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Install a Socket, Fitting, and Switch Prices

Install a Socket | To make it easier to get a better understanding of the total cost of installation and supply you can look over the following breakdown of costs:

Downlights£31 – £120
Spotlights£62 – £240
LED lights£65 -£240
Unswitched plug socket£31 – £90
Plug socket with switch£61 -£200
Smart plug socket£110 -£380
Toggle switches£33 – £140
Dimmer switches£35 – £320
Isolator switches£36 -£180
Fire alarm£90 – £790
Heat alarm£40 – £320
Smoke detector£33 – £220
C02 detector£50 – £220
Natural gas detector£70 – £270
Burglar alarms£90 – £740
CCTV£220 – £1340
Home security£370 – £1130
Security lights for outdoor use£66 – £460
Doorbell£33 – £570
Outside socket£68 – £310

What are the Supply Costs of Electrical Fittings?

If you intend to set up your electrical fittings by yourself it is important to think about the following cost for your budget:

Downlights£1 – £60
Spotlights£2 – £60
LED lights£5 – £60
Unswitched plug socket£1 – £30
Plug socket with switch£1 -£80
Smart plug socket£20 – £200
Toggle switches£3 – £20
Dimmer switches£5 – £200
Isolator switches£6 – £60
Fire alarm£30 – £550
Heat alarm£10 – £80
Smoke detector£3 – £100
C02 detector£20 – £100
Natural gas detector£40 – £150
Burglar alarms£30 – £500
CCTV£100 – £1000
Home security£200 – £450
Security lights for outdoor use£6 – £120
Doorbell£3 – £450
Outside socket£8 – £70


There are a variety of other costs to take into consideration when installing new electrical fittings put in that include:

New Consumer Unit

If you’re experiencing frequent electrical surges or an electrician detects any problems regarding your consumer unit in an electrical test, they might advise you to buy a brand replacement consumer unit.

The price for a brand-new consumer unit usually ranges from £300 and £350 for an eighth-circuit consumer unit.£400 up to £450 for a ten-circuit consumer device and as high as £500 for a 12-circuit unit.

House Rewire

Another expense you might need to think about is the rewiring of your home particularly in the event that your home is more than 30 years old and is equipped with the original wiring. If that happens, then you must hire an electrician to wire the entire structure to ensure that it’s safe.

The average cost for wiring your home is between £2000 to £3000 for a one-bedroom apartment, or £3000£4500 for a three-bedroom semi detached home, and up to £6,500 for a five-bedroom detached house.

New Wiring

If an electrician decides only a small portion of your wiring should be replaced, for instance lighting fixtures that require new wiring This is less expensive than a complete house rewiring.

It is recommended to budget approximately £500 or £600 for kitchen wiring that is new, £100 to £200 for exterior wiring, and £800 to £850 for wiring an outbuilding.

Tradesmen Costs for Electrical Fittings

One of the biggest expenses you should consider is the electrician’s cost that typically range from £30-£60 per hour for smaller tasks and £170£340 per day for more extensive electrical fittings.

The installation of light fixtures typically costs about PS30 to PS340 The cost of fitting sockets to plugs varies between £30 and up £180.

Installations for safety electrical protection, such as C02 detectors, smoke detectors, and natural gas detectors can be priced between £30 and £120. Fire alarms, burglar alarms and heat alarms typically vary from £60 to £240.

Electricians usually charge more for bigger jobs, such as CCTV or home security installations. Typically, they charge between £120 and £680.

How Long Does It Take to Install Electrical Fittings?

The amount of time required to install electrical systems will determine the final price. To make it easier to know how long a job is, have a look at the following time frame breakdown:

Downlights20 minutes – 1 hour
Spotlights1 2 hours
LED lightsOne – two hours
Unswitched plug socketOne – two hours
Plug socket with switchOne – two hours
Smart plug socket2 3 hours
Toggle switches1- 2 hours
Dimmer switches1 2 hours
Isolator switches1 2 hours
Fire alarm2- 4 hours
Heat alarm2- 4 hours
Smoke detector1 2 hours
C02 detector1 2 hours
Natural gas detector1 2 hours
Burglar alarms2 4 hours
CCTV4-hours – 1 full day
Home security1- 2 days
Security lights for outdoor use2 hours – 1 full day
Doorbell1 2 hours
Outside socket2 4 hours

Types of Electrical Fittings

There are many electrical fittings electricians are certified to install, which include:

Moving Switches and Sockets Cost

If you are renovating your home it is possible to relocate sockets and switches to accommodate electrical installations that are new.

The typical cost for moving a switch ranges from £100 between £200.

Downlights Cost

A downlight is a kind of recessed lighting that is installed into a ceiling opening or cabinets in the kitchen.

The cost of downlights is around £31 to £120 However, this is contingent on the budget you have and the design you pick.

Spotlights Cost

Spotlights are a type of lighting that helps brighten certain rooms in your home, particularly in the bathroom or kitchen.

