over the wall’s height to the height of a higher wall on the opposite side. The price for an slanted roof could be less expensive than the dual pitched roof.


  • Perfect for solar panels.
  • The snow and rain fall quite quickly.
  • It has a profile that is less steep than say a roof that has a dual pitch.


  • It is possible to make use of a roofing membrane to safeguard this kind of roof for your shed.
  • The force of the wind could damage the roof.
  • There is less storage space on the top. It is smaller in top storage space compared to the roof with a dual pitched roof.

Pyramid Style Roof

The name implies this kind of roof is made of a pyramid. It does not have a ridge, and the four sides are joined together at the high point.

A pyramid roof will probably be more costly to be installed than other kinds that shed roofing.


  • Stable even in windy conditions.
  • Rain drips through the roof quite easily.
  • It’s easy to get rid of snow in the event that it doesn’t come off on its own.


  • The roof is difficult to repair or carry out the works on it as it is sloped due to its slope.
  • The roof could grow quite high, and you must be sure it doesn’t exceed thresholds of height before you reach the point where you’ll need permission to plan.
  • It could be more challenging and costly to get this kind of roof constructed.

What is The Cost of a Shed Concrete Base Price?

In this article we will look at the cost of building a shed concrete base. We will also consider the reasons why a shed needs concrete bases and the elements that can affect the price. The foundation is put on the ground in order for the structure to be constructed on the top.

The concrete is likely to comprise 5 parts of ballast, composed of sand and aggregate, and one part cement. Concrete is the best choice for a shed base if you have large sheds or if you wish the floor of your shed to be built closer to the level.

It’s also a great base to keep tools and machinery in your shed which may be soaking wet, such as due to being employed in rain.

The cost of installation for an outdoor concrete base could range between £400 to £900. The price will depend on the dimensions of the base you would like to install. The cost of the base will be affected by the accessibility to your garden as well as where you are in the UK and the location you live.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Rid of an Old Shed?

Let’s now look at what the typical shed removal price is. You can decide to get the old shed removed to free space in your yard due to it having rotted and corroded beyond repair due to it not being of practical use. There are many other reasons.

To have a shed removed and dismantled is likely to incur the cost of labour, which is usually between £50 to £200. A mini skip of 4-5 yards is sufficient for waste removal and should cost around £100 to £260 to rent.

A huge cage skip that can cost several hundred pounds could be needed or another huge skip if your shed is very large. On the average, it’ll likely cost somewhere between £150 to £460 to get your shed taken down between cost of labour and disposal.


Q: How big can I build a shed without planning permission?

A: To avoid planning permission, a shed should be one storey high with its eave’s height no greater than 2.5 metres for a flat roof, 4 metres for a dual pitched roof or 3 metres for any other type of shed roof.

Q: What is the best lighting for a shed?

A: Ideally, you should first maximise the access of natural light to your shed through well-placed windows. You can also effectively light your shed with a 240 volt fluorescent light or by installing solar lighting.

Q: What shed type lasts the longest?

A: A high-quality metal shed is probably your best option in terms of maximum longevity.

Q: How can I secure my shed?

A: Ways to increase your shed’s security include improving its lock, replacing the door hinge or by fitting an alarm.

Q: How often will I need to paint my wooden shed?

A: Preferably, you should paint a wooden shed once a year.



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