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Hardwood Flooring Cost

Want to know what wood flooring is priced?

This guide will explain everything you should know about prices of different kinds of flooring like engineered hardwood flooring, wood flooring, and much more. We’ll cover the cost of installation and supply per square metres.


How Much is a Wooden Floor?

If you’re thinking of installing genuine wood floors in the next few years This guide will be beneficial to you.

So, what exactly is this guide covering specifically?

We’ll cover all you must be aware of about hardwood flooring. From the different types of flooring that are available, the cost you’ll have to pay as well as any additional costs that may arise as well as all cost-related aspects that could be related to the job.

What are the costs average for wood flooring?

Take a look at the following table and see what you can find!

Wooden Flooring Prices

Engineered Wood Flooring£30-£85 per m2
Oak Wood Flooring£40-£50 per m2
Pine Wood Flooring£50-£60 per m2
Cherry Wood Flooring£50-£60 per m2
Maple Wood Flooring£65-£75 per m2
Walnut Wood Flooring£75-£85 per m2

What are the costs of supply of a Hardwood Floor Installation?

To better understand how the cost for hardwood floors is calculated we’ll break it down into cost of the supply, the extra expenses, and the worker costs for the entire project.

You can now have your installer buy the flooring and add this into the estimate.

However, many people prefer to purchase their own items, as they can browse around for a bit longer by examining different versions, designs, materials, styles and maybe even score a bargain or two.

Flooring made of wood is sold per square metre. So when you’re looking for hardwood flooring, it’s always recommended to be aware of the dimensions of the area you’re planning to put hardwood flooring over.

It’s unlikely to be 100% exact, but it will be very close. It’s better to leave a little wood left over rather than not having enough to complete the task.

As we’ve mentioned before, the woods are expensive. Some species cost more than others, due to their abundance and availability, with pine and cherry being readily available, while walnut and maple are more expensive.

This table is designed to show the various costs of various woods below.

As you will see, engineered wood can be very different in cost. This is due to the fact that you can get extremely cheap engineered wood for your project on a budget or you can buy more expensive engineered wood with distinct textures, effects or colours.

The two prices are at opposite both ends of the spectrum and many have a good balance in the middle.

Hardwood Flooring Supply Costs

Engineered Wood Flooring£20-£75 per m2
Oak Wood Flooring£30-£40 per m2
Pine Wood Flooring£40-£50 per m2
Cherry Wood Flooring£40-£50 per m2
Maple Wood Flooring£55-£65 per m2
Walnut Wood Flooring£65-£75 per m2

There are plenty of materials available here that come with a broad pricing range ranging from as little as £20 per sq m, up to £75. That means everyone is able to find the perfect price-quality balance and still stay within their budget.

Hardwood flooring is also long-lasting and therefore spending for quality flooring now can ensure your flooring will last for a long period of time, without the requirement to change your flooring every couple of years.

What are the additional costs of laying Hardwood Flooring?

We’ll now discuss some of the extra costs related to the flooring installation process.

While these might not be the most important or essential but they are the types of work and expenses people have completed as well for their hardwood flooring installations.


Many people choose to buy new flooring made of hardwood as part of a larger project to renovate a specific section of their home.

For instance, if you’re planning to install gorgeous new flooring for your living space Why not invest more money and have the entire area updated with new wallpaper and paint, along with new fixtures or home accessories. It’s not much to pay for and your home will be transformed into a stunning space almost in a matter of minutes.

To get a standard 4-x 3 meters room decorated, you’ll spend between £150 and £180 for a day outside of London The job all-inclusive will take approximately two days.

A few decorators will cost between £70 and £100 to take any wallpaper on the walls prior to their ability to finish the new wallpaper.

The prices are based on the job you’re to do and the size of your space. So why not ask a professional for a quote and see whether you can accommodate it within your budget.

New Kitchen Units

A very popular location to find hardwood flooring is the kitchen. If you’re introducing a new type of wood flooring, your kitchen units may not match it. This may not seem like a huge deal however after a few times, you’ll be wishing you had them replaced at the same time you were carrying work through the kitchen.

A typical kitchen with a size of the complete set of kitchen appliances and fittings could cost between £3,000 to £4,000, depending on the materials you select.

