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LVT Flooring Cost

Are you interested in vinyl tiles for flooring?

This guide contains everything you must know about how it will cost to install Vinyl click flooring made of LVT including the cost for supply of LVT click flooring as well as the cost of labour.


What is the cost of Vinyl Flooring?

First of all, what are LVT floors?

LVT is a shorthand for Luxury Vinyl Tile and it’s a surprisingly inexpensive alternative for stone or hardwood.

Why do you think LVT flooring is so well-known?

They are very comfortable to walk on and possess a natural warmth because they are kept at room temperature.

What is this article about?

In this article, we’re going to go over all you must learn about LVT flooring including the cost by square metres, what you’ll be charged for fitting, additional charges and so on.

If you’re thinking of refinishing your flooring in the near future This guide can assist you in making important choices.

Vinyl Flooring Prices

Quality of the Low-end1m2£15-£25
Mid-end Quality1m2£25-£40
High-end Quality1m2£40-£60

What are the costs of supply of the Installation of LVT Flooring?

As we have mentioned in the previous article, the price of flooring made from LVT is wildly different in relation to how good the tiles are. Regarding the quality tiles, the lower end are priced around £15 for a square meter. The cost will be about £60 each square metre of the highest-quality high-end luxury vinyl tiles.

If you want to get LVT flooring put in place, you may ask the fitter to buy the flooring materials; however, most people go out and purchase the materials on their own.

Making the purchase yourself will allow for a lot more shopping to find the most affordable prices. This also gives you the chance to compare the difference in price and quality before settling on the most cost-effective LVT flooring that fits your budget.

A fitting expert is much more likely not to look around to find the best deal feasible because it is too tedious and takes time away from the time they spend fitting.

This table illustrates the price of medium, low and high-end LVT flooring as well as some room examples. Keep in mind that this is an example of the flooring only and there are other costs that need to be added to the numbers.

What are the additional costs of laying LVT Flooring?

There are additional expenses to take into account when setting the budget for flooring made of LVT.

Certain expenses are required for the job and can’t be avoided. Other costs are tasks that are typically performed simultaneously for flooring, when renovating a room. We’ve examined the costs in detail here.


Underlay is crucial to ensure that your flooring is put in properly and doesn’t move or sink. Underlay is relatively inexpensive and prices vary based on whether you’d like to spend more money for better quality flooring, or if you’re content to install your flooring with a standard underlay.

We’ve put together a number of costs into the table below to illustrate what the price of underlay can vary in different sizes of rooms.

Prices for Underlay


Flooring and Recycling of Waste

Certain fitters will include taking away your existing flooring in the estimate they offer you. They will include the cost for taking off the floor to remove the flooring.

But, it’s not always the scenario, so check with the installer whether the estimate they’ve provided covers the removal as well as disposal of the flooring. If not then you will usually have to pay an extra fee to remove the flooring for a cost of between £100 and £150.

Furthermore, you’ll have to pay for disposal of your flooring, which is typically done by either a skip or removal service. Nowadays, waste removal companies are very different in their costs based on whether they utilize local recycling centres or a landfill.

One way you can find an accurate estimate for this is by contacting local businesses. Of course, if you own a van or car large enough and you have the opportunity to do it is available, you can bring the older flooring into a recycling facility of your own for a fee.

Another option is to hire a skip that costs that ranges from £120 to £240 based on the duration you want the skip for as well as the size you want.

Renting a skip offers you the opportunity to get rid of any old flooring, as well as the garbage created by the new flooring, and other items like packaging and boxes, and also the option of disposing of other things you’ll need to.

Skirting Board Fitting

Many homeowners will remodel different areas of their homes in order to put up new flooring, since the new flooring is typically part of a larger renovation effort. The most common aspect of your house to be replaced at the same time as flooring is the skirting boards.

A fresh skirting board set and a style which matches the flooring, can completely transform the space, and it might be cheaper than you imagine.

The process generally takes just half an hour to one day, based on the size of your room and the cost ranges from £150 and £200 for a typical 14 square meter space.

Room Decor

Decorating is a task that usually is done in conjunction with flooring as the two will transform the look and style of the room.

If you’ve already decided to set the goal of having a brand new flooring, why not add a few hundred dollars to your budget, and get a complete interior design. Include a few brand new home appliances and accessories and you’ll have a brand new space in a matter of minutes.

Outside of London You’ll be paying around £150-£180 per decorator per day. A 14 square meter area is completed within a maximum of one and one-half days.

It is possible to pay for having the walls cleaned and leveled or have wallpaper removed if it was any visible on the walls prior to the moment of decoration, however apart from that, it’s not a huge expense.

New Kitchens

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to the top, you could consider treating yourself to a completely new kitchen that matches the brand new flooring.

This is clearly an expensive project however, if you have plans to renovate the kitchen in your home, then it’s ideal to get this done prior to installing your new flooring, in case there’s any scratches or spills from the kitchen’s installation.

A full kitchen renovation is expected to cost between £4000 to £6,000. This includes all components, fitting and disposal of waste. The best way to determine for a precise estimate is to contact a couple of kitchen fitting professionals, who will likely take measurements of your kitchen and offer you an estimate for your kitchen.

You must also estimate the cost of the materials you will need and figure out the cost. The fittings will typically make up about five percent of the total cost, which will give you an idea of the amount you’ll pay for the materials.

Costs of Tradesmen for LVT Flooring Installation

We’ve discussed the costs of supply and any additional costs related to fitting LVT flooring now it’s time to look at the price of the contractors who install the flooring made of LVT. The cost of the flooring fitter ranges from £150 and £200 per day, however it is contingent on several aspects.

