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How Much Does Kerb Dropping Cost?

In this article, we will know everything that is needed, that includes the overall cost of dropping a kerb, the supply costs, the labour fees, and the price of removing a dropped kerb, along with additional information you should find useful.


Numerous people will drop a check to help with domestic vehicle access to their property. The price for this type of work will vary, and the capability to drop a check will depend on your position and your original council’s policy. 

The pavement outside your home generally belongs to the council. With this in mind, you must apply to the board to get a check dropped. 

When applying to have a check dropped, you must pay a non-refundable operation figure to your original council. This figure is generally around £75-£95, depending on your position. 

In most cases, you must hire one of your original council’s approved contractors to carry out this work, generally at a fixed figure. Still, some boards will allow you to choose your own contractor. 

Every original council will charge a different quantum for dropping a check. Still, the average cost of this type of job is generally around £800-£1200. Several factors may affect the overall check- dropping prices, including your position, the pavement size, and the number of checks that need to be dropped for the job. 

Kerb Dropping Prices 

On normal, utmost check- dropping jobs near around 3- 7 kerbstones to be dropped. The cost of this will vary depending on several factors. 

Still, the average costs for dropping a check of colourful sizes can be set up in the table below

Number of KerbsPavement Size Under 2MPavement Size 2-2.5 MPavement Size 2.5- 3MPavement Size 3-3.5M
2 kerbs £300-£350£380-£430£420-£470£510-£560
3 kerbs£420-£470£510-£560£580-£620£650-£700
4 kerbs£580-£630£670-£720£790-£840£900-£950
5 kerbs£700-£750£790-£840£950-£1000£1080-£1130
6 kerbs£880-£930£1000-£1050£1140-£1190£1280-£1330
7 kerbs£980-£1030£1120-£1170£1280-£1330£1470-£1520

What are the force Costs for Dropping a Kerb? 

When it comes to dropping a check, no inventories are demanded for this type of work since it involves junking. Your contractor will bring the tools needed for the junking with them, and they will also remove the waste for you. 

What are the Additional Costs of Dropping a Kerb? 

You may need to budget for several fresh costs with this type of work. Below is a list of the jobs that may come up when dropping a check, including installing the new driveway. 

New Driveway Installation 

Utmost of the time, the reason for wanting a dropped check is so that the homeowner can install an accessible driveway in front of their home for parking their vehicles on their private property. However, you will probably have a new driveway installed when your check has been dropped, If this sounds like you. 

The cost for a new driveway will vary vastly depending on the size of the driveway, the Material used, and your position within the UK. For a tarmac driveway, you can anticipate to pay around £1200-£5400

A concrete driveway would be around £2700-£14,000. For block paving, it would be around £2100-£9000. For clay, you can anticipate to pay around £1200-£7200, and for a resin driveway, you can anticipate to pay around £1500-£7200.

Wall obliteration

Also, if you’re planning on installing an accessible driveway, you may need to begin by removing a wall from the front of your property. The price for this type of work will depend on the size of the wall that needs to be removed and the accoutrements that the hedge is made up of.

The average cost of demolishing a theatre wall is around £900-£1200. Utmost of the time, this type of work can be completed within a day, and the contractor will generally remove all of the waste for you as part of the quotation. 

New Driveway Gate 

Still, you may also be interested in establishing a new driveway gate to ameliorate the look of your home further and increase security, If you’re dropping your check to install a driveway in front of your home.

The cost of installing a driveway gate can vary depending on the size and type of the gate and your position in the UK. The average price of installing a driveway gate is around £150-£4000

The prices vary quite a lot as there are so numerous different types of driveway gates, from simple rustic gates to smart electric sliding gates. 

Skip Hire

In utmost cases, the tradesman will include the cost of removing all the waste from the job within the quotation. Still, some contractors may not include waste junking as part of their work. In that case, you may need to hire a skip to remove all the waste accumulated from the check- dropping job.

The average cost to hire a skip for this type of work is around £100-£300, depending on the size of the skip you need and the length of time you bear the skip. 

Tradesmen Costs for Kerb Dropping 

When it comes to dropping a check, there are several costs that you need to be apprehensive of in terms of labour. Before the job begins, your original council will need to come and check the area.

This examination generally costs around £180-£220. Once the area has been audited and the council approves the job, the work can begin.

Your original council may appoint an approved contractor to work for you. In other cases, the board may allow you to choose your contractor for the job. Still, you’ll generally need to get your chosen contractor approved by the council before the work can start.

On average, a contractor generally charges around £180-£220 per day for this type of work. Still, this price will depend upon the complexity of the job and your position in the UK. Some checks may take longer to drop, and so this will end up in advanced labour costs.

Those grounded in the London area can also anticipate to pay around 10-20% further for the cost of labour than those set up in the North or other corridor of the UK, as labour costs then are generally advanced across the board.

How Long Does It Take to Drop a Kerb? 

Still, you are also wondering how long this type of work may take to complete, If you plan to drop a check outside of your property.

Before the work begins, you must apply to your original council for a blessing for the dropped check. Once you’ve transferred your operation to your original council, you must stay around 8- 16 weeks before you get your licence back. 

