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How Much to Decking a Garden?

Thinking about having decking installed in your garden?

In this article we breakdown the various costs associated with decking that you have to be aware of.


What is the cost for decking in 2023?

The cost of installing about 15m2 of decking constructed from softwood is estimated to be between the range of £800-£1200.

For the exact same area the cost of installing hardwood decking will range from £1800 and £2200 composite wood decking will cost between £1400 to £1800 while uPVC decking will cost around £800 up to £1000.

Decking Prices

How much will decking cost (by its own) for 2023?

Type of DeckingCost Per Metre

With all other costs excluded The cost per metre of decking made of softwood should be in the range of £3 to £6.

Other kinds of decking tend to be more costly and hardwood decking priced at between £4 and £10, composite decking costing about £8-12, and uPVC decking with a price range between £5 and £10.

Don’t confuse the price per square metre of decking with the costs per sq metre.

For a space in the 20m2 range, the price of decking wood with a good quality could be between £400 and £550. For larger areas of 40m2, it’d run somewhere between £700 to £900.

What Are the Additional Costs of Decking Installation?

What other costs could you have to cover when you get new decking in your garden?

Here are some things that you should know about.

Garden Maintenance Prices

Gardeners can charge anything between £20 or £110 in an hour.

Most gardeners are charged a flat rate for at least two hours.

Therefore it is possible to spend between £40 to £220 for garden maintenance carried out by professionals. This will probably fall within the lower end of this price range.

Garden Waste Removal Cost

Garden waste removal is likely to take around 45 minutes, and will cost between £100 and £200.

The amount of garden waste you would like to eliminate will determine the total price.

For instance, to have approximately 300 kg (20 bags) of garbage removed could cost you around £80 to £110 and it will cost between £200 to £230 for the equivalent of 900kg (60 bags) of garden waste taken away.

Weed Proof Membrane Cost

It is possible to get a weed proof membrane put in place to shield your deck from weeds (like broad-leaved docks or nettles).

This could cost approximately £30 per box. This will also require additional labour costs, which could be approximately £20 up to £40 to an hour’s labour (assuming it’s on top of the regular job schedule).

Installing Decking Steps

Another option to deck which you could install are deck steps.

Cost of decking steps could vary from £50 up to £215. The labour costs will depend on how long the project will take, however most homeowners will charge around £20 to £40 per hour.

Decking Installation Cost

What are the labour costs you should be prepared to shell out to have a deck constructed in your yard?

Before we go on to these, remember that these are estimates of averages. Where you are in the UK will significantly impact the price of decking installation.

The labour costs associated with installing softwood decking for 15m2 of area will cost around £300 to £400 while hardwood decking within the same area will cost more than twice that (around £600-£800).).

Costs for installing composite decking will range from £500 up to £620 for 15m2. For the same size of area, decking using uPVC decking, you will pay hundreds less (roughly £300-£330).

For larger areas with 20m2, cost for installing a medium-quality decking is around £1000 or £1250. If you have a space larger than this (40m2) it will cost approximately £1800 to £2200 for the decking laid.

How Long Does It Take to Install Decking?

In this article we will examine the time required to put in the different kinds of decking, which include hardwood, softwood composite, and uPVC.

The table below outlines the time it will take to set up various kinds and dimensions of decking in your backyard.

Type/ SizeInstallation Time
Softwood1-2 Days
Hardwood1-2 Days
Composite1-2 Days
uPVC1-2 Days
Low-cost decking boards (20m2)2-3 Days
Low-cost decking boards (40m2)4 Days
Decking boards with a moderate price (20m2)2-3 Days
Decking Boards with a moderate price (40m2)4 Days
High-end decking board at a reasonable price (20m2)2-3 Days
Decking Boards with premium prices (40m2)4 Days

But, it may take much longer.

Factors that influence the length of duration of the installation decking include:

  • Dimensions of your yard.
  • Condition of the decking (as an unsatisfactory decking area might require some additional work and/or preparation).
  • Easy access into your backyard.

Types of Decking

In this article, we’ll go over the various kinds of decking you can purchase in greater specific detail.