First of all, you’ll receive a lower cost for a fitter if you’re asking him to finish several tasks which means they’ll have more work. Additionally the price of tradespeople can vary in relation to the location of work.

In major cities such as London and Birmingham in particular, the cost of living can be higher and, consequently, the rates for contractors. This is the norm for all kinds of business. There is a lower cost in smaller towns and villages that aren’t as densely populous.

How Long Does it Take for the installation of LVT flooring?

LVT flooring is available with two methods of application that each comes with distinct advantages. But one method is more efficient than the other one, with GlueDown being the fastest of two days and interlocking within a couple of days contingent on the size of the room and the complexity.

The first method of application is GlueDown This is when the LVT is fixed directly to the floor by a skilled fitter. This is ideal for use with underfloor heating since direct contact improves the thermal properties of the floor, and is also less likely to slide underfoot in the course of time.

Another method is interlocking. In this case, the premium vinyl tiles are in a plank shape with lips on their sides, allowing them to be glued together. Base planks are available at different locations that are screwed in and nailed down then the other planks are joined from the base.

It is a simpler and faster option, however it might not be the most secure flooring technique. There’s an alternative to both known as looselay. It is placed on top of flooring that was previously installed and has an exclusive material at the bottom that makes use of friction to adhere to the floor and prevent any movement.

Choosing LVT Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are available in two different styles which are stone and wood effect. The intention behind LVT is to serve as a substitute for flooring made of stone and hardwood and, consequently, LVT is available in a range of styles between these two types. We’ve delved into them a bit more in this article.

Stone Effect LVT Flooring

There’s a myriad of designs, shades and colours offered by the natural stones. Because of this, LVT can be matched to virtually any variation you could find and has lighter shades of stone bringing more natural light into the space, and darker shades giving a more dramatic appearance.

It is possible to find these colour and style variations with every application method that we have mentioned earlier. The thicker ones give you a more comfortable feeling underfoot. Stone effect is great for bathrooms, kitchens and other similar areas.

Wood Effect LVT Flooring

The wood-effect styles of LVT is a direct copy of hardwood flooring. Considering the variety of hardwood choices, LVT does well to make them all match with a wide selection on the market.

Hardwood has different patterns of shade, colour and pattern between wood and wood. To create the authentic look of wood, the same patterns and colours are incorporated into LVT. For instance, pine is well-known for its natural and light shades and hues, which bring plenty of warmth to any space.

Other woods, like Cherry, have a more rich brown and red hue that look amazing in bedrooms and living spaces. The wood effect of LVT is extremely popular and offers all the benefits of hardwood flooring with none negatives.

The Benefits of LVT flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles offer numerous benefits that can be enjoyed from its reasonable cost to its long-lasting. We’ve delved into the benefits in more detail in this article.


If you look at the price of LVT with genuine stone or wood the savings that can be enjoyed are aplenty. On average, you can expect to save between 20 and 30 percent by choosing LVT instead of these alternatives Although it’s not exactly the same thing, it’s close enough. The price of LVT is one of the most attractive selling points and is suitable for almost every budget.


It doesn’t require much upkeep to ensure that your LVT is as clean as it did when it was first installed. The many layers, including wear layers, guarantee that the design underneath is shielded from any discoloration or fading, and all it takes to maintain its cleanliness is the occasional sweep and mop.

The watertight properties of tiles also ensure that you don’t be worried about spills or accidents, nor clean it using the wrong materials.


The soft tile can hold the temperature of the room very well, which is something that isn’t the case with stones or wood flooring, particularly during the winter months when temperatures are cold. This is a major benefit for flooring made of LVT and is the reason it’s an ideal choice for bathrooms, along with its water-proofing.


LVT is extremely versatile in several ways. First, its insulation as well as its warmth and aesthetics ensures it’s appropriate for any room of the home, even humid places such as bathrooms.

Furthermore, the wide range of colours, variations, styles, and patterns in the LVT mean that you’ll be in a position to find something that you like within your budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Take down LVT flooring?

The removal of flooring is fairly common across all flooring types and materials. It’s possible to take flooring off by yourself, however there’s always a chance that you’ll harm the flooring in the event of a mistake. It is recommended to hire an expert installer.

The cost of flooring removal is around £100 however, this may not include disposal of waste. If so you’ll have to transport your flooring into a waste center on your own, hire the waste collection service, or rent the skip.

The waste removal services can vary dramatically in price and therefore you’ll have to compare estimates by giving them a phone. A skip could cost anywhere between £120 and £300, based on what size container you require, as well as the length you’ll need it for.


Q: What does LVT stand for?

A: LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, and it’s a product that imitates stone or hardwood flooring by matching the patterns, shades and colours, but with more practical benefits.

Q: Can you cut LVT flooring?

A: All types of LVT flooring can be cut, but different types will need cutting with different tools. GlueDown LVT can be cut with strong scissors, whereas stiffer panels need to be cut accurately with a fitting and cutting tool, similar to stone tile cutter.

Q: Can I install LVT flooring myself?

A: DIY LVT flooring will be a tough ask, particularly for GlueDown LVT where so much can go wrong very easily. Interlocking flooring is a little easier to install, but it’s still quite complex to correctly lay and secure the base panels.

Q: What is Karndean LVT flooring?

A: Karndean is one of the biggest and most popular brands for the production and sale of LVT flooring. They are considered a premium brand of LVT, and their bespoke styles are incredibly popular. They have a huge selection, and you can find them on a lot of online flooring stores.

Q: Can I install LVT flooring anywhere?

A: LVT flooring is suitable for any room in your home. Even for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, the waterproofing, durability and ease of cleaning makes LVT perfect for these types of areas.



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