It’s not an absolute requirement, however should you be planning to renovate the kitchen in general it’s best to have the units and flooring installed at the same time.

Lighting Fixtures and fittings

Your hardwood flooring is due to be the center of attention along with the new lighting in any room the flooring will make to make it shine.

If you’re planning to put in hardwood flooring in your kitchen, some brand new LED spotlights can be a great option, or, if you’re located in the living room, some new fixtures can change the whole room.

The cost is contingent on the improvements you’d like to create.

The new spotlights for kitchens can cost between £600 and £900, based on the amount of fixtures you want to install and if you need to upgrade the lighting that you have, you can simply shop around for the right ones and put them in place yourself.

The cost of this is about £100 This is an affordable price to upgrade another part of your room. It’s also a good idea to add brand new flooring.

Repairs and Preparations

If your floor is in poor condition and needs to be repaired, you may have to do it prior to the installation of your brand new flooring. This could mean leveling the floor or cleaning the damaged skirting boards and corners.

This should be included in the overall quote of the fitters. Double-check that with them. If they don’t you can ask them to quote the repair for you.

You must also obtain another quote to ensure that you’re making a payment that is less than what you are entitled to in order to be safe.

Costs of Tradesmen to Hardwood Flooring Installation

Let’s talk about the probable cost of hiring tradespeople on your flooring.

From earlier tables, the median time to install wood flooring that is new takes about 1 to 2 days.

If your room is small and doesn’t contain any distinct spaces the process could be completed in one day, however when you have a huge space with a complex layout the chances are higher to require two days.

The flooring installers, on average, charge between £150 and £200 per day, based on the location of your job. For a two-day project, you would expect to pay between £300 and £400 for the installation itself.

If you are working on other projects that are completed with the same fitters you might be able to bargain a lower rate for the day however this differs from other contractors.

The best option is to obtain multiple quotes and make your decision from a wide range of options to strike the right amount of quality and price.

How Long Does It Take to Lay Hardwood Flooring?

Typically, installing hardwood flooring takes 1 or two days, based on various aspects. In the beginning, the floor must be laid in order to get the flooring laid on it.

This could mean either levelling the floor or getting it clean for the installation of the flooring.

There are a variety of steps involved in installing hardwood flooring. They range from laying the underlay that should not take less than an hour to preparing the flooring to lay on the flooring.

This is a time-consuming element of installing hardwood floors, as every segment has to be laid carefully to ensure the design within the wood. It is also essential for the long-term durability of the flooring that the installation is carried out with care and professionalism.

The flooring will be made of panels that have tongues and lips on them that connect to form a floor. It ensures that the wood stays to each other.

This means that no glue has to be applied, and instead it is possible to use screws and pins to keep the boards in place on wall surfaces.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

There are numerous options available for hardwood flooring. Let’s take a look at some of the most common examples.

The Oak Hardwood Floor Cost

Oak is among the most well-known hardwood flooring alternatives. It’s plentiful and is durable, as well as it’s available in many different shades that contribute to its overall appeal.

Oak is a great choice for natural designs, with lines, knots, and bands are woven throughout the flooring. Every shade and design appears natural.

Oak is a very sturdy material, providing an extended life span for your wood flooring. It’s also among the least expensive flooring options for hardwood, which means it is within everyone’s budget.

The only downside is that the designs are restricted, given that oak has the same knot, band and line although each one differs in the location.

Oak is priced between £30 to £40 in square metres, which makes it a very affordable choice.

Cost of Pine Hardwood Flooring

Pine has numerous of the same advantages that pine has, and its cost-effectiveness as well as its durability and versatility at the most popular.

Pinewood is the most affordable alternative, with the growth rate of pine trees being much higher than other types of wood, meaning that they are less at risk.

Pine is priced between £40 or £50 in a square metre, which makes it a little less expensive than oak. Pine also has its own disadvantages, mostly due to its age.

Pine loses its finish rapidly and demands an extensive amount of care that can become tiring for families with busy schedules.

It’s also an aesthetically attractive option. If you’re willing to look after your flooring, you won’t experience any issues of any magnitude.

Cherry hardWood Flooring Cost

Cherry is a softwood that is naturally stained in beautiful dark colours and designs.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to softwood is how easily it can be scratched and when paired with darkness of the wood this may be quite evident.