This is a commodity to keep in mind if you plan to install a driveway at your property, as you’ll have to stay for the dropped check blessing before any work can be done. 

The time it takes to drop a check can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the job, the length and range of the check that needs to be dropped, and the number of people working on the job.

It takes around three days to a week to complete a typical check- dropping job. Utmost of the time, there will be either one or two contractors working on a dropped check at any time. 

Types of Kerb Dropping 

There’s only one type of check- dropping job removing a section of the check to allow vehicles to pierce a driveway. There are several way involved with this type of work. 

The contractor that completes the work for you’ll be good to complete the entire job. Below, we will go over the way of a typical check- dropping job. 


The first step in any check- dropping job is the original assessment. This involves assessing the area and checking for any pipes or lines in the ground that may affect the contractor’s capability to complete the job. 

Still, these may need to be defended before the job can begin, If pipes or lines are present. This is to avoid any damage that may do while dropping the check or any damage that may come up once the job is complete and vehicles start travelling over it. 


The coming step involves digging the area. The contractors will have to measure the space demanded to dig into the pavement to complete the job without damaging any foundations. This step will prepare the ground ready for the dropped check installation. 

Lowering the Kerb Stones

In the final step of the job, the kerbstones will be lowered to produce a ramp- style entry to the driveway. This drop is also strengthened to ensure the new kerbstones are strong enough to support the weight of the vehicles that need to move over or situate on the recently dropped kerbstones. 

Once the recently dropped kerb stones have been installed, the girding area can be-tarmacked to finish the job. 

How important Does It Cost to Remove a Dropped Kerb? 

Still, this will involve reinstating the full- sized kerbstones and icing that the new check is lifted to the original height in line with the kerb stones that compass it, If you need to remove a dropped check. 

Your original council may reinstall a check if the dropped check has any complications or cracks or has been installed immorally. 

Still, you’ll need to communicate with your original council, which generally provides an approved contractor to complete the job, If you want to have a dropped check removed from your property and replaced with a full check. 

You can generally anticipate to pay a contractor around £180-£220 per day for this type of work. Still, this price may differ depending on your position and the job’s complexity. Some checks may take longer to remove and reinstate, incurring advanced costs.

As the original council must authorise the contractor for this work, it isn’t recommended that you essay to remove and replace a check yourself, and it should be avoided as a DIY design.


Q What are the guidelines for removing a kerb that has been dropped?

1. If you wish to drive on the pavement to access the driveway that is on the property you live on, then may only do it when you have a fallen curb. This is a law that is lawful, and if you violate this law, you could be subject to enforcement actions.

There is also the possibility of being financially responsible for paying compensation to pedestrians who are injured or damages to the existing pavement or kerb that is resulted from the.

In addition, you’ll be financially accountable any damages to water, electricity and gas utility services that might be located beneath the pavement and this could be costly.

If you wish to put in or remove a kerb that has fallen or remove it, you must submit an application to the local council in order for the work to be carried out.

Q: Can I drop a kerb myself?

A: The majority of local councils will not recommend working on the work as a DIY task. If your local council allows you to finish the work yourself it must be completed in accordance with the following requirements:

  • It is your responsibility to follow the road rules laid in chapter 8.
  • You must get an Opening Notice for the Road. Opening Notice.
  • Access is required to a drawing utility for the location.
  • You must be NRSWA certified.
  • You should be covered by a public liability insurance policy that is at a minimum 10 PS million.
  • Access in accordance with the authority’s installation requirements.
  • It is necessary to obtain planning consent to carry out the work.

Q: What could happen should I drop the kerb in a city without approval of the local council?

Q: Should you fall on an kerb in the absence of council approval, the kerb can get removed at any moment without notice. It is possible that you will have to pay additional costs for the reinstatement of the kerb or assessed a charge for any damage caused to the utilities or the footpath because of the work.

Some councils could also impose the possibility of a fine for anyone who has threw the kerb in violation of law.

Q: How can I apply for a kerb that has been dropped?

A: You have to submit a request for dropped kerbs with the local council. Visit the council’s website or make a contact to find out details about how to apply.

You have to make an appointment fee, and then get approval before you are able to drop the curb.

Q: What kind of vehicle can be driven on a newly drop kerb?

A Dropped kerb is designed to help support the weight of light-goods vehicles.

Heavy vehicles shouldn’t be driven on a fallen road as it can cause damage to the kerb and could cause penalties or extra costs for repairs.

Q Do I have the right to refuse an application to drop a curb for a driveway?

A Yes, it’s possible to not be allowed to drop a the kerb due to a number of reasons. If your home is located near an intersection or the bend, you may be denied a dropped kerb.

Similar to that, if you have an existing street lamp or tree in the vicinity or there is an incline that runs between the land and the highway, the application could be rejected.

Do I have to apply for planning permission in order to build an abandoned road?

Q: In the event that you are planning on removing a kerb from your home to make room for an additional driveway, you’ll need to submit a request for dropped kerb planning permission.

It will need an application fee. In addition, you’ll have to wait around 8-16 weeks before receiving approval to carry out the work. If you remove kerbing without a planning permit You could be subject to significant fines or charges.


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