Each of the sections below explains the different types of decking costs, and the pros and pros and. The labour costs are determined by an area of 15m2.

Softwood Decking Costs

The decking made of softwood is composed of trees such as spruce and pine which are evergreen coniferous trees. About 4 out of 5 kinds that are used for timber production are softwood. These are typically used to construct decking for softwood timber.

The price of softwood decking ranges from £3 to £6 per square meter. The labour cost associated with having this type of decking put in place will be at around £300-£400. Softwood decking tends to be the most affordable decking that is available.


  • Cheaper decking type.
  • Easy to install.
  • When you use pressure-treated softwood, it is able to anticipate a long life expectancy.
  • More sustainable than hardwood.


  • Not suitable for areas that have heavy foot-traffic because it could become stale with age.
  • Regular maintenance is essential for decks made of softwood.
  • Hardwood is not as durable.

Hardwood Decking Costs

Hardwood decking is made of species of trees which are deciduous, and are slow to grow. Maple or European Oak are examples of different types of hardwood.

It is possible for the cost of installing hardwood decking to be between £600 up to £800. The cost of supply for hardwood typically ranges from £4 up to £10 per meter.


  • Decking of the highest quality.
  • Extremely durable.
  • More resistant to fire than softwood decking.
  • Unlimited design options.


  • Could be more difficult and time-consuming to set up.
  • The most expensive kind of decking.
  • It requires regular maintenance.

Composite Decking Costs

Composite decking is made up of plastic and wood. You should expect to pay anywhere from £8 to £12 for a metre.

The cost of installing composite decking could be somewhere between £500 to £620 which is higher than softwood or uPVC decking products.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Durable.
  • Available in a variety of textures and colours.


  • More expensive than softwood and uPVC decking.
  • The colours of composite decking can’t be altered.
  • Darker colours of composite decking tend to fade as time passes.

Cost of uPVC Decking

This kind of decking is entirely made of plastic. The cost of installing uPVC decking could be between £300 and £330. the typical cost of uPVC materials being between £5 and £10 per metre.


  • One of the most affordable kinds of materials for decking.
  • Highly resistant to slippery even in wet conditions.
  • Doesn’t rot.
  • uPVC decking doesn’t require maintenance.


  • This may not be the kind of look you’re searching for.
  • More difficult to install.
  • It can get particularly hot during the summer months, and could cause it to be unsafe for walking on without shoes (or pet owners to walk on).

How Much Does Repairing Decking Cost?

This section will breakdown the price of different kinds of decking repairs.

Two of the most common decking repairs are fixing decking boards that have become rotten, and fixing decking joists.

Rotten Decking Boards

To repair decking boards damaged by rot, all relevant pieces of wood have to be removed. The planks will then need to be turned upside-down before being brushed using a wire brush in order to take away the eroded parts.

The decking boards could be soaked and then treated using a wire brush after they’ve dried. A product such as CPES could also be used to enhance the condition of the wood.

Filler could also be required to fill in areas where older damaged pieces of wood had been removed. The decking boards would have to be restored back to their original position.

A professional could employ this method. They may also suggest replacing the decking boards. It could be a more efficient and lower cost option than replacing them.

The cost of having new decking boards installed could cost anything between £3 up to £12 per metre Professionals charge the minimum amount of £40 to £50 with a 2 hour at most. In this scenario, having five new decking boards can cost between £80 up to £90.

Repairing Decking Joists

Decking joists can be fixed by removing areas of rot after a quick inspection.

The sealer must be applied prior to the joist being strengthened. The joist reinforcement should then be fixed.

If you’re looking to engage an expert to replace decking joists, expect the price for pinewood to be between £5 and £7. the £9-£11 range for softwood in addition to £14 and £16 for hardwood.

The labour costs could be around £20 up to £25 for an hour. A minimum of two hours flat rate cost will be billed to the worker.

How Much Does Decking Maintenance Cost?

In this section we will examine the costs associated with performing different types of maintenance for decks.

Paint, Stain, or Oil Decking

Although painting your decking may give it a new look and style for it, staining has been made to paint a colour on the wood. Oil is applied to create an appropriate finish and provide an elegant, sparkling appearance to your deck.