Spotlights can cost anywhere from £62 up to £240 for installation and supplies.

LED Lights Cost

LED is a term used to describe light-emitting diodes that use semiconductors to emit illumination when electricity is passed through it.

LED lighting is among the greenest lighting options. It typically costs between £65 up to £240 to purchase and install.

New Plug Sockets Cost

New homes might require a brand switch to a new socket. The typical range is from £31 and £90 for a non-switched plug socket.

However, switched plug sockets cost between £61 up to £200 and don’t have an on/off switch on the socket.

An eco-friendly and more sophisticated option is to use a smart plug socket that can be controlled via an app or voice-activation via the smart home hub.

Smart plug sockets are typically priced between £110 to £380 This may appear excessive, but this kind of installation could actually save you money on your energy bills.

New Light Switches Cost

Another vital electrical installation is light switches. They typically range from £33 to the range of £140 to get toggles with a lever that can manage the lights.

Dimmers are also very popular and typically vary from £35 and up to £320 and come with a tiny dial to control the intensity of light.

Isolator Switches Cost

An isolator, also known as a main switch, can be used to disconnect the circuit from the primary power source, allowing electrical installations to be secure and de-energized.

The price to install isolator switches can range between £36 and up £180.

Fire Alarm Cost

To ensure that your family and home are safe during the time of an emergency involving your family members being killed, you should think of installing a fire alarm that is a device which detects early warning symptoms of fire.

The typical cost of installing a fire alarm is approximately £90 to £790 to install and supply an alarm.

Heat Alarm Cost

A detector or heat alarm is a different type of fire alarm specifically designed to detect temperature changes and sound an alarm to alert of the possibility of a fire.

Heating alarms typically cost between £40 or £20 to buy and set up.

Smoke Detector Cost

Another kind of alarm for fire safety can be a smoke alarm. It is a device used to monitor the levels of smoke in the event of an incident of fire.

Smoke detectors are usually priced between £33 up to £220.

CO2 Detector Cost

The carbon monoxide detection system is an essential device to install in your home because it will help prevent deaths in the event of a leak.

C02 detectors generally are available between £50 to £220 for supply and installation.

Natural Gas Detector Cost

Natural gas detectors usually cost between £70 to £270 to a licensed electrician to set it up.

They are installed to spot any natural gas leaks that occur in the building and notify homeowners that there’s a problem.

Burglar Alarms Cost

To safeguard your home from burglars, you might want to think about installing an alarm system for burglars installed to detect non-authorized access by using a digitally encoded alarm system.

The price to install an alarm system for burglars can range between £90 up to £740.


For a better security system it is possible to engage an electrician to install the CCTV system.

If you’re thinking about how much it costs to set up CCTV, you can expect prices to vary from £220 up to £1340.

CCTV is a contraction of closed-circuit television, which is a method that utilises video surveillance to deter intrusion and prove theft.

Home Security Cost

There are a variety of home security systems that can help protect homes and their inhabitants.

This covers camera systems, doorbells with video and alarms, which typically cost from £370 up to £1130 to set up.

Outdoor Security Lights Cost

Another crucial security feature you should think about is security lights for your outside including motion sensors that turn off when motion is recognized.

The installation of security lights outdoors usually costs between £66 and £460.

Doorbell Cost

If you are having trouble hearing the doorbells of your neighbours You might be interested in installing a doorbell. It is wired so the doorbell can be heard all over your home.

The cost of installing a doorbell can range from £33 for an entry-level doorbell to the range of £570 for a premium doorbell with video.

Outside Socket Cost

If you utilise electrical equipment outdoors in an environment, then you might require an outdoor outlet to stay clear of extension leads.

The cost of fitting an outside socket typically ranges between £68 and £310.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Electrical Fittings?

Before you can install new electrical wiring to be put in place, it is important to know the costs involved in taking out the electrical fittings that were in use.

The cost for electrical removal ranges from £30 or £60 per hour, or £170 to £340 per day.

In order to remove electrical fixtures from your house You should be prepared to pay between £70 to £180 to engage an expert removal service.


Q: Why earthing is necessary for electrical fittings?

A:Earthing involves installing a system that connects to the conductive surface in the existing earth.

This helps to protect property owners from electrical shocks by acting as a protective conductor, while also having the power to switch off the electrical current should anything go wrong.

Q: Why is my fire alarm beeping?

A: If your fire alarm is beeping persistently, then there could be an issue with the battery.

This will need to be replaced to ensure that your fire alarm is working properly.

Q: What does com mean on a light switch?

A:The COM or common marks the area where the live wire supplies the voltage to the main switch that enables the light to turn on.

Q: What does CCTV stand for?

A: CCTV stands for closed-circuit television which is a type of security surveillance system which helps to monitor and detect theft and unauthorised access.

Q: Why did my plug melt in the socket?

A: A melted plug is usually caused by a sparked power outlet as a result of an overloaded circuit.

Melting may also occur if there is a loose wire in the circuit which will need to be determined and repaired by a qualified electrician.



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