However, the beauty of cherry wood has helped keep it in the favour for many and the dark shades are amazing when they’re properly maintained.

Cherry is comparable to pine on the price scale with prices ranging from £40 to £50 which is an excellent price for the aesthetic qualities.

Maple Hardwood Flooring Cost

Maple is one of the easiest hardwoods to keep in the list. Its bright shades will definitely enhance the decor of your home.

Maple is highly sought-after because of the ability to fit with any style. It’s also incredibly simple to maintain, only needing regular cleaning and mops to keep it looking great.

However, it’s vulnerable to scratching easily; however, these scratches are simple to clean up with wood wax.

It has also been observed that it expands and contracts based on the moisture level in the room that can result in certain displacements.

Maple is located at the upper end of the spectrum It costs between £55 and £65 per square metre. This can be a costly flooring choice, but the quality of the flooring is apparent.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Cost

Walnut is a distinctive wood with unique colour patterns and palettes that range from dark and deep browns to lighter shades.

Since it is a softwood or at the very least, softer than the majority of hardwoods, it’s susceptible to scratching and denting and also hides the imperfections easily due to its distinctive design patterns.

This is also quite expensive However, it’s an excellent choice If you’re looking for flooring that is impressive it is the best choice.

Engineered Wood Flooring Cost

Engineered wood is composed of a layer of wood that is at the top similar to any other wood we’ve previously talked about.

This is for decoration reasons only, since the wood beneath it is a core board manufactured that is much less costly.

The reason that prices vary so drastically on engineered lumber is because of specific requests, but an off-the-rack model is priced lower on the cost scale.

The price range is between £20 or £70 in order to buy engineered hardwood flooring.

The advantages of Hardwood Flooring

There are a variety of benefits that can be enjoyed from hardwood flooring. They range from its toughness to its stunning style.

We’ll break down the most beneficial benefits down into greater detail here.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of hardwood flooring is the fact that it’s robust. It can stand up to the years and appear stunning even after many years of kids playing or pets chasing around.

It’s simple to maintain, and a vacuum or sweep every few days keeps it looking as new as on the date it was put in.


The panels of hardwood that lock, meaning that should a panel become damaged, it could be removed and replaced fairly easily.

There are some obvious distinctions between the new panel and older panels, but these will diminish over time as the panel is settled and has been tripped over at least a couple of times.

Aesthetically pleasing

The patterns, designs, and colours in hardwood flooring are the most popular selling points There is something enchanting about natural materials within your home.

It is easy to see the high-end hardwood flooring in a matter of seconds and they emit a lovely scent.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Hardwood Floorboards?

Removal of hardwood flooring is like removing other types of flooring. It can take an experienced professional just a few hours to remove hardwood flooring for around £100 depending on the location.

Of course, you’ll also be required to pay for the removal of waste regardless of whether it is via the use of a skip or to take it and collect the waste away.

It is recommended to ask a few questions about the local garbage collection service however, a tiny skip is around £140.


Q: Which is the best hardwood flooring for homeowners with dogs?

A: The best hardwood flooring from the list we provided is most probably oak as it is hardwearing of the hardwoods.

However, there is another hardwood flooring that is the best for pets, and that is Bamboo.

Bamboo costs between £20 and £35 per square metre, but the design options are incredibly limited.

Q: Can you replace one piece of hardwood flooring?

A: Hardwood flooring is installed with panels, so it is possible to remove a single panel and replace it with another for repairs.

Q: Can I install hardwood flooring myself?

A: Completing a complex job like installing hardwood flooring is a tough job to get right.

The panels need to be installed very accurately and snugly, and while DIY hardwood flooring installation is possible, we would suggest utilising a fitter.

Q: Can I have hardwood flooring in every room of my house?

A: You can have hardwood flooring in any room of your home and bedrooms look particularly nice with a hardwood floor.

However, the bathroom is probably the only room where you wouldn’t want hardwood flooring, due to the stark changes in temperature and humidity.

Q: How can I find a hardwood fitter?

A: Usually, the place where you purchase your hardwood materials will offer a fitting service, and it’s an easy place to get your first quote.

But you should still search online for more flooring fitters in your area and get more quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal.



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