In the late spring and early August, is the ideal time to stain, paint or oil decking. Decking should be stained each two years. The decking needs to be oiled every 6 to 12 months. For painting, it could be needed only every few years.

Painters will charge around £27 and £37 (two-hour flat price) plus another £14 or £18 per hour after the initial two hours to paint decking.

The total cost of labour will be contingent on the dimensions of your deck, the accessibility to your garden, as well as your location within the UK.

The cost of the supply will be added to labour costs if the work is performed by a professional or be the sole expense for those who perform the task on their own.

The cost for painting a deck with a surface of 20m2 is likely to be in the range of £30 to £120 with 2-6 Liters of paint required. The decking must be painted at least 1-3 times.

Staining paint for wood cost for the same amount of decking is likely to cost between £40 or £200. 2 coats of the stain paint must be applied on the deck. 

Painters are charged the same price for this kind of work for an hour (in terms of labour costs) in the same manner as previously mentioned.

For each sq metre decking 1 litre of oil will give you enough to cover two coats. Three coats of oil will be required. So, you will require 20-30 litres of oil in order to completely cover the deck with a surface of 20m2.

The cost of 20-30 barrels of oil is likely to result in £80 or £240. The labour costs will again be between £14 up to £18 per hour if it is performed by an artist.

Cleaning Decking

Cleaning the deck can involve an entire wash of the decking as well as the effort to get rid of rotten pieces of wood, as well as other debris and unwelcome marks that may have been left upon the deck. It is best to wash the decking in autumn or spring and when temperatures are always over 11 degrees Celsius.

Your deck is recommended to be cleaned at least every year. The labour costs for deck cleaning is likely to be at a cost of a minimum two hours that ranges from £50 to £100 and the price per square metre for the cleaning will be between £1 or £2.

That means having the deck cleaned, which covers about 20 square meters, it will cost you between £70 or £140. If you want to do the task yourself, prices for supplies will differ depending on the materials you need.

It will all depend on how much cleaning is required. Pressure washers can help to clean your deck with ease and cost between £80 or £200 to purchase one. Other tools that you can opt to purchase include a deck cleaning product (£10 up to £20) and scrubber brushes (£5 up to £8).

Sanding Decking

If the deck has begun to become worn and weathered and worn, it is recommended to sand it to level it and eliminate any imperfections.

Sand your decking during the autumn or spring and during the time that there is very little or no rain predicted over a prolonged period of time.

The deck should be sanded prior to staining. This means that you should sand it every two times prior to staining, or at other times when it is needed.

If you want to have your deck cleaned, it’ll take £14 for each square meter. This is with the professional cost of £40 to £50 for a flat price and then £20 or £25 per hour for the rest of the time.

If you want to deck 20m2, it’s likely to cost you between £400 to £500 for the total labour costs.This assumes that the task is completed in six and an hour.

If you’re planning to sand the deck yourself, you’ll probably be spending anything from £10 up to £50 on supplies. Of course, the amount of sandpaper you’ll require to polish your deck will be contingent on the kind of decking you’ve got as well as the amount of area it covers.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Decking?

It is possible to remove decking if you don’t have any need for it or you would like for it to be replaced with a different surface, such as artificial grass or paving slabs.

A professional may cost between £100 to £500 to take down your decking. You can also hire a skip at a cost of £50 or £200.

The size of the skip you need to be is dependent on the dimensions of the decking that you wish to get removed. It is possible to dispose of decking by using a skip or the man and van service.


Q: How much decking do I need?

A: The number of decking boards you’ll need will depend on the size of the area you wish to cover. You can utilise a decking calculator to figure this out as well as to calculate various other details such as how many joists and posts your decking will require.

Q: What is composite decking?

A: Composite decking is an option which is made of both plastic and wood materials.

Q: How long does decking last?

A: Decking may last anywhere from 15 to 30 years – if well maintained.

Q: Which wood is best for decking?

A: Redwood and cedar woods are among the best types for decking.

Q: What is uPVC decking?

A: uPVC decking is an decking material which is made of plastic.



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